"Well everyone, sit back and enjoy the show!"

Everyone gasped in awe and shock as the young Elric brother activated the human transmutation circle. The battle against Father had been nothing short of a monstrous bloodbath. The homunculi had shown no remorse, effortlessly deflecting all the weapons the soldiers had to attack with, deflecting even the mightiest blows from the strongest alchemists with ease, even destroying Edward's mechanical arm. It had seemed hopeless, until the unthinkable happened: Alphonse Elric had sacrificed his body to help Edward combat Father. But it was only with the help of Greed, with his noble sacrifice, that the heroes had been able to defeat Father, sending him to the Gates of Truth to receive his punishment. However, there was no time for celebration, as Alphonse was still at the gates of Truth. Ed was in panic mode. What could he do? There had always been a way; always been a different angle, always been a transmutation he could think of to save himself from the worst of problems. But damn it, why couldn't he think of anything. Then Hohenheim had come in, having the audacity to use himself as a sacrifice to save Al, the bastard! Why did he have to leave?! Why didn't he even stop to consider how he and Al would have wanted?! He could never forgive him, even if he was Ed's no good rotten excuse for a father. But then it came to him. Ed couldn't believe he hadn't thought of it before. So, with a devilish grin on his face, he told everyone to step back as he worked his magic, declaring it would be his last transmutation ever, and in a flash, Ed was gone.

As Ed opened his eyes, the bright, white emptiness of the surroundings settled in for him, with Ed's very own Portal of Truth towering behind him. He was back. Was it really that long ago? Was it really so many years ago that Ed had the delusional idea to bring their mom back, when he declared himself the worst brother ever for bringing Al into that moronic idea, and had them sent to this desolate and almost nightmarish place? That moment really felt like it was yesterday. Suddenly, without warning an outline appeared in front of him. The being had an elementary body, with the outline of a teenage boy, the white surrounding his entire body, and his most unsettling feature: the smile. He had the mind of an arrogant child, mocking Ed for believing he, a mere human, could reverse death itself. Who else could it be but Truth? Shivers shot up Ed's spine whenever the mere thought of Truth crossed his mind.

"So, Edward Elric. It's been a while, hasn't it? Well, I think it's pretty obvious that you want your brother back. So, what is your payment going to be in exchange for Alphonse, boy?"

Ed stared and snarled at the white figure that sat cross-legged opposite of him, but remembering he had to keep his cool, calmed down and gave him an icy stare.

"Well here's your payment. My own Door of Truth in exchange for Al. Since it's my door, I can do what I want with it, am I right? So I'm choosing to give up my Door of Truth for Al's body. That's my proposition."

As Ed finished his proposition, Truth's smile faded, replaced with a look of surprise.

"Are you sure about this? You do know that once you trade this door, you will never be able to perform alchemy again?"

Ed dwelled on Truth's words for a moment, looking off into the white void stretching out in all directions. Could he really give up alchemy that easily? Ever since he had learned alchemy with Alphonse, his life had been filled with many amazing adventures, meeting many new friends along the way, being able to help the people who needed it the most, and to be honest, every time he used alchemy, it gave him a rush of euphoria, knowing he could change the construction of matter to his whim. Was this really what he wanted?

"Meh. Who needs stupid alchemy when I have the best friends and family I could ever ask for?"

Truth stared at Ed in disbelief. He would have never thought he had seen the day a human was able to beat him, the universe itself, at his own game. Perhaps there was still a glimmer of hope for humans after all.

"Congratulations Ed! You beat me at my own game! Go on and take your brother! You've earned it! Bring him home!"

Ed smiled with delight as he saw the space in front of him disappear to reveal Alphonse. But when he laid eyes on him, he could barely believe what he saw. Slowly but surely walking up to his younger brother, he sadly noted the body in front of him was damn near close to being a skeleton. He was naked, with his body malnourished beyond belief. His arms drooped to his sides, his legs not even having the muscle mass or the strength to stand up. Ed was mortified, once again, seeing Al in the state he was, but aside from all the horrendous details, Ed's hope was reignited when he looked into his little brothers eyes. Those eyes that spoke volumes of passion, kindness, and determination without uttering a single word. His eyes glimmered with the light of hope, yet still were untainted by the picture of innocence Al always managed to keep. Even with the worst of people showed him the worst of humanity, that purity still remained deep to the core of his heart.

Ed slowly reached his hands and laid them on Al's thin shoulders. In that instant, Al emotions festered to the surface and tears began to form in his eyes.

"Well what took you so long, big brother?" said Al, barely able to speak above a whisper.

"Well, maybe next time, you fight off the most powerful homunculi by yourself!"

Al couldn't help but laugh at his brother's defensive attitude, and Ed couldn't help but catch his brother's contagious laughter.

"Well brother, lets go home."

"No kidding. Let's go eat some of Winry's special pie!"

Both stood there in anticipation as they were ready to return to their father and the others any moment, but as the seconds passed by, their grins slowly turned into grimaces. The Erlic brothers began to look around, waiting for the scene around them to change, but to their dismay, nothing was there except the white emptiness of space.

"Sorry you two, but you're work isn't finished yet."

Both brothers turned their heads as they saw Truth, and their eyes were as wide as saucers when they saw the hulking shape Truth had taken. He had grown to nearly 14 meters tall, towering over them with his surprising new height.

"Truth, what are you talking about? I did what you asked! I gave you my Door of Truth! What the fuck you want from us?!" screamed Ed, unable to comprehend what more Truth wanted from him and his brother.

Truth's face didn't even change a shade at Ed's sudden outburst, and the edges of his mouth simply spread even wider. "Well, Edward, I could explain it, but then that wouldn't be as fun! So, I'll see you later, Elric Brothers!"

And within the blink of in eye, both Edward and Alphonse fell down into a black hole, as the white landscape slowly disappeared from their view, and they fell to a seemingly endless pit.

The two teenage boys groaned in pain, barely able to muster enough energy to get up. The aching in their bodies was amplified as both moved into a seating posture. That aching however was soon taken over by the complete change of wardrobe and appearance they both had underwent.

"Al! What happened to you?!"

"Brother! I could say the same for you!"

The brother's heads tilted sideways in confusion at what the other was talking about, but both looked down at their clothing and realized what was so surprising. Al and Ed were wearing white leggings, with long brown boots for shoes. Ed's classic blood red jacket and black undershirt had vanished out of sight, replaced with a plain white undershirt covered by jackets containing a strange symbol neither had ever seen before.

As they were observing each other, they began to take note of the landscape around him. They seemed to be in a small crater of some sort, with cabins littering the surrounding field. Not far from where they were stood a watchtower, with a fence surrounding a part of the area they were in, and the rock formations surrounding the other areas. Beyond the fence were a series of mountain ranges and a crisp blue sky with clouds and the heat of the sun shining about the alchemists.

Several yards away, they saw several teens that were wearing identical garments to them, and were lining up, as if preparing for a oration or event of some kind.

Both simply stood there in awe, attempting to comprehend what was happening. As both stood in surprise and a state of shock, the duo were too distracted to see the officer who noticed them standing like brain dead lackeys.

"What are you two doing?! All cadets are to be report to the campus for training!"

Snapping out of their trance, Edward and Alphonse turned to see a man standing to their right.

"Training for what exactly?"

"What are you stupid or something? To kill titans of course!"

So hello, everybody. This is my first fan fiction. I'm relatively new to the creation of fan fictions. I would really appreciate some reviews to make sure that this is worth continuing, since there are a lot of these fan fictions that are discontinued even though they are really good. Just to let you know, any events of the anime that I don't specifically change, assume they would continue just like the anime. Hope you enjoy!