"Of course!" Amélie watches Lena trot out of her room in the Medbay. She smiles and sits back on her bed. What a fun game of uno! She will have to play that game a bit more with Gérard when he gets back.

She sighs, looking around. She is slightly unsure of what she is supposed to do now. This always happens when one of her visitors, normally Lena, leaves. She is suddenly left with nothing to do, no one to talk to. Angela had brought her some books, but she has already finished them, twice.

Amélie huffs out a little breath of frustration. She gets up and walks over to where the books are kept, taking a random one out. Might as well read one again. Maybe she should ask Angela for a new one when the doctor comes in for her check up. Or maybe just a whole holo reader so she can choose any book. Yeah, she'll ask for ask for a holo.

The French woman strides back over to her bed and flops down. She holds the book insanely close to her face, finding it to be the only way she can really make out the words. She sits like this for a few hours, reading the old classic first book of Harry Potter for the third time. By now, she is pretty sure she almost has the sorting hat song memorized.

Angela walks in, carrying a plate of what smells of pasta sauce. Probably spaghetti. Amélie puts down the book and sits up, smiling at the doctor.

"Greetings Angela. Thank you for bringing me dinner." Amélie slips from the bed and stands. She begins to walk to Angela. The doctor speeds up to meet Amélie.

"Good evening Amélie. It was no problem you are my patient and friend after all!" Angela smiles, then sighs. "I'm sorry I couldn't come for your check up earlier, I've been... busy... I honestly thought you'd be asleep by now. I'm glad you aren't. You wouldn't have gotten any dinner otherwise! I'll have to reprimand Lena for not telling anyone that she wouldn't be visiting you tonight!"

"It's quite alright, she brought food for me a few hours ago. Though, I'm very grateful you thought of me." Amélie says, trying to calm the rambling Swiss woman down. Angela huffs a sigh, relaxing slightly.

"Are you even hungry then?"

"... Not really. I'm terribly sorry to inconvenience you."

"No no it's quite alright." Angela lays the plate down on the counter next to Amélie's bed. "I'll just take it when I go." She click clacks to the cupboard where she keeps her clipboard, pulling it out. "I'll make this rather quick since it is so late."

"Sounds good." Amélie nods, watching Angela as she walks back from the cupboard. She sits still, letting the doctor look her over, then scribble things on her clipboard. After a few minutes of this, Angela taps her clipboard, making a happy noise.

"You are doing well. Your eyesight should be back in full in a few days."

"Great!" Amélie smiles at the woman in front of her. "Any knews on Gérard's return?" Angela's features barely change. Only a small twitch at the corner of the doctor's mouth indicates her sudden discomfort. She shakes her head.

"No, not yet, I'm sorry."

"It's okay Angela," Amélie keeps her smile on her face. "I hope you have a good night's sleep!"

"You too Amélie." Angela answers, putting away her clipboard. She then picks up the tray. "Good night." She smiles and slips from the room.

A little too late, Amélie realizes, she forgot to ask about the holo reader. She huffs softly. She'll have to ask tomorrow. She picks up Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone and continues to read, hoping she'll read herself to sleep.

About two hours later, Amélie is wondering, for the fourth time, what she'd see in the mirror of Erised. She pauses her fourth readthrough when the door to her room opens. She sits up with a frown. Who would visit at this hour? Maybe Ana finally? Or, maybe Gérard had returned!

Much to her disappointment, a woman strolls in. She looks vaguely familiar to Amélie. Her head shaved on one side, she wears a strange, glowing headpiece. She looks Amélie over and smirks.

"Finally, gosh Widow, I was beginning to think that you were gone for good!"

"Who... are you?" Amélie asks, frowning, confused. That definitely stops the woman in her tracks. She raises a brow, then her face shifts in realization.

"Ah, you have amnesia, don't you." She says, not quite a question. "I'm Sombra."


Yes, that name sounds very familiar. Amélie tries to focus on who Sombra is, but it slips just from her grasp. She frowns, looking up at Sombra.

"I'm sorry, I can't remember who you are just yet... You're one of the Overwatch agents right."

The look that splashes across Sombra's face is rather peculiar. Amélie can only really place it as bemused.

"Yes, you could call me that..." Sombra pulls a chair over to Amélie's bed. She climbs into it, not exactly sitting. More of crouching, her knees pulled to her chest and her feet on the seat.

"...Why are you sitting like that?" Amélie quirks a brow. Sombra just shrugs.

"Why not?" She chuckles and eyes the book Amélie is holding. "Oo Harry Potter, a classic. Sorry for interrupting your reading session."

"No no, this is the fourth time I've read this, it's fine..." Amélie shakes her head and closes the book, setting it aside.

"Fouth time?! Sheesh, do they give you anything else to read?" Sombra clucks and shakes her head. She raises her hand and it lights up with purple light. With a wave of said hand, multiple holos appear in front of her. "I can give you the next six books if you want them..."

"How did you-" Amélie begins, her eyes wide.

"You can't remember yet, but I've been linked to all things technological." Sombra cuts her off matter-of-factly.

"If you can do that... Could you call my husband, Gérard?" Amélie asks, tensing in a small spike of excitement.

"Gérard?" Sombra smiles, though there seems to be a hint of anger leaking from under her well crafted mask. She shakes her head. "Sorry Amélie, no-can-do, I can't contact him where he is, no service."

"Oh..." Amélie deflates. "I understand..."

"Again, sorry." Sombra pats her comfortingly. She sighs and stretches slightly. "So... want the books?"

"Yes please."

"Cool, just do me a favor and tell anyone who sees you with these that you randomly just found this holo." Sombra minimizes one and tosses it to Amélie. The French woman catches it and raises a brow at Sombra.

"Why?" Amélie looks to the holo and reopens it, opening the second book. She then rubs her forehead, feeling a headache coming on.

"I'm not supposed to use my skills on small things like this..." Sombra shrugs. "Also don't tell anyone I was here. I'm supposed to be on a mission." She chuckles. Amélie just gives her an incredulous look.

"And so you're here at the base... why?" The headache begins to take root, pain pulsing softly on the top left of her forehead.

"I wanted to see you." Sombra smiles cheekily. "Plus, I'm glad I could save you from the torture of reading the same book over and over."

"I have two other books."

"That isn't enough and you know it my friend."

The headache is even worse now.

"Hey, do you have any food here?" Sombra looks around the room and moves to stand. Most likely to check the cupboards. "I'm kinda hungry."

"No, sorry. There might be leftover pasta in the cafeteria. Angela brought me some earlier."

"Thanks Amiga, I'll definitely go steal some on my way out."

"Honestly, you should probably go now, seeing as I should not keep you from your mission."

"Yeah...see you then Amélie!" Sombra hops up and turns, begining to walk to the door.

She has only made it halfway when Amélie doubles over and screams.

Sombra freezes.

She quickly locks the door. Then turns back around, running over to Amélie.

"Amélie, what's wrong?!"

"My head... it..." Amélie gasps, holding her face in her hands. She groans. "I don't know..."

Sombra frowns, her eyes darting across the room, looking for something to help Amélie. She bites her lip. Nothing out in the open. If she touches anything in the drawers and cupboards, there is a chance that Angela might notice. Amélie cries out again. Sombra sighs. Screw it.

She runs to the side of the room meant for medicine storage, looking through every drawer and cupboard. She finds what she's looking for, a small bottle filled with a tonic for head pain. She returns to Amélie popping the cap off the bottle and pouring the dark liquid into it. She holds it out to Amélie.

"Here. Drink."

Amélie takes the cap and downs the tonic, making a disgusted face. Though after a few seconds, her body relaxes, and with it, Sombra's too.

"So, that was some headache... that happen often?" Sombra asks, still holding the bottle in one hand.

"No..." Amélie sounds dazed. "I don't-" She hisses, bending over again, holding her head. Sombra groans.

"Why didn't you work!?" She glares at the tonic and puts it on Amélie's bedside table. She pats Amélie. "Hey, it'll be fine, I can go look for something else?" She runs a few options through her mind. Her thoughts come to an abrupt hault when Amélie drops her hands. The hacker raises a brow. "Hey... you good now? I kinda really gotta go..." She trails off, really looking Amélie over. "Lacroix?"

Amélie is staring at the bedsheets, her eyes frightened and unseeing. After a few seconds, tears well up and spill down her cheeks. She remains motionless. Soundless. Except for the soft pat pat of her tears dripping onto the bedsheets.

Sombra sighs sadly.

"Oh Amélie..." She closes her eyes and steps closer to Amélie. She hugs her. "You remembered, didn't you." She says, not exactly a question.

"I killed him." Amélie remains still, staring at the bed sheets, not really acknowledging the hug. Her voice is small, but still raw with pure grief. "I killed Gérard." She begins to shake. "I killed him." Her voice wobbles. "I...I...I... I killed Ana too." She whimpers. "I killed my friend... and my h-husband." She finally crumples into Sombra's arms and wails.

Sombra remains silent, hugging her close. She feels anger boil inside her, the same anger that had begun to alight when she realized that no one had told Amélie. She gently rubs the shaking womans back.

"I killed s-so many p-p-people!"

"I know amiga, I know."

They sit there like this for the whole night. Amélie never falling asleep, so neither did Sombra. The hacker had had things to do, but she knows she could not leave Amélie. The woman in question had stopped crying at around four am, reduced to shaking and small whimpers.

She now is silent, laying limp in Sombra's arms. Sombra has to constantly check to see if she is sleeping. She never is, just staring blankly, her eyes rimmed red and swollen from all the crying.

The door beeps.

Sombra realizes someone is trying to come in. She looks at Amélie, then the door. She sighs.

"Amélie, I'm sorry... but I have to go." She pulls away from Amélie. The woman says nothing. "I'll be back at some point." She unlocks the door and uses her thermoptic camo. Lena walks in and Sombra runs past her, slipping outside.

She frowns, pausing to stare at the door. She then shakes her head. She has to return to Satya. She'll come back later when the time is right.