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A Promise Unspoken

By Kittenshift17


Hermione stepped out of the shower and squeaked to find Thorfinn leaning in the bathroom doorway, his arms folded over his bare chest. He wore a wicked grin and he was very obviously enjoying the sight of her dripping wet, and naked as the day she'd been born.

She should've been used to having him see her naked, by now. Since the night of the ball at Malfoy Manor, he'd been peeling her out of her clothes and tracing his hands over her skin in the most sinful of ways and she was sure she would go crazy with wanting him if he didn't throw caution to the wind and shag her soon.

"I thought you were at practice," she said, reaching for her towel and clutching it to her chest to hide from his lustful gaze, unable to bear the heat in his eyes when he wouldn't let her climb him like a tree and have her way with him until she couldn't tell where he ended, and she began.

"Practice ended," he shrugged. "You were lost in your books all afternoon, weren't you, Princess?"

Hermione smiled widely. Yes, she had been. She'd spent the whole afternoon buried in her latest school books after a morning excursion to Diagon Alley with Reina and Rhonwen. She was far more excited about her return to Hogwarts to further her education than she was for tomorrow night's World Cup, even if she would get to see Harry, Ron and Ginny for the first time all summer.

"You're such a nerd, Baby-girl," Thorfinn chuckled when he saw her grin. "What did you dive into first?"

"My Transfiguration textbooks," she said, smiling widely.

"I'm going to be hurt if you bring a book to tomorrow night's game," he told her. "Just so you know."

"As though I'd be able to focus with millions of screaming wizards arguing over who's more likely to catch the snitch and the morality of you knocking everyone off their brooms at every turn?" she challenged, rolling her eyes at the very idea of trying to read at the Quidditch World Cup. She'd gone with Thorfinn to training at the pitch yesterday and already people were camped for miles and miles around the stadium, little tents set up all over the place to secure a spot to watch the game and spend the night afterward celebrating in style.

"If anyone could manage it, it'd be you," he told her, pushing away from the wall when Hermione began towelling her hair, unable to keep her eyes from straying down to his bare chest and chiselled abs.

"You know I'm excited to watch you play, Finn," she smiled.

"Not as excited as you are to come home afterward and bury your nose back in a book whilst ignoring my attempts to seduce you."

"It's hardly my fault your seduction skills are rubbish, Rowle," she taunted. "Honestly, I'm sure there must've been love potion involved to ever get all those witches at Hogwarts into your arms."

"Love potion, eh?" he asked before lunging for her and snatching away her towel.

Hermione squealed, attempting to clap her hands over her private parts, her cheeks flushing pink when he smirked evilly.

"Probably Confundus charms, too," she said, not about to let him win just because he'd snatched away her shield.

"You'll feel like you've been confounded when I clobber you with my cock, Princess," he told her.

"I'm so scared," Hermione sneered, making a face at him even as he corralled her against the bathroom sink.

"You should be," he smirked. "It rears up when you're around."

Hermione rolled her eyes. "And yet I continue on, attack free. I'd be more fearful if I was your right hand."

His eyes widened in surprise before he burst out laughing, reaching for her and scooping her against his chest. He was sweaty from Quidditch practice, but when he lowered his lips to hers, claiming a hot kiss, Hermione found that she really didn't care. Tangling her hands into his long hair, she snogged him hotly, her arms looping around the back of his neck and her legs locking around his waist when he lifted her right off her feet and pressed her back against the wall of the bathroom.

His tongue danced with hers and Hermione kissed him hungrily, her body thrumming with the urge to get him naked and pull him inside of herself. She didn't think she'd ever wanted anything more in her life than she wanted to have sex with him. She knew he wouldn't do it. Fourteen was too young, he said. Maybe he was right, Hermione didn't know. She supposed that, were they both fourteen, it might be more acceptable, but for all that they tormented one another, and snogged, and petted and touched and played, he was a grown man and she was still just a teenager.

He was right; society – even wizarding society – would frown on their age gap and call it something it wasn't, if they knew. His family didn't seem to mind, but Hermione believed that had more to do with the fact that they'd gotten to know her as being mature and level headed, and that they knew Thorfinn was still somewhat immature, despite his age.

He ground himself against the junction of her thighs and Hermine whimpered against his lips, distracted from her thoughts as her mind was overcome with daydreams of what it might be like should he do that when there wasn't a layer of cloth separating their bodies.

"Fucking hell, Princess," Thorfinn groaned into her neck when he broke the kiss to trail a burning line of desire down the side of her throat, nipping and licking her hotly.

Hermione tipped her head back, letting him do as he wished even as she tightened her legs around him, rolling her hips and grinding against him in return. Merlin's little green apples, she wanted him. She wanted him so badly she could taste it and she knew he was suffering the same when he nibbled her earlobe and bucked his hips. Tightening her hands in his hair, Hermione wondered if she'd be able to talk him into finally ravishing her.

"Please, Finn," she whispered breathlessly. "Please."

Thorfinn groaned, dropping his head against the top of her shoulder.

"Fuck, it's hard when you beg, Baby-Girl," he muttered.

Hermione kissed his neck, nuzzling into him and tormenting his skin with her teeth and her tongue, feeling the way he ground against her a little harder, obviously fighting the urge to take her right there against the wall.

"I'm not shagging you yet," he bit out hoarsely when he suddenly shoved away from the bathroom wall and carried her into the bedroom.

"What are you going to do to me?" Hermione asked breathlessly when he set her down in the middle of the bed, still naked, and arranged his body over hers.

"Fucking hell, Princess. Try not to sound so bloody keen, would you?" he laughed, though it was a pained sound. "I can't fucking focus when you're naked. How far have you gone with a bloke?"

"You really want to know?" Hermione asked, frowning at him, thinking it was probably a bad idea to tell him that she and Theo had gotten to second base.

He nodded, holding her gaze intently.

"Second base… so… um… hand-jobs," she said quietly, her cheeks turning pink. Thorfinn's left eye twitched and she knew it bothered him that she'd done so with Theo, but that he couldn't say anything because it was his fault she had to complete the Rites to begin with.

He didn't say anything in response and Hermione feared she'd angered him, effectively dousing the mood. He surprised her when he leaned in and snogged her again, harder this time. His hands fisted in her curls and he bucked his hips against her body, only his training pants keeping her from carnal knowledge. Hermione melted into the kiss, snogging him eagerly and arching into him, craving the friction that built between them, the desire fizzing through her blood and making her crazy.

He snogged her until she was breathless, and Hermione whimpered in delight when he broke from her lips to trail a burning line of kisses along the length of her jaw and down her neck before he traced her clavicles with his tongue. Hermione shivered, writhing under his attentions and pressing her chest up, her breasts tingling with the need for attention that she sorely hoped he might be planning to bestow. She trailed her hands over his broad shoulders, running them through his hair and touching every inch of him that she could reach when he had her pinned to the bed.

"Oh, gods," she moaned breathlessly when Thorfinn trailed kisses over the bare expanse of her chest, his beard tickling her skin and his hot breath making her writhe with anticipation. When he traced the very tip of his tongue in a circle around her left nipple, she wondered if it was possible to orgasm without any vaginal stimulation, because she was surely in danger of it.

Thorfinn groaned when she cradled his head, pressing up into the caress and moaning softly as he engulfed her small breast in his hot mouth. He suckled at her hungrily, his free hand pinching her right nipple. Hermione writhed, glorying in the touch, her heart racing in her chest and her stomach full of butterflies. She clenched her legs where they were still wrapped around him, feeling the hard bulge of his desire grinding against her centre and making her crazy. Merlin, she didn't think she'd ever wanted anything so much in all of her life and Hermione arched into him against, needing more.

He gave it. Switching to her other breast, Hermione felt his fingers trace over her stomach and then further south. The neatly trimmed curls at her centre prickled when he smoothed his hands over her mound hesitantly. Hermione knew he was fighting himself, wrestling with his own morals, and she hoped with all her might that he would give in to the glorious feelings coursing through the two of them.

"Please, Finn," she begged, tossing her head from side to side as he nipped the tight bud of her nipple.

"Fuck," she heard him curse before his fingers slipped between her folds, finding her damp and needy, ready for him.

He groaned against her breasts when Hermione parted her legs further, rolling her hips, arching, trying to get him to give her what she wanted. He darted a look at her then, his eyes worried even as his expression was wrought with hunger like she'd never seen. Hermione looked at him imploringly, desperately begging him to give in but knowing that pushing too hard would make him back off.

When he carefully slipped one calloused finger inside her, Hermione thought she might sob with happiness. Her breath caught in her chest and her pulse roared in her ears as he carefully sank that single digit to the knuckle before curling it against the front wall of her pussy, brushing the special spot deep inside her guaranteed to detonate her.

"More," she begged. "Gods, Thorfinn, please more."

He closed his eyes as though she was torturing him, and Hermione supposed that she was. She knew why she couldn't go all the way with him yet, but the knowledge did nothing to lessen her desire.

When he carefully worked another finger inside of her, Hermione groaned, rocking herself on his clever fingers and closing her eyes, surrendering to the sensations and savouring them while they lasted.

"Fuck, Baby-girl," she heard him whisper as he pumped his fingers in and out of her, winding her tighter and tighter until she was sure she would explode. "You're beautiful when you're moaning for me. Gods, I want to taste you."

Hermione whimpered. She hadn't tried oral sex yet, though it was certainly on her to-do list. She loathed herself for how badly she wanted Finn to be the one she tried it with first.

"Please, Finn," she begged. "Please? You know I'm yours. You know you can do anything to me."

Thorfinn groaned like he was in agony, trailing his lips over her ribcage and then over her taut stomach. Hermione watched through half-lidded eyes when he pulled his fingers from between her legs and suckled the two digits into his mouth, tasting her for the first time.

"Ah, fuck," he moaned, closing his eyes as he savoured the flavour.

Hermione's body clenched with need watching him, and though her cheeks were crimson at the thought of him tasting her juices, her pussy throbbed as she watched his tongue dart over his fingers. Merlin, she wanted to feel that clever tongue spearing inside of her.

She would get her wish.

Thorfinn crawled between her legs, peeling her thighs apart further and pinning them to the bed. She squirmed as he spent a few moments simply looking at her, as though he were drinking in the sight of something he'd desperately longed to see. When he leaned in, breathing her in before dragging his tongue across her slick folds, Hermione thought she might die of happiness. It was strange and intimate, and it made her tingle like she never had before. Hermione squirmed as he took his time, lapping at her flesh, devouring her slowly.

The torturous lick, lick, lick, of his tongue over and over again relaxed her into it and Hermione hummed in delight, nervous about it all, but reassured that he must at least like the taste or he'd surely stop. She squealed in surprise when he broke rhythm, closing his lips and his teeth over her clit, and sucking hard. Her eyes rolled back into her head and her whole body jerked, a guttural groan escaping her as she was suddenly thrust into orgasm.

Thorfinn laughed when she trembled and writhed her way through the glorious waves of sensation he'd unleashed, giving her a last affectionate lick before crawling back up the length of her body.

Hermione wrapped her arms around his neck, pulling him to her and clinging to him needily. He burrowed his arms under her back, holding her close and kissing her neck. Determined to repay the favour Hermione squirmed under him until she had enough leverage to roll the two of them until he was stretched on his back.

He caught her before she could even kiss her way across his chest, chuckling huskily.

"Trust me, Princess," he said. "You don't want to go down there until I've showered. Not after a training session like today."

Hermione paused, wrinkling her nose at him.

"You do smell kind of funky," she admitted, lowering her nose to his chest.

Thorfinn laughed. "And I'll taste worse. You want to shower with me, beautiful?"

Hermione grinned, levering herself up even as she nodded enthusiastically. Thorfinn shook his head at how eager she was when she bounced back into the bathroom and ran the taps.

Hermione didn't care if she seemed too eager. She'd gone and fallen for him and she wanted him like she'd never wanted anyone. She was all too aware that when she returned to Hogwarts, she'd have to complete the Rites and as such, wouldn't be able to date him or even hold out for him and she doubted he would hold out for her. Hermione knew that after the holidays, nothing would be the same and she wanted to savour it as much as she could.

Tugging on his hand when he'd stripped out of his training pants, Hermione pulled him into the shower under the hot spray along with her, curling her arms around his waist and pressing herself to him, unable to keep the wide smile off her face. His erection prodded her stomach when he wrapped his arms around her, holding her close and dropping a kiss to the top of her head.

He held her like that for a long time and Hermione closed her eyes, listening to the steady beat of his heart inside his chest. When he shifted slightly, wetting his hair, Hermione pulled back, smiling up at him even as she picked up the sponge, dousing it in soap and beginning to work it over his skin.

"Going to bathe me, now?" He chuckled.

"The sooner you're clean, the sooner I can taste you," Hermione informed him, smirking wickedly.

His blue eyes flashed with desire and Hermione laughed when he reached for the shampoo, letting her return to scrubbing him down. She took her time about it, enjoying the chance to learn his body so intimately. He didn't stop her when she worked the sponge over his chest, under his arms, and across the tops of his shoulders. He let her trail it down the length of his arms and Hermione smiled, setting down the sponge when she reached his hands, recalling that there was one thing guaranteed to make him groan with desire. Turning to press her back against his chest, Hermione dug her hands into his forearm, dragging them across his skin and working the tightness and the knots out of his muscles.

"Ah, fuck," Thorfinn groaned, sounding like he was being tortured. He ground his cock against her bum while Hermione worked her hands down the length of his fingers before doing it again.

She massaged the tension from the taut muscles, knowing it would help him play better in the match the following evening and knowing that it would make him want her that much more. If it just so happened to turn him on so much he couldn't think straight, well, all the better. Smirking to herself, she did it again and again, canting her hips a little when he kept grinding himself against her, his cock sliding between the cheeks of her bum to nestle in the crevice.

"Fuck, Baby-girl," she heard him whisper, bucking his hips harder and holding her to him with one arm while she worked the tight muscles of his forearm and his hand until she was sure he'd never have had it feel better.

"Merlin, Hermione," he groaned, clutching her tighter, bucking against her harder.

When she dragged her thumbs viciously over the fleshy part of his thumb, digging into the muscle there hard enough to sting, he grunted, and Hermione felt a smile of triumph curl across her lips at the way his whole body jerked before hot liquid coated her thighs.

"Fuck," Thorfinn whispered, sounding guilty, and content, and wickedly exhausted all at once.

Hermione grinned, enjoying the way he held her so close, and revelling in the feelings of happiness and delight dancing across her sense and her magic, making her giddy.

"Merlin's beard, Princess," he muttered into her hair, dropping a kiss to the top of her head before he reached up to cup her jaw, turning her head so that he could meet her gaze.

"Got you," Hermione grinned at him, unsure of what else to say, but feeling extremely pleased with herself.

Thorfinn laughed softly. "You did," he agreed. "Blimey, witch. What am I going to do with you?"

Hermione smiled.

"Cuddle me in bed all night long?" she suggested.

He snorted. "I think I could manage that," he conceded before leaning down and capturing her lips once more, his kiss soft and so sweetly adoring that Hermione was sure if she hadn't already been in love with him, she would be now.