The year is 2570. Economy has been stabilized, and intergalactic peace is reigning. Earth is having one of its best econimical years, in terms of tourism. Alot have changed, since Captain Falcon, once again won the F-Zero Grand Prix, 5 years ago, and saved Earth, of a certain spread of occult forces. New pilots are entering the GP, and names are being made, once again, in this intergalactic extravaganza. But, like it or not, the battle between good and evil, goes on, and grows on, each and every day, though despite rumors of the legendary bounty hunter, retiring from F-Zero racing, in the year to come, he's still pursuing A to S-Rank criminals, so that peace can continue to exist. But, little does anyone know, evil is already making its next plan...

Chapter 1

It all begins, inside of what seems to be a laboratory. Red and silver seems to be the main colors, of this facility. No one actually know where this place is. Rumors had that it was once a space headquarter, transformed into something more... vile... Two scientists are watching a body's progressions, that is held inside a capsule, filled with a glowing blue fluid. The body seems to look, like another clone of Captain Falcon, though its head is different.

"...Blood Pressure?..."


"...Mind readings?..."

"...No anomalies... Nothing to worry..."

"sigh... Another day of observation, and nothing to report... Why are we doing this, already?"

"Because the boss wants it, this way. It's part of his... Plan..."

"Plan?... Ever since the demise of Lord Black Shadow, by... Whatever that cyborg-alien-thing was... Dark Million has been thrown into chaos. We have a Donald Trump-like mafia boss, as our money provider, and, worst of all, our boss, is that vampire looking Captain Falcon, who acts like those twits, from that 21st century anthology, that, luckily, I don't remember the name, that my ex-fiancée told me to experience..."

"You'd better be careful, with what words you imply. Remember Johnson? Remember how he got his life sucked out of him, for bad mouthing his actions? I don't think the feel of having your neck, being penetrated by those fangs of his, while your blood leaves your entire body, is your next and last project, you have in mind. So, if I were you, unless you have a suicidal wish, I'd keep those words, for yourself."

"Yeah, whatever... I still don't like it."

"Oh, I sooo like it, you know that?"

"Nice Baba impression, you sarcastic homophobe..."

That plan, in question, is as followed: Make an army of Hybrid Captain Falcons. To do so, they need a sample of Captain Falcon's DNA, which they have. 2 years ago, both Falcons had a battle, in the docks of Port Town, that almost got Blood Falcon finally arrested, but, with the price, of almost having the sight of Captain Falcon killed, in front of hundreds of working civilians. The hybrid part, comes from merging DNA-1, with the DNA of legendary beasts; Birds, dragons, cats, spirits. In this case, an ice bird. Another co-worker joins in, asking if anything has changed. Response is negative, from both scientists. An alarm suddenly goes off, as smoke comes out, from the human containing capsule, while the fluid slowly drains out, from withing the capsule, by one tube. One of the workers, goes to a screen, where we see Dark Million's patron.

"This better be important, for you to interrupt my daily sip. Because if not, YOU will be my next feast!", says Blood Falcon, in an upset mood.

"Bloodlord Falcon, not that I want to disturb you, by any means...", the scientist says, scared, though trying to refocus, "but, we think that the test subject is ready to be freed of its capsule."

"You're lucky it actually IS important... Excellent!", 'Bloodlord' says, with a smiling grin, on his face. "I'll be with you, gentlemen, in 5... By this time, do NOT open the capsule, and, make sure it doesn't come out, before I tell you, to do so... DO I MAKE MYSELF CLEAR?" The screen turns off, on those words. 5 minutes later, as promised, he enters the laboratoric facility.

There is a reason, Blood Falcon has been refered himself, nowadays, as Bloodlord. Ever since Deathborn banished Black Shadow, to the void, 5 years ago, for failing to beat Captain Falcon, in the Mute City GP, known to this day, as the Grand Prix of Occult Punishment, he got in charged of the evil organisation, that was once his master/creator's pride. And, he changed it, at his image. He even changed his garb. From what once was a red jacket and pants, became black. From what once were purpleish blue gloves, and helmet, turned crimson red. He exchanged his yellow scarf, for a purple velvet cape, and a skull button, to adorn-to his words, a reminiscing of his past. The only things that remained intact, were the silver boots, and the blood buckle belt, although with modifications. No more skull; from this time on, he adorns demon wings, with vampire fangs. To this day, Don Genie remained a close member of Dark Million, though he and Falcon aren't getting along that well, not trusting one another, ever since that faithful day... He enters the test room, and checks on the capsule.

"Is it still in perfect condition?", Falcon asks the scientists.

"Y-yes, Bloodlord Falcon", one of the scientists answers.

"We are awaiting orders. Shall we release release it, from its capsule?", another one asks.

"Yes", does he reply. "Get everything set. We will have the release, of what will be the first, of many... An army of humanoid hybrid weapon!" As the capsule opens up, the Falcon clone, naked, and still wet, opens his eyes, and slowly walks out. Blood Falcon approaches the newly standing soldier, and laughs himself, as he'd usually do. "This is perfect. And, this is only the beginning!" He pauses, and then, approaches, silently. "You... With this ice cold stance, that ice blue body, and those... Blue eyes?!" He turns to one of the scientists, and grabs him by the throat. Obviously, he's angry. "BLUE EYES? HOW? ANSWER ME BEFORE I GET THIRSTY!"

"I... I don't know, sir... Maybe there was a mix, between the DNA doses. Too much of one, and too less of the othe-"

Blood Falcon looks at him, his grab being harder. The white of his helmet eyes, turns red. Bloodthirst is manifesting. "YOU!..."

"PLEASE, BLOODLORD FALCON! SPARE ME!... I'LL DO ANYTHING!" He violently gets thrown into a wall, rendering him unconscious, making him bleed, from his skull. He then calms down, as red turns back white, before returning to his now-unperfect masterpiece. "No matter... Why bother?... It's just a minor detail, that's all. Now, as I was saying... With all of these forementioned details... I think I'm going to call you... Cold Falco. Yeah, that's it. Now, Cold Falco. Here is your first order. KILL THESE BUFFOONS! For me..." To his surprise, though, Cold Falco did not move. "I think I didn't get myself cleared, the first time around... Must happen, when you begin, with these kind of experiments...", he says, annoyed, before going back angry. "I SAID... COLD FALCO, KILL THESE HUMANS!" Falco then moves... But, not on the scientists, rather, on what seems to be, his former creator, before making a run for it, out of the lab. At first, he seems to be out of words, but, then, he just smiles, and laughs eviley. "This... is... PERFECT!" He then gets up, and activates the facility's main alarm. "Attention, everyone... This is your lord and master, Blood Falcon. Now, there seems to be a problem, here, so... I don't care, what the hell you people are doing, but, there is this blue thing, that's roaming around the facility... I want you to leave, what you are doing... Research, development, testing, I don't want to know... Because I want you all... TO KILL THAT THING, IMMEDIATELY!" Cold Falco runs, but, not knowing where he is going, is soon caught up, with security. "Stay where you are!", shouts one guard, accompanied, by its 8-man squadron, military rifles, pointing at him. Refusing to obey, Falco rushes head first, into security, as they try to shoot him down, punching and kicking through them. Then, the final breach; he sees, what seems to be the interior of a loading ship. He gets inside, and awaits for it, to be launching, all while being careful of his surroundings, knowing he must not be seen. Falco tries to breathe, at a normal pace, this being new, for a being, that has the look and the mind of a 40-something years old, but that, in actuality, is only 10 minutes old. Not only that, but, he has the DNA of a legendary arctic bird, meaning the animal within him, has still taken over his human mind. Then, he looks at his body, for the first time, since out of that human capsule, he once was made. So, that's what it's like, to be human..., Falco thinks. He examines himself. His arms, hands and fingers, legs, feet and toes, torso, with everything in between. For a normal Captain Falcon clone, like Blood Falcon, it would be of no importance, as he'd already be making rampage, through just about anything and anyone, under the orders of the now gone/former leader of Dark Million, Black Shadow. Not for Cold Falco, to whom this, is still fresh. He's already been over the influence of brutal attack, and under the line of fire, but, from this day on, he just knew, that he was... A living, breathing being, but, with apparently one mission, instructed by Dark Million, to every members: To kill Captain Falcon, as per he almost did in, Blood Falcon. As the carrier lifts up, going who knows where, he can rest easy... for now.

Blood Falcon, still in the laboratory, awaits report, from the security squadron, while drinking away the blood, of what once was a group of scientists. This is the ultimate punishment, for whom works within the Bloodlord's Dark Million, and fails to get to a minimum of expectations, which in this case, equals nothing short, than total mission accomplishment. "Bloodlord Falcon, sir... The target... He escaped...", says the squadron leader, out of breath, who now sees the lifeless body, of the scientists, in horror. He slowly walks backward, still with the sight of dead bodies, in his eyes, but is stopped cold, by an infuriated Blood Falcon, who was standing behind him. "I'm sorry, sir! Please, let me live! I swear I won't tell anyone, of what I saw...", says the guard, scared to death.

"I know you won't...", says Falcon, his visor eyes, changed once again, from white to red. The last noise this guard made, was the sound of his own self, screaming in pain, to his deathly demise...

To be continued...