I forgot to put this at the top of the last chapter, so I'll put it here instead!

The title of the first of the three books Loki gave Aradia was called 'Bok Av Rikr Hvitr Frobleikr'. Which translates to 'Book of Great White Magic.' There was a lot of people that guessed really close and one person who got it 100% right! I messaged them on my own. I found the guessing game to be really fun! I might name the other two books as well.

Next thing; I know a lot of people were confused as to why I didn't have Aradia's wards up around the pool. Some were even mad about it. One even said it was 'kind of stupid' and another said it was just 'lazy writing'.

I'd like to point out that Aradia's wards were only around the house from the very beginning. They had never been extended to the back yard. That was how Loki was able to find her in the first place. She hadn't realized that until after he pointed it out, she didn't really think she need them extended so soon. Plus, Bill and Charlie are the ones who know wards. Aradia really wouldn't know how to extend them or change them, especially so quickly. I'm trying to stick by what I had already written to keep everything in line. Loki could get to the pool because it wasn't warded. He could see the house because he's magical, but couldn't go in until Aradia gave him permission and invited him in. The pool is exposed... had been from the start. So, yes, Clint and Natasha are going to find it. I have a reason for that, an evil little sub-plot I cooked up; and I hope it's one you guys will really really like!

Please bear with me just a little longer!


Clint and Natasha walked the last leg to the site on foot. It was a little less then a half mile, and they didn't see any reason not too. Clint was happy to have found a landing spot so close to the location, and Natasha wanted to stretch her legs and get some fresh non-compressed or recycled air.

So they walked. Clint lagged himself along with his bow and quiver slung over his shoulders, dragging his feet as much as he could. Natasha making her way steady and alert, her hair bouncing at both sides of her face with every step. He glared at his partner sideways. An annoyed sense of fondness hanging in the air. How she could be so energetic and happy while he was so tired and miserable, he would never know. It was almost as if she was trying to test his temper...

It was then he noticed the curled smile on her lips... She upped the pace of her steps immediately after. Clint growled. She was definitely testing him. He started moving himself faster so he could keep stride with her.

"You cruel, cruel woman..' He rebuked. "You know I'm tired." Her smile only grew.

"Tired; not invalid. Keep up, Buttercup. We've got a location to secure." They both knew what she was doing; it was all in good fun. Just a small way them poke fun at one another...

Clint had to admit; He wouldn't have it any other way.

"And you're 100% SURE there is no other way we can extend the wards right now?..."

"NO! I don't even really know what wards are on here! Kingsley, Bill, and Charlie set them up for me... I'm only supposed to stay here until things calm down, or one of my other houses is secured!" Aradia stated as she started to look like she was about to panic. Loki noted the 'Until things calm down' and 'other houses' comments for later.. Right now he had attend to the matter before him.

"Calm, Aradia. As you said, there are plenty of wards around the house... As long as we stay here, they won't see us. They'll show up, Marvel a bit at the pretty water a bit. As soon at the moonlight fades, the water will return to normal. They'll have nothing. We'll just keep an eye on them until then."

"Maybe we should call the Aurors or Oblivators. Let them sort this out. Kings won't be happy though. He'll try and to rush me off to a new place as quickly as possible, too... Molly and Andromeda will give me a earful each as well, I'm sure!" She breathed, starting to sound desperate.

"Let's just hold off on that for a little while, shall we? Wouldn't want to worry anybody or start a fuss over nothing, would we?..." Loki answered leadingly. He didn't know what Oblivators or Aurors were, or who Molly, Andromeda, or 'Kings' was; But he wasn't in a hurry to meet or interact with any of them just yet.

Now that he knew magic was still alive and well on Midgard, he needed to know ALOT more before he proceeded. Especially when he had no real knowledge of this planet just yet. What were there communities like? Who was in change? Did they still worship them, or had they long forgotten Asgaurd? A thousand years is a long time, after all...

He watched carefully from the porch as two figures started to emerge from the wooded path, right into the clearing. He couldn't get found out just yet. He needed to bide his time...

If things go south he'd have to do play something quickly, carefully, and close to the chest.

A glowing f-ing pond.

A clear, glowing, f-ing pond.

No; wait. Technically it was a normal pond. Just with weird, glowing, apparently energy-charged water.

So, glowing f-ing water.

Gods in New Mexico, ancient warriors and rescue missions in France, enchanted mythical hammers, space-traveling rainbow bridges, and now...

Glowing. F-ing. Water.

S.H.E.I.L.D. did not pay him enough for this anymore.

Tasha immediately called Coulson to report in, as well as give him the first on-scene account. He took pictures on his cell phone and forwarded them directly. They got a call from Fury himself right away.

Apparently the mysterious energy readings they got so far matched earlier energy readings they picked up at least twice before. S.H.I.E.l.D needed to examine the ENTIRE place from top to bottom. Orders; Secure and Lock down the area, and get ready to set up camp. They would be sending a bigger team as well as other agents for relief within the hour.

Barton felted like his whole body, from brain to toe, was going to fold into a pile on the floor. At this juncture; He wouldn't even try to pick himself back up.

Overworked, he could do. Overtired, he'd deal. Hungry, fine; it'd only be temporary. Overwhelmed; He'd always been good under stress. But up until now, had he ever meet his limit. He now knew what enough was enough for him. What much was to much. His preverbal line in the sand.

And that line. Was. Glowing. F-ing. Water.

"That's it." He barked to Natasha. "I'm climbing up a tree; and going to sleep."

Natasha could only laugh.

Loki looked to Aradia and no longer saw panic in her eyes. He did, however, see uncertainty and a bit of fear.

"See? Just looking at the water. Nothing more. That one even wants to take himself a nap." He remarked as his hand waved lazily to the Midgardian archer.

"They won't find us or see us at all. And if they do, just allow me to try and handle it first... alright?" He offered in a silky and convincing tone. When her pale shoulders relaxed and she gave a light trusting smile back he felt he had earned something important. He gave a smile back, then turned his eyes back to the two troublemakers in front of him.

Oh, yes, he would be watching them closely, and handle this if need be...

But HOW he would handle it, though... Well, that he hadn't figured out yet.