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It was only a few hours after the D-Team plus Jonathan have returned from Zeta Point. "All communications to Zeta Point have been shut down," Reese said after a third try of trying to gain communications to the island.

"I hope Rod and the others are alright," Laura said worried but let out a small smile as Terry tried to comfort her.

"Don't worry about them," Jake said, "I'm sure they're fine."

But not far from them was Rex and Jonathan taking, "I already know I'm from the future seeing as my adopted father found me in a pod but can you tell me what happened?" Rex asked.

"Your father, Dr. Ancient, and mother, Dr. Cretacia had a vision," Jonathan explained. "I vision of the dinosaurs calling out for help."

"That's what we heard when we first grabbed the stones," Max said holding out his Dinowatch followed by the rest of the team, showing the piece to Jonathan.

"Yes but it was a complete disk," the android said as the others revealed their pieces.

"I guess mines the centerpiece," Jake said getting a nod. "After many tests they discovered they could use the stone's power to travel to the time of the dinosaurs," Jonathan revealed.

"But where does the Alpha Gang come into play?" Zoe asked.

"They went along for the trip not wanting to be left out on such a trip," Jonathan answered. "After arriving the scientists were able to turn the dinosaur to cards that's when things turned for the worse."

"But what about Rex?" Max asked.

"Well Dr. Cretacia didn't know at the time but she was carrying young master Rex inside of her," Jonathan answered before going back on track. "Dr. Z's diabolical work delayed our plans with the card conversion taking 6 months instead of 2."

"Then Rex started kicking with even more trouble, correct," Jake asked. "Yes we were going back to our time for Rex to be born then resume the project but Seth and Dr. Z sabotage the time machine," shocking everyone.

"I knew they were bad but to do this," Jake said.

"The day you were born they knew you would love dinosaurs so they hung that necklace," Jonathan said.

"So that's where it came from," Rex said looking down at it.

"I still can't believe you're the same baby I saw all those years ago," Laura said.

"It was then they secretly summoned me to protect you at all cost in case of an emergency which became a frightening reality," Jonathan continued scaring everyone. "The plan Seth devised turned deadly because as we were testing the final warp test Dr. Z and Seth launched your parents, me and you out of the ship and into the time stream," finishing his story.

"Then that's when Dr. Owen found you," Spike said.

"And my parents?" Rex asked. "Forgive me but my memory bank doesn't hold any more information except for what I just told you," Jonathan revealed looking down.

"Yeah don't you worry I'm sure your parents are alright," Max said placing his arm on Rex's shoulder.

"You're not alone bro cause we're here as well," Jake said.

"But how is Seth involved?" Reese asked.

"To force dinosaurs to evolve that's why," Max said.

"I remember Dr. Ancient always arguing with Seth," Laura revealed gaining shocked looks from the D-Team. "I shivered at the coldness in his eyes," she said as she was trying to shake off the memory.

It was then Jake gasped for air clutching his heart. "Jake are you alright?" Zoe asked worried.

"Seth's using Fire Scorcher again," he grunted getting back up.

"Zeta Point just showed up," Reese said, "And there's a UFO approaching," shocking everyone.

Running outside, they all saw the rest of the Alpha Gang get out of the ship. But as Dr. Z was getting both his beard and butt bitten by Terry and Ace the Dinowatch went off, "Where's the dinosaur?" Dr. Z asked getting up.

"It's on Zeta Point and there's two dinosaurs appeared," Jake answered.

Since this episode is the different parts I'll try and fit them altogether so on with episode 48

Off in the distance was Zeta Point flying over the city; however, what was jumping down from Zeta Point was shocking everyone.

Because as the thing landed there was two dinosaur's one black, with fire running through the veins, and the other white but both of them were Tyrannosaurus with the white one having longer claws as the only visible change.

Trailing the two dinosaurs were both the D-Team and the Alpha Gang. "Seth is behind this I just know it," Dr. Z yelled. But Jake ignored it staring at the two dinosaurs, "Where have I seen those two before?" he thought to himself.

"You alright?" Zoe asked. "Yeah just thinking that's all," her boyfriend answered.

"Is it me or are they looking for something?" Zander asked as they were both looking for something.

But no one could answer as both dinosaurs attacked the jets, "We need to bail out now," Spike yelled as everyone from both ships ejected; however, the bad news kept coming as Jake landed right in front of the two dinosaurs.

"Oh man why do I get the feeling they're after me?" Jake muttered to himself.

But before the two mutated dinosaurs took another step Chomp, Ace, and Paris appeared. "I'll get in on the action as well, dino slash! Let's rock Eoraptor," Jake yelled swiping the card.

Using Lightning Spear, Chomp ran right towards it but the move hand no affect. "Then let's try this Fire Cannon on the other dinosaur," Jake commanded but that move also had no effect.

"Fucker is mocking us," Jake growled as the two dinosaur's response was to puff air through their noses.

"With sizes like theirs they can deserve to jerks," Rod said.

"But why are they staring at Jake?" Spike asked as the dinosaurs were indeed staring at the mentioned teenager.

"So it is me they want but why?" Jake thought.

As they regrouped, an image of Seth appeared, "I hope you enjoyed both my Black T-Rex and my Indominus Rex," he said.

"When I get my hands on you Seth you're toast," Dr. Z yelled.

"So that what they're called," Zoe said.

"Don't argue about it Max Seth won't even care," Jake said before Max could yell.

"Now hand over the stones," Seth commanded.

"Never," Max yelled but dodged as new droids jumped down.

"ZOE," Jake yelled as the androids kidnapped Zoe.

"I'll ask one more time, hand over those stone," Seth commanded once more.

Head lowered, Seth thought that now he had the girl they were sure to surrender but was confused as to why both teams nervous. Well, he got his answer when Jake roared, "I'm going to tear you apart for taking Zoe, BANKAI," yelling the last word as a HUGE burst of power swirled around the teenager.

Looking behind him, Seth was shocked as to see both of his dinosaurs stepped backward but refocusing to what was in front of him the lead boy had the girl in his arms with his own androids destroyed.

"I'll get those stone from you brats one way or another," Seth smoothly said disappearing.

Before both Tyrannosaurus returned Jake heard, "We'll be meeting again chosen child."

"Common let's go to Zeta Point," Max said.

"Then while the Alpha Gang takes their own ride we'll be taking ours," Jake said as the buggy morphed to flight mode.

Hopping inside, the D-Team followed the Alpha Gang, leaving Ed, Zander, and Ursula behind, to the burned hole in Zeta Point. Encountering droids at every turn Jake and Jonathan took care of them, "While they're taking care of the droids we'll taking the elevator up to the Bridge," Dr. Z said as everyone rushed past the two fighters.

Still fighting Jake said to the droid, "We need to find the others."

"Yes," Jonathan said put stepping on something he saw a robot arm and hand, "I know that arm from anywhere."

"Helga?" Jake asked getting a nod.

Finding all the pieces they were able to fix Helga and regroup with the others, who were trapped in a random room. "Common to the Time Machine room," Dr. Z said.

Upon entering the room, they saw Seth with wat looks like copies of the stones, "So it looks like you already made copies uh Seth," Jake voiced.

"What but how?" he asked. "Doesn't matter but are you looking for these," Spike said holding up the copied stones before escaping.

Running down the hallway, the group were stationary when Tyrannotitan was in front of them. "Tyrannotitan," Max said as Seth walked up behind the dinosaur.

But bursting through the hallway connecting the two was Terry biting on the throat sending the other tyranno dinosaur to the ground. "I'm not letting you take Zeta Point without a fight," Dr. Z said.

"Then if it's a fight you want it's a fight you'll get," Seth said, "Fire Scorcher."

"Man that move again," Jake grunted. "It's too powerful," Rex said.

"I don't care how powerful it is there must be a way to beat it," Max growled. "Dino slash! Roar Triceratops," summoning Chomp to its battle form.

"Dino slash! Blow them away Carnotaurus," Rex said summoning Ace to his battle form.

"Thunder Bazooka," Max said going first swiping the card. However, as the move landed it did no visible effect as Tyrannotitan threw Chomp to the side with Ace making his attack but with no visible damage.

"Oh man not even a scratch," Zoe said.

Before another move could be use Seth launched Fire Scorcher but, to everyone's surprise, a huge crystal appeared reflecting the attack to the dinosaur making a visible mark. "Guys use a fusion move," Jake yelled.

"Then let's go," they both yelled. "Together Max," Rex said. "Thunder Storm Bazooka," they yelled.

Charging, Ace in front of Chomp, the two dinosaurs combined showing a drill of wind and electricity ending the battle. "We got the Tyrannotitan card," Max said.

"No matter as I already perfected my two dinosaurs," Seth said showing a Dinoholder. "Now rise Black T-Rex and Indominus Rex," he roared as the two dinosaurs were summoned.

But even with Seth commanding them to attack they just stood there, "Why aren't you attacking?" Seth demanded.

"It's me you want isn't it," Jake said stepping forward. "JAKE?" Zoe yelled worried but couldn't do anything as the Indominus Rex roared at her.

"We have been waiting for this day," the Indominus said in their minds but it sounded female

"Yes for even we dinosaurs have known when a human with special abilities would be born," a male Black T-Rex said.

"Why me?" Jake asked.

"There are higher powers that foretold of you young Harry," Indominus said.

"But now we must see if you're ready for the future," Black T-Rex roared as the entire area changed to that of the jungle.

"But only you alone will be tested," Indominus said as a huge force field took effect denying access to everyone on the outside.

"What are they doing?" Seth asked typing on the Dinoholder but it refused to work.

"Jake don't do this it's too dangerous," Zoe yelled.

"Reflect the light, Eita," Jake said releasing weapon getting into a stance.

"Fire Scorcher/White Flame," the two dinosaurs yelled combining the two attacks.

"Crystal Reflection," Jake commanded returning the fused attacks.

As the attack connected causing smoke, Jake rushed in slashing at the two dinosaurs as, to everyone's surprise once more, actually did some damage.

"Wow he's doing some damage," Rod said. "But no enough damage," Laura said as Jake was thrown back to the shield. "Jake your injuries," Max warned as he saw glimpses of blood on his shirt worrying Zoe even more.

"I know," Jake said holding his left shoulder.

"Scorching Fang/Crushing Claw," the dinosaurs called out once more bursting through the smoke.

Resealing Eita, Jake said, "Spread your wings towards everlasting light, Shiroi Tenshi," before doing a rolling dodge forward dodging the fang then holding the blade at a vertical angle blocking the claw.

"Shining Burst," Jake yelled as a white light burst from his body making some injuries on the two dinosaurs; however, had to hold his left shoulder once more.

"Why don't you give up," Indominus said getting back up.

"Yes, we all know we'll win," Black T-Rex added, "I don't know what the higher powers meant when they said that he'll be the destined one but I don't see it."

"Yes my friend let's just kill the rest of them staring with the female he loves so much," Indominus followed.

"I don't care what you do to me," Jake growled, "But I won't let you harm Zoe." But what shocked everyone, including Jake, was that a black blade appeared in his left hand with Eita floating around him; moreover, looking closer at Eita it seems to have changed. Now taking form of a scythe as the blade was crystal, "Now time for round two," Jake said rushing in as the scythe blocked the oncoming claw attack then counted as all three blades glowed different colors now making some serious damage.

"That's what I'm talking about," Max cheered as everyone still watched the human with wired abilities take on two mutated dinosaurs.

After about 5 or so minutes of slashing, all three competitors looked tired. "Had enough you overgrown lizards," Jake panted as Eita, since Jake couldn't keep focus, returned to the teenager.

"Not even close," Black T-Rex said charging once more followed be Indominus.

Holding the blades in a reverse grip, Jake rushed in then with a jump all three connected. "So who won?" Rex asked.

"I don't know," Spike said.

But the winner was clear as both dinosaurs burst into particles being absorbed into Jake. However before anything could be done Seth grabbed the down teenager before fleeing, "Seth come back here," Max yelled chasing after him followed by the rest of the group.

Entering the Time Machine room, they see Seth strap something onto Jake. "What are you doing to him?" Zoe yelled.

"His power is the thing I need to complete the time machine," Seth said.

"But you're hurting him," Laura said both seeing and hearing Jake yell in pain. "No matter for when I'm done he won't be breathing," Seth told them but was confused to why the machine was going out of control.

"What's going on?" Seth said typing faster. "I promised I would tear you to pieces and I always keep my word," Jake voiced overloading the machine opening a portal sucking Seth in.

"You alright Jake?" Zoe asked before he was knocked out.

After who knows how long Jake woke up to see the group in front of him. "I take it your Rex's real parents," he said towards the two new faces.

"Yes and we thank you for befriending him," the female said.

"No problem but seeing as Swift and the others are here then it's time for you to go home," he stated getting nods.

"We already said goodbye to our dinosaurs but we thought it would be unfair if you didn't say goodbye," Max informed his brother.

Bending his knee Jake looked at the dinosaurs he befriended over the year, "Look, guys and girls, it's been a blast but this is where we part." Also looking down Swift and the others said their own goodbyes before Jake returned them to their card form.

"See you around," Jake told Rex as the humans from the future were teleport to the Backlander before vanishing to the time portal.

And that is the end of this series, sorry if the fight wasn't one you were expecting but I wanted Jake to have some action seeing as he barely hand any lately so yeah; moreover, there will be a new fanfic for this series which will be called Prehistoric Magic: Time Adventure I'll probably be changing the name but expect it to be up soon so see you later.