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They say that you don't have any memory of your first and second years. That's a lie, I can remember some parts of my life when I was two. What I remember best is my parents dropping me off at my aunt's one night and telling me that they'd be back soon to pick me up and take me home. Then, I remember that they never came back. I remember crying a lot and that my aunt was nice to me the first three minutes when she told me that she was going to take me for some hot cocoa because hot cocoa solved all problems. She put me in her car and we drove off.

We reached a place I would later learn was called an orphanage and she stopped the car. She took me out, left me in front of the gate and drove off again. I remember that it was dark and cold and that I was scared as hell. Then I remember that the next morning they opened the gate and found me outside, barely conscious. I was carried inside and then the memories get blurry. I just remember that I was sick for days, maybe even weeks, and that the lady who looked after me avoided conversation about my parents and that whenever I asked for them she told me that they couldn't come.

I don't remember meeting Mel, which probably means that she has been my best friend forever. Mel's full name is Melena but she shortens it to Mel because "Who has ever heard of the name Melena!" She's really awesome and isn't that perfect lady stereotype. For example, she loves playing with balls which is mostly a boys' thing. She likes soccer and basketball and, to my surprise, dodgeball. She runs around a lot and doesn't mind getting mud on her shoes on a rainy day, or if her hair gets in a mess on a windy day. But at the same time, she likes quiet spots where she can read her books.

One of the coolest thing about her is her appearance. Even though she is really active and sociable, her appearance gives out a totally different image. She's thin and not tall but not short either, has a cute small nose, freckles, sky blue eyes and this amazing hair. Her hair is long and wavy and is a different colour every day. I don't know which mother would allow her daughter to dye her hair like that, but hers died when she was one year old, along with her father, so I guess it doesn't really matter.

Mel leaves the orphanage once a day. She attends this theatre club, which goes for about one and a half hours. I've been to their performances. I can't say they're artists, but they're still amateurs. The truth is that they look like they don't do enough rehearsals and they keep forgetting lines or when to enter. But the costumes are truly amazing. I remember once, Mel was playing an old lady and her hair, which had been red the rest of the day, had turned white. Or when she played a cat and her hair turned black in a matter of minutes. I guess she goes to the hair place to get it dyed before or after theatre club meetings but I've never really seen her return because they go on for most of the night.

Another thing about Mel that is really awesome is that she's always there for her friends. She's always there for me when I need her, no matter the circumstances, like a guardian angel. Like when those older boys had stuck my head in the toilet, she came into the boys' lavatory to save me. Or when another guy was telling me that no one wanted me, that I was a freak and that my parents were lucky to be dead and be rid of me, she was there to tell him something rather impolite and then comfort me.

Truth be told, I had a problem with talking about my parents. Some other kids said that since my parents died when I was two, I wouldn't remember them but that's not true because I remember my parents and I get teary every time I speak about them. Mel on the other hand, doesn't remember anything from her parents because they died when she was one year old so she talks freely about them. It's unfair that of all the kids whose parents have died when they were young, I have to be the only one to remember them. I've never met someone who can remember thing like I can, and that makes something like a freak to the older boys' eyes.

I've always been bullied, since my first year here. Mel's never been bullied, because she's awesome, but me, I'm totally different. I don't like the same things most boys my age like, like basketball, and I don't listen to the same music as them. My roommates listen to music very loudly and, though I don't mind rock music, I do like it, I'd rather put on my headphones and listen to it either than turn the speakers on as loud as they get and give others a headache. But the fact that I like that music but don't listen to it loudly, isn't enough to stop the bullies. The ladies at the orphanage say that I should try to get along with them. They've been saying this for about eight years, and even though I've tried my best, it's never going to happen.

At least when they're annoying me, Mel is there to support me. For example, when they had stuck my head in the toilet when I was seven years old, I was so scared but she had come to my rescue. She's never left me, not once. At least, not until the day before my eleventh birthday.

I've never really made a fuss about my birthday, that's Mel's job. She's the one, and only one, who gets excited over it. She always dyes her hair my favourite colour, an emerald-like shade of green that day and gets me a present and stuff and wakes up the whole room with her singing. Even though it's kind of embarrassing to have your best friend wake up you and your roommates singing Happy Birthday to you, and the others swear and bury their heads under their pillows to block the noise, I wouldn't change it for anything, because it made me sure that Mel cared for me.

Though the truth is that she's given me odd presents sometimes. When I turned ten, she gave me a black stuffed owl with blue beads for eyes, even though I told her that I was too old for a stuffed animal. But I did keep it on my bed because I liked it a bit, at least she thought of getting me something. Or on my seventh birthday, she gave me a jellybean which I swear tasted like booger. It was the most disgusting thing I've ever eaten, but Mel actually found it funny. She gave me a whole box of jellybeans, but I never ate a single one because I was afraid I'd come across one that would taste like barf or something. I wasn't sure what to expect.

What sucks about my birthday is that it's on the first of September, the same day school starts. I'm never in a good mood that day, because I hate school. I think Mel is the only person who doesn't. She even likes it and admits to be looking forward to high school. One thing was for sure, I wasn't. I didn't see anything special about it, I'd go to the orphanage's high school, try not to fall asleep in class and keep up with the homework which would be very difficult, more difficult than ever. I had no idea why Mel was so excited.

So, on the thirty first of August, the orphanage decided to take us on a trip to the zoo. Trips were really rare and hardly ever happened so everyone was excited. The zoo was a dull place to take us, we weren't five or something, but it was better than nothing. On the other hand, Mel announced that she was terrified of snakes, which meant that while the others were in the Reptile House, we would be sitting on a bench pretending to have fun. I'd rather pretend I was paying attention at school. But of course we couldn't say behind, so I went. Or, more correctly, Mel dragged me to the bus.

On the bus, we listened to music on Mel's iPod. She likes this band I've never heard of and can't even remember their name. They are pretty good but sometimes they say weird words that I don't understand. Mel says that they make them up so they can rhyme which I guess is okay. We didn't really talk on the way. She only asked me if I minded the music. She seemed to want to say something but whatever that was she didn't say it. We could hear the others talking to each other or calling out to people who were sitting farther away from them as we sat next to each other, me looking out of the window, and Mel looking deep in thought.

When we got there, we all gathered up and went on something like a tour through the zoo. Whichever animal we saw, the teachers told us about it, where it lived, what it ate and all that kind of stuff. Few of us paid attention, and I was not one of them. When we reached the lion, I felt like setting it loose on the others. Maybe that would stop their bullying. But of course it was looked and I had zero chances of setting it loose on anyone. The tour went on for ages. I was bored to death because I had heard of these animals doing cool things and these ones just stayed still and looked at us. Some didn't even do that! They looked just as bored as I was.

Our last stop was the Reptile House. The lizards and snakes seemed pretty interesting, but I only got to study the lizards because of Mel's fear of snakes. I saw a chameleon change its colour though, and that was pretty interesting. But then, while others took a look at a bunch of poisonous and not poisonous snakes, which I hoped would jump out of the glass, at least it would be interesting, I sat on a bench with Mel. She thanked me for understanding, but then put on her headphones so she could listen to music while I listened to the tour. I heard something about a cobra and wished Mel would go to the bathroom so I could go see it.

Something else happened though. Mel didn't go to the bathroom but one of the teachers asked to talk to her so she took off her headphones and left me. I decided I found snakes very interesting and made my way to the group so I could take a closer look. Sure enough, a live cobra was sitting behind the glass. "This one is totally awesome!" I whispered to myself after managing to stand right in front of the glass.

"Thankssss for the compliment," I heard a voice say. I looked around and then turned back to the snake. Was it just my imagination or was the cobra smiling? I had no idea why, but I started talking to the snake.

"You're welcome!" I told it "I must be sounding so stupid to everyone else right now, talking to you!"

"Then why are you?" It took me ages to realise it was the snake speaking. But how? Snakes don't talk! But I thought about its question for a moment.

"Because I'm desperate!" I finally said "I don't have anyone to talk to. My best friend is really cool, but she's a girl and everyone thinks it's weird that we're best friends,"

"Why?" the snake asked "I'm a girl too and no one thinkssss it'ssss weird when I try to talk to the boyssss and men who vissssit me. Of coursssse, no one undersssstandssss me. They jusssst think I'm a big sssscary ssssnake. It's nicccce to know that you understand me. I can hardly believe it!"

I laughed a bit. "I can't believe you're speaking to me either. I think that you're actually a good listener," I said and the snake winked. I made up my mind that I was mad, but thought I'd talk with it some more. Just as I was about to open my mouth, Mel appeared out of nowhere and grabbed my arm. I turned around to face her and she looked worried. The other kids were also looking at me as if I was some kind of alien.

"Come on Danny, let's get out of here," Mel said and pulled me out of the Reptile House. I thought I saw the snake waving goodbye with its tail to me.

On the bus ride back, some kids decided it was funny to hiss and then laugh when they saw me but I ignored them. I wanted to sit with Mel, but she took another seat way behind mine. I decided to talk to her when we got back, maybe at dinner. Once we arrived, I went to my room and my roommates started hissing to each other like they were communicating. I silently cursed them and looked for some clothes so I could take a shower and change before I went to dinner.

The guys ended up telling me I should wear a 'ssssweater and a pair of jeanssss' and then go down to 'ssssupper' after my 'sssshower'. I through a pillow at Greg's face and then took my clothes and went to the bathroom. Luckily, this time they didn't hide them or take my towel. I was in a very bad mood however, when I went down for dinner and I had no idea why. I was also pretty sure that this meant that a rough school year was ahead and that I was very unlucky.

Mel, the only person I wanted to talk to at the moment had disappeared and didn't come to dinner. I thought she had gone the theatre club, but then realised that that wasn't their usual meeting hour. She was supposed to have missed it today because of the long trip. I thought she might show up and make up an excuse about washing her hair or trying to get mud off her sneakers, but she didn't. The whole time at dinner, I sat at the table alone, trying my best to ignore everyone else.

When I went to bed, I wished myself an early Happy Birthday, no one would remember it tomorrow now that Mel had vanished and no one had noticed it. I waited until everyone else was asleep so I could close my eyes, a lesson I'd learnt some time ago because I most certainly did not want to wake up with pink fingernails again. I fell asleep certain that the next day was going to be perfectly normal. How wrong I had been!

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