A.N. : This is for all those Spiderman fans. Come on - who can't love I guy like him? :o)

Ode To Spiderman by Spyro :o)

Scanning the area

For evil and crime

Ready to fight

the criminals of slime

Sat in silence

Hushed as quiet as he can

Was the hero

The protector - Spiderman

His legs arms and chest

Full of muscle tough and tight

His eyes carefully watching

The city that night

On top of the building

On a gargoyle of stone

Spiderman sees the alleys

Lost and alone

Then out comes Green Goblin

Dressed in, what else, but green?

Laughing gayly

And looking terribly mean

In his arms Spidey sees

His love - Mary Jane!

She is kidnapped and screaming

And Green Goblin is to blame

Spiderman shoots out his webbing

And swings down to meet

The Goblin in the alley

Whom he must defeat

" Spiderman help!"

Mary Jane manages to yell

But the Goblin cuts Spidey's webbing

Oh no - Spidey fell!

" You were never so tough

I misjudged you alot.

Come on Spidey

give me all that you've got!"

And like lightning was Spidey

He jumped towards that man

And defeated that Goblin

As only Spidey can

And that is my story

Believe it, it's true

And one day, maybe

It'll happen to you