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Open Your Heart



Oh darlin', I dream about you often my pretty darlin'
I love the way you soften my life with your love
Your precious love

I was living like half a man then I couldn't love but now I can
You pick me up when I'm feeling sad, more soul than I ever had
Gonna love you every single night, 'cause I think you're too outta sight

Oh darlin', I dream you often my pretty darlin'
I love the way soften my life with your love
Your precious love



"I believe that when you love someone, and that person loves you in return you're uniquely vulnerable.

They have a power to hurt you like nothing else."

Elijah Mikaelson



Abandoned Mansion

"I'm sick of running!"

"Yeah?"Trevor let out a long sigh as he tried to calm down his best friend."Well, running keeps us from dying."

"Elijah's old school. If Eliza accepts both apologises, he'll accept our deal, and we're free."

The two vampires heard one of the floorboards squeak and Trevor, in a fit of fear, stormed off, leaving Rose with Elena. The female vampire stormed over to the human, who backed up in both fear and anger, glaring at Rose.

"You!" Rose hissed, looking like to wanted to do some harm to Elena."There's nothing around here for miles. If you think you're getting out of this house, you're tragically wrong. Understand?"

Elena didn't say anything at first, she just stared at the female as Rose began to walk off. As Rose went to turn into a hallway, Elena spoke.

"Who's Elijah?"

Rose stared at Elena before replying."He's your worst nightmare."

"Who's Eliza?"

Rose blinked, jaw clenching before she ground out."She's what controls the nightmare."


"Katerina! I know you're near, I can smell your blood."

Elijah and his men stalked through the forest, the Original stopping as the scent of blood hit his nose, and he listened out for the heartbeat of Katherine, but the heartbeats of his men overlapped and distracted him.

"It's pointless to run; Klaus will find you wherever you are."

"This way."Trevor panted, pointing at a random direction."There is more blood over there."

Elijah and his men followed Trevor's direction while Trevor flashed away in a different one. Behind a tree, Katherine got up from her place on the ground. Panting, she attempted to flee, but something grabbed her and pushed her against the tree, hand cupping over her mouth so that she wouldn't scream.

She calmed down when she realised that it was only Trevor.

"Head east. I can't lead them astray anymore."

She shook her head, chest rising and falling as she tried to get some air into her lungs."I can't run anymore."

"Never mind."He whispered, pointing."There's a cottage. You'll be safe there."

Katherine moved to obey him but, all of a sudden, a female voice was heard.


Trevor's eyes widened.


What was she doing?

"Elijah, your brother, is growing impatient,"They heard Eliza sigh as she made her way through the woods, the sound of her stick hitting the trees could be heard as it helped her lead."He sent me to tell you to hurry."

Katherine blinked up at Trevor."What do we do?"

The male vampire held a finger over her lips to hush her.

Trevor grabbed Katherine and pulled her forward, right in front of Eliza, but, since she couldn't see, he moved quickly. He tried to flash away with Katherine, but the doppelganger tripped over Eliza's sick, tumbling down onto the ground.

Katherine cried out loudly, exposing her identity to the female vampire.

Eliza's head snapped up, and she smiled."Katerina? Is that you?"

Eliza moved forward to grab the female, but Trevor stepped in front of her, hand on her shoulder.

"It's all right, Miss Eliza, I've got her."

Eliza, knowing the male vampire, smiled at his voice."It's all right, Trevor, I've got her."

"I insist, Miss Eliza, I'll deal with it."

Eliza's smile fell, and she frowned, shaking her head."Trevor, don't make me-"

Eliza was cut off when Trevor moved quickly, grabbing her from her hand and he drove it through her stomach, throwing her back onto the ground.

Katherine gasped, but she didn't get time to ask if she was dead as Trevor pulled the brunette to her feet.

"Come on; we must leave!"

"Tell me more."

"Captivity has made her pushy, eh?"Trevor smirked as he picked up a board to block out the sun."What do you want to know doppelicious?"

"Who were you running from?"

Trevor shrugged, directly replying."The Originals."

"Yeah, she said that."Elena said in annoyance, glancing at Rose."What does that mean?"

"The first family, the old world."Trevor answered, kicking old paint cans over, making Elena jump."Rose and I pissed them off."

Rose tutted, shaking her head.

Trevor nodded at his best friend with an apologetic expression. "Correction, I pissed them off, Rose had my back, and for over half a millennium, they wanted us dead."

"What did you do?"

"He made the same two mistakes countless others did: he trusted Katerina Petrova-"

Elena cut in, sighing."Katherine."

"The one and only, the first Petrova Doppelgänger."

Elena's brow furrowed as she remembered Rose saying that there had been two mistakes."What was the other mistake?"

Rose and Trevor shared a look that made their faces go pale. Trevor turned to his best friend while Rose met Elena's gaze."Trevor helped Katerina escape her fate but, to help her get a head start, he attempted to kill someone very dear to Elijah which ultimately marked us."


Rose nodded, picking up some more old books and setting them aside. It was as if they were trying to make the place presentable for the notorious Original.

"Who is she?"

"Elijah's girlfriend which means that if she forgives us for Trevor's mistakes, we'll be free."

Rose walked away, leaving a startled Elena in her wake.



Seventeen-year-old Eliza slowly walked through the woods, reaching out, hands brushing trees as she carefully passed them, holding onto another tree just in case she fell. So far, she was doing good. She could hear the snaps of the branches underneath her feet, so she knew to keep in mind of others.

They had done this on a daily basis, for as long as she knew. They had practised near their village where there weren't many things to trip over until she could walk in a straight line without help then they had moved to the woods just in case she was left alone without help and had to learn to step over things.

Eliza also stopped every dozen or so steps to test with her foot by extending out a long stick that she'd had for a long time. She had first gotten one when her father had surprised her on her fourth birthday with a shorter one so that she didn't have to stick out her foot to see if there were anything in front of her. As she grew up, the men in her family would get her a new stick.

It wasn't a big deal to others, but it was to her.

It made things easier for her; it gave her slight independence.

She had to use her other senses to lead her. Otherwise, she'd be lost in the darkness for all time. Eliza knew that her brother would always protect her, but she hated to rely on her family to lead her.


Eliza suddenly heard the rustle of leaves somewhere near her, and she paused.

"Edward?"She called, listening out for any more noise. Her hearing was much better than an average person's, something that was a real strength for her."Ed?"

The rustling got louder as it came closer and the sound filled her ears, disturbing her focus.

She couldn't concentrate.

Eliza's grip tightened on the stick as she tried to pinpoint where the sounds were coming from.


She cut herself off when she felt something warm hit the back of her neck.

She spun around quickly, pushing her brother back against a tree. Eliza let out a pleased sigh as she heard her brother chuckle despite the groan that came from him when his back hit the tree.

"You got me, little sister!"She heard him say, making her smile as he praised her."You're getting better each day. Father is going to be proud."

Eliza's smile widened as she let her brother go, blushing slightly. Her father told her many a time how proud of her he was, but she still wanted to be better, she wanted to make their life easier.

Eliza suddenly fell into a fit of giggles as fingers tickled her sides, her laughter echoing throughout the woods as her brother tickled her harder.

Her brother also laughed with her, her happiness rubbing off on him.

Then, all of a sudden, his laughter turned into a blood-curdling scream, and his hands tightened on her.

"Brother?"She frowned, confused."What is it?"


"Edward?"She narrowed her brows at the sound of worry in his voice as he whispered her name."What is it?"

"Stay behind me."


He gently pushed her backwards, hands shaking."Stay behind me!"

Eliza's blood ran cold as she felt her brother walk backwards, her behind him as if he were defending her from something.

"Ed, you're worrying me. What's wrong?"

She reached out, trying to touch him read him, something she was good at.

She could feel wetness on his cheeks. He was crying.

Then, Eliza heard a growl. It was inhuman.

"Take me...please, don't hurt her!"

Then, he was gone.

No sound.


She was alone.

Eliza's lower lip wobbled as she walked forward, hand reaching out again."Ed?"

She felt nothing until her hand was caught in a fierce grip.


She cried out as her guiding stick was pulled from her hand, and the sound of it snapping made her whimper.

The savage snarl could be heard again, and Eliza's heart sped up.

"Such a beautiful sound."A voice that was foreign to her said."Too bad I'll have to make it stop."

Eliza let out a whimper as she was pushed up against a tree harshly, a terrified feeling in her stomach.

"W-What did you do to my brother?"

A harsh laugh could be heard."Oh, dearie, he's long gone."

A tear slipped down her cheek as fingers brushed along her neck, stopping just above her pulse. She opened her mouth to call for help, but a hand cupped over her mouth and tipped her head to the side. A muffled scream left her mouth as something sharp ran along her throat.

She was helpless.

Surrounded in darkness with no way out.

Eliza, even though she couldn't see what was happening to her, didn't want the beast to see her cry, so she screwed her eyes shut to try and stop the tears.

And waited for the pain.

But it never came.

She gasped as she felt the weight of the monster's body being wrenched from her and a cry of pain hit her ears. Eliza released the breath she didn't know she had been holding, the sound of painful moans hitting her ears.

"P-Please, Mr Mikaelson...I w-was just hungry."

Eliza jumped, startled, as the sound of punches were thrown."It does not matter. We feed, but we do not kill. We also do not frighten!"

Eliza swallowed the lump in her throat, helpless to guide herself without her stick, and stayed still.

"Are you all right?"

Eliza, the voice polite and soothing, quickly nodded."Y-Yes...but my brother. Is he-?"

She cut herself off, unable to say the word.

"I am sorry, but I couldn't save him."The polite voice said.

It was written in between the words that her brother was gone.

The young girl started to back away, tears beginning to run down her cheeks and she cried out as she fell over, landing on her bottom.

She raised her head at the sound of feet rushing toward her.

"Let me help you. My name is Elijah. I won't hurt you, I promise."

She shook her head, a lump in her throat as she tried to compose herself.

"Please, let me help you."

Eliza's lower lip wobbled as she shakily reached out and allowed the man to help her to her feet.

"Come on, Maxie, come to mommy!"

Eliza tapped her hand on her thighs as her cane, which she merely used to guide herself if Elijah's hand wasn't available, let her toward the BMW. While she always had it in her hand, she rarely used her cane, which had been specially made for her to use it as both her guide and a weapon if needed. Elijah's voice and hand was what she preferred; it made her feel safer as well as her trusted companion she had lovingly called Maxie.

Eliza, once the point of her cane hit the car, stopped walking but didn't hear her companion.


She smiled as she felt four legs rush toward her, the Beagle dog that Elijah had gotten her a few years before, barking happily as it obeyed its master.

Eliza turned around when she felt a hand flatten on her stomach, and she knew it was Elijah.

She allowed him to help her into the front seat of the BMW and heard him release a long breath."Must you bring your pet, Liz?"

She frowned, placing her cane next to her."But I'll miss him if he doesn't come."

"I know, but this might not go as planned and he runs off?"Eliza's frowned deepened as she thought of her dog getting hurt and nodded."You wouldn't like that, would you?"

She shook her head softly, knowing he was right.

"All right, he can stay, but promise they'll take good care of him?"

Elijah leant forward as she fastened her seatbelt, kissing her forehead softly, promising her.

She felt his lips smile against her skin when she hummed happily before she felt his fingers brush her hair from her eyes.

"I'd never let anything bad happen to something you care about."

Eliza smiled, leaning forward and kissing Elijah's cheek.

"I know."

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