Off there, in this distance, are two boats. Both are packed to the brim with fighters of all shapes and sizes. They are all travelling to the same location, a remote island off in the ocean, far away from civilization. They all have come here to one thing, defeat one another in a battle of wits, strength, and passion, in order to claim the glory of being sole survivor. The winner will also be taking home one million in their own currency. This is something you won't want to miss; it's time for Super Smash Survivor!

The Intro Plays revealing the name of the 36 contestants participating. The names and faces appear in the order as follows:




Mega Man




Donkey Kong


Captain Falcon





Princess Peach












Diddy Kong

Wii Fit Trainer

King Dedede







Meta Knight

As the boats arrived, multiple fighters hopped off before hitting the dock, while others waited patiently for their departure. Soon, all 36 contestants were off on the island, their feet in the sand and their anticipation through the roof.

It took a while before the host, a pure white glove, to slowly float down from above.

"Hello!" Master Hand bellowed, "Welcome one and all to the island of Wuhu!"

Multiple grumbles filled the air, before someone spoke up.

"Wuhu Island? That place is a resort," shouted Falco.

Master Hand shook his…head, "Not exactly. You see, Wuhu Islands is actually based off this island right here. It had a similar shape and so, in honor of this here area, they gave it the same name."

Captain Falcon shook his head, "Now that does not make ANY sense!"

Master Hand sighed; this was already off to a shaky start

"You better watch your tongue Falcon, or you'll be out in a second," Ness commented.

Captain Falcon, not wanting to risk the prize money, piped down.

"Now then, it'll be up to you to decide how you and your tribe fare, because believe me, despite what you might be thinking, this is no resort."

Now it was Yoshi's turn to chime in, "You haven't actually given us our tribes yet."

"Not to worry," Master Hand proclaimed, "I have the list right here."

Holding a piece of paper up, he began to read it out loud.

"If I call your name, move over to the red flag, right over there."

Everyone looked over to where Master Hand was pointing in order to see a tall, red flag located in the sands of the beach.

"Okay, first off: Mario, Yoshi, King Dedede, Kirby, Ganondorf, Palutena, Zelda, Samus, and Rosalina, go over to the left side of the flag."

All nine of them complied, traveling over and planting themselves right next to the flag.

"Next: Pacman, Charizard, Lucas, Villager, Ike, Falco, Captain Falcon, Wario, and Diddy Kong, go situate yourselves at the right side of the flag."

The next nine contestants did as told, and located themselves to the right of their flag.

"Now," Master Hand called, "the rest of you will go over to the blue flag that is right across from the red flag."

Everyone turned to see the dark blue flag eerily planted into the sand.

"Before you do: Sonic, Ness, Marth, Peach, Donkey Kong, Bowser, Wii Fit Trainer, Luigi, and Olimar, go to the left side of the flag."

They all strutted over rather quickly.

"The rest of you: Mega Man, Roy, Link, Fox, Pit, Lucario, Pikachu, Meta Knight, and Lucina, go over to the right side of the blue flag."

As they did, Master Hand rose to the center of all of them.

"Now then, those who stand by the red flag, you are a part of the Flame Tribe!"

The contestants there nodded, some of them even cheering a little.

"As for you of the blue flag, you all are now a part of the-"

"Let me guess, Water Tribe?" Bowser sarcastically questioned.

"No, you are a part of the Ice Tribe!"

There were more cheers hearing this, perhaps due to the louder contestants, but there was one large moan from the crowd.

"Come on, Ice? Really? Why can't I be a part of the Flame Tribe," Roy groaned.

As the noise from both tribes settled down, one question pierced the air.

"Uh, Master Hand, why did you ask us to get on specific sides of our flags," Pacman inquired.

"I'm glad you asked! You see, despite what it seems, there will actually be four groups of contestants, two for each tribe."

Just like that, the noise started back up. It wouldn't die down until Master Hand began snapping his fingers.

"Mario, you and those who stand by you, will be known as the Burning Flame Tribe. I also am designating you as captain for that tribe."

Little sound came from the Burning Flame tribe, just a large amount of nods.

"Pacman, you and the rest of your tribemates will be known as the Molten Flame Tribe. As with Mario, you are the team captain."

Yet again, there was a startling lack of sound from the both of the Flame Tribes; most of the sound came from the Ice Tribe who were clearly interested in who would be their captains.

"Sonic, you and those beside you will be a part of the Freezing Ice Tribe. I'm guessing you can tell, but Sonic is your captain."

This caused quite a stir among some of the tribe mates.

"C'mon, why wasn't I the captain," Bowser shouted.

"I think I deserve to be captain more than someone as dark and evil as you," Donkey Kong butted in.

"Guys, guys, settle down, I'm guessing it was just a mistake," Sonic said, waving his hands.

This only gave him a pair of glares.

"Now, if you are two are done whining, I shall declare the captain of the remaining tribe. Speaking of which, you shall be known as the Frosty Ice Tribe. And if you are wondering, which I know you are, Mega Man is your team leader."

This again caused a little noise.

"Just great, now I've been reduced to a pawn," Fox spat.

"Now then, let me explain what these tribes mean," Master Hand offered, "The Flame Tribes and Ice Tribes will compete against one another, but the two tribes that are in said tribes will be split from each other. You will be isolated from one another. The only time the Burning Flame Tribe and the Molten Flame Tribe will meet is during competition, voting, and rewards. The same goes for the Ice Tribe."

"Well that seems rough," King Dedede stated, "It seems there will be hardly enough interaction outside of challenges."

Yoshi, who was right beside him, chimed in, "Yeah, how will we know if anyone did anything wrong from the other tribe if we can't see them?"

Master Hand nodded in understanding.

"Don't worry, as part of being team captains, Mario and Pacman, as well as Sonic and Mega Man, will be able to chat with one another before voting in order to see how the other tribe is doing. Who knows? Maybe there will be a time when you all get together for a chat."

Mario and Pacman looked at each other, both nodding, whereas Sonic gave Mega Man a thumbs up.

"To make the conversations more interesting, the team captains will be able to pick two tribemates of their choosing to accompany them to every meeting. Just a warning, once you pick someone, they are with you for the long run. If they get eliminated, you choose someone new. If you get eliminated, a raffle will be held to determine the new team captain."

"Hang on," Diddy Kong said, "How will we know our captains are telling the truth when they repeat what the other tribe told them?"

Master Hand laughed, "That's part of the fun. It's up to you to determine whether or not your captains are telling the truth. You never know…they might be setting you up."

Murmurs began to grow and an increasing amount of eyes were set on the four captains.

"Now then, follow the Toad guides to your designated tribe locations. We'll meet up in a few hours for your first immunity challenge.

(Author's Note: Whenever text is in italics and has a character's name next to it, it means they are making confessional statement.)

Fox: I don't know, part of me is excited and the other part is nervous. I wish Falco was with me, because I'm not close with anyone here. This will be tougher than I thought.

Yoshi: As we were walking to the tribe, Dedede and I really hit it off. I think that it's important to get allies as quick as possible, who knows what will happen.

Palutena: I already know who's with me and who isn't. If everything goes right, this game is mine.

Meta Knight: So far, the only person I see worth teaming up with is Lucario. The rest of our tribe is, for lack of a better word, disappointing.

Lucas: I think that Villager seems like a nice guy. Then again, maybe he's a psychopath in disguise! Oooooh, Ness, why'd you have to get chosen for the Ice Tribe?

-Burning Flame Tribe-

"Well we're here," the Toad guide stated proudly, "I'll be taking my leave, good luck you guys!"

As the Toad guide left, the members of the tribe looked around the forest like area.

"Not bad," Ganondorf stated, "Of course some improvements could help, but I could definitely make a forest temple out of this."

King Dedede smiled, "Yes, it appears to be a well off area, there is already a lot of potential I can see."

Rosalina grinned, "I agree, this is certainly beautiful."

Yoshi gazed around, "Yeah, I see what you're saying."

Mario looked at his fellow tribemates proudly alongside Samus.

"As long as they are getting together, things will be alright," he stated.

Samus half-heartily nodded, "Yeah, you're probably right."

Samus: I don't care so much about the place as I care about whether or not the tribe's spirits all good. Luckily, it seems we're good shape, at least in that department. But there's one thing I got to keep reminding myself, we have only been here for a couple minutes. Give anyone enough time and they'll begin to turn on each other. And if that happens, well…It's every man for themselves.

Mario: I like the looks of our team, we have the intelligence and power needed to win every challenge that comes our way. Plus, I'm just counting the members of the Burning Flame Tribe we also have the other members of the Molten Flame Tribe, so we're good to go!

Palutena began scoping out the location. It was certainly big, and there was an undeniable amount of possibilities seeing as the amount of trees and bushes seemed endless. Of course, one could not deny it was also rather clustered. The area they were located had all the trees cut down, with multiple stumps of wood as evidence. Had it not been for the dusty yet clear path the tribe took to get here, one could only imagine how lost they would be in this forest maze.

Yoshi walked over to where Mario and Samus were located and signaled Mario to follow him deep into the forest. Mario nodded his head and asked Samus to assign jobs to the rest of the tribe, to which she complied, assigning Ganondorf and Dedede to look for food, Palutena and Rosalina to look for firewood, as well as herself, Zelda, and Kirby to setup the campground.

Mario followed Yoshi into the deeper parts of the forest before Yoshi stopped and turned towards him.

"Okay, first things first, who is going to be the other person who meets up with Pacman during tribal discussions?"

"Oh, right," Mario said, "I guess it's pretty obvious I would pick you."

Yoshi chuckled, "Yeah, it was. But that's not important. What is important is picking someone to join us in the discussion."

Mario nodded, "Yes, I agree. I was thinking Kirby but-"

"-He's too innocent I'm guessing."

"Right. I feel like he wouldn't understand all of it. I was also thinking Samus…but she seems too independent. She might attempt to use her role in order to influence the tribe, she is a natural leader."

Yoshi sighed, "Yeah, and I know Ganondorf would just manipulate what was said."

Mario joined in on the sighing, "Yeah…it's tricky…"

Yoshi, as if a lightbulb suddenly appeared above his head, perked up, "Hang on a sec, how about Dedede?"

Mario looked at him, "Dedede?"

"Yeah, he's got a good heart so he wouldn't manipulate us and he seems pretty knowledgeable about how things are going to go down, so his insight must be key."

Mario smiled, "I think we got our third member."

-Frosty Ice Tribe-

As they walked further up north, most of the tribe was discussing what they planned on doing if they won the million credits, except for two individuals who were little bit behind the rest of the group.

"I don't think any teams have been formed yet," Meta Knight said.

"That's fine by me, but I already see some bonds being made, no doubt there will be alliances sometime in the future," Lucario grumbled.

"I believe we should work together, in order to survive," Meta Knight said.

"I don't think that idea is completely terrible," Lucario began, "But that means we must have some form of trust. If anyone asks us whether or not we want to join their little group, we accept. Then, we meet back with each other and discuss the latest info."

Meta Knight nodded, "That would work rather well. I'm glad we had this talk, perhaps now I can rest easy knowing I am not alone."

And with that, Meta Knight and Lucario arrived at the beautiful sandy area beautiful beach area that bordered the forest down to the inch.

"It's crazy," Pit marveled, "The forest is so clear of trees here, and the beach mixes along with it."

"Yeah, I like it," Fox agreed.

"I don't know," Roy said, "It feels…ominous."

"Ominous," Fox questioned, "what makes you say that?"

Roy frowned, "I don't know, I just don't like that ocean."

"Well I, for one, find it a splendid view," Mega Man stated

Fox nodded, "Yeah, I don't know what you see Roy, this place is great."

Roy simply continued to look out deeply into the ocean.

"I do think it is a great view," Lucina smirked, "It reminds me of my homeland."

"Homeland," Meta Knight repeated, "I can't see anything like that."

"Well perhaps it simply doesn't connect with you," Lucina explained.

"Or perhaps you have a fear of water," Link joked, "Then you can join Roy in the club of people afraid of strange things."

Pikachu giggled a little causing Meta Knight to shake his head.

"Okay, on a more serious note, we should begin working," Link said with a grin on his face.

"Indeed," Mega Man concurred, "I shall be deciding whom will be in my group of people who shall meet with Sonic. I want Link and Pikachu to go gather up some materials, mainly wood, we could use that for shelter and for fire. Lucina, Lucario, and Meta Knight, you all should begin to set up camp and prepare for any food that is gathered. Speaking of which, I want Roy, Fox, and Pit to go look for any form of consumables that you can find."

Everyone agreed and went their separate ways.

Pit: I think that Mega Man should be doing more work, but I guess he is team captain. I just don't think it should take that long to decide who your allies are going to be.

Lucario: Mega Man might be the team leader, but if doesn't know how to successfully guide this tribe he'll be gone in the very near future, I'll make sure of it.

Fox: I think that the odds are in our favor. We got a good thing going with this tribe, at least that's what I think. Luckily for me, Mega Man put myself with Roy and Pit…

Roy: While Fox, Pit, and I were walking, we decided to form an alliance, we just did for no other reason other than being able to confidently go to tribal council, but it already seems to be paying off, I don't feel nearly as nervous as I was before.

As Link went into the forest, he found a couple good chunks of wood. With the aid of Pikachu's Iron Tail, he was able to have them cut into rectangular pieces, perfect for carrying.

"I'm already nervous about who is or isn't getting eliminated," Link confessed as he began squatting forward with the woods being held in his hands, "I think you and I are safe, but I don't know who to vote for."

Pikachu looked up and frowned at Link causing the latter to quickly reassure him.

"You know what, I shouldn't worry! We aren't gonna lose this challenge, or any challenge for that matter. We'll be just fine!"

Pikachu, hearing this, nodded, new found confidence surging in him.

-Molten Flame Tribe-

The Molten Flame tribe had already been situated for some time now. Their location was nice, it consisted of multiple wide tree stumps with the main area not having too many trees and also consisted of the grassiest areas of the four tribes.

"You know," Villager said, "I think these tree stumps would make great tables!"

Lucas looked at the particularly large stump that stood in the middle of camp; it did look rather nice.

"I like that idea," Pacman said, giving Villager a thumbs up as well as a wink.

"Y-yeah, I like that idea too," Lucas timidly spat out causing both Villager and Pacman to look his way.

"Did you say something Lucas?" Pacman questioned.

"Uh…no I d-didn't," he answered.

Lucas: Oh god, I'm hopeless

Pacman: Lucas is a little strange, but he seems like a nice enough kid. I doubt he would attempt to manipulate anyone, but you never know. For now, I'll give him the benefit of the doubt.

"Hey Lucas, come over here," Villager requested, motioning towards himself.

"What is it?"

"Look, I know this might be a little soon, but I think you and I should be in an alliance."

Lucas's eyes widened upon hearing this.

"I think you're more trustworthy than these other guys, so you're my number 1 candidate."

"O-okay, as l-long as you're alright with it."

Smiling, Villager extended his arm out.

"Glad to hear that."

Villager: To tell you the truth, I know everyone thinks Lucas is pathetic. But me personally, I don't know. He's got potential, and if he proves himself to be someone worth being friends with, than it's a win for me. If he does terribly in challenges, the rest of the tribe will vote him off. On a personal level, however, I do at least find him to be more likable than some of the other snobs here.

"Hey Falco, what are you doing?"

Falco looked up to see a confused looking Wario.

"What does it look like I'm doing?"

"It looks like you're sleeping."

"Congratulations, you're right."

"Well get up, Pacman just gave us orders to go fetch any materials we can find."

"Since when do you follow orders?"

Wario grunted, "Since I realized that if I didn't, I would lose my chance at one million coins."

"Besides," Diddy Kong said as he walked up to the two of them, "You wouldn't want to anger Charizard."

Both Wario and Falco turned to see a rather annoyed looking Pokémon staring at them as he began working on a fire, making extra sure to show off his fire-type moves. Beside him was Ike, who was making a worried face as he pointed towards the forest.

"Wouldn't be the Flame Tribe without him," Falco said as he got up, "I guess I might as well go, wouldn't want to miss my first challenge by becoming tonight's dinner."

-Freezing Ice Tribe-

The Freezing Ice Tribe was already situated quite nicely. They had gotten a luxurious beach next to a forest that mimicked the one found in the other ice tribe. While most were either collecting materials or simply talking amongst one another, Ness decided to walk up and have a little chat with his, "leader."

"Uh…Sonic," Ness said nervously, "aren't you going to tell us what to do?"

"Nah," Sonic replied, "as long as work is getting done it's all good."

"You heard the hedgehog, freaky boy, as long as we work we're good," Bowser snorted out.

Ness shook his head, "You can't be serious. You are just going to sit next to a tree and nap as everyone else does your job for you?"

"If they're working, they're good," Sonic repeated.

Ness stood there in disbelief.

Ness: I can't believe Sonic is acting so…childish. Does he want a target on his back? Whatever the case may be, he is not a good team leader.

Sonic: I am an amazing leader.

Donkey sighed as he saw his two tribemates bicker before turning to Peach.

"I wish they wouldn't yell so much, it makes it harder to set up camp," he claimed.

"Yeah…but there isn't much we can do. Sonic is a leader and as long as people like Bowser exist, he'll be safe from the early eliminations, at least, that's what I think."

"Well I don't know about you guys," Luigi said, "but I think an alliance is the best idea."

Donkey Kong looked at the green clad plumber, "Explain."

"If we work together, we can make sure Sonic doesn't use his leadership to vote out anyone we need, and more importantly, ourselves."

Peach smiled upon hearing this, "Why I think that is a lovely idea."

Donkey Kong turned to look at both of them, before letting out a soft chuckle, "It looks like we got ourselves a team."

Olimar and Wii Fit Trainer watched off into the distance, clearly interested in whatever they were chatting about.

"I think they're talking about alliances," asked Trainer.

(Author's Note: From here on out, Wii Fit Trainer will be called Trainer)

"Oh no doubt," Olimar responded.

Trainer looked at him with clear interest in her eyes, "Should we be nervous?"

Frowning, Olimar turned to her, "You know what? I haven't a clue."

Watching his team from afar, Marth was unsure about the current situation.

Marth: I really think that Sonic is making a mistake by being so…dismissive. It could make or break this tribe. The last thing we need is a leader who let's everyone run wild."

-The Main Lands-

"As you just saw," Master Hand began, "there has already been some friendship, drama, and scheming. And this is before the first challenge! Don't worry; you'll be able to see everyone throw down next time. What will the challenge be? Like I would tell you. But, if I can say one thing, it'll be interesting and you won't want to miss it. So be sure to tune in next time to Super Smash Survivor!