Chapter 2

If there is one thing, that everyone needs to know, it's that F-Zero URL (short for Universal Racing League), is THE sport to attend, and litterally everyone is watching. It is without question, THE universal entertainment, having billions of views, each races. It is the number one thing. But, what about before, and, sometimes, after the races? What about the pilots' life outside? Entertainment, rumors, fan following and other stuff?... This is where the second best thing comes in: Enter F-Zero TV, and it's well-known host, the colorful and undastardly, yet wacky and charismatic race announcer, Mr. Zero.

"Welcome everyone, to another hot exciting week, of F-Zero TV. I am your host, Mr. Zero", he says, this time around, wearing a pink suit, a white shirt, under it, and a turquoise tie, adorned with hearts, both on shirt and tie. "Speaking of hot, last week, how did anyone survived the hot temperatures of the Fire Field, is beyond me. Machines overheating, scrap metal shredding, fans' hearts pounding-mine included, no denying, and, with Captain Falcon, not racing this time around, it really was anyone's game. Or, should I say, anyone's race. But, everything had to come to an end, and, what an ending it brought us. The podium brought newcomer Nichi, known to his people, as The Sweep Man, riding the Wind Walker, to take the top spot, followed by Mighty Gazelle, in the Red Gazelle in second, and, we can say, that 3 was the lucky number, as Pink Spider's riders Dai San Gen, closed the podium. And, I'll be honest with you, this trio of pilot, made me a believer. I didn't thought spiders could actually stand this kind of heat. Especially if they're pink and metal. But, all jokes aside, here is last week's winning fan. Drum roll, please... It is Wharhr Doerf Raan Raal, from planet Klingon. Congratulations! You just earn yourself an autograph, from Nichi, the winner of the Fire Field race. Coordinates are locked in, so, you will receive it, by the end of today's show. Speaking of which, let's get this show, on he road. This week, is the annual All-Women Queen of F-Zero Tournament-also known as The Ladies Race, which will be competed, this year, inside the glamourous sets of Bianca City. And all week long, we will have the chance, and, by we, I mean yours truly, to have a few words, with all the women in it, including the odds-on favorites-one of them, being the icing on the cake: the already 3-time winner of this tournament, Miss Galactic Space Federation herself, Jody Summer, by the end of this week's edition of F-Zero TV. Let's just hope that this year's race, doesn't come out, as a no-contest, like last year, when everything when into chaos. Missiles, crabbots, spaceships and solar lasers... We went back, to the awful years of WWE Crush Hour, and my head hurts, just thinking back, about it. Now, where's my 70% cocoa dark chocolate bar, at?... Anyways. Our first guest, is one of this this year's batch, of the newly funded F-Zero Academy graduates, please welcome, Megan!"

Megan approaches the stage, saluting the fans, that were able to attend the show, and comes, to the main stage, greeted by Mr. Zero, that tells her, to take a seat.

"First of all, I want to be the first person, to welcome on the show, Megan, as this is your first time, here, since you and nine other racers, officially graduated, from the F-Zero Academy", says Mr. Zero. "And, congratulations."

"Thank you. It's a pleasure, to be here", she politely responds. "And, if I may, I want to take this live time, to congratulate my friend Nichi, for his first F-Zero GP win. You deserve it."

"Indeed, you may, and, indeed, he deserves it. Now, on to you. How are you doing, knowing that your first race, not only is going to be inside Bianca City, but, where you will be competing for the title of Miss Galactic Space Federation; a title that was vacated, last year, due to what I could call: Hell Hath no Fury Like a Woman's Scorn Rules?"

"Well, I'd say I'm both excited, and nervous. Excited, because I'll be able to do, what I wanted to do, for a long time, which is racing in F-Zero, and also because you'll be able to see my Hot Violet, in action, for the first time."
"Speaking of which, that's a nice machine, you've got there", Mr. Zero says, while the camera gets Megan's vehicle, from front, and from both sides.

"It's hot, it's violet... What more can I say? But, don't worry, it's not flammable", she answers.

"You also say that you're nervous, thinking on this race. Can you tell us why?"
"Well... To make it short, the reason, to why there was no race, last year, pretty much answers that question."
"Which leads me, to my next question...", Zero says, holding his head, in one hand. "Do you have any bar of dark chocolate on you, that I can chew, to take this headache of mine, out of here? I know it's a weird question, and all, but, I seriously can't handle it, now. And, since we still have one more guest, I want to be on my best... But, let's just hope it doesn't happen, and move on..."

"BUT!", Megan holds. "Because my mother once told me, that in every situation, there is a 'but'... I have a feeling, that it's not going to be a destruction derby, because for the most of us, we only want to race, and have a good time. I know it sounds cliché and all, but, it's true. And, maybe I'm saying this, because I'm a rookie, some of you will say, and I agree. And, yes, I know that there is rivalries, and we tend on being a little over reactive, when the heat gets on, but, that's bound to happen: It's F-Zero, after all. Everyone has this thrive, to win it all, and just... be the best."

"You just cured my headache, all of a sudden. And I won't be thanking you enough, by the end of the show, for it. Ladies and gentlemen, give it up, once more, for Megan", shouts Mr. Zero, as the crowd cheers the newcomer. "Do stay, though, because it's over yet. Stay tuned. We'll be back, after these words, from our sponsors." The F-Zero TV music hits, and, the studio's lights dims out a little.

At this moment, backstage, a time keeper knocks at a door. "T-minus 5 minutes, miss Relinna", he says.

"Coming", she says, in a voice, that inspires whispers, kind of seducing, yet in a calm and normal tone. Relinna is a beauty incarnated. She's a 23 years old, 5'4" woman, with eyes of a sapphire blue, bright pink hair, normally tied in a giant low classical bun-people can just imagine how very long, it can be. For this interview, she's wearing a velvet blue bustier, with a mirage green mermaid style bottom dress, and some mint green heels. "Almost ready. Now, for the final touch..." She pulls out a whitish-pink pearl collar, out of her left ear, that she then puts on her hair, from each side of her head. "Okay... Now, I'm ready", she says, examining herself one last time, before leaving the room. As Relinna walks with security, by her side, the F-Zero TV music hits, and lighting getting back up, on stage, signifying the end, of the commercial break. Mr. Zero goes back speaking.

"Welcome back, to F-Zero TV. Before I welcome our next guest, I want to give you the actual list, of guests, that are going on stage, thus week. Tomorrow, we'll have a rumor-filled interview, with supermodel, actress and singer Kate Alen, who, nowadays, tries to avoid any questions, related to the rumors, of her, dating pop star, and member of the Elite Task Mobile Force, Jack Levin, and Ms. Arrow, who the rumors, in her case, are about a possible divorce, with Super Arrow. Wednesday, it's Asian galore, as we invite F-Zero Academy graduate Kimiko, and Haruka Mizaki, known to us, as Dark Million's Miss Killer. Thursday is glamour day, as we receive Princia Ramode, the only woman, to actually steal the heart of a thief, in Lisa Brilliant, and other graduate, and Bianca City's hometown girl, Jane B. Christie. And, Friday, the top of the crop, and favorites, to win the whole podium. The three women, within the Elite Task Mobile Force: Lucy Liberty, Lily Flyer and Jody Summer. Oh, I cannot wait! But, for now, let's meet our next guest. She, too, will be having her first Ladies Race, but, unlike Megan, here, she is not a graduate of the academy. But, it's still as prestigious, as she is this year's FAST Racing League winner, ladies and gentlemen, please welcome, Relinna!"

The crowd goes in awe, especially the males, as Relinna makes her way to the stage, greeted by Mr. Zero and Megan. She takes a seat, and interview begins. "Welcome to the show, Relinna."

"Well, thank you, Mr. Zero. Can I call you F?", Relinna asks, as the crowd laughs.

"A good one, to start up. I like it. Unfortunately, it isn't my name, and my first name does not start with the letter F. Sorry", Zero answers.

"There goes my blonde moment, I guess", she replies, in a comical way.

"That's all right, we all get these time, at some point. But, in all seriousness, I want to officially welcome you, to the world of F-Zero URL." The crowd responds, with approving applauds. "Marry me, Relinna!", a fan screams.

"Okay, let's do this, right here, and now", she replies. The fan is surprised, but, stays silent, knowing she was only joking, even though he's secretly blushing.

"That's one way, to fend men off, I guess", the up-until-now silent Megan says, with the crowd laughing.

"I won't disagree, with that, Megan. Relinna, I know I'm supposed to talk about racing, but, I've got to make a parenthesis, before we really start, because, I look at you, and I'm just wandering, like everyone else, and I've got to ask: Are you a mermaid, from Big Blue?"

"If I'm a mermaid, you ask?..." The crowd holds their breath. She answers: "Who knows? But, thank you, for the compliment." All that, with a smile, that gets the audience, fall in love with her. With a beauty like hers, who wouldn't? The interview finally begins.

"As the winner of FAST, you now jump, to the big leagues. How do you feel?"

"I take it, the same way as if I was in FAST Racing, no matter how difficult it is, no matter the obstacles. That's the kind of attitude, I guess pretty much anyone feels, at the starting line and before it. And, to be honest, that's that attitude, every racers should have."

"Unlike Megan, we know nothing, about your vehicle. Can you give us, a minimum of information?"

"I decided to name it: the Shining Mermaid. That is all I will tell, for now. For the rest, you'll just have to wait until the Ladies Race, to find out more."

"Final question, to the both of you, ladies. Any word, you want to say, to one another?"

Megan takes the first shoot, as she gets off the chair. "I look at you, and if there is one thing lesson, everyone will learn, at one point of their life, is that looks can be deceiving. I have no doubt, that your machine will be represent you well. But, if you think, for one second, that I'm going to let you the win, you're mistaking. Despite some similarities, F-Zero is nothing like FAST. You're shifting from one league to another, and I won't take that away from you-it isn't my kind, anyways-but, you will know why, I'm one of promises of the future."

"Anything you want to say, Relinna?", Mr. Zero asks.

She stands, and sees her opponent, in the eyes. "For me, racing wasn't in my plans, at first. But, the rush of pleasure you get, when you first get into a vehicle, there's not much to say, until you get inside one. Only then, you discover the thrill and fury of it. As for you, Megan, expecting anything else, than what you just told me, would've been a surprise. And, yes, I know I'm in a different league, now. I said it, and I'll say it again: No matter the place, I'll take it, like any other race. I don't know you, but, I know I respect you. Maybe after the race, we could go out, and have fun like anyone, but, for now, we're rivals, and I expect no less, from the other racers." Megan presents open hand, where Relinna answers, with hers. Both rivals shakes hands, in respect.

"Good luck, Relinna", Megan says.

"Good luck, to you too, Megan", Relinna responds.

Mr. Zero finishes the show, on this note: "That, ladies and gentlemen, is the kind of thing, I like to see. But, don't get used to it, as I know, that it probably won't happen, with the other guests, on the week to come, towards Sunday's annual All-Women Queen of F-Zero Tournament. From inside the F-Zero TV studio, I am Mr. Zero, and I will see you, tomorrow." The F-Zero TV music hits, and the lights goes dim.

30 minutes later, both Megan and Relinna gets outside. Relinna changed her dress, for her usual outfit: a tye-die blue tube top and green scale-like pants. The only thing that stayed, we're the heels, though, they were now boots, rather that shoes. In the dressing room, before leaving, she got rid of the pearls in her hair, turning them into bubbles, and, out of her ears-that could almost make one Kyary Pamyu Pamyu jealous-came out short sprays of water, that went around both on top of her arms, and turned into serpent-like silver bracelets. Both rivals looks at each other one last time, before Megan gets inside her Hot Violet, and leaves Relinna, all alone, in front of the studio, who feels the gentle breeze, of the evening dawn. She walks inside the streets of Mute City, until she reaches the bridge. She makes sure, that nobody is around, and then jumps, into the clear waters, where she disappears, not to be seen, for the night. To answer Mr. Zero's question, about whether or not, Relinna is a mermaid: Yes, she is. But, nobody knows about it.