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Spider-Man swung from building to building, doing his best to ignore the blinding pain coming from every part of his body.

People said you should never meet your heroes. Now, Peter understood why. It was disappointing.

Beyond disappointing. Devastating. Ruining. Some of the very foundation he had built Spider-Man on crumbled beneath his feet.

When Iron Man first started saving people, Peter had been just as enthusiastic as the next eleven year old. It was a cool guy wearing a shiny metal suit that flew. His fascination did however, go beyond most. Tony Stark was a genius. His work on the arc reactor, affordable, clean energy, was stunning. Not only that, but he was rumoured to have an AI with a personality.

Now, it all seemed like a hoax. Sure, he'd saved New York and the planet from destruction by alien, but any idiot would, if they could. Tony Stark was supposed to be a hero, worried about humanity. But he'd practically just killed Peter.

Peter suddenly had the urge to create an A.I better than Tony Stark's. Maybe he would, and rub it in his face next time they met.

Next time. Yes, there would be a next time. Next time, the Avengers would be more prepared. Next time, they would know what to expect. Next time, they would have the strength and would be prepared to capture him.

Spider-Man would need to be prepared. He didn't have to beat the super-heroes, just… evade them. Make sure they found out nothing about him, or his family. Peter wasn't sure how far they would go, but if they dared to threaten his Aunt May…

Yes, it would be better to stick with evasion, until they decided he wasn't worth it. Peter would protect his identity, to protect the people around him.

Belatedly, Peter realized he was on the roof of his house. With a lengthy sigh, he limped in the direction of his window, and swung through, landing in his dark bedroom with barely a thump. He shut his window, and after a second of thought, shut his curtain too.

His Spidey-sense tingled. Peter whirled around.

In front of him was Gwen, eyes wide with concern. She had a hand over her mouth, and a hesitant finger reaching towards the burn on his suit, where fabric had melted into skin.

"Oh go away," Peter muttered.

The hallucination disappeared. He sunk onto his bed and wrapped himself in covers.

Ghosts haunted him, ghosts too real to ignore. Not only did accusing words sometimes line his nightmares, but Peter had started to have hallucinations, at his weakest moments. They begged him to give in, to give up.

The best tactic Peter had found so far was to distract himself.

Covers wrapped tightly around him, he slid in front of his computer, and opened up an internet tab. He stared at the Bing logo blankly, mind far away.

First step for Evasion: Infiltration.

(Page Break)

Nick Fury glared down at the Avengers. The word fury could not describe the look on his face. No word could. English simply didn't have the ability.

"I'll admit, I'm disappointed," Fury ground out through his teeth.

The world's Mightiest Heroes had the decency to look ashamed. Tony seemed to have all of his attention focused on the Stark Phone in his hand, eyes looking everywhere but the giant screen in front of him. Steve's face was more serious than usual, shoulders just the slightest bit stooped. Natasha and Clint… you couldn't really tell, but you got the feeling.

The only person who didn't seem ashamed was Dr. Banner. His eyes were focused on Fury with an intensity he rarely let show. The man was so still, someone could have mistaken him for a statue. For once, he didn't nervously fidget. Had anyone been paying attention to Dr. Banner, this behaviour should have brought questions.

But nobody was, and so nobody questioned what Dr. Banner seemed so… upset about.

"Yeah, me too," Stark said. "It was a pity our super-soldier Capsicle here couldn't do his job properly."

"Don't try to get out of this, Stark. You're just as much accountable as the rest of the team." Fury's voice level slowly rose. "It was one man. One man in spandex and you couldn't even take the mask off!

"We clearly underestimated his skills, Director. I, as leader of the team and on behalf of the team, apologise."

"Don't play the noble card with me, Rogers!" Fury thundered. Bruce, in the corner, winced at the volume of his voice. "You better damn-well sure not underestimate his skills again!"

The tone of his voice lowered.

"Look, I don't want to have to bring the vigilante in, but I'm under orders. If I don't do it, somebody will, and they won't care if he's dragged into SHIELD dead or alive.

Already, I've been required to revalidate the restraining order the NYPD had on Spider-Man, with a few updates. If any civilian sees Spider-Man, they're required to call the police on him. Fail again, and the World Security Council will take it into their own hands."

He switched his gaze from person to person.

"I think you all know what happens when they take it into their own hands."

"We'll catch him."

All eyes swung to Tony at the dead-seriousness of his tone.

"I don't know about the rest of you, but something about the vigilante sets my nerves on edge."

Inwardly, Tony wasn't sure what it was. There was no logic to it, just a feeling. Spider-Man had to get turned over to SHIELD.

The rest of the Avengers felt the same way. Something set them off. Something about Spider-Man was wrong. It was a gut feeling, rationalised by feeble excuses. It gave each and every one of them a determination. The Avengers were going to get Spider-Man.

Only Dr. Bruce Banner found it wrong that heroes were fighting a fellow hero. As he listened to the conversation, he allowed himself to feel just the tiniest bit of anger at the other Avengers, for actions they would undoubtedly later regret.

Make sure to watch for Infiltration, the follow-up story for Evasion. Here's a summary…

It is determination that fuels Peter Parker's daring undercover mission as an intern for Stark Industries. Determination and desperation. The Avengers continue to pursue Spider-Man. If Peter can't find a way to gain the upper-hand, it's only a matter of time before his identity is compromised. He befriends two unlikely allies, as it slowly becomes obvious that something bigger is at play: something that wants every hero wiped off the face of Earth.