Note: If you are reading this after the story has been completed then feel free to skip it.

Hey guys, just thought I would let you in on an update. To explain why I have been gone so long, I lost a lot of interest in making this story. I just didn't have fun doing it anymore. Now I'm not saying I'm done completely, but I will be taking a temporary leave. The next chapter will most likely be created over the course of this week, but after that it might be a while before the next comes up. To be honest, I'm slating the finale for Summer 2017, at least that is my hope. I also apologize if there are more than a few eliminations per episode for the next couple chapters, I could not possibly write 20 more chapters of this story. I hope you understand, I want to complete this story, but it is stressing me out! Until then, I hope you all have a great…November.