How I First Met You Kosumi

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Just reminding you the names I dubbed the Delightfuls.

[Nathaniel - The tall kid with the long brown hair Charlene - The blonde girl with the pink bow Parker - The one dat looks like Numbuh 4 Maple - The chubby kid with the pigtails and glasses. Dilbert - The kid with the helmet]

The teacher poked her head inside her classroom, and found all of her kids pointing fingers and yapping about something.

"WHAT'S GOING ON IN HERE?" she cried. She forgot about Nigel and Nathaniel for awhile and stepped inside her room.

"KUKI SAID A BAD WORD TO CHARLENE." exclaimed Maple, the chubby delightful child. She pointed at Kuki and gave her a long dirty look.

The teacher looked to where she was pointing and found both Kuki and Charlene crying. The teacher's mouth dropped in disbelief.

"If that true Kuki?"

Kuki looked up at the teacher with her red eyes and tear stained face. She nodded guiltily.

The teacher gasped.

"Then you apologize to Charlene RIGHT NOW." she demanded. Kuki looked to the girl on her left whose tears had turned into quiet sobs.

"I'm sorry." she mumbled.

Charlene took one glance at Kuki and huffed and swung her head the other direction.

Kuki sighed as tears started to well up her eyes again. Hoagie sat in front of her looking sympathetic. Wallabee stayed silent in his seat with arms folded across his chest.

"Kuki." The teacher said quietly. "You will be staying in during recess today." she turned around and looked at Nigel and Nathaniel by the door. "YOU TWO, will be staying in also. I'm going to call all of your parents."

Nigel groaned loudly and trudged back into his seat. Nathaniel threw Nigel a venomous glare and retreated to his table also.

The teacher returned to her desk and ordered her students to continue their art project with little noise.

Nigel looked at Kuki and scooted closer to her. He leaned in real close to her to make sure Charlene couldn't hear them. It made Wallabee look up at them. Nigel whispered to Kuki.

"Wow... What did you do to Charlene..!"

Nigel turned his head so his ear was now towards her. She leaned in and whispered.

"I-" she hesitated. "I said a bad word to her."

Nigel reeled his head back and gawked at her in surprise. "Really?!"

"yea." she replied and looked down at the paper in front of her.

"Way to go!" he cheered silently and patted her shoulder. Kuki continued coloring and tried not to smile.

"Hey Wallas." Hoagie said.

Wallabee took his gaze off of the two friends and looked back down on his work.

"Can I borrow the orange crayon?"Hoagie asked.

He looked at the crayon on his paper for awhile and then Hoagie.


"No." he said and took it and began coloring with it.

Hoagie sighed, annoyed by the blonde boy. "C'mon I need it." he tried again.

"NO!" he said. "I'm using it!"

Hoagie bit his lip and felt the urge to punch the kid sitting next to him. Wallabee ignored him and started coloring his whole paper orange.

After the bell rang, everyone left the classroom and headed out to the playing field except Nigel, Kuki and Nathaniel. On the way out, Wallabee turned around to look back at Kuki. She caught his eye for a split second. And he turned back around and left the room.

Nigel had saw this. "He looks at you a lot." he said.

"Yea, i dunno why." Kuki sighed.

"Maybe he likes you."

Kuki shrugged uncaringly. Nigel did the same.

Wallabee stared silently at the entire playground. Kids covered every corner of the dirty black asphalt. Some of the kids occupied the kickball area. A favorite at his old school. He watched as others bounced a red ball on the ground and off a long wall which he knew was the handball court. Next to the handball courts were a buncha kids divided into groups of four that bounced the ball towards each other. He assumed they were playing foursquare. Off to the side of the playground were the tetherball courts. He watched as a couple of kids whacked the ball on the string back and forth. And in the corner of the playground, he saw a small jungle gym and bars.

Wallabee sighed in frustration and clenched his fist. There were so many kids, there weren't as many kids in his last school. It was gonna be harder for him to take over this playground cause there was so many kids. 'Wot ta take ovah fuhst..' he thought. Suddenly he heard a shrill girly voice calling out in his direction. He whirled his head and met the blonde girl with the bow from his table. He forgot her name. He didn't even recall getting it in the first place. But she knew his name pretty well.

She ran towards him and stopped to catch her breath. "Hey Wallabee...Come on!" she said and grabbed his arm. he looked at her but didn't budge. "You should come play with us Wallace!"

"With who." he said. "Me, my brothers, and my sister!" she said batting her eye lashes at him. "Come Wally! Play with us!" she said tugging on him harder.

"Um...Wot's your name again?"

"Charlene! remember?" she replied. Wallabee muttered a 'no' under his breath. But he let her pull him towards her brothers and sisters cause he didn't really know anyone else he could play with anyways.

"WALLBEE!" she cried. "Meet my brother GILBERT!" she pointed to the tiny kid wearing a football helmet.

"Er...hey. "Wally greeted.

Gilbert looked at Wallabee but didn't respond back. Wally frowned and Charlene pointed at the next boy.

"That's my other brother Parker!" she said. He had the same mushroom haircut and nearly the same blonde hair as Wallabee but Parker's hair was lighter. Parker nodded at Wally, and Wally did the same.

"Okay. And that's my sister Maple." Charlene finished. Maple's eyes sparkled behind her glasses and she waved eagerly at the new kid.

"HI WALLABEE!!" she cried, beaming brightly at him.

The Aussie kid frowned but nodded his head at her to return the greeting.

"So yea." said Charlene. "We kicked out all of the other kids on this handball court. So now it'a ALL OURS WALLABEE!" she exclaimed throwing her arms around him. Feeling uncomfortable, he pushed her arms away quickly and scrambled away from her.

Parker, the blonde delightful boy, picked up the handball. "OKAY. so let's play."

Meanwhile, in the classroom.

Nigel watched as the teacher had his mom on the telephone. She spoke to his mom with a stern and disapproving voice about the earlier event with Nigel and Nathaniel today. He sighed with boredom, then looked at Kuki.

She sat in the seat next to him, staring off into space. Nigel looked from her face to her long shiny black hair.

"Hey Kuki." he said. She whipped her head to face her friend."Can i play with your hair?"

Kuki's face lit up with delight and she whirled around in her seat so he could play with her shiny black hair.

"Okay! okay!" she said and brought out a hot pink Barbie brush from her mini backpack. "Wutcha gonna do to it?" she said.

"Hmmmm..." he said thoughtfully, "I think i'm gonna braid your hair!"

"I go first!!" said Dilbert, the kid with the helmet. He grabbed the ball away from his blonde brother roughly and stood in the middle of the handball court. Everyone else went to sit down on the benches by the side until it was their turn. Dilbert bounced the ball and picked out Wallabee.

"C'mon. you're first!" he said and bounced the ball again. Wallabee got up and walked towards the middle of the court silently. "okay you know how to play right? you hafta bounce the ball on the ground and it hasta hit the wall and-"

"Yea yea, ah kno' how ta play this cruddy game."

"okay." Dilbert paused and prepared himself. "okay, ready go." He threw the ball up slightly, and using only one fist, hit the round handball until it bounced on the ground and off the wall.

Wallabee stood his ground as he watched everything move slowly. Then as the ball neared him, he put both of his fists together, and prepared himself by moving slightly towards the ball. He took a deep breathe, and SLAMMED it as it hit the ground ahead of him, bounced off the wall, and flew across the court.

Dilbert watched and gasped as the ball flew over his head. He ran backwards to try and hit the ball, but it went way over his head and missed.

"OKAY OKAY, START OVER." he said and ran to catch the bouncing ball. "OKAY, you can't hit it THAT hard." he walked back into the middle of the court to start again. "I'm gonna start over." he said. Wallabee sighed and let him have his way.

Dilbert held the ball in his hand and slightly tossed it in the air. he hit the ball again and it was no different from his first attempt. It bounced on the ground and hit the wall and flew towards Wallabee.

"Weak." Wallabee muttered and punched it back towards the wall. it came back towards Dilbert with much more power.

The delightful kid panicked and fell to the floor clutching his helmet just as it hit his head. The ball bounced off and rolled somewhere else.

He got up slowly, his football helmet covering his red face. He had his fist clenched and he turn towards Wallabee with his chest heaving up and down.

"That..." Dilbert began, then took a deep breath. "HUUUUUUURRRT!!!!" He screamed angrily and stomped his foot on ground. "I DUN WANT TO PLAY WITH YOU ANYMORE."he shouted. Wallabee nearly jumped out of his shoes by the sudden outburst. Dilbert stomped towards him and shoved his shoulder against him roughly before taking a seat on the bench. Wallabee blinked and decided to let it slide. No use getting into a fight with such a wimp. It didn't even hurt anyways.

"MY TURN!! MY TURN!!!" said the chubby delightful girl named maple. "it's gonna be SO much fun playing with YOO!" she exclaimed. She ran over to where the ball had rolled off to, and then ran back, out of breath. "okay...wallabee...YA READY?!"

The aussie boy grunted.

"okay..." she said and then took a deep breath and tried to concentrate on the ball. "okay..." she said again. the chubby delightful kid held the ball out in front of her, and then punched it weakly. It bounced on the ground and barely hit the wall in front.

Wallabee, who was taken by suprise, rushed forward, before the ball could bounce twice, just barely hit the ball in time before it went back to Maple again.

Maple giggled after watching him struggle. She then prepared herself and hit the ball back towards the wall. It was another weak one. It bounced once and then barely made it above the ground.

Wallabee groaned and rushed forward again to catch it. But this time, he decided to play it her way. He hit the ball really soft so she had to run forward like he was doing to reach it in time.

Maple gasped and tried her best to hit the ball when it was her turn, she rushed forward but missed the ball, and ended up slamming her body against the handball board. She groaned and slid down onto the dirty asphalt.

"Das not fair." She pouted, sitting on the ground in defeat.

"OKAY." said the blonde delightful boy named Parker. "Get off the ground Maple, now it's MY turn." He rose from his seat on the bench and then walked towards the middle of the court. Parker smirked and folded his sleeves up. "I'm not gonna be as easy as the others Wallabee." he said.

Wallabee stared at the delightful kid that looked like he could be his twin. They had the same height, same haircut, almost the same blonde hair. Except Parker's was more white. And his skin was more pale that Wallabee's. His clothes were much more clean and expensive. And compared to Wallabee, it was obvious he came from a much higher class. Wallabee, on the other hand, and worn the same orange shirt three days in a row.

"Sure sure okay, just hurry it up already." said Wallabee.

"Alright, alright." He picked up the ball, then made a sideway glance at Wallabee. Immediately after that, he tossed the ball up, then unlike his brother and sister previous, he put both fists together and brought it down on the ball. It bounced on the ground and flew off the wall.

Wallabee moved back and countered his serve with the same force.

Parker shuffled to the left and added more force onto ball.

It flew off the wall and across the court and Wallabee was able to hit it back again..

'Finally, a worthy opponent.' Wallabee thought as they continued to hit the ball back and forth. Wallabee made it an especially hard game for Parker. Parker struggled to keep up with Wallabee. And after three whole minutes, he was starting to get nervous on the court. Wallabee didn't have much of a hard time hitting the red handball that came his way.

Wallabee smiled as he saw his friend's face dripping with sweat.

"Tired are ya?" he said and hit him another difficult one.

The delightful boy ran forward to hit the ball on his turn and barely made it to the wall. He growled.

"You can NEVER beat me."

Wallabee laughed.

"Watch me."

The Aussie boy hit the ball far off towards the opposite side where his opponent stood.

The delightful boy's eye widen. He'd hafta run across the court to hit the ball before it bounced twice. He was so out of breath. But he made a mad dash for it. With his chest on fire and his head spinning, he hit the ball as best as he could. But his strength had disappeared him and he watched in horror as the ball hit the ground once...then twice, then a couple more as it rolled off the court.

"DARNNIT!!!" The delightful cried in frustration. He stomped his foot and grabbed his hair.

Wallabee held his laughter "Hey..but it was a good ga-"

"YOU CHEATED." he screamed.

His face suddenly faulted as he looked at the not so delightful red faced kid. He dropped his mouth and looked at the kid in disbelief.

"Wudaya mean ah cheated?!" he exclaimed.


Wallabee glared a him. "NUH UH. I WON FAIR AND SQUARE!!"

Charlene sighed and got up. "PARKER."

Her brother whirled around to face his sister angrily.

"SIT DOWN." she commanded. "YOU LOST, it's MY turn."


"C'MON!!" she whined. "you played long enough! It'S MY turn!!" she said and folded her arms in front of her chest.

"FIIIIIIIINEEE!!" he screamed and went down to sit in on the bench with his other siblings.

Meanwhile in a classroom.


Kuki smirked as she watched her teacher talking to her mother on the telephone.

"Hey Kuki, could you hand me another rubberband."

"Sure Nigel."

Nigel grabbed half of her hair, and started making a bunch or little braids all the way from her roots, to the very tip of her hair.

The delightful boy Nathaniel, who was bored and lonesome, decided to join them. But not after kindly asking Kuki for her permission. He now had kuki's other half of hair and was thoroughly grooming it with her barbie brush.

Surprising, all three of them were getting along quite nicely.

"you have such pretty hair Kuki." Said Nathaniel. "I like to brush my sister's hair too."

Kuki frowned at the thought of Charlene.

"You're lucky." Nigel said fuming. "My mum always makes me shave my hair."

Kuki giggled and leaned back in her chair contently.

"Hey, you should make her other hair into braids too." Said Nigel.

"okay." Said Nathaniel and began copying Nigel.

"YOU HIT ME IN THE FACE!!!" Charlene screamed, clutching her face in agony as tears streamed out of her eyes.

"I"m Sorry. I-I didn't mean ta-"

"YOU HIT ME IN THE FACE!!" Charlene repeated.

"Well...Why didn't you hit the BALL?!" said Wallabee, raising his voice.

"I COULDN'T!!" she wailed. "I TOLD YOU TO GO EASY ON MEH!"

The rest of her siblings could only watch her stand in the middle of the court with her face buried in her dirty hands.

"AND I DID." Wallabee snapped, folding his arms across his chest. "WHY didn't you hit the ball?!"

"I COULDN'T!!!" she screamed.

"and WHY NOT?!"

"CAUSE IT HIT MEH IN THE FACE!!!" she shrieked as she pulled her hands away and revealed to him her red tear-stained face.

He sighed roughly and put his hands on his hips. "Well it's not MY fault you cruddy delightful kids can't PLAY."

Enraged, The blonde delightful stood up and pointed an accusing finger at him. "THAT'S IT!!!" he shouted. "we're telling a teacher on you."

"And you can NEVER play with us AGAIN!" Maple screamed.

"and....AND I HATE YOU!" Dilbert added.

Wallabee dropped his mouth in shock. "FINE! Like i wanna play with you tattle-tellers ANYWAY."

Parker then cupped his hands to his mouth and shouted at the top of his lungs. "TEEEEEACHER!!!"

The adult playground monitor looked over in the direction of the shouting kids. And started walking over to them.

"NOW! ya gonna get it." Charlene sneered.

"Aw, man." The Aussie kid groaned before making a mad dash for the tetherball courts.

"GET HIM!!" Maple screamed as all five of them started chasing him.

"YA GONNA PAY!!" said Dilbert.

'Man, Ah could take 'em all out. if it wasn't fo' the teachers here.' Wally thought as he continued to run across playground. With the delightful kids hot on his tail. He could hear the playground monitor whistling behind him, and ordering something he couldn't understand. "Crud" he said as he reached the tetherball courts. He looked right and left for a place to hide among the many kids playing tetherball.

"Hey. What are YOU doing here?"

He whipped his head around to face the chubby kid from his table in class. the one he wouldn't lend the orange crayon to. He searched his head for his name.

"Hey um...HOAGIE!! mate, you gotta help me out." he said, and tossed a nervous glance over his shoulder.

"What?! Why-" his question was answered when he spotted the delightful kids running towards them with angry looks on their faces. Hoagie narrowed his eyes at them. "The Delightfuls..." He then looked at Wallabee and grabbed his arm. "Okay FINE! c'mon!" he said as the two started to make a run for it.

"GET BACK HERE!!" Parker growled venomously.

The delightful watched as the two kids weaved in and out of the multiple tetherball courts, and followed.

"Hey! watch out!" Hoagie said as they dodged a kid playing tetherball.

He looked behind him and saw the angry delightful blonde boy shove a kid away roughly. The kid whimpered and fell to the floor.

"Hey! he just pushed that kid!" said Hoagie.

Wallabee looked behind him and saw Charlene gaining on him also.

"GET OUT OF MY WAY!" she ordered and shoved another girl who was in the middle of a game. The girl whimpered and began to cry.

"Excuse me! Sorry! Excuse me!" Hoagie cried as the dodged the kids on the tetherball courts. The Delightfuls however just shoved anyone that got in the way of their chase.

"MOVE IT!!" Maple shouted and practically kicked a kid in their shin.

"HURRY!! They're getting away!!" Dilbert said, running across a tetherball court and ruining someone's game.

Charlene continued to run as fast as her little legs could carry her and was just about grabbing range of Wallabee when she ran strait into a kid playing tetherball. They both tumbled on impact. Charlene made a mess of her dress and earned a couple of scraps also. The kid that she bumped into started crying immediately. Charlene cursed as she saw Wallabee run off, then tears started welling up in her eyes also.

"Are they gone yet?" Hoagie panted, becoming tired from running. He looked back and saw that Parker was RIGHT behind him. He looked in time to see the delightful boy take a flying leap. Hoagie gasped and his breath caught in his throat. He watched as the delightful boy pounced onto Wallabee. The Aussie boy's running was brought to an abrupt stop, when Parker brought him down roughly to the harsh asphalt floor.

He scrapped his chin and elbows as the two boys wrestled in the black dirt. Hoagie watched in horror as Dilbert came running and tried to pin Wallabee to the ground also, followed by Maple and Charlene. Hoagie realized what he had to do and started pulling away the delightful siblings furiously.

Wallabee grunted underneath all the wrestling children and dirt and managed to land a punch on Dilbert's jaw. He continued to struggle, when the commotion was brought to a sudden stop by a piercing sharp whistle.


Everyone moved their heads to look up at the almighty Recess Monitor hovering over them. Hoagie smirked knowing that the Delightful kids were busted. The siblings froze in their spot and looked up at the recess monitor fearfully. Behind her were the angry bunch of kids whose game was rudely interrupted by the troublesome Delightfuls.

Wallabee coughed from on the ground and pushed himself up into a sitting position. He brushed Parker and Dilbert aside and dusted off his pants.

"Alright." the teacher began. Eyeing the kids that were on the floor. "Now I'm gonna say this once..." She looked from face to face. "WHO started it."

Immediately, the raised arms and the extended fingers all pointed directly at the Delightfuls. There was no question or arguments at ALL about who had created all this chaos.

The Recess Monitor looked surprised, then motion for the Delightfuls to get up. "C'mon. We're gonna go visit the principal."

"NO!!" Parker protested. "I-It wasn't us! It was Walla-"

"Forget it." Dilbert said sadly. "She's an adult. And she saw everything." He muttered underneath his breath.

They all sighed in defeat as they stood up. All the angry kids then proceeded to go back into their tetherball games. The monitor asked Wallabee if he needed to see the nurses office. But he said 'no'. She left, and the Delightfuls followed her with their heads hung low.

Wallabee watched them leave and stood up also. He then looked at the chubby boy and gave him a satisfying smirk. Hoagie looked to him and smiled also, brushing his pants off in the process.

"You're my new best friends, mate." The Aussie boy said sincerely.

Hoagie's smile widen at the boy's words. Just when he was about to speak, he heard someone call out his name. He looked over his shoulder amd spotted Nigel and Kuki running over towards them excitedly. He also noticed Kuki's new head of braids bouncing towards them.

The two of them where panting when they reached Hoagie and Wallabee.

"What happened?!" Nigel exclaimed, taking deep breaths.

"Yea...We just saw the delightful kids on their way to the principal's office with one of the teachers." Kuki said. Wallabee smiled at the girl's new hair style.

"Guys..." Hoagie began. "I'd like you to meet our new best friend."

"Did you kick their BUTTS?" Nigel said enthusiastically. Wallabee smirked at Nigel, then shifted his eyes towards Kuki.

Kuki smiled and he smiled back.

"Wallabee...I'd like you to meet the Kids Next Door" Hoagie announced and then looked at the blonde boy and put a hand to his chin. "Hmmm...I think you'd make a good numbuh four."

Both Nigel and Kuki's eyes widen in surprise.

"Since you OBVIOUSLY can't hang out with the Delightful children again." Hoagie observed.

"You'll just hafta work for us." Kuki said.

"Just as long as you could kick their butt!!" said Nigel.

Wallabee had a huge undeniable grin now as cracked his knuckles. "And those kids are gonna get a huge lickin' now that I'M a part of this team."

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