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Chapter 3: Den Den! Sanji help!

Thousand of sounds escaped den-den speaker. There were laughter, yell, violin music, chewing... Pretty much every sound you can find during good party.

"Here's Thousand Sunny, ship of the Pirate King, YOHOHOHOHO!" she heard from the other side.

'Oh, it's Mr. Brook', thought Reiju. The man was the infamous musician of Straw Hat Pirates. He was well known, since he was once a Rock star and also the only living skeleton one could find walking on this earth... or rather sailing through the seas.

"Hello Mr. Brook. Here's Reiju, is Sanji somewhere there?" she asked.

"Yohoho~!" the man laughed "Isn't it Sanji-san's beautiful sister!" he greet her "Your brother is now making drinks, but I'm sure he will find some time for you, Reiju-san."

She heard skeleton shouted her brother's name and just after that Sanji's yelled something as a reply.

"Just give him 5 minutes" asked Brook. She waited patiently. She could hear the loud noises of celebration. She wasn't surprised. After all today was birthday of Pirate King himself.


Mugiwara Pirates did liked parting. The crew of the Pirate King was known among their allies for their great feasts. Today was a very important day for them all. Today was Luffy's birthday. 23's to be exactly. First ones after he become the king.

Hundreds of people were invited: There were three Yonkos: La Roux "Red-hair" Shanks, Trafalgar "Surgeon of Death" Law and Eustass "Captain" Kid. Near mast were sitting Benn Beckman, Zoro, Silvers Rayleigh and Dracule Mihawk. On prow were laughing Chef of Staff Sabo, Marco the Phoenix and Big Eater Bonnie. Stern was occupied by Dragon and Garp that were now having a little private conversation. Boa Hancock and Koala of Revolutionaries spent their time with Jinbei.

Sanji smiled as he made drinks and cocktails. After all the ladies were thirsty. He mixed fruits, alcohol, milk and other ingredients. He served already Nami, Robin, Vivi, Perona, Hancock and good half of Kuya pirates. He still was making beverages for Koala, Bonnie and of course other half of Kuya.

He was humming sea shanty that Brook was playing with musicians of other crews that come here to celebrate their King's birthday.

"SANJI" he heard the shout of his captain "MEAT COCKTAIL!"

"OI! ERO-COOK, BEER!" yelled the ungrateful marimo.

Than he heard others. Franky wanted his Cola, Chopper a candy flavored drink, Brook a rose tea, Ussop a whisky (he was having a drinking contest with his dad), Jinbei a sake and then came up other crews: Red-haired pirates, Heart pirates and so on. The list was endless.

"Shut up! Bastards!"

Contrary to his words he started making drink for Luffy. It was his special day after all. He just served Koala, and couple of Kuya girls, (Bonnie's drink was a bit extravagant and had a long recipe containing pizza), and bring Luffy a meat cocktail.

"Happy birthday, captain" he said.

Luffy swallowed a sip and laughed his typical laugh.

"Shishishishi! Thanks, Sanji!"

The blonde just smiled and go back to drinking bar where Sandersonia and Aphelandra were waiting.

"I'm coming ladies!" he cried out enthusiastically.

He continued til Brook yelled from the other part of the ship.

"Sanji-san, your sister is calling!"

He blinked. Reiju wasn't the one to make den-dens often. Their relationship although being better than the one between him and his brothers, was still a bit off. After the events on Totto Land their paths split. They saw each other from time to time. He was after all the one who gave them safe home. Magdalene Island, the isle that he named after his mother, was a part of Pirate King's territories and no one with half brain would even try to attack it. Mugiwara pirates visited it from time to time. Sanji did it even more often and not because of his siblings but someone else...

"I'm comin'" he yelled. He still needed to gave the last drinks.

After couple of minutes he picked up the speaker.


"Hi Sanji." she greeted him. The snail smiled. It was a smile of Reiju and Magdalene Vinsmoke. Two important women of his life that were related by blood.

"As much as I'm happy to hear from you, we're having a party and I can't talk for a long time." he admitted.

"I understand. I really do. Tonight the town of Knife's Edge is organizing a party as well. But something happened and we need your help." she said. Her voice was uneasy.

"We?" he asked mockingly.

"Yes. I and our brothers" she said firmly.

Sanji winced. He didn't like to be reminded about this bastards being related.

"Don't budge." she reprimanded him "It's really important"

"You know" he said it loud enough for certain swordsman to hear "If it was Marimo's birthday I would have left right now..." it was followed by loud 'Oi!'. "But today is one of most important days here" he continued quieter.

She sighed.

"The thing is... something happened. I... I can't even explain it but we need you and your crew."

'Ach, a 'GLB' thing than', he thought. If there was a something that couldn't be explained it was classified as Grand Line Business.

"Please Sanji... It really is important."

This time he was the one to sighed.

"I'll set off tomorrow after the party" he promised. "Probably I'll be there in three days... Luffy and others in four"

"Thank you brother!" she said happily.

"Yes, yes, whatever." he rolled his eyes.

He hang up.

Later he took Luffy on side and talk to him. His captain agreed. To be fair he also didn't like the whole situation and Sanji's family but it was Reiju who asked for help. Besides if it really was important and strange then it could be a great adventure!


On Magdalene Island Reiju breathed out a sigh of relief. If anyone could help in this wired situation it would be Straw Hats Pirates.

She smiled as she dial next number.


In the town of Knife's Edge a young woman was sitting in her apartment and reading a book. It was titled 'the magical incidences of South Blue and how to use them'. It was quite a reading and it gave her ideas about new dishes she could cook.

Suddenly she heard her den-den calling.

"Hello?" she asked when she picked up a speaker. "Oh, Reiju-san, it's you!" she said happily. Her face brightened up when she heard three

next words of Vinsmoke woman:

Sanji is coming.

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