Hello everybody! You guys said you would like to see a Ghost Rider Jack and here it is! Please note that this is a completely different Jack due to his ability to transform into the Ghost Rider. he is also already in a relationship with Miko, though it isn't shown here that much. Anyway i hop you enjoy the chapter. This takes place during Predatory.

Chapter 1

Jack ran as fast as he could. Running past the trees and past fallen logs, he knew he had to get away as fast as he could. Arcee had told him to not follow her, but he being worried for her caused him to be discovered. When he had found her, she was restrained to the cliff by what looked like giant webbing with an eight-legged Decepticon above her. When he had tried to help her, Arcee just told him to run, due to the fact that Airachnid would hunt indigenous species. Getting the hint started to run into the forest, Airachnid in pursuit.

After running for what felt hours, Jack had found Airachnid's crashed ship. Luring said Decepticon, Jack had ignited a nearby stick with his Swiss Army Knife and threw it at the leaking engine, causing the ship to blow up. Sighing in relief, Jack had started to make his way back to Arcee, only to be completely blindsided by a very scorched and pissed Airachnid. Dodging her webs, he started once again try to escape the spider-con until Arcee managed to get herself free and rescue him.

As he managed to find a fallen log to hide behind, Jack could hear Airachnid calling out towards him, telling him what she was going to do once she had him. Yet despite being able to block out Airachnid's screams for him, Jack could not out the voice that was in his head.

"Let me out Jack. You and I both know that I only come out whenever the presence of evil is abound." The voice spoke in his head.

Shaking his head, Jack looked at his hand to see the bones of his fingers and his hand slowly burning away. Shaking it quickly, his hand turned back to normal. "I'm not transforming." He said.

"You cannot stop me Jack. Besides, you don't have a choice. Look up." The voice said.

Looking up, Jack saw Airachnid looking down at him, her sharp teeth on display. Backing away as quickly as he could, Jack did not get far before he was bodily thrown and smashed into a tree. Groaning he slowly got to his feet, only to be webbed to the tree, his entire body except for his left arm, to be stuck to the tree.

"So Jack, what do you think I should do with you, hmm? How about evisceration!" Airachnid gleefully said as she raised one of her talons into the air and brought it down.

Only for it to be caught!

Looking at her talon in shock, Airachnid looked closely and saw that Jack had caught it with his free arm. Once Jack had a firm grip on her talon, Jack ripped it out her completely. Screaming in pain, Airachnid stumbled back in pain and looked at Jack fearfully. "WHAT!?" she asked.

"You should not have tried that." Jack replied, but he sounded different, raspier and much deeper.

As he said this, his head started to turn an angry shade of red before it started to peel away. His eyes changing from his normal blue eyes to that of orange. After a few seconds, Jack's head was completely gone and was replaced with a skull that was on fire. Where his eyes were, now had orange flames as eyes.

Looking down at his stuck body, Jack dropped the severed leg and ripped the webbing with his now flaming skeletal hand. Once he did so he grabbed the leg and hurled it at Airachnid. "Here! A little pick me up!" Jack said.

As Airachnid dodged her own tossed leg, Jack ran up to her and punched her in the faceplate, causing her to fly from the impact and slam into a tree. Getting up, she was about to fire her webbing, when the sound of engines caught her attention. Both turning, they saw Arcee driving towards them before transforming at kicking Airachnid in the head.

Once again flying through the air and landing on the ground, she snarled before spinning herself like a top and burrowed underground. Giving chase, Arcee and Jack stopped just at the edge of the hole and looked down.

"AIRACHNID!" Arcee screamed in rage.

Sighing, Arcee turned to look at Jack, and only then noticed that he had a skull that was on fire. Transforming her blasters, she aimed them at Jack, not knowing that it was him.

"Wha…what in the Pit are you!? Where is Jack!" she asked.

"I'm am known as many things Autobot. But you may call me Ghost Rider. As for Jack-." Jack said before transforming back into his human form.

"Jack!" Arcee cried out in shock, seeing her charge change from a flaming skull into his normal form. Deactivating her weapons and changing them back into her hands, she knelt down and looked at Jack more closely. "How?" she asked.

"A deal with the Devil. That's all I'll say about that." Jack said. "And Arcee, the others must not know about this. This must remain a secret."

Walking into his room after having dinner with his mom and saying goodnight to her, Jack looked at himself in the mirror. Sitting on the bed and putting his head in his hands and sighed. He thought about what had happened with Airachnid earlier, now that both she and Arcee knew his secret, he wondered how long it would be until the other Autobots learned about it.

"You knew that the 'bots might one day learn of my existence." The voice told.

"That still doesn't make it any less difficult." Jack sighed. Looking to the side, he got off his bed and made his way to his closet.

Opening the closet door, Jack rummaged through the clothes before finding what he was looking for. Taking it out and closing the closet door, Jack hanged the uniform on top of the door. The uniform as it was called, was a simple black leather jacket, black leather jeans and a pair of black fingerless gloves.

As Jack continued to state at the uniform, he was brought back to how it all started. With his father about to die from his wounds.


Jack and his father, Aaron were making their escape as the area around them was in chaos. Explosions and screaming everywhere as the fire spread uncontrollably, burning everything in its path and igniting the weapons, causing them to explode.

As they ran past everyone, they finally managed to get in a car and drove off. As they made their way back to Jasper, they did not notice the other car coming up right behind them, until they were bumped at the back. Grunting from the sudden force, Jack looked at the side view mirror and saw Silas holding out an assault gun and started firing at them. Thanking god that the car was bulletproof, Aaron swerved the car to the side, as he tried to avoid the bullets.

Speeding up, Aaron and Jack both noticed that as they were nearing Jasper, that Silas was getting desperate that he was trying to ram them off the road. Unfortunately, just as they were about to enter the town, Silas had manged to reload his rifle and started shooting them again. One of the bullets must have hit the tire because the next thing Jack knew, he was upside down and dazed.

Looking at his dad, who was a little better, was trying to get out of the car. Doing the same, Jack managed to get out before his father and helped him get the rest of the way out. Once they were both out, they were about to make the rest of the journey when a hail of bullets stopped them in their tracks.

Swirling around, they saw Silas and one of his henchman aiming their rifles at them. The tension was thick, as no one made a move. Suddenly Silas dropped his rifle and charged at Aaron. As they started to fight, Jack and the henchman both stared at them both fighting, before Jack used the distraction to slam into the henchman.

Taking the man off-guard, Jack proceeded pummel the man to the ground until he was unconscious. Once that was done, Jack was about to help his dad, when the sound of a gunshot was heard. Eyes widening, Jack saw his father fall to the ground, hand on his chest as he was trying to staunch the flow of blood, while Silas stood over him with a smoking gun.

"NOOOO!" Jack screamed in rage as he ran at Silas, catching him off guard and punching him in the jaw.

Just as Jack was going to proceed to attack Silas, the man punched him in the gut. Feeling the wind knocked out of him, Jack regained his breathing and tried to punch Silas, only for him to dodge it and Jack to stumble.

Silas then kicked him to the ground and picked his gun off of the ground and aimed it at Jack. Just as he was about to pull the trigger, the sounds of sirens were heard, and they were getting closer. Growling, Silas picked his still unconscious henchman and dragged him to the car and they both sped off, leaving Jack on the ground and his father bleeding out.

Groaning, Jack crawled over to his father, Jack checked his pulse and found that it was fading fast. Taking his shirt off and placing it on his father's wound, Jack tried to help keep the pressure on it.

"I could save him you know." A voice suddenly spoke.

Looking up Jack saw an old man standing there with a cane in his hand. He wore an all-black suit with a red handkerchief in his breast pocket. As the man walked up to him, Jack made sure to keep his eyes on him in case the old man tried something. "Name your price." He said.

"A contract, between you and me. Sign it, and your father lives." The man spoke. "In return, you will do what I command, when I ask for your due." The man finished as he took out a contract from his jacket and tossed it to him.

Leaving his shirt on his father's chest, Jack picked up the contract and looked at it. "Do you have a pen?" he asked.

The man laughed and simply shook his head. "No pen Jack. You're going to have to sign it with your blood."

Jack just looked at the man, before looking over to his father. Looking around, Jack found a glass shard from the car wreck and picked it up. Slicing his palm, Jack held his bleeding hand over the contract and let the blood drop on the contract. Once he had spilled enough blood on it, Jack rolled the contract up and gave it back to the man, who had watched the whole thing happen.

Taking the contract from Jack, the man simply smiled at him. Suddenly a gasp was heard, Jack turned his head and saw his father breathing. Looking back to the man, Jack was shocked to find that he was nowhere to be found.


Jack got off Arcee and made his way to the couch with Miko and Raf. While Miko and Raf wanted to play another racing game, Jack decided to watch them go at it. While he was watching them Jack did not notice Optimus walking up to them.

"Jack." He spoke, alerting the kids to his presence. "Arcee has told me the details of last night's mission. May we speak with you?" he asked.

Jack sighed before getting off the couch and walked towards the railing, where the other Autobots were waiting. Glaring at Arcee, Jack simply looked at the other Autobots while Miko and Raf stood next to him on either side. "What do you want to know?"

"What was that thing yesterday? It said it called itself the Ghost Rider." Arcee spoke.

Jack continued to glare at her while he spoke. "He is called the Ghost Rider. He is a Spirit of Vengeance. He comes out when in the presence of evil." He explained. "But what I want to know is who gave you the right to tell Optimus about me."

"Optimus needed to know every last detail of the mission." Arcee explained.


Arcee had a look of shame on her face after Jack had finished going at her. Sighing, Jack looked at the others, all of who were looking at him wide-eyed. Shaking his head, Jack made his way to the elevator.

"Where are you going?" Bulkhead asked.

"To get some fresh air." Jack replied as the elevator door closed.

As Jack looked on at the sunset, Jack wondered what his father would think if he knew what he had done to himself. Not only that, he wondered what it would mean now that the Autobots know about the Ghost Rider.

"What will you do now Jack?" the voice of the Ghost Rider asked. "The Decepticons prove a threat to the world. Not only that, but the evilness from them intoxicating."

"Maye I should just leave, before I hurt them." Jack said.

"Or how about don't." A voice said.

Turning Jack saw Miko standing there. Walking up to him, she sat next to him and laid her head on his shoulder. Lacing her hands in his, they watched as the sun set. "Were you ever going to tell us about what you were?" she asked suddenly, looking up at him.

"No." Jack replied.

"Why?" she asked.

"Because, I didn't want to bring you into my problems." Jack explained. "I've had these powers for three years. In that time, I have managed to control my powers to a degree and fight the urge to transform every time we come across any Decepticons. I never want to hurt you Miko, or any of the others."

"You say you can control your powers right?" Miko asked, which got a nod from Jack. "Well why worry about hurting us?" she asked.

Sighing Jack looked at her before standing up and taking a few steps back. He then transformed into his Ghost Rider form and looked at Miko right in the eye. "Do I frighten you Miko?" he asked.

"No." Miko said resolutely. "I do not fear you Jack, you can never hurt me, or any of the others."

The Ghost Rider chuckled at this. "And why do you say that? In case you haven't noticed, I'm a talking skull that's on fire."

"Because it's not who you are." Miko told as she slowly walked up to him until she was right in front of him.

She slowly brought her hand up to touch him. Jack, wanting not to hurt her, moved his head away. But that did not stop Miko, and she finally touched his skull, which the flames had turned blue.

"MIKO! Get away from him!" a voice shouted out.

Jack and Miko turned to see Bulkhead with his weapon out, aiming it at Jack. Miko, afraid the Bulkhead would hurt Jack, stood in front of him. "Bulkhead! What are you doing!" she cried.

"Miko, that thing is evil and will kill us all if we let him. Now get away from him." Bulkhead told sternly as he readied his weapon.

"No! I won't let you hurt him!" she shouted.

"Miko, just do as he says." Jack said.

When Miko looked at Jack, he simply nodded his head and Miko moved away from him. Once she was a safe distance, Bulkhead fired his weapon at him. When the shot hit Jack, he flew through the air and down to the ground below.

"JACK!" Miko called out as she saw him fall.

As Jack impacted the ground, it left a small crater in the ground. With him transformed into the Ghost Rider, he could take a lot of punishment and survive, so a fall of that height was nothing. Getting out of the crater, Jack looked back up to the top of the mesa before summoning his father's bike.

As the ground split apart and his father's bike, a Harley Davidson Street 750, rose from the ground, Jack now had an answer to what he has to do. Getting on the bike, which was completely black, with fire as wheels, he drove all the way to Jasper.

When he had reached home, Jack had packed his bags and changed his clothes to that of his uniform and wrote a letter explaining everything. From the Autobots to what he was going to do. Jack then went to the garage, wrapped a long chain across his chest and drove out of his home and out of Jasper.

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