5 days ago

"What the hell do you think you're doing, Richard?" He was angry. He was always angry. But this was scaring him, he'd never seen Bruce so furious. He was like a devil, patrolling the gates of hell. "I let you become Robin. I let you help me, be my partner. I understood your decision to leave me but this is too far!" He emphasised his point with a bat-a-ring. It raised his flesh, tearing into it, the pain. Bruce had helped him to withstand almost any agony. No amount of preparation could stop him from slumping at the dissapoint and harshness of his mentor's words.

"I joined to help." His Nightwing mask slid gently down his face, slick with sweat. He tried to shift his weight noiselessly but it appeared as an uncomfortable shuffle.

"What were you thinking? Joining the league! How could you not tell me. It needs to be approved! Why was I not asked? Who allowed you in? Flash and who else… Lantern and who else, Hawkgirl! She always had a soft spot on you - what is it with the you two and birds?" It was weird hearing the feared Bat babble on as if a flustered teacher, losing a student during a school trip.

"I've joined and that's it. Give me a break, Bruce!". He frowned. He was not going to give in, not this time…

"Dick, you're only eight, nine years younger than me, granted I have been training a lot longer than you. I didn't join the league until I was 24. You are 19. I cannot let you risk your life. Just because you can beat up a couple of thugs at a time it does not mean that you are ready to tackle global scale villains."

"I'm sorry Bruce." He began to walk away, he kept his eyes straight, trying to do anything but face Bruce's wrath. It was like a ray of energy was boring its way into his back.

The rain smacked his back, an old friend congratulating him on his failure to persuade Bruce of his sincerity. The storm clouds above his head growled, an untamed beast begging for a live meal. God, he loved this kind of weather, it wasn't… false. He sighed. The droplets of water didn't penetrate his suit, yet the coldness seeped through. It froze his bones, cooled his blood. He jumped, his wings extended, he was free of all that burden, he let it fall from his heart onto the streets below. Dick swooped low and then tucked into a beautiful roll to land on the next roof. He was preparing to once again glide when a tug on his ankle stopped him. He laughed, "Did Bruce send you?".

He turned to face her. She grinned broadly. It wasn't an enticing grin, or a delicate grin. It wasn't precise or tried. She didn't want to look pretty. Her crimson eyes shone beneath her mask. "I thought you might need some backup. He doesn't always understand."

Mystia strode across the tiles. Her hair shifted colour. Scarlett, golden, indigo, jet black and then scarlett again. She swung he arms at her side, dangling them with care.

Nightwing thought she was amazing. Everyone else, well they could fight. They learnt how to throw punches, smack kicks into another's face but Mystia was one of the most powerful beings he had ever met. She used her intelligence… and certain genetic advantages.

Mystia was the big sister he had never had. "I'm going to take a guess here and say you are not in a good mood." Well at least she knew him well enough.

"How am I supposed to help if he won't let me?" He grimaced.

She cackled. "How about you start leading a good life? Get out more. He just wants to protect you… I think. There is no way he is going to agree with you about anything."

He nodded. "I'll see you around, Moonlight."