Sky Rumson was standing next to his fiance Angelique. The preacher stood in front of them. They had just said their vowels and everyone looked at him. All Sky could look at was Lilly.

"You may now kiss the bride." Said the preacher.

Angelique and Sky leaned in and kissed. Lilly walked out of the room. Sky looked and walked over to the other room to look at her. Lilly looked at him and smiled. He smiled too. She hugged him. When Angelique came around the corner and sky and her seperated.

"Congratulations Sky, Angelique." Smiled Lilly.

Lilly put her hand on Sky's shoulder and went out the door. Sky wanted to run to her, but with his new wife watching he knew he shouldn't. Sky turned and looked at Angelique. Angelique smiled then kissed him.

Sky couldn't stop thinking about Lilly. What's wrong with me, I never felt like this about Angelique, thought sky. Angelique came into the room qnd laid down on the bed. Sky laid down next to her. He turned and looked at the wall. Angelique turned around and faced his back.

"What's wrong darling?" Asked Angelique.

Sky turned around and looked at her.

"Nothing. NOTHING OK!" Said sky as he began to yell.

Angelique put her arm around sky and fell asleep. Sky continued to stare at the wall. After a while Angelique arm dropped off of him and he got dressed. He went outside and got into the car. He drove to the town of Collinsport, where he knew he would see Lilly. He parked his car and looked out the front window. He noticed Lilly's blue 1950's mustang parked beside his car. He got out of the car and went into the blue whale and Lilly was siting at a table. She was drinking a cup full of whiskey. He went over to her and Lilly smiled.

"Come sit wth me, I'll get you some of what I got. Hey, we need a drink over here." Said Lilly.

Sky noticed that she was drunk, but he still sat across from her. A person came over and put a glass full of whiskey. Sky drank it all withen seconds and craved for another one. Lilly ordered another one and he then became drunk. He grabbed Lilly's hand and took her to the hotel. They went inside and sky got them a room. Sky picked her up and went inside. He shut the door and kissed her.

Sky was still in the hotel room with Lilly. He had sobered up, but he didn't care. He got up and put on his pants. Lilly woke up and looked at him with a smile. He put on a shirt and Lilly put one of her hands threw the bars on the head of the bed. Sky began to button up his shirt. Lilly got up and threw on a bath robe and laid back down. Sky crawled into the bed with her. She kissed him and he grabbed her head and held the kiss. His tongue went into her mouth and they began to French kiss. They stopped and looked at each other with a smile.

"I love you Lilly." Whispered sky as he nibbled on her ear.

"I love you too." Replied Lilly.

"Meet me at my house tomorrow night. My wife will be asleep." Whispered sky.

She nodded. Sky grabbed his coat and walked out the door. He smiled, then went outside to his car. He got into his car and drove home.