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Winston made his way down the many corridors of the Gibraltar base, pondering on the new development that he had thought up during his visit to Angela. He knew that if it was possible and that it worked, he may be able to help Krieg and possibly restore him to the man he once was. However all the variables in doing so would be dangerous and may cause even more mental trauma then there already was.

He approached the room of both Zenyatta and his pupil Genji knocking on the door lightly, knowing that the two did like their peace and quiet when it came around to it.

"Enter," Said a voice on the other side of the door.

Winston opened the door and squeezed his way through the frame due to his large size, before being to achieve a more comfortable posture.

"It's a pleasure to see you Winston, please sit," Zenyatta asked of the scientist as he gestured to an empty rug opposite him.

"Where's Genji, I've rarely ever seen him leave since the both of you arrived here?" Winston asked the omnic as he positioned himself on what would be Genji's kneeling rug.

"He told me that he had important business to attend to back at his home and that he would not be gone for long," Zenyatta explained as he poured some herbal tea into a cup for Winston as a show of hospitality.

"Please drink," Zenyatta requested as he held out the cup for Winston, who took it graciously.

"I'm here to talk to you about an idea I've had about helping our new friend," Winston said after having a sip on the tea which somehow made him feel more tranquil and at ease.

"Please, indulge my curiosity on this matter," Zenyatta asked Winston politely.

"I was with Angela not so long ago when she came to her final conclusion, telling me that Krieg is suffering from multi-personality disorder and a very serious case of it as well," Winston explained.

"I to agree with the doctor's decision. This man's mind has been clouded by violence and insanity, yet part of who he was still remains, clinging on like an autumn leaf." Said Zenyatta.

"Indeed," Winston said with another sip. "But I believe that the key to helping him lies with you and your abilities."

Zenyatta remained quiet for a moment as he put the pieces together, understanding what winston was going to ask of him whilst also knowing the risks that it could bring to Krieg and himself. Either of them could be left in a comatose state or even rendered brain dead if something were to go awry.

"What you will ask of me brings danger to both Krieg and myself," Zenyatta addressed. "However if you believe that my aid will help to restore his mind back to a balanced state, then it would be rude for me to decline," Said Zenyatta, agreeing to Winston's idea.

"Thank you," Winston said with a smile. "I'll go over more of the details later when I come up with something more concrete," Winston said as he got up to leave. "And if you see Krieg before we go through with this, don't tell him as I don't think his less reasonable side will take to well to the idea of change." Winston told him.

"My lips are sealed," Zenyatta said in response, creating an awkward pause in between the two. "That is a joke as I do not have lips, but I will remain silent."

"Good," Winston said as he squeezed his way out of the room and off to wherever he needed to go next.

*Meanwhile with Claptrap and Co'*

"Thanks for looking after my minion during his time here, he does like to get himself into trouble and if I'm not there to stop him, only the Almighty Robot Policeman would know what would happen," Claptrap told the small group who had joined in conversation with him and Krieg.

"You can say that again," McCree said with a light-hearted chuckle. "Guy nearly took my arm off. Never thought I would go through something like that again," He said as he inspected the welding on his robotic arm after Krieg's previous outburst when they first met.

"Excuse me Clappy," Lena said piping up from the back. "Why yah keep calling Krieg your quote on quote minion?" Lena asked, basically speaking for the whole group on the matter.

"Oh that," Claptrap exclaimed. "Well after the train that he was on, as well as a bunch of other vault hunters, got blown up by Handsome Jack I saved them all by bringing back to my place and getting them to Sanctuary," Claptrap explained to them all. "Therefore they all technically owe me a life debt, so I decided to make them all my minions."

"Did they at all consent to that title?" Angela asked, making sure that Claptrap wasn't treating them unfairly in any way.


"No. We didn't." The sane voice said as if he was headbutting a brick wall.

"This Handsome Jack man sounds like trouble, what happened to him?" 76 asked Claptrap.

"Ohhhhh, that name still grinds my gears," Claptrap said with frustration. "But all's good, because my minions made him a stone cold corpse with their overpowering badassness."

"Sounds like you hated the guy," Said McCree.

"You know out of all the people and robots on Pandora, I think I hated him the most and had the greatest lust for revenge against him," Claptrap thought out loud.

"Why do you think that?" Asked Angela.

"Well after stabbing me in the back, or more so shooting me in the face and killing me for a bit, he destroyed my entire product line and fellow Claptrap friends, making me the last of my kind."

"At least you still seem cheery about things," Lena said commenting on Claptrap's the of voice.

"Oh no, I only sound cheery because this is my default tone of voice. I'm actually quite depressed," Claptrap said partially correcting Lena's statement, bringing about an awkward mood to the group. "But don't worry I have my anti-depression systems running at maximum, so there is no chance of me having an emotional breakdown, like Krieg when he gets angry," Claptrap said as he gave Krieg a solid pat on the back of his leg.

"DON'T TRIGGER THE VOICES THEY TRIGGER ME!" Krieg shouted in response.

The group just looked at the two, trying to hide their dumbfounded faces. The two were just completely strange. One suffered from an extravagant amount of insanity, whilst the other had a painstakingly obvious inferiority complex. Yet there was something about the two that just made them likeable. With Krieg it was that his insanity led to some pretty comedic situations and with Claptrap, his exaggeration did lead to some pretty epic sounding stories. They thought that perhaps they could squeeze out some more information from them over time as they stayed with them, but for now they knew they just had to get on other each other as best they could.

It was then at this moment when Torbjorn walked in and the real fun began.

"Hey I didn't know you guys had a dwarf friend," Claptrap exclaimed at the sight of the stout Swede. "Personally I love dwarfs, great to have an eye level conversation with."

"Even the time travelling robot calls me a dwarf!" Torbjorn exclaimed in frustration, causing everyone else to snicker and hold in bursts of laughter. "Listen here you little dustbin, I am not a dwarf. I. Am. SWEDISH!" He shouted as a small vein on his forehead was visibly bulging for all to see.

"Eh, potato po-tah-toe," Claptrap said nonchalantly in his regular cheerful tone.

Torbjorn knew that if he got any angrier, he would melt likely go into a molten meltdown and destroy the entire base just to try and get his point across to everyone. Not a good idea. So with much grumbling and wall kicking Torbjorn left to do some engineering to try and soothe his mind.

Once he had gone, everyone just burst out into laughter, even 76 and Angela who were known to be the most serious of the lot. But they couldn't blame themselves, seeing Torbjorn get that angry so quickly was one of the funniest things that they had seen. The laughter did die down eventually after they realised that they shouldn't tease the man for just being shorter than most people, as well as having a constant bad mood that could erupt into full blown anger at any time. Torbjorn had his quirks, just like Krieg and Claptrap and everyone else and that was fine with them.

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