Chapter One - Homecoming: a Prologue in Two Parts

But her mummy is yelling "No"

And her daddy has told her to go

But her friend is nowhere to be seen

Now she walks through her sunken dream

First, came the shrill cry of "Peter!"

Second, was the blinding flash of an explosion.

Third, the hurtling of a girl across the ripping dimensions of expanding space and time.

Then—then there was the void. Endless. It drowned out her screams.

Finally, a dull thud as the girl who appeared from nowhere and everywhere at once fell on her back. She lay unconscious for several minutes more.

I'm alive, was the first she thought. She ran her hands down her chest, her arms, making sure she was intact. She pinched herself, wincing at the sensation. I'm alive. She repeated, she couldn't believe it. But how? Dead for sure...I was dead for sure…I should be… She insisted; well she had to be, what else could have possibly happened?

It was dark, where she lay, and quiet; she looked up and saw black, dotted with glimmering white. The night sky? Certainly what she saw before her—above her was unfamiliar from any system she has seen. She sat up, her muscles pulling and shouting with pain. Her mouth tasted like electricity…and…mint? Around her, the smell of something sour, something rotting, something damp; it permeated the alley. Laying in an alley of some kind…ughh, my head. I hope I don't have a concussion. There in the alley, dirty, grimy and foreign, was a girl sprawled out on her back, winded and sooty, bleeding from her forehead to her cheek. It reeked, but really wasn't the worst alley she'd been in.

She picked herself up, groaning from the strain of the effort, her head hung heavily, her gear weighing her down, pain drawing its way up her back to her shoulders and her neck. What? Where… am I? Peter! Peter? Where are you? Unconsciously, she felt for the pendant around her neck and gave it a squeeze, seeking the comfort she wished would come to her.

"This is bad! This is bad this is bad this is bad this is bad. This is very, very bad. Shit!" He panted, ducking out of the way from an incoming blast "We have to get out of here right now!"

"Yeah, no shit!" His companion answered right beside him, her strides matching his. Right behind them were reinforcement troopers shouting after them in their alien language. No wonder they were so pissed off, how did these lone ravagers get past their defense systems and take down at least two squadrons on their own?

Brother and sister hastily made their way down twisting, turning, dark labyrinthine corridors, the tails of their coats flying behind them, steam vents hissed out hot air like a seething beast, grates and weathered piping protruded from the walls and underneath them as they went further into the belly of the fortress command.

Stopping behind a darkened alcove filling with steam, she jerked her brother to her and together they caught their breaths. "I think we lost them. We have a couple of minutes, max!" sounds echoed back from wall to wall, she wasn't really sure how far away those booming voices and thundering boots were.

"Don't worry. I have a plan." He reassured her, gulping air down, lungs burning, he brought his hands to his knees, crouching slightly, his hands almost slipping because of his sweating palms. "Oh, man, I have a stitch, a stitch right—right here." He pointed to his ribs whining, and continued to breath very heavily.

She smacked him in the arm, unprepared to deal such a big baby. "Well what's the plan? I'm all ears—seeing as we're so outnumbered." She grinned. "Thought this was an easy job." Spent, she leaned her head back against the wall.

Peter sighed, it was a long sigh, one that wished he was somewhere else, one that spoke of regret. "Me too, but listen, I'm sorry."

She flinched at his words, and their situation suddenly seemed that bit more dire. There was concern in his eyes as she gripped her aching side where she had been struck."Hey. I don't regret what we've done to get here, Peter. Not at all." His companion assured him. "Besides, you can make it up to me later." She retorted smacking his arm a second time. Ignoring the growing strain. She was lucky it had not been from one of the numerous blasts they were fired. She gave a throaty chuckle, "What's the plan, man? On a side-note, I really hope it's a good plan, being gunned down is an unoriginal, but probably painful way to die."

"We're not dying here, alright. I won't let you." He gripped her shoulder, "I won't, baby sis. Promise." She nodded silently, solemnly, it was a seriously childish thing to say—even for him. The girl knew it was probably too silly to make those sorts of promises, but she wouldn't blame him for it, she loved him too much to do that. "'Sides, we're just too dang pretty to die. Get to the roof, they'll have pods there, we can pilot one back to the ship." There was a cocky tone to his voice, even now as they ran from people trying to shoot them.

"How? Are they just going to stop hunting us down? Turn a blind eye while we fly away?"

"I'll distract them." he provided simply.

Her mouth opened wide in shock, she pushed her brother back to the wall, hoping to knock some sense into him, "What? You're not serious, Pete. They'll kill you." She said, anxiously, scrunching up her brows, staring her brother down.

"Not if you get to me first." He pressed, quickly checking his gear for any damages; "You'll come get me, that's the hard part." She pursed her lips as if she meant to say more but didn't. The pipes above her gave a low growl. When she more or less, didn't move, he gave her shoulder a squeeze and shoved her gently. "I'll be fine, go worry about yourself, you're getting the short end of the stick." He nodded his head towards her "Go on, Cowardly Lion." She remained unswayed, merely scoffing at his jab.

"I still don't get it." She voiced, grumbling darkly. What is with that reference? The girl pondered, shaking her head after she gave a final look to her brother; the lion-hearted girl started sprinting again.

"Peter." She whimpered, she felt like a child. Lost, tears welled in her eyes, chest tightening. A rib or two might be broken as well—it didn't matter now anyway. She stood up, her legs teetering. Where is he? "I need—I need…Oh void, I can't remember…what is this place? How did I get here?" She whips her head around as if expecting someone behind her. I'm alone. No one else was in the alley with her.

"Ship. Scan for Peter." Her voice sounded like a raspy croak in her ears, her throat clogged. She tapped her earpiece again in annoyance. "Ship?" there came no answer. "Switch display to portable mode." The device attached to her ear responded to her voice activation command, opening out into a pair of goggles which wrapped around snugly on her face, whirring and clicking into place. The display flickered as it switched on, turning everything shades of red and blue, continuing to do rudimentary scan of her surroundings.

"Computer, find my brother."

"Apologies, there is no sign of target anywhere."

She grunted, "Fine. Locate the ship."

"Apologies. Out of range. There is no sign of target anywhere."

"'Out of range'? What do you mean-forget it. Scan and identify. Galaxy?"

"The 'Milky Way' spiral Galaxy."

"The system?"

"System designation number E-199999./.616.05A134\\TK-V."

Giving another short grunt, "Elaborate." she said.

"The system of Sol."

"And the planet? Computer, where in Sol?" the girl was way past frustrated, waving her arms as if she were talking to another person with a face, and arms and legs.

"Terra, or 'Earth'."

"Terra…" It can't be. The word stunned her into silence, for a planet she has heard so much about; she couldn't deny the fear and the shock that had settled deep within her belly. She rubbed at her eyes; black and white starbursts started blooming in her vision, wholly unconvinced of her predicament.

It was surreal. She had wanted so much to be here the minute her brother had talked her about it, to see what it was truly like, to touch its soil, to breathe in its atmosphere, and feel the warmth of its sun. She could not help but to imagine what he had told her when he had expressed that it was home. How could it be? What could it be? It was everything yet nothing at the same time, it was new, unfathomable—thrilling.

What she felt in that moment was incomparable to what she thought it would be. A feeling of elation…then freezing state of being lost, being alone gripped her. Nails dug white crescent patterns on her palm. He should be here. Here with me. We were supposed to go together. But I wouldn't even know now the first step to finding him.

She thought she had died. She had thought that the last thing she'd see was the metallic sheen of the missile which exploded on her. She had been petrified. In that singular point in time her mouth was dry, her eyes wide with shock. The words 'This is where I die' ran in her mind. And the last thing, the very last thing she had thought of was Peter…and of Earth…and the time that was robbed of her being on Earth with him. It's not fair. Then an instant flash of green. Until finally she woke up in that blue marble of a planet.

That was it; those should have been her last moments alive. So why was she here? Her vision became blurred and her head spun, feeling as if it was packed full of stuffing. She turned to the mouth of the alley not knowing next what would come for her. There was a streetlamp at the end of the alley which lighted the entrance, she walked towards it. A hand to her rib and a step to her future, hesitant and excited she said in a low voice, "See, I'm home, Pete."

This was all that she could have uttered when from exhaustion, the girl that fell through the very fabric of time and space eventually blacked out and collapsed once more. She was left for dead on that lonely street; utterly stranded for fate to find her.

It just so happened that fate, incidentally, was called Sarah Rogers.

Oh man! Wonder if he'll ever know

He's in the best-selling show

Is there life on Mars?

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