Guilt. A feeling that Amélie does not expect to wash through her as the smaller woman above her pins her down and demands why she would do this. Why she would murder the peace activist Mondatta. Confusion fills the sniper and she laughs, surely this girl, Lena, knows why. She was in Overwatch when Amélie was taken away by Talon and made into the perfect, heartless soldier that she is now.

The rumbling of an approaching airship fills her ears and she smiles as Lena looks over at it in surprise. Amélie pulls her close and murmurs, "Adieu Chérie." pulling her with her over the edge of the building's roof that they had been brawling upon a few moments earlier. The assassin slams the smaller woman into the wall, breaking her chronal accelerator so she will have no ability to follow her. She then grapples herself up the wall, looking back down at the winded woman who is struggling to raise herself from the ground.

More guilt tingles through her and she turns away and picks up her gun. She has every ability to shoot Lena right now, to end her, but she chooses not to. Instead, she walks to the ship and boards it. Looking at the receding buildings beneath her as it flies off. The docking bay closing, slowly enveloping her in darkness.

A week had passed since the incident in Kings Row London, but a week is not enough to quell Lena's thoughts on how she could've done better. She is currently laying on her bed in the Gibraltar base with her face buried in her pillow. The events from that dreadful night playing over and over in her mind.

She has been doing this for the whole week and she has barely been able to crawl from her room to eat breakfast, let alone train. Winston had fixed her Chronal accelerator and kept encouraging her that there was no better way she could've handled the situation. She of course didn't allow herself to believe her friend, much to the gorilla's exasperation. She could've taken the bullet, sure it would break her chronal accelerator, but that had happened anyway afterwards. When she shared this idea with Winston, he shot it down by mentioning that she would've died from the fall.

If only she could turn back time itself instead of just her timeline! Then she could find a way to save Mondatta and take down the awful assassin! She huffs into her pillow angrily beating it with her fist like it is Widowmaker's stupid purple, blue face. It of course only lays there pitifully taking the beating for the fourth time this morning. The pillow abuse is brought to a halt by the sound of gentle knocks on her door.

"Come in.." Lena mumbles shoving her face back into the now more of lump of goose down. She hears the door beep and slide open, then loud clumpy footsteps as Winston ambles in. He grunts gently for he is almost too large to fit through the doorway.

"Lena, stop beating the pillows, we have a very tight budget and I don't want to waste it on buying you more pillows," Winston chastises her with a soft sigh, shaking his head gently at his friend's behavior, "anyways, I am here to tell you that some of the old agents arrived today." The scientist sits on his haunches and adjusts his glasses, waiting for some form of reply from Lena.

Said woman raises her head from her pillow to look at him, "Oh, really? Who?"

"Angela is here, Also Jesse, and Reinhardt."

"Reinhardt?! Wow he is still fighting at his age?"


"Heh, I really respect the ol' chap, he's amazing!"

Winston notes the giggle that bubbles from Lena with relief. Maybe this is what she needs to help her stop thinking about Mondatta's assassination. The scientist chuckles gently and stands, "Well before you go to meet them, I advise you take a shower, you smell like rotting bananas! That's a smell I'm all too well acquainted with so I should know!" More chuckles escape his chest as he turns to leave and feels a pillow thump against his back, "Lena, remember the budget!" Another pillow comes sailing at him and he picks up his pace, all the while smiling at the sound of her giggles. Something he has not heard in a while now.

Lena sighs, fresh out of the shower, she had forgotten how nice it feels to be clean. She now has on casual clothing under her chronal accelerator, a plain white T-shirt, and baggy Doctor Who pajama pants that were given to her by Reinhardt years ago. It isn't the best attire for meeting her old teammates again, but she doubts that they will care. They are her friends after all, some had even tried to keep contact with her after the fall of Overwatch. Angela would sometimes message her, but both she and Lena were normally so busy that it didn't happen much.

It is an exciting thought that she will get to see them again. Of course, the assassination of Mondatta still plagues her mind, but she is trying her best to let it go for now. Just so she can see her friends again.

Lena opens her door and advances into the hall, socked feet stepping onto the tile floor gently. She treads softly down the hallway, memories wanting to resurface here and there. It is dreadfully eerie for this place to be so, silent. How did Winston live here by himself for such a long time? Well, he had Athena so, she may have helped, but still...

Her mind wanders off as she thinks, and her muscle memory takes control. She makes her way to the kitchen quietly, thinking about the past. She is so deep in thought that she doesn't notice the taller man who is leaving said kitchen. They collide and he grabs her shoulders to steady both of them as they wobble.

"Woah there! Howdy darlin', fancy bumping into ya! I was just sent to fetch you from your room, but here you are! It's nice to see you again Lena." A very southern American drawl meets her ears.

Lena looks up to see Jesse McCree standing above her, a friendly smile stretched wide on his face. Lena smiles back, "Hiya Jesse! Sorry for bumping into you, love, I just was kinda, lost in thought. Y'know, remembering this place." She steps away from him and he chuckles.

"It's no problem, I understand," His expression changes slightly to that of amused, "Hey, so what is it with you women and not aging?! I mean both you and Angela look no different from last time I saw ya, but then look at me and my ugly mug!" He exclaims his metal prosthetic hand circling his face exuberantly.

Lena chuckles, "Jesse you look good, you aren't ugly at the slightest! Also, I'm unsure about Angela... but with me, I'm kind of stuck... Winston is trying to fix it but for now, I'm still twenty six."

"Well dang, anyways, thank ya for the compliment, I appreciate it. The others are in the kitchen havin' breakfast." He smiles, she nods, and they both walk into the kitchen where Reinhardt, Angela, and Winston await. Lena actually manages to forget Mondatta's assassination, if only for the few hours that she spends with her teammates, her friends, her family.