"Dad hasn't been home in a few days."

Jess lifted her head to look at Sam, her face conveying her worry and concern. She had never even met their dad. Yet, there she was sweating about him being missing. Got yourself a good girl there, Sammy, Dean thought as he fought a grin. Sam's expression, though, didn't waver. Dean found himself starting to get frostbite from all those icy glares he was getting. Not like it could be helped. He needed Sam's help and that was all there was to it.

"So he's working overtime on a Miller Time shift." Snow was warmer than Sam's tone. "He'll stumble back in sooner or later."

He'll stumble back in sooner or later translated to he would come home when he was good and ready. Dean heaved a soft sigh and ducked his head in order to hide his irritation and disappointment. C'mon, Sam, he said silently to his younger brother. You ain't hearin' what it is I am tryin' to tell you. No matter, he thought as he slowly lifted his head and stared at his brother. Just gonna have to try something else to get you to hear what I'm saying.

"Dad's on a hunting trip." He paused just long enough for those words to sink in. Sam's face might have remained perfectly composed, but his eyes told him how his brother had picked up on that subtle hint. Attaboy, Sammy, he thought as his lips kicked up at the corners. Don't let me down, now. He shot a quick look at Jess, appreciating the view despite the warning glare he got from his brother. He could tell by her blank expression that she had not figured out that he and his brother were speaking in code. Figuring that meant the coast was all clear and that he could make his final point, he said, his voice dropping an octave, "And he hasn't been home in a few days."

Silence reigned for a number of tense seconds. Seconds where Dean imagined Sam shrugging him and his worries about dad off. He half-imagined him telling him how it was probable that dad was just so wrapped up in hunting whatever it was he was after that he simply forgot to call. Dad will make contact once he finishes whatever job he is on was something of a religious chant in their family. However, Dean knew that wasn't the case. Something, he didn't know what, told him this wasn't just some case of John Winchester getting so involved in a hunt that he simply had forgotten to make contact. No, something wasn't right about this.

Something wasn't right about it at all.

He could tell by the slight change in Sam's expressions that he had picked up on that veiled point. The stone-cold mask his brother had been wearing since finding out he was his midnight intruder, slid away. Dean saw a small kernel of fear, mixed with a good deal of worry and doubt, form in the pit of Sam's eyes. Despite all the angry words that had been said the last time he and their dad were face-to-face, he was still their father. He had been counting upon Sammy wanting to make sure dad was okay. He knew it was the only way to get him to help search for him.

That's right, he told his brother silently. This ain't dad just being dad. Somethin' is wrong and we need to shag ass in order to find out what.

"Jess?" Sam's eyes never left Dean's. "Can you excuse us for a moment? We need to go outside."

And with those words, everything about their lives changed.


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