It had been a long and gruelling fight but after enough effort and a bloody large amount of bullets, the Warrior, the fiercest creature to ever roam the face of Pandora had been slain by six vault hunters. Now all that was left to do was deal with Handsome Jack.

Zer0 the assassin and perhaps one of the most skilful out of all six of the vault hunters due to his exceptional expertise in the use stealth approached the absolutely dumbfounded Jack. Then in one swift motion, he unsheathed his sword and stabbed Jack straight through his gut. He held the dying man up so that he wouldn't slump as he wanted to savour the kill that he had been longing for. Once Jack became limp Zer0 pulled out his sword and allowed the body to fall to the ground.

"The tyrant is dead/Pandora has been saved/Time to loot," Zer0 said in his usual haiku.

"Amen to that!" Axton cheered as he and the rest of the vault hunters began their looting spree.

This is where we join everyone's favourite psychopath, Krieg.

Krieg was searching through a section of loot, taking anything which he deemed to be a valuable addition to his deadly arsenal of weaponry.

"Well, well, well, look at us, we actually killed someone for a better reason then for the sake of it," The sane voice said with a chuckle.

Now for all those who don't know, Krieg isn't like the average everyday psycho which you would encounter on Pandora. Somehow he still retained the voice of his former self, the old, sane and normal Krieg. It would speak to him sometimes, commenting about what he was doing and about how nine out of ten times he wouldn't be heard by himself.

Krieg cackled quietly to himself after the sane voice had spoken.

"Hmm, I guess you heard me that time," The sane voice said.

As Krieg continued to search through several piles of loot, one thing caught his eye. From in a nearby pile of guns, he could see an orange beam mixed with all the other coloured beams, displaying the rarity of the weapons. He quickly looked around to see if anybody had noticed it. No one had. So he quickly got close enough to the beam to identify the object with his ECHO device.

It was a legendary class shotgun called The Conference Call. It was painted a jet black with red streaks down the sides of the weapon. The weapon was also imbued with the corrosive element, so it would be handy for eating through enemy armour.


"Krieg got a legendary, ugh so jealous right now," Gaige moaned as she rifled through a pile of loot.

As everyone continued to search through the loot, Brick and Mordecai showed up, revealing that they had not perished in the barge crash and managed to escape. Currently, they were both talking to Lillith about what they should do with the Vault key.

As they did this the now fractured Vault key began to fluctuate with a dim purple light which slowly began to get a little brighter as time passed. Out of the corner of his exposed eye which wasn't covered by his mask, Krieg saw the fluctuating light.

"Shiny light, shiny light," Krieg muttered to himself as he started to make his way towards the Vault key.

"I don't think the key is supposed to be doing that," The sane voice said hesitantly as the vessel he was in got closer and closer to the key.

"Must touch shiny," Krieg said to himself as he got even closer. He didn't know why he wanted to touch it, but only that there was some sort of need to. Like it wanted him to.

"I know you don't listen to me very often but now I think it's a good time to, don't touch the key!" The sane voice said in a more elevated tone than before.

"Must touch, must touch," Krieg continuously muttered as his hand inched closer and closer to the key.

"This is gonna suck," The sane voice said, wanting to facepalm.

As soon as the tips of Krieg's fingers made contact with the Vault key a huge blinding light burst forth from it, temporarily blinding anyone who looked towards the source before a shockwave also emitted from the key, knocking everyone over apart from Brick due to his size making him harder to topple.

"What the heck was that?" Mordecai asked as he got back onto his feet.

"Alright, who used their powers?" Salvador asked.

"I didn't do anything!" Both Maya and Lillith said in their defence.

"Ugh is the Vault key meant to be like that?" Brick asked whilst pointing to the key.

Everyone turned and looked to see that all three pieces of the Vault key had fragmented into varying sizes and that a certain psychopath was missing.

"What has that kook gone and done now?" Axton asked rhetorically to everyone.

Some place elsewhere

Krieg felt like he just taken a ride on the most nauseating amusement park ride to ever have existed. In short, he felt like shit. He quickly pulled his mask off of his face to allow him to vomit.

"That's it, buddy, get it all out," The sane voice said to try and comfort the psycho. "Now where the hell are we?" He asked rhetorically.

Krieg quickly swivelled on the spot to take in his surroundings without letting his guard down as he tightened his grip on his buzz axe. From what he could gather he was in some sort of desert, so it was still possible that he was still on Pandora and that the Vault key hadn't have teleported him too far away.

He then placed his mask back onto his face and began making his way up a sand dune.

"THE HEAT IS SO MUCH I CAN FEEL MY SKIN COOKING!" Krieg shouted for no reason.

"It's not that bad," The sane voice said after the outburst.

After a short trek, Krieg made it to the top of the sand dune and had himself a better vantage point than before. In the distance, he could see what looked to be some sort of large city or town.

"I wonder if anyone is still inhabiting that place?" The sane voice asked himself. "Best chance of getting back to everyone is to go there," He then stated.

As soon as he said this, Krieg tumbled down the sand dune all the way to the bottom and began walking towards town.

"I guess you heard me," The sane voice said with a small chuckle. "Shame you couldn't earlier, though," He said as Krieg began throwing his buzz axe into the air and catching it multiple times as he made his way to the town and hopefully people.

Unknown to him, however, things were going to get very interesting.

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