Sins of the Sons

by CandySith

Summary: A study on the pitfalls of attachment and appetite in three men, Qui-Gon, Obi-Wan and Anakin.

Note: Story is Obi-Wan/OC-centric, yes I know very scary, but I don't write my OCs as annoying goddesses and I tend not to describe them for the easy self-insert of the reader if they're into that sort of thing. Ignores Siri and Tahl storylines and retells the events after Order 66. Why? For my dark, evil pleasure.


He had been dreaming of a dark enemy running him through from the side and sure enough, when he awoke he found it had contained a kernel of truth. The blood was dried and the skin was taught when Obi-Wan moved, which had made him groan when he was able to make himself finally attempt to switch positions. Wearily, he had dragged himself to the small 'fresher area in the back where a merciless mirror confirmed he looked much like he felt. He was a mess that small splashes of water just could not hope to fix. Still, it felt good to just fill his hand and let it trickle down his shoulders, smoothing down his livid back like a beautiful caress.

Hands curled along the sink sides and eyes closed, Obi-Wan had simply stood for a long moment to enjoy the cool air on his now wet skin.

When the door to his somewhat comfortless 'quarters' hissed open behind him he opened his eyes. The reflection in the mirror revealed Lyra and his pulse quickened. When she met his eyes she rushed to the bars, reaching her hand out to take his as he approached. He didn't care that Anakin was at her heels, watching his every move. Obi-Wan took it with a grateful squeeze, then asked, "Are you alright?"

"I'm fine, I'm fine," she tried to assure him, but it was little comfort knowing she was alone out there without him, alone to face whatever monstrous things Anakin decided to do.

Anakin seemed to sneer at their display. "You're breaking my heart," he quipped, opening the cell door. Obi-Wan watched the dark gloved fingers of his padawan's mechanical fingers curl along her arm and wanted to lash out as she was shoved inside. Seeing it in his master's gaze, Anakin returned the non-verbal challenge with a hard look of his own, then said, "I'll return later. Enjoy your time together." He was a cold, dark silhouette as he stalked from the room.

Obi-Wan turned back to Lyra and found her hands pulling him by the shoulders into her kiss. He luxuriated in it, pressed his forehead against hers and whispered, "I've missed you," before going in for another kiss. "Has he hurt you?"

She shook her head. "No. Not yet." Her expression darkened a little. "I wouldn't be surprised if he doesn't try to use it as a bargaining chip against you, though. That's kind of why I'm here, actually."

Obi-Wan looked at her gravely. "What do you mean? What are you giving him?"

Her hands pet at his shoulders in a quelling motion; he found he liked to be quelled. "He's asking me to teach him things, Darkside knowledge of my ancestors to increase his power." Her expression was frightened. "I didn't know what to do, Obi-Wan. I didn't want to leave you to face this alone." He touched her cheek gently, felt her trembling as she breathed, "What do I do?"

He shook his head at her. "It doesn't matter what you choose. He's going to do whatever he thinks it's going to take to get what he wants." Pulling her closer, he gave her forehead a kiss. "I would rather see you, see that you're alright for myself. I wish that I could sense you." He fingered the collar at her throat.

"I know," she replied, reaching to touch the one around his own neck. "It responds to his finger imprint alone. We've tried cutting it, exposing it to a mild EMP pulse. It's shielded well." Her eyes looked up into his gently. "Let me see your back."

His pulse quickened in apprehension. "Don't worry about it," he found himself saying, not wanting to distress her. Her hand touched his bare shoulder and she pushed gently. He shook his head against the urging, but her soft gaze made him relent. Closing his eyes, clasping one hand around the other arm, he turned and let her see what he had endured. She took a shaky breath at the vision before her and he knit his brow, wishing he could hide it from her. Her fingertips found his hip as she read the brand Anakin had given him. He hated this, hated her seeing these marks.

Her words echoed his very thoughts. "How could he do this?"

Turning back to face her, Obi-Wan shook his head. "The Darkside has twisted him. I can barely recognize him and I feel..." A thread of pain and shame pulsed through him. "I should have seen it. I should have known what he was becoming."

"No one knew." It was true, yet he had known Anakin better than he knew anyone else. How could such darkness hide for so long? For surely this had been growing within him, could not have happened so fast as it seemed. Yet, when one considered the speed with which the day transformed into night...

Taking his hand, Lyra led him to the cot attached to the wall across the way and he sank down tiredly. "What happened on Coruscant?" she asked him.

Obi-Wan sighed. "I made it to the Gallery and found a tracer signal etched into the metal, but there was also a trap waiting for me. A probe droid shot me with a dart, but I managed to find a place to pass out safely. When I woke up I got to Dex and he helped me off Coruscant and into that monstrosity you saw me arrive in." The memory of it ignited a new sense of betrayal in him, which he tried to subjugate quickly. He was going to have to meditate to purge himself of the dark emotions swirling within. "What about you? I heard you were attacked trying to get Padme here?"

Drawing her arms around herself in vain comfort, Lyra whispered, "Bounty hunters were after us. I took her to Naboo. I couldn't bear the thought of denying her family the right to mourn properly, no matter how dangerous. She deserved that much. She told me Anakin had visions of her dying in childbirth."

That surprised Obi-Wan. He knit his brow. Death in childbirth was simply nonexistent on developed worlds. "Perhaps the Force was telling him something else. Perhaps it was one of many possibilities." The distant future was one of the most impossible things to harness with mere sentient understanding. The Jedi used precognition during battle, but these were flashes not more than a few minutes ahead of the present moment. The further one got from the present, the more variables could change the path the future was making. "Who would do this?" he wondered aloud.

"Palpatine," she whispered and he turned his gaze on her in surprise. She was biting her bottom lip in thought, then continued, "Who else? The enemies she made during the war are scrambling to do damage control right now. If the hunter that escaped is a relative of Fett's as I suspect, the one who hired him must have a sizable reservoir of cash flow. And Palpatine bent Anakin to his will to consume him, to make him his apprentice. Padme knew that, brought us those recordings of what happened in the Temple. She's one of the few people that stood a chance of bringing Anakin back, changing his mind. Palpatine could never destroy her on charges. His only recourse to keep Anakin on his side would be a bounty hunter."

It made sense, he had to admit. Obi-Wan frowned at the floor, seeing the story play out in his mind's eye. "Have you suggested this to Anakin?"

Lyra nodded her head. "When I told him about what happened. It took him aback, but he claims not to believe it."

"Of course. He would have to admit he was wrong, a skill he's always had difficulty mastering." He again found his ire rising and had to take a moment to just breathe. Her hand found his temple and brushed back a few stray strands of his dirty hair. When Lyra whispered, "I'm so tired of death," Obi-Wan brought himself out of his thoughts to take her hand. The truth was he was tired of it as well. Months away from Coruscant, days on end flying or fighting or negotiating. Sometimes even a victory or two. But always coupled with death and destruction. It wore the mind down, even the Jedi mind.

"Then let's not talk about it," he replied simply and she nodded, her pale smile betraying her enjoyment of his unsophisticated battle plan. Obi-Wan mirrored and took a lock of her hair between his fingers, giving it a soft tug. He let a playful leer cross his features, hoping to tease them out of their melancholy. "You know what else I miss?"

Lyra laughed at him. "You're impossibly bad. Just be aware there are recorders in here. Old ones, but still possibly functional."

Obi-Wan made a show of looking around. "Good. Where are they? I want to give them insulting gestures."

"What would Yoda say?" she admonished. She pressed the backs of her fingers against his abdomen and caressed softly. He had a feeling Yoda would have something to say about that as well.

"In 900 years he's probably learned more than a few good ones," he replied with a smirk. He flashed a particularly nasty one that Twi'leks used at humans and she slapped his hand in a soft rebuke. "Qui-Gon taught me that one."

"Of course he did."

The name stirred images within Obi-Wan and he looked at Lyra seriously. "Something strange happened in the Gallery. His hologram flickered on by itself. It looked at me, straight in the eyes. I know it's programmed to do so, but it felt so real, like he was really looking at me. And I swear it said my name and that I could feel his presence." He felt ridiculous saying it now. Yet the eerie feeling remained. "I miss his direct honesty now that I've seen so much duplicity. I don't know. Maybe this whole thing has driven me crazy."

"The Jedi teach we become one with the Unifying Force," she reminded him, but her shining eyes were thoughtful. "I've heard of others experiencing such things. Think of that creature we saw on Dromund Kaas. And I have, once or twice, thought I felt him. It may not be as clear cut as we imagine." She gave him a sly look. "Of course, if I actually ever see him, I might talk to him about the things he taught his padawan."

Scooting closer to her so their sides were touching, Obi-Wan retorted, "You can punish me if you like. I'll even try to learn from it."

Her mouth opened in response, but the door across the way hissed open and Obi-Wan tensed, expecting Anakin's return. He was grateful when Lyra's maidservant entered instead. She carried two things in her arms—a large container and his Jedi robe. "I've been allowed to bring food," she said, setting the box down outside the cell. "And I've laundered your robe."

"My new favorite person," he replied gratefully as Lyra drew him over to accept the goods.

The young girl grinned at her mistress as she passed the robe through. "I like this pet. You may keep it." The girls both laughed at his expression.

They ate a meager breakfast together, seated on the robe they had spread along the floor near the cell entrance, talking about inconsequential things or other things that kept them away from dark ruminations. It was a strangely beautiful morning, considering that they were locked away with him injured and both betrayed, facing death at any time. After breakfast his weariness caught up with him and he had to lay down. At least now he had something soft and warm on which to suffer.

Lyra joined him, letting her hand roam across his form, soothing him into a comfortable drowse. When Anakin returned he had stopped, watching the display with unreadable eyes until Obi-Wan awakened and saw him. Reaching across, he awakened her from her own sleep and as Anakin took her away he felt both strengthened by her visit and sorrowful that it had come to this. When the door shut he forced himself into the lotus position and closed his eyes, unable to touch the Force but able to revive its tenets within him through dedication and meditation.

That night Anakin returned for him.

He was asleep on the floor, his robe wrapped haphazardly over his upper half for warmth. The clang of a boot against the bars was what awakened him with a start. "Sorry, Master."

Standing up, Obi-Wan rubbed his face and retorted, "I'll bet you are." He took a few seconds to himself, to prepare himself mentally. When he finally looked up Anakin had settled back against the gurney upon which he had first tortured the older Jedi. Obi-Wan closed the distance and arms crossed, stood at the bars to face his former padawan. "What are you making her teach you?" he asked, hoping to catch him off guard and trick him into revealing something, anything.

If Anakin was startled by the question he did not show it. "You're about to find out, unfortunately. I don't think she realized I would take the knowledge and experiment with it on you. You may wish to keep that a secret for her peace of mind."

A wave of anger pulsed through Obi-Wan at that. How quickly even Jedi serenity could be injured! He supposed by now he should not be surprised by Anakin's actions. Steeling himself, he nodded once. "Get it over with then."

"Tell me something," the younger man said instead, folding his arms, eyeing his master through those now too cool eyes. "How far would you go to protect her? To preserve her life, maintain her virtue and goodness?"

Obi-Wan felt a pang of anxiety at the question, but it wasn't anything less than what he had expected would come sooner or later. Anakin was going to use their love against them. It made tactical sense if you were a monster. "I will not betray the remaining Jedi. I cannot and she knows it, supports it and will mirror it."

Anakin shrugged that off as a minor thing. "I'm not talking about that. What would you, yourself, sacrifice? I know you would give your life and your physical well-being for her, that's not even a question. But what if you had the opportunity to save her and others by sacrificing your grace? Your integrity?" Obi-Wan hardly knew how to respond to that and his former padawan didn't seem poised to demand a reply, nodding as if the silence was expected. "It's something I want you to think about over the next few days."

"I don't understand," Obi-Wan replied uncertainly, thrown off balance by the proposition. What was Anakin getting at?

His apprentice's expression softened, but was resolute. "You will, Obi-Wan." And then the game was on. Anakin exhaled and looked his weakened master over, then said, "Now tell me where Yoda is."

"He's dead," Obi-Wan retorted quickly, easily.

Anakin didn't buy it, of course. Yet there would be no blood to mark his defiance. His apprentice lifted his hand and Obi-Wan cried out in sudden agony. A snapping noise in his hand confirmed a break. He held it out, not daring to touch it lest he damage it further, watching as the skin started to turn red. Anakin watched his pained reaction without expression. "The collar prevents your midichlorians from interacting and being interacted with, but not your flesh. The technique is called 'Bone Shatter'. She didn't teach me that one directly, however, so don't worry that she's in any way responsible for your pain."

"You would bear the full extent of the responsibility even if she had," Obi-Wan hissed back, holding his arm gingerly against his chest, breathing hard as the pain dulled to an ache.

"I suppose you're right," Anakin agreed, then asked, "Who is helping the Jedi?"

Despite himself Obi-Wan couldn't stop from growling, "Palpatine," which won him another broken bone in the same hand. Even after the break the sound of it happening played again and again in his mind. The pain was dizzying and hie swayed on his feet, but it only served to make him all the more steadfast instead of compliant.

"How many Jedi survived?" Another break. "Did Organa know you were on Alderaan? Did Padme offer to help the remaining Jedi? Where is Yoda?" By the end of it Obi-Wan was on his knees, arms curled inward and head down as he moaned at the pain radiating through him.

Anakin had moved to stand at the bars at some point during the questioning, was now crouched so he could look into his master's twisted expression as he all but whispered, "Where is Yoda?"

Sweat poured from his forehead and trickled down his back. The ebb and flow of his torment threatened to rob him of his consciousness. But he had lost none of his resolve. Forcing his eyes up, Obi-Wan glared in refusal to reply.

"I've learned enough," Anakin said, looking uncomfortable despite himself. It didn't stop him from raising his hand, however. He had the look of a man set on his destiny and that chilled Obi-Wan, for it meant there would be no depths at which his former padawan would stop. "I think I can now make you feel the pain of a break without actually damaging the flesh. Let's both pray that I'm correct."

The meaning took a second to register, bringing with it fear and sorrow. Obi-Wan didn't even have time to tense his muscles before the agony seized him. It was like a hand wrapped around his spine, slowly closing inward, building pressure along bone and flesh like a vice. He started shaking uncontrollably as the nerves were compressed. And then suddenly the fist closed hard, mercilessly.

Throwing his head back, Obi-Wan screamed and then hit the floor. His fingers clawed at the stone beneath him. He could barely think, couldn't even tell whether or not his back had truly snapped or if it was just an illusion.

He had a vague thought of wondering if this was what death felt like before the blackness of shock dragged him beneath its inky depths.


Anakin did not come to her the next day and she was frightened by that could mean. Was he with Obi-Wan now, practicing some ancient, evil art? Was Obi-Wan alive? She approached the clones stationed at the stairway sometime before dinner and was turned away without a reply, leaving her anxious and aching.

The next day passed without her seeing Anakin, but that night after dinner he graced her with his presence and the crimson color of his eyes startled her. Despite her almost painful curiosity, Lyra resisted the urge to give him the satisfaction of knowing she was afraid. He offered nothing as to the state of Obi-Wan's health until she asked him quite calmly, "How is he?"

Seated with her before the fireplace, now lit against the night's cold and darkness, he said simply, "He's alive, for now."

Lyra crossed her arms and gazed into the flames nearby, watching the occasional spark. It did nothing to warm the chill in her heart as she said, "You used what I taught you against him?"

Anakin nodded without reserve. "You're very astute. Oh, I hear you came looking for me. I had no idea you would miss me." She wanted to slap that smirk off his face.

"Don't be a fool," she admonished him harshly, her shimmering eyes glaring.

That only made his smile widen. She hated his amusement, hated that he made her feel such strong emotions. Pain seemed a game to him now and for the life of her she could not figure out how he had become so lost. He sat forward on his couch across from her. "Speaking of our little lessons..."

Lyra narrowed her eyes. "So you can use it against him again? I don't think so."

This deflated his humor a bit. "I could always experiment on him myself, untrained and without a clue. That could prove interesting. It worked once." She wanted to demand what that meant, but he went on. "What I want tonight has nothing to do with him, anyway, so you needn't fear I'll use it against him. I want to move on, beyond human form. I want to sense more, to see more, to reach into the subatomic. Teach me to open my mind to the universe, Master Lyra. I want to feel the energy, to find the Unifying Force at its heart."

"You've been reading Sethra's diaries." A chill passed through her. "That doesn't happen over night," she replied, startled by the sheer enormity of what he was asking. Had others done it? Yes, they had and had walked away either crazy or broken by the realization they could not channel such power.

"I can touch it," he disagreed, shaking his head, eyes conversational instead of twisted. "I know I can, I've almost done it myself. But I need your guidance. I need to follow your senses."

"I've never even done this myself."

Anakin frowned impatiently at her. "You still know more than I do. Teach it to me." When she shook her head, too frightened by the prospects of what he could do even with the bare minimum of such power, his expression went flat with a promise. "Would you like to watch me torture him instead? I'll take you with me, make you see his pain. I don't want to do that to you, but if you bar me from this knowledge, so help me..." He was losing himself, tainted by the Darkside on this world, unable to control it because in many ways, despite what he had done, when he had come to Xhal he had been almost an innocent in comparison. As time passed, so much longer did the Darkside prey upon the minds of those unable to withstand its pleasures.

Shaken by this realization, by what she was seeing before her very eyes, Lyra gave in and motioned to the floor. She slid off her couch and seated herself, watching as he mirrored her. Anakin reached for her neck and pressed his forefinger along the back of her collar, removing the hateful device that suddenly seemed a sanctuary to her now. The Force flooded back into her like blood into a cold extremity and she took a deep breath, trying to separate the darkness from the light.

And then she closed her eyes and started searching her scattered memories of things her ancestors had learned. She could sense Anakin focusing on her, zeroing in on her senses and latching on like a parasite. Feeling him there was like its own jail cell. There was no freedom in the Force anymore.

Wanting this over and done, to be rid of his presence, Lyra stretched her senses toward the fireplace and said, "Focus on the flames. Feel the warmth and the motion of the whole."

"I can feel it," he confirmed, and she could feel the way he examined the space, cataloging and probing.

He was the kind of learner that delved ahead, not stopping to appreciate what he saw for what it was. She could sense him picking apart the flames one by one, pushing inward to find what made each spark tick. "You're too impatient," she admonished him, winning a flash of irritation mingled with surrender. "I want you to break the flames down into their chemical components, yes, but don't lose sight of the whole. You need to see the connection between all the processes to be able to reach their interactions with the Force."

Anakin pulled his senses up short and followed her guidance. "I apologize, Master. I was wrong."

About a great many things, she wanted to say back, but knew she could not. It would only serve to anger him and she feared that anger would be visited on Obi-Wan in retaliation. Instead, Lyra ignored his attempts to create an illusion of ease and moved on. The quicker he was satisfied, the faster he would leave. "Feel the heat simmer around the wood in the fireplace. Follow the ions as they break away and combine with the oxygen in the air."

She felt a realization in him and they both opened their eyes. "This is what Dooku did, isn't it? How he could create lightening at his fingertips? He manipulated the ions in the air?"

"I suppose that must be true," she countered, wondering if Anakin would now utilize his former enemy's skills. He closed his eyes and motioned her on, latching on to her senses once more.

"More than the reactions, I want you to feel the energy it costs to move each piece of the puzzle. The oxidation produces a chemical energy. Feel it and follow it. You can sense echoes of the Force moving with it. The energy of the Force is the companion of all the energy of the universe. If matter could exist in a state without energy it would not move. There would be no reactions, no light, no thoughts to capture the truth of the universe. The Force is where energy begins, what touches all things and sets things in motion. It is the opposite of gravity."

Anakin nodded, a spark of hunger for knowledge igniting in him each time he found the secret connection between the Force and the tangible universe. "The Jedi teach this as theory," he said, still lost in the echoes surrounding them. "But why don't they teach us how to sense and harness this part of the Force?"

The question was at the heart of why she was reluctant to teach it. "It's dangerous and addictive, and there are few uses for it by such limited beings as we are. The delicate and complicated steps to do even the simplest of actions requires a mind capable of far more processing power than most sentient beings can supply. I'm only teaching you to touch it so you can see for yourself the magnitude of what you're trying to take on."

"Dangerous? Addictive?" He shook his head, not understanding, ignoring the point she was trying to make.

Lyra sighed and pulled her senses away, causing him to look at her. "You sensed the Force energy surrounding a flame. You desire to open your mind to the universe as a whole, to the all-encompassing, the Unifying Force. The amount of that power that just your mind can contain is infinitesimal in comparison."

"But the Jedi teach we are of the Force..."

"...Bound to flesh in this stage of existence." She shook her head at him, wishing she could somehow convey the impossibility of what he desired. "The midichlorians will feed to you the Unifying Force for as long as you draw it in, without awareness of your physical limitations. Others before you have tried this, Sethra included. Some took in so much they exhausted their bodies and suffered catastrophic neural failure resulting in death. Others managed to survive only to awaken damaged, both psychologically and physically. Some gave it up. None of them managed to remain connected to the whole for any longer than a moment and none could focus that kind of power into an intelligent action."

He looked subdued and she hoped beyond hope he was beginning to see what she was saying. Perhaps the thought of losing his power and mind frightened him. Still, he pressed, "And the addiction you mentioned?"

That was the worst part of it. She could recall bits and pieces of Sethra's experiences, of her emotions, and it was the kind of thing that colored her nightmares. "It''s beautiful, Anakin. I won't lie to you. Being connected to all things, seeing even a portion of the great whole. The energy fills you, it enlivens you unlike anything you could imagine. You crave it when its gone."

"Can I tell when I'm in danger of 'overwhelming' myself?"

His question gave her a sinking feeling. He was going to try it anyway. "Sethra would stop at a certain point in her connections. She would start to get almost giddy with joy. Every nerve would be on fire with pain and pleasure. She was found in this state once, laughing uncontrollably. And then suddenly the urge to move, to think, it would all just go away. It was exhaustion and she had to wrench herself out of the apathy and force herself to close her senses off." Lyra shuddered at the memories of it. "It frightened her, Anakin, so much so that she became afraid to even use her normal power, fearing it would awaken the hunger. She almost refused to take part in the Transference, to pass on her memories, but relented only when threatened. Since then none of us have sought to take on that much of the Force."

The tale did not make him happy, yet she could sense his iron determination set upon its course. "It's a risk I'll have to take," he said quietly, then closed his eyes.

Slowly Lyra led him on into the vast expanse, coaching him on how to extend his senses, to feel the connection between all things. The echoes of the Unifying Force soon grew into shouts that shook her to her very soul, yet still he pressed on, searching for something she could not define. Together they became aware of the very molecules surrounding them, could sense atom crash into atom and the magnificence of it made her stand in awe at the complexity of the Force. It was just as beautiful as Sethra had passed on in her memories and terrified, Lyra pulled her senses from the precipice.

Anakin did not. She opened her eyes and saw his exultant expression. He was every bit as lost in the rapture as she had been. She could sense him reaching further and further, exploring the space around them as if he had never seen it—or anything, for that matter—before in his life. His eyes were open, but not focused on anything visible to the naked eye. When he spoke his voice trembled. "It's stunning. It's bliss. Why did you pull away? Come back, it's..." He panted a few breaths and then gazed at her. "You're luminous."

It occurred to her that she could let him die like this, could coax him into continuing on into the void, but could she live with herself?

"You're taking on too much," she warned him, frightened by the strength of her own temptation. She could sense him reaching for more, thirsty like a dying man in the desert and she cursed herself for agreeing to this. "Anakin, stop."

"Don't be afraid," he replied, seeing her without seeing, eyes moving back and forth as if caught in a dream. "I never thought... It was always just power, but now..." He took a deep breath and she shivered with his next words. "Can I find her?"

Lyra felt like her heart had stopped as the meaning of his question sank in. Her voice barely audible, she whispered, "No one ever has."

He stared at her as if seeing into her heart. She could see his body tremble with the weight of what he was taking on. The Unifying Force was like a storm around them and she wanted to shake him for daring so much.

And then he said five words that shattered her tenuous hold on her own emotions. Five words that shook her to her core, five words breathed in awe and hunger. "You have life in you."

Anakin's lashes fluttered shut as he fell out of the rhythm. He brought unsteady hands to his temples and seemed to be willing the world to return to equilibrium. When he could finally peer up at her he wore his weariness on his sleeve. "That was... It was incredible."

Lyra could not reply. Her hand covered her lips to hold in her shock as her eyes burned with tears. No. It couldn't be. Her other hand reached for her abdomen, shaking the entire way.

He stood, swaying on his feet, and it brought her out of her horrified reverie. She said, "What you're trying isn't possible."

"You don't know that."

He had a new hunger in his eyes that had not been there before. It frightened her. "I wish you could bring her back, Anakin. I really do. But you must know that it simply cannot be." Surely he could see that.

His eyes hardened at her certainty. "I will find a way," he retorted, then took up his cloak to stalk out.

Right before he hit the door she asked him, "What are you going to do?" Would he tell Obi-Wan what he had learned? Was it even true? Her heart pounded as she waited for him to speak.

Pausing without turning, Anakin thought for a handful of seconds, then replied, "I don't know." And then he was gone.

Lyra leaned back against the couch behind her, thoughts racing and stomach churning. Others had dared search the Unifying Force for their loved ones souls and had come up empty. As a rule one became One with the Force when they perished, but there were too many flukes to assume that applied to every soul. Yet to find a spirit among the unseen? One that could not even touch the Force? Anakin was powerful, but he asked to achieve the impossible. And when he finally figured that out Lyra was terrified of what would follow.


PS: Lyra from my story is not Lyra from Rogue One. They stole my name! ;)