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Our victory gave our House the excitement we needed. After that, just like magic, we started going better in our classes and we earned so many points. Even Zaria got twenty points. I was so happy and I thought, 'This is it, we can actually win the House Cup.' We were all excited and even more ambitious than we were before.

But tell me, how many times that someone gets excited have you heard that it lasts?

For me, it was until that morning on March 2nd.

While at breakfast, the owl post came. I didn't have a problem with that, I just never got any mail so I didn't even bother to search for Azriel. And then while I was drinking my pumpkin juice, something fell on my head. I picked it up and then looked to the ceiling. To my surprise, my black owl was flying over me. What he had dropped on my head was a letter. I opened the envelope and found some parchment with a note written in handwriting I had only seen once before in my life, and that was on my Acceptance Letter.

Mr. Odny, Miss Andrews and Mr. Lupin,

Immediately after breakfast, come to my office. A letter has arrived from the Ministry of Magic which concerns you. I will send a note to your Professors telling them that you may miss all of your classes today. Please come as soon as possible.

Professor McGonagall.

P.S. The password to my office is Etheric.

After reading the letter, my first instinct was to look at the Gryffindor and Hufflepuff tables. Mel and Teddy were both holding a letter like mine in their hands and we were all staring at each other. It was quite creepy if you ask me.

"Call the Daily Prophet," Dominic said enthusiastically "Danny's got a letter!"

"No shit, Sherlock," I said and pulled said letter out of his grasp as he made a move to take it.

"Who's it from?" Danus asked.

"No one," I answered and just as I said it realised what a stupid thing I'd said.

"Danny we can see your letter," said Zaria "You can't pretend it doesn't exist."

"It's private," I corrected myself.

"Can you at least tell us who sent it to you?" Danus urged me.

"Just leave him alone," Janet came to my defence "If he doesn't want to tell you about it, he doesn't have too."

"Sorry, your Majesty," Marius said to her and got up to take a bow. My friends forgot about the letter then and we all burst out laughing. When I looked up I saw Mel looking at me as if saying, "Let's go!" I excused myself and left the table.

We met just outside the Great Hall. Teddy came not long after clutching his letter. "You got them too, didn't you?" he asked nervously.

I nodded. "What do we do now?" Mel asked.

"McGonagall said to meet her at her office," I said "So maybe we should meet her at her office."

Once again I wasn't making any sense, basically because I was just as nervous as my two best friends. A letter had come from the Ministry of Magic. That letter concerned us or maybe even me. Did they know about me being Slytherin's descendant?

And that made me wonder why the Ministry was sending us a letter in the first place? The only grown up we'd talked to about this was McGonagall and we'd made her promise not to tell anyone else about it. If she had broken her promise, I don't even know what I would do to her.

"Let's start there," Mel agreed.

We walked to the Headmistress' office. In our anxiety, we almost forgot the password that she had given us and had to pull our letters out to remember it.

"Etheric," said Teddy and the gargoyle leapt aside, revealing the winding staircase.

We climbed up the stairs and soon found ourselves, for the second time this year, in Professor McGonagall's office. She was sitting behind her desk which reminded me that she hadn't been at the Great Hall for breakfast and was reading a letter, most likely the one that she had told us about.

"Please take a seat," she said and looked up, taking her glasses off.

We did as we were told and sat on the three chairs that were in front of her desk. She remained seated and looked surprisingly calm. "I believe you got my letters," she said "I contacted the Ministry of Magic…"

"What?!" I exclaimed. It was early to judge her, but then my mind didn't think of that because I had been suspicious of her breaking her promise throughout the whole walk to here. "You swore you wouldn't tell anyone!" I yelled at her.

"I promised you I wouldn't tell any of the other Professors," she corrected me.

"But you shouldn't have told the Ministry," Mel agreed with me.

"Miss Andrews and Mr. Odny please calm down so I can talk to you," she said sternly and that shut us up "I contacted the Ministry of Magic but told them nothing about Mr. Odny's identity. I only told them that I have three students who for a private reason wish to visit the Department of Mysteries. That was shortly after you came to me and I hadn't gotten a reply until now."

I think I stopped breathing then. If what McGonagall was saying was true that meant that we might have the chance to find that damn prophecy and finally have some idea about what to do in order to defeat Tolfazor. I was so anxious now to hear what the reply had been.

"They agreed," she said and I exhaled "The letter also came with a portkey which will take you there. It will activate in half an hour." She gestured towards a box which was on her desk. I got up from my seat to look inside and saw a length of rope. I remembered reading about portkeys in Janet's book, so I knew what we were supposed to do when it was activated.

"I suggest you wait here until it's time," McGonagall said and rose from her seat "If you will excuse me, I have classes to attend to. If you need anything, call for Topsy the house-elf. She will be more than happy to help you." She strode out of the room.

We just looked at each other for a good five minutes until Teddy said, "I could use a cup of tea."

"Me too," Mel said.

"Topsy," Teddy called out.

I heard a popping sound and then I saw a creature in front of us. This time, I knew exactly what it was. I had spent too much time reading Janet's book to not know that this was a house-elf. House-elves are basically like servants for wizards, but only rich ones owned them. I bet Janet's family had one or two and so would Danus' or Dominic's. I had guessed that Hogwarts had them as well and I had been right.

"What can Topsy do for you, sir?" asked the house-elf.

"We would just like some tea please," Teddy told her friendlily. That's odd. Why was he talking to a servant like that? He's supposed to command them, isn't he?

"Topsy will be right back, sir," Topsy promised and left the office just as she had entered it.

"She will take a long time now," I warned my Hufflepuff friend.

He looked confused. "Why?" he asked.

"You have to command them and be stern with them," I said and felt like I was talking to a child. Teddy was supposed to know this, he'd grown up around wizards.

"No you're not," Mel argued "House-elves have been mistreated for centuries. It doesn't make a difference what way you talk to them, they will do the job anyway."

"My aunt Hermione has a whole campaign about saving them," Teddy added.

"Oh," was all I could say. I guess that did make some sense.

And then a tray appeared on McGonagall's desk. On the tray was a white porcelain tea pot with rose patterns on it with three matching tea cups and saucers, a matching milk jug and sugar bowl. Each saucer had a little spoon on the side and there was a slightly bigger matching plate with biscuits on it.

Mel picked one up. "See," she said to me as she bit into it "She even brought us biscuits without us asking for them."

I laughed and picked up the tea pot, pouring some tea for all of us. I knew that Mel took hers with a spoonful of sugar. She always quoted that movie we'd watched when we were seven, Mary Poppins, and said, "Just a spoonful of sugar helps the medicine go down," whenever she drank tea. I took mine without sugar or milk, but I didn't know about Teddy, so I asked him.

"A spoonful of sugar and just a splash of milk, as my grandmother says," he told me.

He was very fussy about the splash of milk. He literally had to hold my hands while I was pouring it so I would get exactly the right amount. I rolled my eyes and I saw Mel giggle into her tea cup.

As we were sipping our tea and eating biscuits, I noticed on the clock that was on McGonagall's wall that we had less than five minutes until the portkey was activated. I felt a mixture of feelings, excitement, anxiety, fear... Did the wizards at the Ministry know what we wanted to do? Will they be suspicious as to why we took a prophecy? I tried to put those feelings aside as we put our cups on the tray and pulled the rope out of the box. We each gripped a bit of it tightly and stared at each other until we felt like we were squeezed into a tight tube.

The whole ride was very, very unpleasant. When we landed the first thing I thought was, 'I need to throw up.' Luckily I didn't. But then I looked around and thought, 'Where are we?' because we surely weren't in the Ministry of Magic.

We were lying down after collapsing during our landing. I felt the ground and it was a grassy texture. It was dark around us and we were in a dark forest. I wondered why it was so dark, it had still been morning when we left Hogwarts. I soon saw why, the tress of this forest were so tall and so massive that they were literally covering the sun.

I looked at Mel and Teddy and they seemed as shocked as I was. Mel pulled out her wand. "Lumos," she said and the tip of the wand lit up. Teddy and I copied her.

"Where are we?" she asked as we looked around.

"I don't know," I answered.

We heard a stick crack and jumped. It proved to be Teddy who had simply stepped on one. Part of me wanted to yell at him for scaring the shit out of me, while the other part just wanted to get the hell out of here! Teddy was the one to point out some bushes and we rushed to hide behind them. In a spooky place like this, who knew what could jump out of nowhere and attack you?

As soon as we were behind the bushes, Mel instantly clung to my robes. I wanted to tease her about being a Gryffindor and being scared, but could I really when I was just as terrified as she was. We didn't know where we were and we had no way to get back to school. Someone had obviously trapped us, sending a fake letter that was supposed to be from the Ministry of Magic.

"I'm going to go check it out," Teddy whispered and turned his wand light off.

"Don't you dare!" Mel said as loudly as she could but still be whispering.

"Someone has to go," the Hufflepuff argued.

"I'm coming with you," Mel told him.

I was about to tell them that I was going to go as well, but Teddy spoke before I could. "Melena Andrews," he said to her "I am one year older than you and I know more defensive spells than you do. I'll be alright."

"You're not an Auror, Edward Remus Lupin," Mel said, making me feel as if two siblings were arguing "If something dangerous is out there, you won't be able to fight it."

"I can fight it better than you can. I will go out there, look around and maybe find out where we are. Then I will come back and hopefully know how to get back to Hogwarts."

"He's right, Mel," I said. I didn't want to put my friend in danger, but he had a point. No one was here now and it seemed quite safe.

Mel still didn't seem convinced. "Alright," she said biting her lip.

"Just stay hidden," Teddy warned us as he stepped out of our hiding place.

The bushes were located near a small clearing which looked like the place evil attacks. I so did not like the thought of being there, what's more, my friend walking straight into it.

And then out of nowhere two men appeared. One of them was taller than the other and had dark hair and brown eyes. The other was the scariest thing I had ever seen. He had matted grey hair and whiskers, pointed teeth and long yellowish nails. He looked like the drawings of werewolves in Muggle books. For all I know, he could be one. This is the wizarding world after all.

I was going to yell at Teddy, but the tall one grabbed him by his shirt before I could do anything.

"Well, well, well," he said with an evil smirk on his face "What have we got here? Looks like someone decided to skip school."

Teddy was trying to use his wand, but it had fallen to the ground when the man grabbed him.

"We've been waiting for you, Odny," said the other one.

Crap! They were after me and they found Teddy. They thought it was me. What if they hurt him or even killed him because they thought it was me?

"W-what?" Teddy said, almost paralysed with fear by now.

"You're not Odny?" the tall one asked "But how did… Wait," he paused and leaned closer to my friend's face. After a few seconds he let out a horrible laugh. "I know those eyes," he said, smiling wickedly "Not personally, but I saw a lot of them on your father after I killed him."

Teddy's face paled while his hair turned an angry red colour. "Antonin Dolohov," he said.

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