Chapter 1 – The meeting in the dark

A/N: This is my first ever fanfiction and hopefully you'll enjoy. There is plenty more to come to this story so stay tuned :)

It was dark as the darkest night, cold as the coldest winter and quiet as in the quietest grave. Tears kept streaming down her face as she kneeled to the ground in the forest. Why? Why was she always the one to be betrayed? "Vereesa…" The freezing wind hit Sylvanas' wet face as she looked up at the infinite sky of stars. She had let herself feel love again. That sisterly love making her capable of doing anything to avenge Vereesa's loss of Rhonin. She let out a loud banshee roar towards the moon, causing all the birds in the trees to flee. The roar released all the monstrous anger built up inside her from the recent events in Pandaria. How could she let herself feel love again? She was no longer a creature made for love. "Never again!" she screamed. When she was finally out of breath, her palms fell to the ground supporting her undead body. "I will kill you Garrosh… One way or another…" Sylvanas whispered.

Suddenly a loud crack from behind her made Sylvanas jump and reaching for her bow. She aimed at where she believed the noise had come from. Her face still wet from tears and voice sore from roaring she shouted: "Who is there? Show yourself!" Sylvanas pricked up her high elf ears listening for another sound. Nothing… Could she have imagined it among all her sorrow? It was possible. Convinced there was nothing out there, Sylvanas lowered her bow. Her red glaring eyes scouted the woods one more time before deciding enough weeping for one night. She started walking slowly towards the path leading out of the forest when she unexpectedly discovered there was someone there. Sylvanas quickly turned around and drew an aim with her sunstrider bow. For a split second she thought it was her sister Vereesa, but then she realized who the person actually was and Sylvanas let out a surprised: "You…?"

Before her stood a beautiful, young blonde mage. Her purple robe was a little ripped and dirty but Jaina Proudmoore looked as astonishing as ever. "Please don't shoot!" Jaina held her hands up in surrender. Sylvanas lowered her bow but kept her guard up. She knew Jaina was way more powerful than she looked. "I should shoot you". Sylvanas said in an ice cold voice. "You cost me my relationship with my sister! If Rhonin had not died to save you, we would have simply continued not to speak." "I am sorry about Rhonin." Jaina answered. "I never wanted him to sacrifice himself for me. But if it hadn't been for your attack on my city it would have never happened!" Jaina lowered her hands as she stared confidently at Sylvanas Windrunner. "The forsaken had NOTHING to do with the destruction of Theramore!" Sylvanas hissed. Jaina sighed: "I know that now. And by the sounds of it we have a common enemy. Garrosh…" Sylvanas felt a sting of vulnerability in her chest. "Were you spying on me Lady Proudmore?" Her tone went even colder and she took a few steps towards Jaina. "No my lady. I am on my way to Orgrimmar to see Thrall. I need to speak with him. I heard someone scream and it led me to you". Jaina could feel shivers down her back as the Banshee Queen came closer. She had never seen Sylvanas up close before and certainly not without anyone else present. Sylvanas smirked: "HA! Speak with Thrall? What are you planning on doing? Bang on the gate of Orgrimmar until Vol'jin lets you in? After everything that has happened, I doubt you will be welcome there". "That I will be welcome? The Horde DESTROYED my home! If anything they should be surprised I even want to set my foot in that place after what they did. But I am willing to look past this because I know it was Garrosh and not the true Horde that stood behind the attack". Jaina could feel the anger build up inside her but she refused to let it show. "Very well. I have got to honour your bravery Lady Proudmoore. But I warn you. Despite Vol'jin being against the attack on Theramore, he isn't exactly your biggest fan". Sylvanas started walking the path out of the forest. Why would she care what happened to Jaina? Sure, she was friends with Vereesa. But that was no longer any of her concern.

Jaina felt fear entering her body as she watched the mighty Banshee Queen walk away from her. What if Sylvanas was right? What if she put herself and The Kirin Tor in danger by seeking out Thrall in Orgrimmar? This was not a risk she was willing to take anymore. "Wait!" Jaina shouted. Sylvanas raised an eyebrow and turned around. "You haven't even asked me why I look like this? If I am okay?!" Jaina was a little surprised at what she had just said. Why on earth would Sylvanas Windrunner care if she looked like 3 dire wolves had nearly had her alive for dinner. Sylvanas looked confused and let out a titter. "Excuse my manners Lady Proudmoore. How are you feeling? A little rough perhaps?" Sylvanas replied in a patronizing tone. Jaina ran towards her and said "Shut the hell up! I nearly died out here you know! All for the peace between the Alliance and the Horde!" Jaina spat on the ground before Sylvanas. "Feisty… But not elegant for a Lady like yourself Jaina." Sylvanas looked at Jaina with her intense red eyes. She was truly beautiful, even with the ruined cloth robe and dirty skin. A slight familiar tickle appeared in Sylvanas' upper stomach as she caught herself admiring the young mage. In desperation, Jaina blurted: "I saw you cry, Windrunner! I know you're hurting too and I know you and your kind played no part in the battle of Theramore. So perhaps there is a way we can avenge our loved ones together and end this feud between the Alliance and the Horde. Sylvanas snapped out of her admiration for Jaina and snorted. "I do not love anyone nor will I ever do. What I do, I do for the forsaken. No one else!" "I don't believe you. I don't believe that you are that cold. You were once a highly respected elf. Surely parts of that version of you still remain to some extent". Jaina felt sorry for Sylvanas as she knew very well how she had ended up in her situation. Damned be Arthas, Jaina thought.

Nobody had ever tried to see Sylvanas as a good person before. She didn't even see herself as a person anymore. Simply a leader and a queen of the forsaken was all she was. "You may have just seen me at my lowest, Lady Proudmoore. But I can assure you it will never happen again". Sylvanas put her arms in a cross and glared at Jaina. Jaina conquered her fears and took a deep breath before placing her hand on Sylvanas' arm. She worked up the bravery to wipe a tear from the undead lady's face before giving her a soothing smile. "That person I just witnessed doesn't seem to be uncapable of love". If Sylvanas' heart was still beating, it would have skipped a beat. If Sylvanas' blood still ran in her veins, it would have rushed through her. She stared at the young mage and bit her tongue. She couldn't believe what she was about to say. "Fine. Your persistence has paid off Lady Proudmoore of The Kirin Tor. I will aid you in your mission to reconcile with the Horde".