Everybody likes Pokémon and everybody likes How to Train Your Dragon, but have you ever seen the two franchises combine? Well, that's what I'm trying to do.


The morning sun slowly crept from behind the mountains, casting a soft golden glow upon a small and sleepy town. Perched randomly on rooftops, were several Terribly Terrors who started to 'sing' their morning songs. Though it sounded more like a shrieking dragon call that could wake the dead.

As the sun rose higher, its light shined over the quaint little town of Poffalo in the Livid Region. With gentle hills and many oak trees, this was a place I called home. It wasn't much, just a normal little town with a couple of convenient stores and small farms here and there. With a population of 256, you wouldn't exactly call it a city, or lively for that matter. Things are always slow, with no excitement. The only exciting thing you could do was go to Professor Stone's lab on the east side of town. It rested on a small hill that was surrounded by oak trees in front of a driveway. When dragon trainers reached the age limit of ten, they can get their license and go to the lab to choose their own dragon partner. Of course, the guy giving the dragon to the trainer was Professor Stone himself. He's an old man with a scraggly grey beard and squinty grey eyes. His face was littered with wrinkles, giving off on how old he really was, and he didn't exactly have a nice attitude. He was always grumbling at something, whether it annoyed him or not. Everyday, he would wear one of those long white lab coats you would see mad scientists wear on T.V. Guess you can't believe everything that you see on screen, cause Professor Stone is just a normal professor with a passion for learning more about dragons. But like I said, he didn't exactly have a great attitude to match it, though Mom would tell me not to judge a book by its cover, or in this case, lab coat. Turns out, he was a nice man, once you get to know him and if you could get used to him grumbling at you all the time.

But today, I'm seeing him for another reason, not for the sights, but because he has something that I want. That's right, I'm finally ten years old and I can finally go on a journey. So a visit with him is crucial if I want to choose my first dragon partner that I will spend the rest of my life with. I was really excited and pumped up, though, on that morning, you couldn't really tell it.


The sun peered brightly through my window as my alarm clock blared loudly at me, signaling to me that it's eight o clock and it's time to get up. But I was too drousy to even shout at it to shut up or do what it woke me up for. Instead, I was sprawled out over my bunk bed, my wrinkly blanket half covering me, showing off my purple polka dot pajamas. Getting very annoyed at the clock, I just started to punch blindly at the silence button until it finally shushed. A couple of times, I just drifted back off to sleep until a certain voice screeched at me.

"Ashley! Get up right now!" Mom yelled at me, making me jump and clumsily hit my head on the bed above me.

"Ow!" I rubbed the soar spot on my head, but not really making a big fuss about it. If you're wondering what the other top of the bed is for, I can tell you that I don't have a sibling. It's just an extra bed for when my cousin comes over to stay for the weekend. Right now, she's on her own journey, so she doesn't come by as often.

"Ashley, get up!" Mom screeched again from down stairs, the smell of pancakes wafting through the air. Yeah, my name's Ashley, as you can tell from the shouting.

Grumbling, I forced myself up, sitting on the bed, not even bothering to open my eyes. It took a moment to finally open my droopy eyes to gaze dazedly at my square shaped room. On the floor, by my bed, was a small oval shaped carpet with a dark purple color. It felt soft to my feet because of its fuzziness. Ahead of me, was my beautifully made triple door drawer that was mostly made from oak trees and shined to where it looked beautiful. You can guess what was in there- socks, shorts, and other things. To the left of it was my closet, shirt and pants were hung in there. To the right, was my book case of many books, mostly about dragons. But I don't really care that much about reading, my Mom just stuffs them in there for my own good measure. On the left side of the room, opposite to the door, was the T.V. set under the window with a signal wire sticking out of it. A saggey purple and blue bean bag laid in front of it.

Grumbling some more, I got up, stepping off of the carpet and onto the cold white tiled floor. I just shuffled my feet along, walking slowly through my open door. Yeah, I was feeling more like a zombie, slow and tired. Just staring blankly ahead of me. As I reached the pink bathroom, I yawned and I stretched, raising my arms high above me before setting them down. I came into the bathroom in hopes of waking and refreshing myself by spraying cold water on me. But the drowsiness just continued and I just stood there in front of the mirror, gazing at myself. My long blonde hair was in a messy bed head, my blue eyes sagged from tiredness. I had a skinny body and facial features where I looked pretty but not hot to where I attract every boy around me. And besides, I didn't care if they didn't like me cause I'm not hot looking. With my light tan, blue eyes, and blonde hair, I'm stronger in my heart than in my outside looks.

Slowly, I turned on the faucet and cupped the cold running water into my hands and sprayed it onto my face. The cold gripped me, actually waking me up, but not really getting me out of my daze. Standing there, I just sighed after I turned the water off.

"Ashley Aldez! Get up!" Mom shouted at me from the kitchen again, I guess she thought I was still asleep or something. I am the spitting image of her, blonde hair, blue eyes, all of it. But you could say she was the more older and perkier version of me. Her full name is Lillian Aldez. "Ashley! Get up or you'll be late!" She shouted at me again, the strong smell of pancakes making my stomach growl.

"Late for what?" I asked myself dumbly. Then it suddenly hit me, "Professor Stone! Dragon! Journey! I'VE GOT TO GET MOVING!" Quickly, I raced out of the bathroom, yelling frantically along the way. I tore my jeans and shirt off of their hangers and struggled to put them on. I nearly tripped as I was hopping around to get the jeans on. For today, I was wearing a blue-green T-shirt and blue jeans. I grabbed my blue vest and put it on the complete the outfit. In the bathroom, I was madly brushing out my hair, pulling out a lot of painful tangles.

But before I left, I stopped myself so I could look at my room one last time. My bed, my bookcase, T.V., even the many posters of my favorite Dragon Masters that are hanging on the wall. I won't be sleeping in here for a while, I'm actually going to miss it, I thought to myself. Snapping back to reality, I started to descend down the stairs and walked into the living room. Two tan colored couches were to my left. As well as a T.V. in front of them.

"Finally, you're up," mom smiled nicely. "I made pancakes," she held up a plate of steaming pancakes.

Much to my stomach's complaint, I refused, "Sorry, mom, but I gotta run!" I ran through our door and bolted outside, feeling the sidewalk under my feet. "Eeeeh! I forgot my shoes!" I skidded to a halt and quickly changed course. I rushed back inside the house to see my mom holding my back and white shoes and socks.

"Forget something?" She said, she was used to doing this.

"Thanks mom!" I grabbed my shoes and socks and started to madly put them on. Hopping on one foot as I struggled to get either one of them on while I crossed the sidewalk. After finally getting both of them on, I bolted towards the general direction of the lab. "Aw man! I forgot to brush my teeth too!" I shouted at myself. "Ah, who cares, everybody has morning breath, I'm sure they'll mind mine."

Down a sloping hill, I ran, but not before I saw a figure in my path. I was going too fast, I couldn't stop myself in time.

"Look out!" I shouted but it was too late, I crashed right into the person, knocking both of us painfully over.

"Ugh!" The person groaned with pain, "Watch where you're going, jerk!" The person snapped. I froze when I got a good look at her.

"Samantha Decker?" I said, clearly shocked.

"Well, if it isn't Ashley Lame-o Aldez," she smirked.