Chapter 11:

The next day Jon went to Luwin's tower to return the books he borrowed. It took him all night but he finished the books and even ended up with an improved skill for the common tongue;

Language: Common tongue, Lv- 8 (40%)

How much you understand about the common tongue of Westeros.

Reading: Maester in training

Speaking: Excellent

Understanding: Excellent

And he gained a few new skills;

Botany, Lv- 1 (9%)

Your skill when it comes plants of all kind

Curing poisons, Lv- 1 (50%)

You skill in curing poisons.

10% Success rate

He had also finished the book on the human body, though it failed to give him any skills. Though the constant studying did give him another point for INT.

INT- 20

Jon knocked on the door and Luwin replied from inside, "come in!"

Jon walked in with Ghost trotting besides him. He handed the books over, "here Maester Luwin, I took these last night, I hope you don't mind."

"Oh not at all Jon, not at all," Luwin replied as he looked over several scrolls marking them down with a quill, "is there anything else?"

Jon frowned, "no, not really. Oh, yes, Lord Stark had requested a book last night, I got it for him from here."

"Ah, I see, and what book is it?"

"The Lineages and Histories of the Great Houses of the Seven Kingdoms."

"Really? Why would Lord Stark want that book?"

Jon shrugged, "I don't know."


Lie successful!

"Well that's fine, he can return it when he's down. Jon are you free at this moment?"

"Yes, I have my training in the yard later in the afternoon, but I am free right now."

"Good, here I want you to bring these books up to the library," Luwin passed a stack of books to Jon, "I just finished copying them all from my private collection."

"Right, go it," Jon nodded as he picked the stack up, "I'll see you tonight for our lessons."

Luwin waved him away as Jon quickly made his way to the library. The library was different from the Maester's tower. Luwin had the best education books for Jon, which is why he spent more time there than the library. The library, while containing more books, didn't have the things Jon found interesting. They were mostly a secondary storage space for Luwin anyway, a place to keep copies of his own book.

Jon walked inside the quiet place and quickly found the right section to place the book. There were three books about agriculture and one about mining. The agriculture section was near the front, but the mining was inside the back.

As Jon walked passed rows and rows of shelves he noticed the silhouette of a short man standing next to a window with a book in hand. Jon paused and looked at the man, he was really short with dirty blonde hair. Jon had an idea on who this man was, and the title he had over head confirmed it;

Tyrion Hill, The Imp

Lv- 30

REP- 0/100

"Oh, hello there," Tyrion said looking up from his book, he gave a small smile in greeting, "I didn't expect anyone else to be here at this hour."

Jon's eyes were wide, he recognized the man, hell anyone would. This was Tyrion Lannister, 'the Imp', but his name wasn't proper. The Playtrix was calling him a bastard!

Jon quickly masked his surprise and replied with a cautious bow, "I am an early riser my lord. Maester Luwin had asked me to put away a few book for him. I'll leave you to your reading in a minute." Jon moved to leave, needing time to process his surprise.

"Please, let me not keep you from your duties," Tyrion said with a dismissing wave. Jon nodded, he quickly found the section he looked for and put away the book. But as he was about to leave Tyrion once again stopped him, "tell me, you're that bastard I have been hearing about yes? Stark's bastard?"

Jon stiffened, "yes my lord, I am."

"I see...tell me bastard you seem quite versed in this place, can you find me a book about The Wall?"

"Of course my lord. Do you wish for it's history, construction or legends?"

Tyrion raised an eyebrow in question, "choices choices...well then I suppose I'll have it's construction."

"Right," Jon walked up to a shelf and grabbed a book, "this is a great introduction to the Wall my lord, should help you get started," he pointed at the shelf, "this area contains most of the books we have on the Wall. The history section is two rows down. Is that all?"

Tyrion looked at the book and nodded, "amazing, an hour I spent here and you found it out in seconds. Tell me bastard do you read a lot?"

Jon's anger started to grow at the constant use of that term, which was ironic considering who it was that called him so, but he kept it in check. The Imp was smart and one wrong word could rise suspicion, "yes my lord, I do."

"An intellectual I see," Tyrion placed the book on a table and sat down, his dwarf legs not even reaching the bottom, "why do you read?"

"Because I need to be ready."

"For what?"

"For whatever comes my way."

Tyrion smiled, "good answer. Do you know why I read?"

Jon looked at the man, "because that's the only way people will ever respect you."

The man looked surprised, "my my, brutally honest aren't you."

Jon shrugged, "you asked my opinion, I gave it."

"You are lucky I am not a vengeful sort, unlike most of the lords of Westeros. If you intend to live in this world then you best learn to calm that tongue of yours, or be warned of the consequences."

Jon's eyes narrowed, but he accepted the advice, it was true. He bowed and walked away from Tyrion, but before he left he narrowed his eyes at the man allowing his Observation skill to kick in activating his powers.

Tyrion Hill, The Imp

Lv- 30

REP- 5/100

HP- 900/900

SP- 900/900

MP- 1,400/1,400 (Locked)

Allegiance- Lannisters

STR- 8

VIT- 17

DEX- 9

CHA- 40

INT- 55

WIS- 50

LUC- 18

The son of Joanna Lannister and Aerys II, born deformed in body but exception in mind, Tyrion has always had the world look down on him and he has grown to resent it. He's power lies in his words and mind, and while he is no saint he strives to live life as a decent man.

Jon's steps stopped. His eyes went wide, he spun around and looked at the dwarf man currently engrossed in a book twice the size of his hands and his looked at him for the proof he seeked.

His hair was blond, white blonde, but it also had black mixed in with it. He had one eye glowing green, but another black. Out of his entire face the only thing that would make him look like a Targaryen was his white blonde hair. For anyone else the search would have been over, but not for Jon, for he never knew the Playtrix to be wrong.

'I...I have an uncle?' Jo realised in blinking wonder, 'If….this is amazing...but how?'

His mother was a Lannister, and if Jon remembered correctly she was the wife of Tywin Lannister, former hand of the king to Aerys Targaryen….so how….did the Mad King rape her? Did they have an affair?

Tyrion looked up from his book and spotted Jon staring at him. He sighed before putting on a smile, "didn't your father ever teach you it was rude to stare? Especially at a dwarf?"

"I...I apologize," Jon bowed and quickly walked out of the library. He didn't stop until he reached to courtyard where he slowed down and began to wander about, thinking to himself just what the hell he had learned.

Jon's head was spinning, he needed to think. He and Ghost walked to the broken tower where the entrance to his secret room laid hidden inside the wall. He took out his key and inserted it into the hidden keyhole in the wall, looking around to make sure he wasn't seen, Jon unlocked the hidden compartment and went into, Ghost quickly following.

He went down the flight of stairs into the hidden chamber he came to see as his own and sat down on the bed with Ghost curling up besides the warm bathtub in the middle of the room.

The Targaryen sighed, 'what is going on? One day I'm a bastard, the next I'm a Targaryen and now I'm not even the last one!'

Jon thought about the subject for a long time until he finally came to a conclusion, he would keep the information to himself, the fewer people that knew the better. People would kill...his uncle...oh Gods that sounded weird to say, if they knew who Tyrion was he would be dead.

'Another secret to keep,' Jon sighed in regret, ever since he got the Playtrix it was one great scandal after another. Was this the way the world really was? Is this the hidden world most are made unaware of?

If so then this was a great blessing for Jon. He wasn't stupid, he knew secrets were important, but now...not he held so many of them. Ones that could destroy Westeros itself!

'Tyrion was right, if I am to live in this world and keep my head, I need to be intelligent, I need to be clever and above all charming,' Jon pulled up his stats;

Jon Targaryen

HP- 250/250

SP- 200/200

MP- 150/150 [206.5/206.5 due to mana robes.]

The Player

Title- The Bastard of the North

Level- 5 Exp- 900/1,000

Allegiance - House Stark

STR- 9

VIT- 16

DEX- 13

CHA- 3

INT- 20

WIS- 8

LUC- 4


He was only level 5, even Joffrey was level 15! 'How is this possible?!' Jon wondered, 'I defeated him so easily! How can he be a higher level than me?!'

It didn't make sense, Jon didn't know why this was the case. Maybe it was another feature of the Playtrix he didn't understand yet, so for now he couldn't rely on the levels to judge how strong a person was, meaning he would have to be careful in the future.

What did interest him now though was these 'points' that kept adding on every time he leveled up or got as a reward from a quest. He didn't understand what they were, so growing curious he touched the points button and a smaller blue box popped up;

Please select a stat to increase;

As soon as the texts appeared the status started to blink, indicating they were active.

Jon's eyes went wide, "what the fuck?!" Ghost jerked his head up in surprise, but Jon ignored him, cursing himself over and over again for acting like such a fool.

"I knew it, I should have known!" Jon smacked himself up the head, "I swear to the Gods I am a fool! I may be an intelligent man, but I am not a wise one!"

After calming down, mostly thanks to Player's mind, Jon looked at his stats once more. He had a pretty good collection of them.

His strength was not anything great, but it was common enough. And it wa something he could improve upon later.

STR- 9

His vitality was very good, maybe nothing compared more experienced fighters, but he was getting there. It improved along with his skill with the blade, and he didn't intend to stop anytime soon.

VIT- 16

His dexterity wasn't as good, but it again was linked to his archery and he was certainly getting better that as well.

DEX- 13

His charm was piss poor, he was surprised he even managed to talk to Mary let alone hold a passable conversation with her. He would definitely need to improve on that.

CHA- 3

His intelligence was his only saving grace. Though so young he was nearly half as intelligent as Tyrion Lannister, read Hill, who is considered to be a very wise man. If he kept this up Jon had no doubt he would be a force to reckon with.

INT- 20

While he had a way of improving his intelligence he did not have one for his wisdom. So unfortunately he couldn't work on that unlike INT.

WIS- 8

And lastly was luck, which while greater than his CHA was still piss poor.

LUC- 4

He couldn't improve his CHA, WIS and LUC, therefore it was logical to think that he should use these points he obtained to increase those. He had 36 points he could just assign 12 to each. But before doing so Jon stopped and he started to think.

What would it accomplish? All this time he has been simply seeing what the Playtrix could do for him, learning about it's features and and setting up goals for himself in the form of quests. But he never really had a plan...he never really actually used the powers he was given.

Sure he did pick up several new things, like magic and an amazing sword, but it was never anything so life changing. This was a band that could create magical items out of thin air for God's' sake! And he's just using it to track his growth!

No, he needed to be smart about this, he needed to use every advantage he was given and do it without shame.


You have gained +1 WIS for realising what is possible with the Playtrix!

WIS- 9

Jon rolled his eyes, 'of course I did.' He dismissed the box and looked at his stats to see what he could improve.

Like it or not he was never going to be a strong man. He wasn't going to be like the Mountain, or even like the king, he never had a bulky frame, using more of his speed and quick thinking to fight rather than pure brute strength. So using the points on STR was pointless.

VIT and DEX were also pointless as he could improve them through hard work, which he realised he would have to do more off if he wanted to catch up to where his intelligence was.

His INT was good and his continued studies would improve it. That left again, WIS, LUC and CHA.

So now Jon had to choose, what kind of man did he want to be? To survive in the world one had to be sharp of mind and quick in tongue. So that obviously meant he needed to improve CHA and WIS.

But still Jon hesitated. Why? Because of LUC. Luck, could he truly change the way the world worked for him? Could he become luckier than normal people? What would that even mean? Would he just have things go his way? If so, then that was a power no one else could ever obtain!

Jon thought about it for a long time, he thought and wondered and finally he came to a conclusion. He assigned the points;

CHA- 16

WIS- 15

LUC- 20

He put in 16 points in LUC turning it to 20. 7 points into WIS turning it to 15 and finally 13 points into CHA turning it to 16.

He needed luck, more than anything he needed it. Next came the ability to talk his way out of trouble, he would need that more and more. And finally came wisdom, though he wished he had more points to invest in the stat.

Jon didn't feel any different, though he was able to think a little faster than normal. He closed the status box and sighed, he needed a lot more points and fast, and for that he needed quests. He opened up that menu and found five active;

Tell the king the truth about 'his' children.

Survive 5 minutes in a duel with Ser Barristan!

Join the King's Gaurd!

Save Bran's life

Travel to Old Valyria and find out what the Playtrix wishes to show you!

Earn a new title for yourself!

The first one wasn't easy, but he was working on it. The second one he didn't really want to to complete if the bastard Joffrey as going to be the king he served. The third one he was actively trying to prevent, and with Catelyn heeding his warning and keeping a close eye on Bran he would be sure to succeed. The fourth one he couldn't do anytime soon and the fifth one...well he honestly didn't know where to start on that.

Jon closed the quest box and opened his inventory looking at the interesting things he had on hand. He took out the magic needle he obtained from his latest completed quest;

Magic Needle (B class item),

Allows one to magically fuse to separate items into one. This includes fabrics and metal.

Warning! This item has only a single use.

This was an interesting item. It would combine two items into one, cloth and metal included. Jon looked it over but before he put it away he spotted something interesting.

Growing curious he took out his sword of the Undying Wolf and the staff of cutting, or what was left of it;

Staff of Cutting (E Class item)

A staff which can perform the magical spell 'Cut'. It send out beams of light affecting whatever it touches. Damage varies on the amount of magic is used. It's mana storage can be recharged using the user's mana.

Current store- 50 MP/50 MP

Damage- 5 per 1 MP used.

Durability- 20

The sword had a black handle with a white blade while the staff, or rather stick, had black wood surrounding a white crystal which had a crack in it.

Looking between the two items and the magical needle Jon had an idea. A crazy idea that should never ever work, but for some reason he knew that it would.

Jon put the sword and staff next to each other on the bed and took the needle in hand. He didn't really know how to activate the thing, was there a magic word? A spell?

''s a needle. Why not try and stitch the items together?' Jon wondered as he put the needle on the sword's edge and pushed. And suddenly it started to glow a golden hue. Jon moved the needle away in surprise and found a golden thread moving with it.

The thread connected the sword to the needle, which was now humming with magic. Jon realised it was waiting for him to make the second selection, the item to fuse his sword. So wasting no time Jon immediately pressed the needle up against the crystal in the staff of cutting causing it to glow gold as well.

There was a big flash of light that blinded Jon, he blinked the spots of blindness away and looked down finding a new weapon before him.

It was fairly similar to his sword, with the only difference now being a circular crystal imbedded into the pommel of his blade's handle that was transparent and unembellished. Jon quickly observed this new weapon;

Fang of the Undying Wolf (A Class Item),

A sword made for killing, it's sharp edges shreds through it's enemy's armour.

Magical side: Imbued with the cutting crystal, it's swings can become three times deadly as the spell 'Cut' activates its magical properties. Damage varies on the amount of magic is used.

Current store- 50 MP/50 MP

Damage- 5 per 1 MP used

Durability- 120

Attack- 70

Jon held the sword up to the light and smiled to see the crystal shimmer. He pointed it to the ceiling and whispered, "cut". And suddenly the blade was surrounded by an aura of white light.

The cut spell was changed from a beam to a sort of cloak around his blade. He wouldn't be able to shoot it outwards like an arrow, but it does make his sword twice as deadly. He would have to be careful though, he could potentially hurt himself with this weapon just as easily as someone else.

Jon was pleased with himself, he put away the sword and took out the other reward he had gotten, a red coin that would improve the REP score between Jon and anyone else he knew.

It was a great tool to have for sure, he could make an enemy and ally, though not by much. He could turn someone who liked him into someone who loved him. It was so much power, and all in a tiny little coin.

Jon turned to Ghost and smiled, 'why not? He was my first only companion,' Jon then turned to the coin, 'how do I even make this thing work?'

Jon looked it over for a way to activate it, but eventually he got an idea, 'well the needle sewed two things together, and since this thing is in the form of a coin, maybe I should pay Ghost?'

Jon didn't understand why something like this would be such a form, but it did make sense. So he got off the bed and walked over to Ghost. The direwolf looked up curious as Jon placed the coin before him.

"Here boy, for you," Jon spoke up. Ghost look at the coin curiously and sniffed it. He narrowed his eyes at it and brought forth a paw to push it around, but the moment he did something fantastical happened, the coin evaporated into thin air.


Your relationship with Ghost has improved by +20 REP points!

Ghost - 70/100 (+ 20%=14) = 84/100

Jon smiled at the notification and closed it off. He patted Ghost on the head and sat back down on his bed. He opened his inventory and searched for anything else he could use to improve himself. Unfortunately he didn't have anything.

Jon stayed underground for another hour before he got up and left the room, sneaking back to the surface world. He sighed as he walked slowly to the training yard for his training, wondering all the while just what he could do to become stronger.

That night:

Dinner was a short affair and Jon's nightly trashing at Ser Selmy's hand went by as usually, him beaten and bruised and the knight reigning triumphant.

Though this time there was a significant improvement;

Single hand Sword Fighting, Lv- 8 (10%)

The skill to use a sword with the major motions being carried out by only one hand.

Efficiency - 45%

Possibility of combo moves - 35%

Maybe one day he would actually obtain that 100% efficiency rating. As Jon limped his way to his room though he was stopped by a familiar voice, "Jon! Hold for a moment!" Jon turned to see Luwin briskly walking to catch up with him.

"Maester, what can I do for you?" Jon asked curiously seeing the many scrolls and charcoal Luwin carried with him.

"I was hoping you would say that Jon, come, I trust you are free this evening?" Luwin asked they walked to the crypt entrance.

"I am, what is this about?" Jon asked.

"Well you see I was curious about the words you found in the ruins and got to researching about them," Luwin said reminding Jon of the time he had Luwin explain to him what his status' were under the lie of it being runes he found in the crypts.

Jon gulped, "I don't think I can help you find them once more maester Luwin, I was quite lost myself when I first discovered them."

"Of that's quite alright Jon, not to worry. I have already found them!" Luwin exclaimed as the reached the first level of the crypt, walking down the long darkened hallway.

Jon sighed in relief, he didn't have to lie once more, he was grateful for that, thoe this did get him curious as to what it was that Luwin had found.

Luni reached near the end of the tunnel and stopped at a wall. Jon looked closely and found that there were indeed runes carved into the side of the wall.

"Here Jon, help me get impressions from them," Luwin ordered as he pressed parchment on the wall, using charcoal to get the runes' impression on the paper.

It took some time but Jon managed to get them all, looking them over after he was done. "Have you found a way to translate them maester?" Jon asked.

"No...not exactly," Luwin admitted as they walked back, "but I do have some ideas…."

Jon nodded as they walked back in silence. But as they walked back they noticed someone ahead of them standing before a statue with his head bowed. Jon knew immediately which statute that was, after all he himself had been there hundreds of times, and after walking a bit further Jon recognized the man as well.

"Lord Stark," Luwin and Jon bowed upon gaining the Lord's attention.

"Evening you two," Ned's soft voice spoke out, his eyes heavy with lack of sleep and his shoulder's weighed down by the weight on them. He meet Jon's eyes and immediately Jon knew he wished to speak with him….alone.

"Luwin, I wish to speak with my son, leave us," Lord Stark ordered.

"Understood my lord," Luwin bowed as he walked away, leaving the two men alone.

"She hated secrets," Ned spoke first as he stared at Lyanna's features, "she didn't like things being hidden from her….she always believed it was the duty of those that knew a secret to reveal it. And if it was a hurtful secret it was upto the person they hurt to judge what to do with it and not the secret holder himself."

Jon nodded as he stood next to the name he knew as his father for the longest time, "have you slept at all?"


Jon felt guilt latch upon his heart, "I'm sorry."

" did nothing wrong. I asked for proof and you gave it to me. I….I shouldn't have dismissed you like I did."

"You were confronted with a hard truth and an impossible choice to make, I would be stupid to think you would have acted any other way."

Ned nodded as silence reigned for the longest time between them. And then finally Ned spoke up. "What would you do?"

Jon sighed, "honestly? I think my mother had it's not up to us. It's up to the king to decide what to do. But...but before I did I would take the children and hide them away. Until the king is less furious and can see reason that it."

"You do not know the king," Ned chuckled, "his hate for Rhaegar still burns till this day. He does not forgive, or forget."

"Then have him swear to spare the children upon your friendship," Jon suggested, "or if he does not do that sneak the children to the Western Lands and give them to Tywin, he would surely protect them."

Ned nodded, "all good ideas Jon...your time with Luwin has made you wise."

Jon chuckled, "no father, I'm afraid not. Just smarter. I'm still the rock head I always was."

"Maybe," Ned smiled softly as he his thoughts raced in his head. Finally he sighed, "where would you hide them?"

"I recently discovered a hidden underground room in the castle. Only I have the key to access it, me and no one else. If it comes to it I can take the children and hide them there until you say otherwise."

Ned nodded, "and no one can find it?"

"Have you discovered where I disappear off to?"


"Then if the lord of Winterfell can't do it, no one can."

Ned nodded, he opened to speak up once more when a several footsteps alerted them both. They had company. The king and his guards quickly arrived, surprising Jon, 'why is he here?'

"Ned, fancy seeing you here," Robert waved away his guards who stepped back several steps giving the king and the lord of the North their privacy.

"I needed to see her," Ned pointed at Lyanna's statue, "and you?"

"The same," Robert sighed, his eyes then fell upon Jon's form and his smirked, "ah, that's your bastard isn't it? Come here boy, I want a good look at you."

Jon felt fear travel up his spine. A part of him wondered if just by looking Robert would find a piece of his real father is his features, but he pushed his nervousness aside as did as he was told.

"A fine lad you are, seeing you teach that spoilt son of mine a lesson in manners was the highlight of my trip," Robert laughed heartily, causing Jon to smirk. "What's wrong boy? Don't you laugh?"

"I do your majesty, but I also inherited my father's stoic attitude," Jon smirked.

"Well at least you have a sense of humor!" the king grinned patting Jon on the shoulder, the heavy hits sending vibrations down Jon's body. He may be fat, but underneath all that weight was still muscles of iron that could stick pack a punch!

"His best qualities are from his mother," Ned admitted with a smile, "he does take after her more than his father."

"Ha! I doubt that! The boy's a splitting image of you!" Robert chuckled.

"I meant on the inside Robert," Ned smiled, "he has her heart, and her ferocity."

"I can understand that," Robert nodded, "he would have to be for challenging my son the way he did. And beating him into the mud."

Jon gulped, "I'm sorry your majesty I didn't mean to insult-"

Robert held up his hand, "save your apologies boy, I have no use for them. You acted to defend your home, and that is admirable. Just don't make a habit out of it, it isn't wise to test royalty. I may have seen it as a growing experience, but my wife did not."

Ned's eyes narrowed, "I'm sorry we put you in such a situation Robert."

The king waved it off, "it's fine. It's just how the bitch is. Personally I think the brat could do with some tough love. I swear, that brat neither looks or acts like my son, would sooner suck on his mother's tit than act proper."

Ned and Jon shared a look, words went by unspoken between the two as Robert simply looked at the statue of Lyanna. Jon knew this was the time, and so did Ned. The Lord of Winterfell took a deep breath and let it out, his choice made.

"Robert, I need to talk to you...privately," Ned spoke the last part with a glare sent to the guards.

The king looked surprised as he meet his old friend's serious gaze and grew curious. He nodded as he turned to the King's gaurd and waved them back, sending them far enough to not overhear, but close enough to rush to the king's side if need be.

"And your son?" Robert asked looking at Jon, who was shocked to hear that word being spoken from the king's mouth. He saw Jon as Ned's son, not his bastard, and that told Jon everything he needed to know about the king. He was a good man, though twisted in certain ways. He valued friendship above all else...hopefully he would see reason.

"Jon, I will need the book, hurry to my chambers and fetch it for me, now," Ned ordered.

Jon nodded as he did just that, taking off with a speed that surprised even him.

"What's this about Ned?" Robert asked curiously.

"I'll tell you...but before you begin I want a promise from you Robert."

The king blinked, "a promise?"

"Yes, a promise. What I have to tell you will not please'll lose your temper."

"Ha! After all these years now you come to fear my temper?" Robert laughed.

Ned smiled, "I can handle your temper Robert, I have been for more than half my life. But...while I might be immune to your rage...others aren't."

"Ned I hardly think anything you say to me would make me-"

"-Robert….it will," Need narrowed his eyes, "you will become so enraged you will go out here with your hammer in hand and kill the people who have smitten you. You will be enraged and….and you will hurt innocent people once more."

"Ned I have never hurt-"

" Aegon Targaryen and Rhaenys Targaryen," Ned's word stopped the king in his tracks. His face grew to one of fury.

"If you believe for one second that they were innocent in anyway-"

"They were children Robert!" Ned roared, "children that were butchered and handed over to you! And you accepted them with a smile on your face."

"They were dragon spawn Ned! They deserved nothing less!"

"They were children Robert, tell me, if Rhaegar raped Lyanna and she gave birth to a child, what would you have done to it?" Ned asked, praying his trick wouldn't be seen through.

The question gave Robert pause, "w-what? What did you say?"

"You heard me," Ned spat out, "if Lyanna had a child, and it wasn't by your seed but by Rhaegar's, what would you do? Would you kill it? Would you have taken your hammer to the child's head and smashed it in? Would you have smiled as you spilt Lyanna's blood Robert?"

"I….no," his fury gave wave to guilt, "never. I would have never hurt the babe. It….it maybe dragon spawn but….but it would also be Lyanna's child."

His answer shocked Ned as his eyes widened, "w-what? Robert are you serious?"

Robert looked at Lyanna's grave and sighed, "of course I am. My hate for the dragon is deep Ned, don't get me wrong….but Lyanna….I would do anything for her. And her child...I would have raised it as my own."

Ned felt his heart burst with pride, love and sorrow all at once. He grabbed Robert in a hug, holding his friend close.

Robert chuckled as he patted Ned's back, "oh come on Ned, you're embarrassing me! Stop this you! I swear, everyone thinks you are so cold and heartless when in reality you are a bigger softy than anyone!"

Ned broke the hug with a smile, tears in his eyes, " are a good friend."

The king nodded, "aye, better than you deserve."

The king meant it as a joke, but Ned felt guilt strike his heart. Was he wrong to hide Jon? Would Robert truely have done as he said? Would he have given Jon the love Ned failed to give?

"Robert….I want you to swear to me something, I want you to swear on our friendship, your name, your family's name, the kingdom, that crown and above all else your love for Lyanna that under no circumstances will you harm innocent children who have no knowledge of their parents wrong doing or were born into an improper situation."

Robert's eyes went wide, "Ned, what are you saying?"

"The secret I am about to share with you will send you into a frenzy, I can guarantee it. And innocent children will fall into your sights once again. I want you to promise me under no circumstances will you harm them in anyway like you did the children of Rhaegar."

Robert looked into his friend's eyes and stared into them for understanding. He spoke, "will I regret this choice later?"

"Most definitely...but you'll know that it is the right one to be made."

The king sighed, "and if Ned damn Stark says it then it must be the right thing to do."

Ned smiled, "yes, it must be."

"Fine...on our friendship, on my name, on my family's name, on this kingdom and above all else on my love for Lyanna I swear to abide by your request. I will not hurt any innocent child based on the information you give me."

Ned nodded, he took a deep breath and spoke.

It took Jon some time to run to the chamber and back, it nearly depleted all his Stamina Points while doing so.

When he arrived with book him hand he was meet with a furious looking king and a clam Ned. He knew it was done.

"Ned you bastard!" Robert roared, "how dare you even think such a thing! They are my children Ned and-"

"They are not your children Robert," Ned's cool reply came.

"Do you have proof?! Or are has the cold frozen your fucking brains?!"

"I do," Ned looked over Robert's shoulder and spotted Jon, waving him over he spoke up, "show him what you found."

Robert whirled towards Jon, "him?! He's in on this as well?!"

"He was the one who brought it to my attention."

"And what makes you such an expert boy?!" Robert roared, his eyes going red with anger. Jon felt fear fill him, was this the last thing his father saw before dieing?

Pushing his fear to the side Jon bowed, "I was looking through a book you majesty when I came upon something interesting. I was searching through the Stark family tree, trying to understand my family better, when a thought struck me. 'Why doesn't the king's children look like him?'"


Lie successful!

Jon sighed, it was working so far. He opened the book to the Baratheon section and gave to the king who snatched it out of his hand looking at it as well.

He flipped the pages and looked through it, "and? What does this prove?!"

"Look at the childrens born between your family and the Lannisters Robert," Ned spoke, taking the attention away from Jon.

Robert did so and the more he read the wider his eyes went. His hands shook with rage, veins popped up in his forehead. He threw the book down, "THAT BITCH!"


Quest completed!

Tell the king about his 'children'


+5 points

+200 Exp

Bands of strength!


Congratulations you have leveled up!

Jon Targaryen

HP- 350/350

SP- 350/350

MP- 225/225

The Player

Title- The Bastard of the North

Level- 6 Exp- 100/1,200

Allegiance - House Stark

STR- 10

VIT- 16

DEX- 13

CHA- 16

INT- 21

WIS- 15

LUC- 20


"Robert calm down-"

"Don't you dare tell me to calm down Ned! I'll have her head for this! I'll have her fucking raped and then butched to be feed to the dogs!"

Jon felt a set of wrist bands appear in his hands and quickly dropped them into his inventory while the two men were distracted. He also dismissed his level up screen, now was not the time.

"Robert you have to think this through!" Ned advised as the king began walking out of the Crypts.

As he walked towards his guards he realised there was another Lannister that had slipped his memory. "Guards!" Robert cried out alerting the King's gaurd, "arrest Jaime Lannister now!"

"What?" the golden haired man looked confused, "but why? What did I do?"

"What are you waiting for? Arrest him!" Robert cried out, the stunned King's gaurd now finally moving to obey their king.

"Get your hands off me!" Jamie cried out as he tried to fight back, but the combined might of five other knight's won out, grabbing his sword form his hand and making him kneel before the king.

"Tie him up and bring him with us," Robert ordered, "Selmy, fetch my traitorous bitch of wife and her hell spawns now! Bring them to the great hall, tell them nothing you hear?!"

"Yes my king," Ser Selmy bowed before he rushed out to do his king's biddings.

"Robert what do you intend to do?" Ned asked as he and Jon followed the king out of the Crypts, a struggling Jaime Lannister being dragged behind them.

"I am going to cut off her fucking head!" Robert roared, "and them I'm going to do the same to those hell spawns she claimed were my children!"

"Robert no! You swore an oath!" Ned cried out stopping Robert in his tracks.

The king turned slowly and faced his best friend, "you bastard….you knew...all this time you knew?"

"No. I didn't," Ned shook his head, "the moment I found out I came and told you Robert….though I did wait for a day or two."

"Why? Why did you wait?"

"Because of the children."

"Fuck the children! Their heads deserved to be on a fucking plate and fed to their mother!"

"Robert no! You swore no innocent child would be harmed! You swore to me, upon your love for Lyanna you swore it!"

"You expect me to raise those bastards Ned?!"

"No! Of course not! But I will not have their blood shed in my hall! Ransom them off to their grandfather or something or the sort, I am sure Tywin would love the fact he now has three more Lannister heirs to call his own! But don't you dare spill a drop of their blood!"

Robert and Ned stared each other down in the middle of the courtyard, their attention drawing many eyes and twitching ears, though none understood what this was about, except for Jon who stood besides Jamie Lannister, to make sure he wouldn't escape.

After the longest time Robert nodded, "fine...I swore the damn oath, so I will keep it. But know this Ned, I made no such promises for Cersei, and I intend to collect on her."

The lord of Winterfell could only nod as they followed the king into the Great Hall of castle.

Everyone gathered inside, most of the children were asleep, but Robb and Sansa were still awake. They were escorted down by their mother and the servants of the castle who all gathered around in the Great Hall.

The king sat in the throne in the center with Ned at his side and his guards surrounding him. Jamie was on his knees before the king, still tied up, while Jon stood at his father's side.

Catelyn came to greet her husband but was immediately told to go back and stand further away. Ned didn't want her near the dirty business that was about to occur. The children looked confused, Robb shoot Jon questioning look, and the latter did his best to avoid them.

Soon the hall was filled with a small court of people, those that traveled with the king, minor lords and ladies that came to see him along with several knights, several of whom belonged to the Lannister family.

Robert mentally counted the number of men that he would have to fight and he realised it would be a difficult battle if it came to that. He didn't let his anger cloud his judgement, that was the mistake of much younger man, he couldn't enrage the Lannister troops too much, or else they might openly revolt.

Finally Selmy entered with the Queen and her children in tow. The moment Cersei saw Jamie on the floor tied up she rushed to her brother's side.

"Jamie!" she cried as he touched her brother's cheeks lovingly, "what have they done to you?" she snapped to Robert and glared, "husband! I demand an explanation for this!"

Robert's face grew red, "you demand? You demand?! You bitch! You have no right to demand! Guards! Tie her up!"

The queen looked shocked as the guards did just that, forcing her to kneel before the king. The Lannister men grew cautious as they started to yell in protest, shouting out queries as to why this was happening.

Just then Tyrion walked in, the hall turned as one to the Imp's entrance and all he did was raise and eyebrow, "am I late for something?"

"Yes, the trail of your sister," Robert spat out.

"I see," Tyrion nodded, he looked around seeing the frightened looks on the royal children's faces who were all huddled together next to King's gaurd who stood gaurd and watch over them.

"And why is my brother in chains as well?" the dwarf asked.

"Because he would be stupid enough to try and save her single handedly," Robert spat out.

"And me? Why do I still walk free?"

"Because you are no threat physically, and I doubt you love your sister enough to try."

"I see...and just what do you accuse my sister, your wife, with?"

Robert's eyes narrowed, "infidelity."The hall exploded into whispers, the Queen's and Jamie's eyes went wide in horror. Jon's however was fixed on the royal children who looked confused and frightened. He regretted what he had done...but it was the right thing to do.

"This is absurd!" Cersei roared, "what proof do you have?!"

"Boy!" Robert snapped at Jon, "bring the book."

Jon nodded as he took out the heavy tome and presented it to the king.

"Who is the maester?" the king asked.

Immediately Luwin stepped up, "I am your majesty, how may I be of service?"

"Read out the features of the children born to the coupling of Baratheon and Lannister blood," Robert ordered as he passed the book to the Maester.

The Queen and Jamie looked horrified by the second as Luwin did as he was told. Announcing to the world the features of children born to the two houses, who always almost had black of hair.

"Children born between our lines always have black of hair, and these abominations!" Robert pointed at the royal children, "and not my children!"

Gasps went across the room as everyone looked on on horror, the children especially. Tommen was too young to understand, but Myrcella and Joffrey were not.

Cersei knew she was at the end of her rope, she began to cry, "please! I beg you! Have mercy on my children! Spare them!"

"Why should I?!" Robert roared, "why should I spare these bastards?!" Ned and Jon shared a look, Jon mouthed, 'should I hide them?' to which Ned shook his head. He had faith Robert would keep his word...he had to, he swore it.

"I'll do anything! Please!"

"Do you admit then that these things are not severed from my loins?" Robert asked.

"Y-yes," Cersei nodded with a bowed head causing people to whisper in horror, "they are not your children."

"Whose are they?"

"I-" Cersei paused, Jon could see her looking over to Jamie, but instead shook her head, "he's dead. A commoner I lover from the streets of King's Landing. We fell in love and….and…-"

"-And you fucked him," Robert spat, "and you birthed his children and pretended they were mine."

"It is my fault," Cersei begged, "please leave them be. I am to blame, they are innocent in all this!"

"Silence woman!" Robert roared, "I will decide what to do." He turned to Tyrion and Jaime, "you two are her brothers, tell me, would Tywin be opposed to raising these bastards?"

"No," Tyrion spoke up motioning Jamie to keep quiet, "my father would not object."

"Good, then he can have them for a million golden dragons each, absorbing the crown of all debts it is owed."

Tyrion blinked, "I...I don't know if-"

"-Would Tywin not spend a measly three million dragons for his own grandchildren?" Robert scoffed, "maester, write to the lion lord and tell him what had happened here and tell him the price he has to pay. Make sure you tell him he has no room for bargaining. Either he accepts them or he does not."

Luwin bowed, "it will be done my lord."

"And now you," Robert's eyes fell on Cersei, "Cersei of the house Lannister, I hereby claim you a harlot and a cheating faithless wife. I will have nothing more to do with you and in the name of the Father I call for your death!"

"A moment your majesty!" Tyrion called out, "but you cannot do this!"

"Why not?" Robert growled.

"Because by the eyes of the Seven you two are still married," Tyrion explained, "if you wish to not be called a wife killer you must first have the high septon admit that you are in the right. Only his judgement would absolve you of any sin and give weight to your claim."

"I am the king! What weight does my order need?!"

"The people won't' see it as so," Tyrion warned, "they will talk and some foolish ones will paint you as the wrongdoer. Do you really want that for yourself?"

Robert thought for a moment before growling, "when we return to King's Landing Cersei of the house Lannister will be brought before the High Septon and her crimes listed out. Guards, throw her in the dungeons and make sure I do not see the sight of her least I rip her head off myself!"

The guards did as they were told. The queen was taken away in chains while the now bastard children were taken to their rooms and locked inside. Jaime Lannister was freed into his brother's care as the two talked in whispers all the way out.

Robert called for Ned and Jon as they walked to the King's room. Robert spoke up, "this is why I need you Ned. Do you understand now?"

"I understand," Ned nodded.

"Does that mean you'll accept?" the king asked.

"Yes….I accept...just, let me tell Cat first."

"Right," Robert nodded as his eyes darkened, "all this time….all this time I was such a fool."

"Don't think like that Robert. She fooled us all."

"Yes but you weren't married to her!" Robert snapped, he then turned to Jon, "you found this out yes?"

Jon nodded, "yes your majesty."

"I exposed to us a great deception boy...ask me anything and it's yours."

"I-I do not know what you say your majesty," Jon bowed.

"Bah, keep your gratitude boy, I wish to reward you for your services, nothing more."

"Thank you, but I...I don't really want anything….other than-"

"To no longer be called a bastard," Robert scoffed, "don't worry, your father and Cat already spoke to me about that. I was already making arguments for it so you need not waste your request on that."

"I-I don't really-"

"Bah, you're too much like you're father in that regard, so unsure of what you want, fine, keep this favour and you may ask it of me later, Ned come, we have much to discuss."

"At once your majesty," Ned bowed turning to Jon, "get some rest. It has been a long day."

Jon nodded as he watched the king and his 'father' walk into Ned's office. Jon walked away, his mind spinning as to what just happened. He knew one thing for sure though, this wasn't over. The fallout from this would be huge, and if the Lannister's find out it was him who helped put Cersei away...he needed to get stronger...and quick.

There we go, we see Jon being his stupid nobel and honest self and trying to protect his family while do what's right and save the children. Enjoy. Any complaints, let me know. See, I told you I had a plan.