The divine roots crack way for me

As gold light pours out my eyes,

Wisteria blooms around the mountain brook

Where the rivers meet at Heaven's pillar

Those beyond mortal knowledge reside in the heavenly world. To their mortal neighbours, they are venerable beings encompassing mercy, strength, wisdom, charity, and the ultimate power of the mind. Theirs is an authority unchallenged. Unrivaled by the Lower World.

But an earth-born creature clawed his way in through brute strength. A powerful creature that lived his life carefree and leisurely. He crushed stone with his fists and ground adamant into fine powders with his teeth.

Yet, for all his power, he did not spend his time terrorising the tigers and fiends weaker than him. He elicited no joy in them, preferring to leave them be and go about his business. But when approached by something wishing to challenge, he made quick work of them, delighted to put them in their place and severely humble them in his presence. A 'king' challenged by the mere livestock of lowly peasants

He harboured no dislike for many humans near his living space. They shared the fruit and flowers surrounding them in peace, and exchanged music and stories under bright silvery moons. Humans, and some demons, revered him as a spirit of the Earth, and in return of their hospitality, he provided his own means of protection. Even the most orthodox of Buddhist monks, fearful of his unnatural sun-coloured eyes, displayed some form of deference towards him.

A god.

He was like a god.

But of course, for this god-like creature, anything he wielded broke in one swing, leaving him surrounded by a scatter of broken weapons. His brute strength went unmatched by any other being, but the impact of a weapon added to the thrill, and he found himself at a loss of what to do. Then, one day, whilst watching others rake away at their fields, his endless loop of frustration came to an end. Of course mundane weapons could not hold a candle to him, they were just that – mundane. Creations of humanity, all powerless against the Earth they flourished on.

He needed an incredible sort of weapon. Something unlike humanity's. Through the local monks' grapevine, the clever creature heard of such creations residing at the bottom of the Eastern sea, in the Eastern Dragon King's grand palace full of notable treasures and relics. Surely among grand collections of divine artefacts, a dragon would have weapons, no? With swift word to those he cohabited with, the creature went on his way, promising to return with a display of strength so grand they'd celebrate his return with food tenfold.

The Eastern Dragon King's palace resided deep beneath crystal clear waters far from civilisation. Water supposedly permanently purified by sun pillars pouring down from Heaven itself. It was territory never meant for mundane beings, but the creature effortlessly dissolved the border between him and that celestial dimension, disrupting the plane's still waters. The next time the creature opened his eyes, he floated across its waters, hair weaving in them like seaweed, and seeing ocean as far as his keen eyes could see, with the ocean floor entirely visible. He grimaced, looking around. Land didn't exist here, and he was no amphibious wonder. The Earth birthed him, and to be cut away from it left a salty taste in his mouth, but he knew he wouldn't ever leave without getting what he wanted.

The waters rumbled, and a serpentine creature arched its way to the surface. Meeting the Earth-child's eyes, the serpentine creature bared its fangs, regarding him no more than an intruder. It struck down, intent on swallowing him, but he fended off its attack with his bare hands, forcing its jaw open more than natural with no notice to its writhing or the mandible's snapping.

Just then, bright light erupted from below him, and a blunt force propelled him into the air, seeming to never end in length and height. He twisted around, gripping a red stave that wouldn't stop growing, dragging his palm along like rope burn. Abruptly, it stopped, and sharply shrunk down into the water's depths, straight into the Dragon King's palace.