A/N: Part two of this ridiculous series, in which Draco can't keep his hands to himself, Ginny and Luna consider a third, Pansy is a bad team mate, and Hannah is impressed.
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The Seventh Year Scavenger Hunt: Part II

Camera moves forward into tent three, where Neville is reluctantly pulling on his blue team robes and Hannah is sipping from a muggle water bottle.

Terry: You were supposed to be here an hour ago.
Hannah: I was with a teacher, Jerry. I couldn't just leave, for fuck's sake.
Terry: Hagrid was passed out drunk, and you and Susan were both laying in his pumpkin patch!
Hannah: God, you're such a fucking buzzkill. [Holding out her water bottle] Here have some of this, it will take the edge off.
Terry: Wha — is that alcohol? You can't drink in this competition, Hannah! It's written explicitly in the rules!
Hannah: [Hesitating] In that case, it's water and definitely is not muggle vodka.
Terry: [Holding his hand out] Give it here.
Hannah: I need water or I'll get dehydrated and die. Is that what you want, Jerry? Do you want me to die, you sick fuck?

Terry snatches the bottle away as McGonagall appears in the doorway.

McGonagall: Boot, what the fuck are you doing? The Hunt was supposed to have started already!
Terry: [Puffing his chest out] Just waiting on these two, Professor.
McGonagall: What is that? [Snatches the bottle from Terry and sips it] You're drinking on the job? Jesus Christ, sort your life out.
Terry: It's not mine! I confiscated it from Hannah.
Hannah: [Muttering] Fucking narc.
McGonagall: I'm confiscating this. [Glancing at Hannah's cigarettes on the table and reaching for them slowly.] These too.

McGonagall tucks them both into her robes and leaves.

Neville: So, should we go or —
Hannah: [To Terry] Can you edit any of that out? [Pulling a second pack of cigarettes from inside her robes and lighting one up] My mum is probably watching.
Terry: No, we're on live.
Hannah: Oh. Oh well. [Shrugging and blowing smoke as she looks down the camera] Hey, mum.

Camera shot changes to the other three teams lined up outside their tents.

Harry: [Muttering] Stop touching me.
Draco: I'm not touching you.
Harry: Your hand is literally on my arse.
Draco: It's not.
Harry: I can feel it, Malfoy.
Draco: [Surprised] Oh. Hmm. I have no idea how that got there.
Harry: Well, are you going to move it?
Draco: Have you considered that maybe your arse is on my hand?
Harry: I want to punch you.
Draco: In a sexual way?
Ron: [Yelling from the other end of the line] Can you two fucking stop?
Pansy: Let them go, they might kiss.
Ron: That's disgusting.
Draco: You're disgusting.
Pansy: Shut up, Draco.
Draco: You shut up.
McGonagall: [Taking a swig of "water"] All of you shut up.

Neville and Hannah exit the tent, followed by a cloud of smoke and a disgruntled looking Terry Boot.

Ginny: Finally! [Winking] What were you three doing in there?
Neville: [Spluttering] Nothing!
Luna: That's a shame. [Looking at Ginny] What about Neville? We haven't considered him.
Neville: Considered me for what?
Ginny: [Looking Neville up and down contemplatively] I don't know. [Looking over Hannah the same way] I'd rather her than Neville.
Hannah: [Scoffing] Fucking obviously.
Neville: You don't even know what they're talking about!
Hannah: I don't need to know.
Ginny: Sex. We're talking about who we want to have sex with next.
Ron: [Yelling] What the fuck?

Terry moves in front of the camera, straightening his tie.

Terry: So here we are ladies and gentlemen, only moments away from beginning the Hunt, and our teams are absolutely buzzing to get started!

Camera pans along the line of students. Ron is whispering furiously at Ginny, Luna is watching Hannah with her head cocked to the side, Pansy is adjusting her cleavage, Draco is whispering something in Harry's ear that has him blushing, and Neville is looking between Luna and Hannah.

Terry: Absolutely buzzing!
Ginny: [Elbowing Ron] Shh, that host guy is talking. I think we're starting.
Hannah: [Helpfully] His name is Jerry.
Terry: [Spinning around] No it's n —
Pansy: [To Hannah] Oh, do you know him?
Hannah: No, I don't think he goes here.
Pansy: I fucking told you Weasley.
Harry: Can we get on with this please? If I'm not allowed to quit I'd really like to get this over with.
Ron: [Muttering] Things he says to Malfoy at night.
Pansy: [Snorts] [Fist bumps Ron] Nice.
Terry: [Raising his voice loudly] The first challenge has now been placed in each team's tent! They need to piece together the clues in order to figure out the next clue and move on.

Terry looks expectantly at McGonagall who is taking another drink and wipes her hand across the back of her mouth.

McGonagall: What? Oh right; piece together, because it's a puzzle. [Waving her hand absently at students] You can all start now.

Camera zooms out as each team makes their way back into their tents. Camera one follows Ron and Pansy into their tent.

Pansy: [Dragging Ron by the sleeve] Fucking hurry, Weasley! I'm not losing this!

Camera zooms in on a small grey box as Pansy snatches it from the table and rips it open. A hundred puzzle pieces fall onto the table.

Ron: This is great, I'm the best at puzzles!
Pansy: Don't be stupid, I'll do it.
Ron: [Trying to reach around her to get the pieces] No, I'm serious, I'm really good at them just let me —
Pansy: [Elbowing him] I said no!
Ron: Stop being difficult!
Pansy: Stop being a Weasley!

They continue to tussle and the pieces end up scattered across the floor.

Pansy: Oh for fucks sake! Pick them up!
Ron: That was your fault! You pick them up!
Pansy: You're fucking infuriating!
Ron: You're the one who said we work well as a team; you're not being a very good team mate.
Pansy: [Muttering as she reaches down to begin collecting the pieces] They've paired me with a fucking Hufflepuff.

Camera cuts to the next tent, where Luna is inspecting the puzzle pieces closely, and Ginny is watching her fondly.

Luna: The pieces want to join together, you know. They're drawn to one another. We just have to nudge them in the right direction.
Ginny: [To the camera] She's very wise. [Standing up to partially block the camera's view of Luna] Why don't we chat? How's your day going?
Cameraman: Is she using her wand? That's against the rules.
Ginny: [Laughing] Of course not.
Luna: [Tucking her wand away and gesturing to the now complete puzzle] The next clue is in the library.

Camera cuts to Harry and Draco's tent. They are both standing by the table looking at the spread out puzzle pieces, close enough to be touching.

Harry: Wha - The pictures on the pieces are moving!
Draco: It's a wizard puzzle, Potter what did you expect?
Harry: How are we supposed to put it together if it keeps changing?
Draco: [Running his hand slowly up Harry's arm] We could just do something else.
Harry: Malfoy. [Glancing at camera] We're not — there's nothing going on between us.
Cameraman: Literally no one believes that.
Harry: You're not supposed to talk! [Grumbling as he turns back to the puzzle] And plenty of people believe it.
Draco: Stop being so pouty. Let's just —
Harry: We need to do this puzzle! And there are people here!
Draco: But what if —
Harry: [Exasperated] If we get this done, later when we're alone I'll — [Leaning in and whispering in Draco's ear.]
Draco: [Whispering] Fuck.
Harry: Deal?
Draco: [Clearing his throat] Yeah. Yes. Yes, okay deal.
Cameraman: What did he say?
Draco: You're not supposed to talk! We're trying to work!

Camera changes to Hannah and Neville's tent. Hannah is smoking again, lounging with her legs over the arm of the couch. Neville is working quickly at the table.

Neville: [Turning to Hannah] I'm er, I'm done.
Hannah: What?
Neville: [Gesturing] The puzzle, I finished it.
Hannah: [Scoffing] That's impossible.
Neville: [Irritably] It's not impossible. I did it.
Hannah: [Standing up and moving over to the table] Well, fuck.
Neville: [Shrugging] I did a lot of puzzles as a kid. I got fast at them.
Hannah: Shit. [Looking impressed] Not bad, Longbottom. Okay. Well, next clue is in the library.

Camera follows them as they exit the tent; Hannah is watching Neville with an uncertain expression.

Hannah: So, do you want one of my smokes or something?

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