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Chapter 4: We have three days?!

Reiju hung up and smiled. Their unexpected situation was now in control. She smiled as she went beck to the living room. She sighed at the broken commode. She looked at Ichiji and Niji. The first one was looking at the cracks in the wall and ground that were left by Sanji's and Yonji's younger selves. Second Vinsmoke was trying to do something with fallen apart commode.

"Where's Yonji and juniors?" she asked and sat on the coach.

"We sent them upstairs to dress up and calm down." said the oldest brother and scratched his blond locks at the back of the head. The red dye that he was using years ago was almost gone and only some lousy string were left sparking crimson.

Niji hissed under his breath when he realised that there was no way the furniture could be repaired. He threw the pieces that he had in his hands on the ground and went to the closet to grab the broom.

"We need to make them understand the rules." he muttered under his breath.

"Don't worry 'bout that," said Yonji that just walk downstairs. "Worry about our Sanji. He won't be pleased that anything in Lady's house got destroyed" he reminded him. Niji flinched. Lady was a nice woman. He would say that even too nice for her own good. She probably wouldn't be angry. It was different with Sanji. Lady let them stay in her own house since she preferred her nice, small, cozy apartment at Knife's Edge, but that didn't change the fact that it was her home and that Sanji was very protective over her. In fact overprotective.

"Speaking about Sanji," said their sister "He'll be here in three days"

They nodded. These visits were never pleasurable, because of the bad blood between them, but they needed help and they needed it fast.

On the other hand, it was great.

"Maybe we will finally have a chance to make it up to him." said Niji as he scratched his chin.

"Please..." winced Yonji. "We tried it numerous of times and it never worked"

"Yeah, what makes it different?" agreed Ichiji.

Niji smiled mischievously. It was his are-you-dump smile.

"Yes, but we can try to make his younger self forgive us. If we manage maybe even our brother will forgive us?"

They blinked. Maybe it was a good idea. They knew just how kind Sanji was. He had his dick moments when it comes to them... and his enemies... but in the end, he had a good heart. They realised it years ago on Tottland.

They smiled. They had a plan.

Suddenly they heard the loud crash.

"That won't be that easy..." they said in union deadpan.

"Three days, you say?" asked his sister Niji. She nodded. "Let's hope it's enough."

They went upstairs only to see their doppelgangers this time all full clothed.

Yonji was holding Sanji by the collar of his T-shirt (oh, and btw the clothe itself was blue with fishes and waves and big white capital written text: ALL BLUE. The previous one with a dolphin got ripped in the previous fight). Sanji was wiggling in his grip and kicking his legs at Niji that was trying to hold them. Ichiji was looking at this with a smirk. Just near him was standing Reiju. She was smiling but the smile was not reaching her eyes.

'How we didn't saw that before' thought the three brothers. Their sister wasn't happy all this time.

What happened next make their blood ran cold. Sanji finally managed to kick Niji. Said boy although didn't fall down, lurched back. His hand smacked the coffee table that in return smacked at the wall. The gold soup ladle, that was hanging above slant and started falling down. The first to react was Yonji. He jumped and in the last second caught it.

All older selves sighed with relief. The soup ladle was Lady's favourite present she ever got from Sanji. They would be so dead if the fragile thing had even the smallest crack.

Their younger selves, save for Reiju, didn't even noticed a thing.

"That's enough!" yelled Niji. Everybody looked at him. "I don't fucking care what the fuck is your problem but your gonna fucking stop!" the older ones sweatdropped at his choice of vocabulary while younger ones were just shocked. "You almost destroyed the second thing in this house in a matter of 15 bloody minutes!"

"Eh?" his younger self looked at him in disbelieve "Can't you buy new? It all look cheap anyway!" he exclaimed.

"Kindly shut up." he hissed at him and looked reprimanding at youngest of them all. "Put your brother down for Blue's sake.".

The shocked boy only nodded and dropped down equally surprised brother while his older doppelganger put the soup ladle on the coffee table.

"Listen carefully," said Ichiji. His voice was full of annoyance "This place is not our property" he started.

Younger three brothers looked at him in disbelieve.

"Everything you see belongs to Lady. If you don't want to feel the wrath of her Knight in shining armour you better keep your vandalising hands... and legs away from anything that isn't ground... and I don't even trust you with that..." he muttered the last sentence.

Silence last only a good couple of seconds.

"What the fuck are you talking about?!" asked shocked Ichiji. "We're royals, not some damn rats!"

The older one sighed. "Maybe you are. We're not anymore. While you are in our time you are going to do what we tell you. Do we understand each other?" he asked. Of course, there was no way they would agree. He knew himself well enough.

"Do you jest!" shouted younger Niji.

Older Yonji sighed and looked at the younger selves. His brothers were currently arguing with their younger doppelgangers. He looked at Reiju. The teenage girl was watching her brothers and gaping and them shocked while helping Sanji stand up again. The boy was no better.

Not like Yonji was surprised. He knew that before Tottland they weren't ones to humble.

"Well, whatever. This is me caring..." said his brother as he decided to end the conversation. Pissed off oldest brother left the corridor, walked downstairs and outside slamming the door behind him. He needed air and sea.

He left silence behind him. His younger self only huffed angrily alongside his brothers. The awkwardness stopped when younger Yonji's stomach growled. Said boy blushed while his brothers started laughing.

Sanji looked at older Reiju and grab her hand.

"Hey, Rei..."

She looked at him wondering what the boy would want. Her younger self was also curious.

"Where is the kitchen?"


Yonji ran. He always was fast but not fast enough this time. The gold soup ladle fell down. They saw in slow motion as it crashed on the floor. The ornaments made out of nail-size turquoises come fall off. Part of lapis lazuli decoration shattered.

Something inside them screamed.

They were so DEAD!

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