Barnabas's Twins

Barnabas sat in his chair at the Servants Quarter, with his two children rolling around on the floor. He smiled at them. Cristalline, the smaller one was pinned to the ground. She began to laugh, so loud her father looked down at her. She pushed her brother over and jumped onto her fathers lap. She rested her head on his shoulder. Barnabas kissed the top of his daughters blonde hair.

"You look just like your mother." he smiled.

A tear fell from his eye and Alexander walked over to his father and too climbed onto his lap. He looked at his sister. The two twins looked at each other and soon fell asleep. Barnabas picked them up and took them to their room. He easly put his son down, but Cristalline wouldn't budge. He smiled and walked to his room.

"I love you too." whispered Barnabas.

Cristalline awoke and looked up at her father.

"What was Mommy like?" Asked the little girl.

Barnabas smiled and another tear formed in his both eyes this time. Cristalline rested her head on his shoulder and put her thumb in her mouth.

"Your mother was beautifull, smart, and I loved her with all my heart. She wouldn't let anyone harm her family. I wished Angelique was still alive." he replied with tears falling down his cheek.

Cristalline put her hand to his face and he kissed it with a smile.

"I'm glad that I got you two before she died." he smiled and rested his head on his childs small head.

The little blonde girl closed her eyes and fell instantly asleep. Barnabas smiled and too fell asleep.