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"No! I deserve to know!" Morgana Caine stared at the dark eyes behind the almost-ever-present pair of glasses, refusing to look at the images in front of her of the cold, waxy bodies on the tables again. "How could this happen!?"

Harry Hart stared at the young girl in front of him. She was so young and she didn't deserve this. Her mother and father were both gone, and Harry was feeling the sting of it. Arthur and Harry had both agreed that they wouldn't tell anyone, least of all Morgana, about how her parents had died. As far as any Kingsman agent knew, Desmond and Avalon Caine had died in a car accident.

"Ana…" Harry pleaded with his goddaughter, hating how her eyes welled with tears at the sound of her nickname. Her parents, Harry's closest friends, had been the only ones to call her that.

Morgana pushed the hand on her shoulder off and stalked to the door, tears wetting her cheeks now, "No, Harry! If you don't trust me enough to tell me…I'm done here."

And with that, the Caine girl threw open the door and left the room. Ana didn't look back at her sad godfather or the photos of her parents' bodies. Harry dropped into a chair and scrubbed at his face, finally letting the tears fall.

Harry Hart didn't see or hear from her again for many years.


Morgana Caine walked down the dark streets alone, trying to ignore the heavy feeling of the bag on her shoulder. They didn't need her – no one needed her. She should have run years ago, but back then she had her parents to think about. The only family she had…and now…she had no one. The blonde girl who went generally by 'Ana,' hitched the bag higher on her shoulder, sadness clouding her features as she thought about her parents. A police car sped down the street, blue and red lights flashing and Ana's breath caught and she pressed herself into the wall of a nearby alley. The blue-eyed girl held her breath, almost as if she was afraid that the police officers in the cars could hear her breathing as they turned the corner.

"Shit…" the young girl of sixteen swore breathily, as another four cars followed after the first. She hoped desperately that the sirens were not for her, but somehow – just somehow – the heavy weight of the antique and extremely expensive, brass statuette in her bag said otherwise.

Morgana was hurting. She had lost both her mother and father less than two months ago and had turned her…talents…to breaking into high-security museums and houses and stealing expensive objects from them. So far, Ana hadn't been caught.

The blonde remembered what her father had told her the last time she saw him. He had told her to always be strong and brave – to be the queen she was meant to be. Her mother, Avalon Caine, had been codenamed 'Guinevere' and Desmond Caine had hoped his daughter would take after his wife. However, in the long nights Morgana couldn't sleep through without waking every hour from nightmares, Ana felt that she was more like her namesake than Queen Guinevere; Morgana felt more like the sorceress Morgan le Fay.

Morgana glanced around, checking for police vehicles before she slid out of the alley. Pushing blonde bangs out of her blue eyes, Ana walked as casually as she could down the almost-abandoned street. No one looked at her, not at all caring about the young girl walking alone in the middle of the night. The Caine girl preferred it that way, yet she knew that people were looking for her. Her godfather, Harry Hart, had been searching for her and Morgana was forced to hide her trail exceptionally well from her mother's best friend. What was even more difficult was hiding from Desmond's best friend, the man codenamed 'Merlin,' who was a terrific hacker. Ana couldn't seem to ignore the fact that she was hiding from Kingsman, a secret service organization that monitored threat levels around the world.

Morgana Caine – weapons expert, gymnast, expert marksman, martial arts expert…and sixteen-year-old girl? Ana couldn't even believe it herself, how was she going to stay hidden from the police and Kingsman?

Without missing a beat, the girl jumped and hopped over the railing of an apartment building and pushed herself up the stories of the building by climbing the ladders. Finally, Ana reached an apartment she knew was empty and climbed inside. She threw the bag holding the statuette onto the available couch and sat beside her. The statuette would be worth some in an antique shop and would last her for a while. She'd make do – she had to.

Morgana Caine was not going back to Kingsman anytime soon, unless it was completely her choice. She was a desperado but she was never going to go crawling back to Kingsman and their snobbish leader, Arthur. Ana would be damned if she did.


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