Traitor to the Cause

by the Black Rose

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AN: I don't pretend to know much about how the Earth Sphere Unified Nation is set up, so please forgive my ignorance.

Chapter 1

To those that knew her, she was merely a shadow of her former self.

Relena, pale and far too thin from endless hours of stress and strain, dressed in her diplomatic uniform and tied her honey tresses back in a long, soft braid. She knew what she was facing today, and had already made the arrangements for the shuttle to take her far away from the Cinq Kingdom, and Earth. Only a miracle could save her, now, and miracles were in short supply these days.

Noin knocked lightly on the open door before entering the hotel suite bedroom of the Cinq Kingdom's representative to ESUN, a sad smile playing on her lips as she gazed across the room at the young woman who was like a sister to her. Her heart contracted painfully beneath the scratchy ruffled shirt in the stiff jacket she wore in order to escort Relena to what would be her political funeral.

"You'll be fine," she said firmly, trying to believe it, but knowing that at the end of the day she would be accompanying the former Queen into exile.

Relena stood up and smiled nervously at the woman that had become her confidante and advisor. "I know. This is what is right. As long as I play my part, I can't be blamed." She said quietly and walked across the room to the door. She ducked her head as she passed by the older woman and exited into the hallway. The two women walked side by side to the front of the hotel, dancing lightly down the steps before climbing into the waiting limousine. Relena made a wry face as the thought crossed her mind, "They should have sent a hearse."

The Year was A.C. 199, the members of the Earth Sphere Unified Nations became increasingly paranoid about potential threats to what they had hoped would be a lasting peace. The Preventers Organization received a record increase in funding, enacting a virtual witch hunt' to scourge the known universe of possible terrors.

Over the past year, the alliance had come to focus on the irrational possibility that the Gundam pilots could start a new conflict with the guerrilla tactics they employed during the last great war. As a result, members of Parliament demanded to know the whereabouts of the former heroes and all pertinent information.

There was one obstacle standing in their way - Relena Peacecraft. She was their sole protector, having declared all documents relating to their identities and activities remain strictly classified. All information had been deleted off public servers, and official papers sealed.

Mercilessly, the upper echelon had turned against the young princess. They forced their way into every aspect of her life and duties. When an audit turned up nothing, and the dissemination of scandalous lies about her personal life were proved wrong, the leaders went for a more direct approach.

Up until a few days ago, Relena was supposed to be attending a fairly boring summit meeting in Luxembourg. It was a faithful friend that alerted her to the danger she was about to face.

Relena picked up the cardboard file box she had been ordered to produce and exited the car. Reporters shouted questions as flashes of light sparked instantly surrounded her in her vision. It was difficult to keep moving forward, but she carried herself with determination and pride.

As she walked into the meeting room, she noticed the way it was set up. The long rows of chairs arranged in stadium seating and the high wood planked stage had not changed, however there was a new addition –a small podium faced the stage in the center of the room, in a manner similar to a courtroom. "Civilized, for a public execution," she thought to herself.

Taking the hint, Relena made her way over to the podium. She set the file box down on the ground to the left of her feet. It was lighter than it looked. She smiled at the intimidating assembly that looked down upon her from all sides, feeling the equivalent of a bug in a glass jar, but squaring her shoulders none-the-less as the Speaker began, calling the congregation to order.

"Miss Peacecraft, have you complied with the directive given by the Parliament, and brought the documents regarding the Gundam pilots?"

Relena cleared her throat. "Ah-hem. Excuse me. Yes, Mr. Speaker, what you requested is in this box," she said firmly, a hint of anger keeping her voice steady despite the nervousness fluttering in her stomach.

Instantly, a couple of clerks scurried over to her position and scooped up the box. They brought it over to the Speaker up on stage.

The world caught their breath. Five young men in particular watched for what they believed would be their undoing. One with violet eyes and a long brown braid looked down at the floor, blinking back the tears in his eyes.

Suddenly, an angry scream erupted.

Duo looked back up at the television screen and couldn't understand what had happened. The Speaker was an unhealthy shade of red as he yelled across the room at Relena, who stood with her head held high in an act of defiance.

The camera panned back to the stage and focused on a huge pile of ashes spilling out of the cardboard box.

"I'll have you for treason!" the man screamed.

"No, you won't." Relena held up a piece of paper, "Here in my hands, I hold the Soldier Protection Act which was passed just yesterday, and placed into action at twelve oh one this morning. It provides for the total destruction of all records regarding the Gundam pilots' identities, activities, and loyalties. In compliance with this act, I took the liberty of burning all such documents."

Murmurs of surprise were heard from the assembly.

Relena put that paper down and picked up another. "This paper declares that as of twelve noon today, I resign my position as leader of the Cinq Kingdom. There will be an election to choose my replacement. I would like to take this time to apologize to my people for disappointing you. Thank you."

Heero switched off the television screen and sighed. He had never doubted her. She had sworn she would protect them, and she had remained true to her word. He shook his head at the irony, that frail young woman having to protect the world's fiercest warriors. His train of thought was interrupted by Duo's face flashing up on the vidcom screen.

"Heero! That was quite a show, huh?"


"Yep, yep, yep," Duo leaned back and put his hands behind his head, trying to fix a serious look on his face. "You should thank me."

Heero glared at him. "What for?"

Duo grinned and leaned toward the screen. "For stopping you from killing her." He laughed at his own joke. He was not surprised that Heero didn't find it amusing.

The smile faded from his lips, and he grew serious. "Heero, do you think she'll be allright? I mean, they kill people who commit treason."

Heero nodded. "She's survived this long. I'm sure she went in with an escape plan."

"Yeah, I guess you're right. Oh, but wait!" He slapped his forehead, his trademark grin appearing once again. "She passed a law for permission. I guess she doesn't have anything to worry about." He paused a moment, his face clouding in confusion. "But why did she resign her position, then? She beat them….didn't she?"

"Duo, she passed the law in her own territory. The Assembly doesn't have to recognize laws that apply only within the Cinq Kingdom's border. She knew that."

"Oh, I see, so the Council could have declared the law invalid and demanded the records anyway? But, she had already enforced it, ….oh. I get it. So, I guess, if they wanted revenge, they could still have her branded a traitor."

"Yes, something like that."

"Do you think they will?"

"I think they'll try. But Relena's always been a shrewd politician. She can take care of herself."

A slow, mischievous smile spread across the former Deathscythe pilot's lips. "Actually, perhaps I should amend my earlier statement - maybe we should be thanking you."

Heero glared at him. "The only person you should thank is Relena."

The weight of that statement hit home. "We can never repay her for this, can we?"

"The only thing we can do is try to live a good life."

"Yeah, that's what she'd want, huh?" Duo said thoughtfully.

Heero nodded, his face set in a grim expression.

The former Deathscythe pilot suddenly grinned again. "That and maybe some TLC from…" he didn't get to finish his statement before his friend terminated the connection. "He's just no fun," Duo pouted.

Heero looked back at the blank television screen. "Relena."