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I cried tonight. Alone in my tent, some time in the early morning, I cried. I could have blamed it on the war, or the men that were dying all around me. I could have blamed it on the food, or the three days of rain that show no sign of stopping, or the shells being dropped so close to us, but I couldn't; because that wasn't it. The simple fact is that I was tired. I was just so tired of being alone. I just didn't want to be that way anymore. Ever since Donald and I divorced, I thought the problem was me.

Just that simple fact that I was so tried of being alone, was keeping me up nights. I couldn't explain it, but every time I closed my eyes and saw everything I ever wanted. And then just like that it got taken away. So after weeks of that single nightmare, I just decided to stop sleeping all together.

They asked about it. I knew they would. I lied and said was getting sleep, and just blamed it on the number of causalities we have been getting lately. But I didn't let this one little thing get in the way of my job. I was still as good as ever in the OR, but they still worried.

Colonel Potter was nice enough to give me some time in Tokyo, and I went just to get them to stop worrying. Charles offered to give me something to help me sleep, but I said no. I was too afraid. BJ and the father offered to listen, if I wanted to talk. But I said no. How would BJ understand? He is happily married. How could I talk to the father about it? I didn't even want to admit it to myself.

Weeks passed, and I was still going on almost no sleep. I knew Colonel Potter was tempted to call Dr. Freedmen. Did I really look that bad? Klinger I knew was being nicer to me. I almost never had to yell him anymore; at least he didn't offer to listen to me if I wanted to talk. I knew my nurses and the other enlisted men were staying clear of me. I overheard them talking, that I could snap at anytime.

So I did the only thing I could do. I cried. And that's how he found me. I could have yelled at him for not knocking, but the look in his eyes, relayed a different message. He didn't say a word, instead sat down next to me, and put his arms around me. I couldn't even begin to explain how good that felt, but I only cried harder.

He gently laid me down, stretched out beside me, and wrapped me up tight in his embrace. But he didn't say anything. I laid my head on his chest, listening to his heart beat, and gradually stopped crying. He smelled good, like rain, which was obvious because it was raining outside. But with just a slight trace of gin. He drew lazy circles on back, while hugging me to him even tighter.

The wind and rain howled outside, and the shells seemed to be hitting even closer, but he paid it no mind, just content on calming me down. I would never admit it to anyone, but I hated thunder storms. He already knew how afraid I was of the shelling. With the combination of them both in one night was overwhelming. I trembled in his arms.

"Hawkeye," I whispered, almost begging him. He cleared his throat, and in a low voice, he sang to me.

We've been friends for a long, long time

You had your lover and I had mine

One night I looked at you and I think we both knew

Some night I'd hold you in my arms

Maybe tonight, we'll find each other

Maybe tonight, you'll turn around and I'll be there

If the timing is right we could finally get together

We might just fall in love and it may be tonight

Two hearts on fire can't live like this

A burning desire we can't resist

Who's gonna break the ice

Who's gonna roll the dice

All it would take is just one kiss

Maybe tonight, we'll find each other

Maybe tonight, you'll turn around and I'll be there

If the timing is right we could finally get together

We might just fall in love and it may be tonight

I was almost asleep when he finished, I was vaguely aware of him kissing my forehead. He smoothed back my hair, and laid his head on top of mine.

"Maybe tonight, Margaret. Maybe tonight," he whispered. But I couldn't hear him. For the first time in over three weeks I slept. And this time, when I closed my eyes, I saw everything I ever wanted, and this time he didn't go away. Maybe he was right. It may be tonight.