9 Ann

Ann was already waiting for them near that abandoned classroom, looking quite anxious. Harry didn't ask her why. He was sure he would learn it soon enough, once they assured their privacy. Hermione opened the door and cast some spells to clean the room and make it comfortable. It was actually a fully furnished class, so that all they needed was three chairs. Hermione still used another spell to make them padded and more comfortable. Ann seemed surprised by the knowledge and power that the younger girl used so offhandedly, but said nothing.

Harry held the chair for Hermione to sit down and then sat at her side. Ann stayed standing. "Lord Potter, Lady Potter, I'm ashamed to tell you that your generous cooperation in trying to impregnate me has brought no results. Evidently, I was too excited at the chance you've given to me and failed to notice that it was too close to my period to result in impregnation. I therefore plead to you to give me another chance, as the reasons I asked for the first have not changed."

Hermione smiled and looked at Harry, who simply shrugged. She could sense that he wasn't really glad to do this, but didn't object either, and she felt both thankful to this young woman for making her own union with Harry possible, and also some compassion, as it was evident that the girl would have liked something different, only it was impossible for her to get it. "Do you know when the best time for this is?" she asked.

The young woman seemed a bit unsure. "My period has never been too stable, and that makes it hard to predict. As I got my period ten days ago, I think that the day after tomorrow should be about right, but I may need to consult with the healer first." She was evidently unhappy about that.

Hermione gave it a thought. "If I remember correctly, there's a spell to tell your fertile days apart. I've only tried it once, and it seemed to work. Do you want me to check you?"

The tall girl nodded. Hermione stood up and approached her. "You should take off your robes, though. It's more accurate with fewer layers of cloth."

Ann didn't hesitate. She took her robe off, and then removed her blouse and her skirt, staying clad in only her underwear. Hermione didn't comment. She concentrated for a moment and then cast a spell, moving her wand in a kind of spiral. A moment later, a foggy circle appeared in front of Ann's belly and quickly turned opaque blue with reddish fringes.

"You need to wait three more days," Hermione told her. "You may then need Harry to do his part for a few more days to assure impregnation. I know a spell to check it, if you're interested."

Ann seemed still confused. "Are you saying that you don't mind if Harry shags me for several days in a row?"

Hermione shrugged. "I've already agreed to him impregnating you. As the mother of his child, you're going to be a part of the family, even if not official. I'm sure he would like to keep you happy, if only for the benefit of his child, so..."

"I really don't know what to say, Lady Potter. I can only thank you and tell you that you gained yourself an ally for as long as I live." Both were surprised as a bright flash appeared, confirming this as a magical vow.

"I believe you two are very powerful. Just the magic you've used here would be very taxing for every seventh year, and you did it as if it was as easy as a child's games," Ann said.

Hermione shrugged. "I don't feel like I'm that strong. I just try to learn everything as well as can be, and then I need very little magic to make it work. I need a lot more when I'm still practicing and not doing things quite right,"

Ann just shook her head in disbelief. "Whatever you say… Where shall I meet Lord Potter? It may not be wise to deal with this publicly, as we want it to stay a secret until you graduate, at least."

Hermione considered it. "You can meet here, on Sunday, after lunch, or after dinner, or we can find someplace closer to the library, where you may pretend to study while being with Harry. That may actually work better, now that I think of it."

Ann smiled. "Are you sure you're not a Slytherin in disguise?" she teased her.

Hermione stayed serious. "The hat considered that, but as I'm a Muggle-born and cunning is not my strongest trait, it looked for something more suitable."

"The hat considered Slytherin for me as well!" Harry said, sounding surprised.

"You could certainly help raise the intelligence level of the current third year Slytherin. They really are a disgrace," Ann commented.

A few minutes later, they walked out of the room, leaving it in its original state. Ann moved it in one direction while the Potter left it in the other.

By Sunday morning, Hermione had already tagged a certain room on a side corridor, close enough to the library. She used a school owl to let Ann find it, and made sure to send Harry there a bit earlier, with strict instructions about how to make the room suitable for his needs.

Ann was already waiting inside, looking a bit unsure of herself. She only watched when Harry secured their privacy and then when he cast the charms that Hermione had taught him, turning the dusty classroom into a sparkling bedroom, complete with fragrant candle lights and heavy drapes on the windows. He then approached Ann. As they stood close enough to start undressing each other, he noticed that she was not towering above him as much as before. She noticed it as well.

"You're taller now," she said.

"Boys my age have occasional growth spurts," he said, not thinking much of it.

"You've grown about three inches in less than two months. Is that normal?"

Harry didn't know and didn't really care. He only found it more comfortable to entice her, as he was now closer to her size. Ann cooperated nicely. She initiated a kiss, eased by the smaller height difference, as Harry let his hands roam. It then went almost like the previous time.

Two hours later, after quite a few orgasms, Ann agreed that it was enough for the day. She reluctantly let go of Harry, who used a different cleansing charm this time, one that didn't remove any of the sperm he had left inside her. They got dressed silently.

"You should leave now and spend some time at the library," he told her. "I'll make the room resume its previous state and leave as well."

"Will you meet me here tomorrow, at the same time?" There was a pleading undertone in her question.

"I have quidditch practice, so I may be a bit late, but I'll come, as promised. Hermione may be here earlier, to check for impregnation."

"Fine, I'll leave now." She gave his lips a fleeting kiss on her way to the door. Harry was still wondering about it when he reached his bedroom, where Hermione was waiting.

"Can you understand why she kissed me?" he asked.

"Isn't that obvious? I think that she's falling in love with you."

"How can she? I mean, I'm not yet fourteen while she's close to eighteen. I'm just a child compared to her."

"She doesn't see you that way. She sees a man who can make her incoherent with several orgasms in a row; a man who is willing to impregnate her and be a real father to her child. I think it started when you gave her several orgasms during your first 'lesson' and it keeps growing stronger every time she meets you. I can't really blame her, though. I've been in love with you since before I even knew what it was." She then proceeded to show her love to him, just as he was doing with her.

By Wednesday evening, Hermione's charm indicated that Ann was impregnated. It was not yet sure if it would catch, though. "I suggest you refrain from any physical exercise for a few more days, until the fertilized egg settles into your womb. Once that happens, you may continue your life normally until your pregnancy shows, which may take more than three months, I believe," Hermione told her. "Just to be sure, have the healer check you next week."

Ann seemed to be of mixed feelings. She really liked the idea of being already impregnated. It was more than doing her duty to her family – she actually felt like she was proving her female heritage as well. On the other side, it meant no more sex with Harry for quite a while, and that was something she had quickly become addicted to. It was still very clear what she should do.

"Alright. I have a lot to study for my NEWTs, and that involves mostly my mind and very little physical effort. A week from now, I'll get my medical check and I'll send you an owl with the results."

"Use a school owl for that, not your own." Hermione suggested, "and let us know when you have the child, but be cautious not to expose your connection with us. It may attract undue attention to you or the child."

Ann nodded seriously. She then smiled sadly. "From now on, you'll have Harry all for yourself. I hope you know what a treasure he is."

"I know. We've already had some adventures together and I know him as well as I know myself. Maybe even better."

"Take care," they both said as they parted.


Harry had no time to think about Ann. His quidditch training got more rigorous as the game against the Slytherin team approached. Despite feeling more than friendly with a certain Slytherin girl, he still wanted to win this game. And he did! He beat Malfoy squarely, despite all the fouls that were played to prevent just this. It was a fabulous win and Harry felt elated.

He hadn't paid much thought to the summer vacation, being so occupied. Hermione had. "My parents are inviting us to spend the summer vacation with them," she told Harry one evening.

Harry paled. He was certainly enjoying being married with Hermione, yet facing her parents and telling them how that happened...

"Don't worry. I've told them everything about the sex education at the fall equinox, about me practicing after that and about bonding with you. They may have their reservations about the whole process, but they accept it, as long as I'm happy with it. Just keep me happy, and they'll accept you willingly."

"But what about..."

"I've also written to your aunt, telling her you will no longer live with her. I got a very short reply from your uncle. 'Good riddance!' He must be a very nice man..."

End of term exams followed, and although Hermione had tried to help Hagrid save Buckbeak, its fate seemed to have been decided. This had affected her enthusiasm in bed only marginally. And then they had the skirmish with Sirius Black, eventually finding that he was innocent, yet unable to prove it due to Wormtail fleeing capture. Hermione was forced to use the time turner once again, rescuing both Sirius and Buckbeak from injustice, while giving Harry the chance to use his magnificent patronus as well.

Only during the farewell feast, when Harry noticed Ann, looking a bit ill, at the Slytherin table, he finally asked, "Did she tell you if it succeeded?"

Hermione smiled. "It did. She's expecting a son now."

Harry glanced at the Slytherin table again. Ann was talking with one of her dorm mates and laughing, despite looking quite pale. She seemed happy, and he felt content about it. He hugged Hermione tighter now. He knew he was going to meet his in-laws the next day; he knew he would have to explain more than he would be comfortable with, yet it was all fine, as long as he had Hermione with him. He didn't yet know what the future was holding for them, but he felt that he could face everything along with Hermione. They would have their own children some day, but for the time being, that didn't bother him, nor the baby he had started with Ann. It would all be just fine, eventually.

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