Two days. He had lasted two days before she had gotten to him. Aside from looking at the feed initially to verify what she had said in the chat, he had focused on work. The work was always most important, and he tried not to concern himself with what she was doing, but damned if she wasn't too captivating not to watch. Towards the end of the first time, he had found himself looking at the feed a little more often, smirking to himself as he watched her fidget with her phone. She looked exactly as lost as he imagined she must have been coming into a situation like this, like a deer confronted by a hunter. He wished he could hear her, he saw her lips moving from time to time, and could even make out what she was saying on occasion. More often than not, she would loft her shoulders up, her expression confused, forming the words 'What the...oh…" a few times, stopping just shy of swearing.

He had gathered up the courage to call her, intent on a serious question that melted into awkward joking when she murmured out a quiet "Hello?" clearly unsure who was calling her. Perhaps his mistake had been thinking she was a serious person. Either she was just as fond of teasing others as he was, or she was the most naive girl he had ever seen. Within the span of minutes, this girl who had never seen him had said she loved him, at his urging. It wasn't until he had hung up that he began to wonder if she knew it was actually a prank or if she had believed his words at first, and that was what convinced her to follow his orders so well. He recalled mentioning there were security cameras all around the apartment on the outside. He did forget to say they were also inside as well, and maybe it was that which made her so relaxed in the altogether strange situation. He discovered late in the night when the work was rattling his brain that she had a way about her of easing his mind. She'd pause what she was doing to sweep her hair back behind her ear, wide, bright eyes closing and opening slowly, her lips full, parting slightly, chest rising and falling with her slow, steady breathing. He was used to noticing every detail, and nothing escaped his gaze.

He chanced talking to her in the messenger a little bit, afraid to say the wrong thing, of upsetting her fragile tranquility, but it was him that ended up most upset. She wasn't boring, she was a delight, a lot of fun, and a few times, he had actually laughed. Like she was saying everything to him, meant for him only, her eyes accidentally locking on the hidden camera just above her a few times, like she was looking at him directly. He tried to focus only on his work, his fingers absentmindedly pressing a few keys, realizing only after he looked back that he had focused it more sharply, zoomed in as much as the narrow, small lens would allow. It wasn't going to be easy at all to ignore her presence, not when it felt like she could really be close enough to reach out and touch. That was only the first night, only on the second day did he find out just how unintentionally sinful she could be.

Seven frowned, he really should have told her about the cameras, it would have made his life so much easier. Maybe though...maybe she was aware of them the whole time, her glances to the camera more frequent now, her gestures gnawing at him. That lone finger pressed to her lips, the way her tongue grazed over them as she took her morning tea, and the best, the very best was when she knelt down to search for some misplaced item he hadn't bothered to concern himself with. How could he care what she was looking for when the curves of her hips were on full display, the gentle side to side sway more than a little flustering as she reached further back to feel for whatever she was looking for. Unless it was desperately needed, he truly hoped she never found it, compelled to spend her day searching for it, if only to watch her a little longer. It was fascinating, like she was dancing, but not quite, her body lowering to the floor, spending only a few more minutes searching before she gave up, content to lay there like that for a bit.

His hands came to a stop, tearing his eyes away to the phone. Calling her was a terrible idea, one that would only further frustrate his already tense situation. He squeezed his thighs together irritably, turning away, content to ignore his growing arousal until it vanished. This was important. At least, that was what he kept telling himself. It wasn't until he heard the soft click on the line that he realized he actually had called her. What the hell was he supposed to say? About to hang up, he looked to the camera once more, his other hand instinctively travelling to his zipper. He had to focus, but how could he like this? He listened to her for a few moments, still trying to decide what to say to her, cringing visibly when she heaved a soft sigh, the feed telling him she had simply shifted her position, more relaxed on her back, her legs pulled up. Not like he could see anything scandalous before, but this, this felt more exciting. Her skirt was long enough to hide what he was most curious about, regrettable. And yet, somehow, her legs alone looked fantastic in the thin tights she wore, enough to make him consider what kind of panties she had on.

"How are you feeling? Have you eaten?" he tried to make small talk.

He bit his lip to stay quiet, afraid to alert her of what he was doing. Work was his life, and his brain was like a computer, storing away the important things, and trashing what wasn't needed, and for that reason alone, he could no longer recall the last time he felt compelled to do such a thing. Her though, he felt like every movement, every softly spoken word, every moment of this was recorded flawlessly.

"I'm a bit lonely. I haven't yet, how about you?" she asked curiously.

He swallowed away his pleasure, concerned he might growl out his answer, keeping it short, knowing his breath would start becoming noticeably heavy if he talked too long.

"Not yet...I'm hungry." he told her.

His lips felt dry, licking them nervously, his hand gripping just a little tighter, back and forth just a little faster, his heart racing as she turned just right to allow him the briefest glimpse of her panties as she turned on her side. No, he needed to hurry and make an excuse.

"Ahh! My boss wants me to get back to work. Sorry, but I'll call again later! Bye!" he hurriedly excused himself.

Hanging up, he set it down, leaning lower in his seat with a pent up groan, a tinge of guilt sinking in as he saw her almost sad expression. She really was lonely, but in his mind, in his fantasy, she wasn't alone, he was at her side, feeling just how soft her skin was, grasping her gently, pressed up against those lacy black panties, more daring than he expected of her. He fought to keep his eyes open, focused on her lips now, huffing out slowly, his thighs tensing, a tingle shooting through his stomach like a small electrical shock. Not paying attention to anything but her, his hips lifted, crying out louder than he meant to, thick strings lingering between his fingers, though the edge of his desk was spatter with spots like a strange constellation. He glanced over his shoulder, half-concerned Vanderwood might have came back early, but by some small miracle, he hadn't been caught in the act, though he felt he cut it dangerously close.

Seven bent down, fetching a shirt from the floor, wiping up the mess before discarding the garment once more. He adjusted the band of his pants, zipping them up, taking a deep breath before sparing her one last look. She was looking at it again, and he was getting the feeling she knew exactly what he was doing, that she was putting on a subtle show just for him, and somehow it was exciting to think she might do it again, just for him. Maybe something a little racier next time, something to make the sleepless hours seem bearable. He'd never admit to it, but his mind had been presenting increasingly pleasing options. What if he could send her something really sexy to wear? That much wasn't possible, but just pictured the possibilities had him nearly ready for round two already. Even better if he could actually go, could somehow do the things he imagined to her, to hear her moan out for him. The most dangerous thought, however, was if it was even a remote possibility that she knew and was intentionally exciting him, what if he simply called back and let her hear him? Would he see more then? No...he had to put it out of his mind, he had his fun, and now it he had to get back to his assignment.