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A Promise Unspoken

By Kittenshift17


Thorfinn Rowle woke to the feel of someone smoothing their hands over his bare torso while lips trailed over his abdomen. Cracking one eye open and staring down the length of his body, his gaze met with a headful of unruly brunette curls and a wicked gleam in cinnamon brown eyes.


He twitched when she smoothed her hands lower, carding her fingers through the blond curls between his legs before curling enthusiastically around his already rigid cock. He fought the urge to groan, recognising the hot glint in her eyes. She wanted to finish what she'd started last night, determined to taste him.

Thorfinn wasn't about to stop her. She grinned when he smirked at her, curling his arms behind his head and waiting to see what she'd do. She returned the wicked expression, making his cock twitch even as she began working her hands up and down the length of him, clearly not afraid of the appendage. She lowered her lips back to his abs, trailing her tongue in little circles across his skin, dancing it around his belly-button and heading lower.

"I've never done this before," she warned him when she'd kissed to his hairline, looking up at him again, her worried expression belying her nervousness, despite her determination.

"You won't be able to say that again," Thorfinn smirked at her, rocking his hips a little, thrusting into her hands and enjoying the sensation and the view entirely too much for words.

Taking that for all the encouragement she needed, she lowered her eyes to the snake he usually kept restrained inside his jeans, eyeing the appendage curiously and looking like she didn't quite know how to fit the whole thing in her mouth. Thorfinn bit his lip, hard, to keep from laughing when she opened her mouth and turned her head a little before closing her mouth again without touching him, frowning fiercely at his cock as though it were at fault for her lack of experience. He supposed it kind of was, though not for lack of willingness on its part.

He really didn't want to discourage or embarrass her, but Merlin it was hard not to laugh when she opened her mouth again, clearly trying to figure out the best angle to take him inside her mouth. He couldn't quite hold back his amusement when she settled for very chastely pressing her lips to the tip of his cock in a soft kiss. He hoped he managed to disguise his snort of amusement as a little groan of encouragement because Merlin knew, the last thing he wanted was to make her feel foolish and as adorably inept as she currently was.

Indeed, it was a pleasant experience for him simply to witness his know-it-all little witch looking so utterly perplexed. He could almost see the cogs turning in her head as she tried to remember everything she'd read in her raunchy novels about how to give good head, and clearly lecturing herself that no matter how impossible it seemed, she must be able to fit the giant thing inside her mouth, else people wouldn't do it or write about it.

"Princess?" he asked quietly when she pressed another little kiss to his tip, slowly smoothing her hands up and down the length of him but seeming at a loss as to how to proceed.

"I'm sorry," she blurted. "I… how do I… This would be easier if you weren't so well endowed."

Thorfinn smirked at the compliment disguised as a complaint.

"Try swirling your tongue around the tip, Baby-girl," he instructed softly. "When it goes in – and it will go in, if you stop thinking so hard – you need a little moisture to smooth the way, yeah?"

"I…" the girl frowned before doing as he instructed and Thorfinn couldn't hide his laugh when she twisted her head back and forth, manipulating him and licking him like she would a rapidly melting ice-cream. Despite the adorable and rather brisk way she did so, it felt like fucking magic and Thorfinn hummed with delight.

"I'm doing it wrong," she complained when she tried to figure out how to get him into her mouth again and Thorfinn chuckled.

"Just open your mouth, Princess. Wide as you can," he told her, and she frowned up at him before doing so. "Now, straight in. Like a lollipop."

She closed her mouth.

"Won't my teeth hurt you?" she asked.

"A bit unless you're careful. Just don't bite down and it'll be fine, baby-girl," he grinned at her.

"I'm sorry I'm rubbish at this," she said, blushing and looking a little dejected.

"I'd prefer you to be rubbish rather than proficient at this point, Princess," he said, unable to help the possessive growl in his voice when he reached to cup her chin, forcing her head up to make her meet his gaze once more. "Don't be embarrassed, yeah? You're new at this. If you were an expert, I think I'd be a bit jealous, beautiful."

Her cheeks turned pink, but she smiled, nodding her head.

"Right. I can do this," she said determinedly and Thorfinn hissed in a breath of surprise when she did exactly as he'd instructed, opening her lips wide and sucking his cock into her mouth before beginning to trace the tip with her tongue, tasting him and suckling at him like a lollipop she was thoroughly enjoying.

"Fucking hell, Hermione," Thorfinn growled, both of his hands tunnelling into her riotous curls and tangling in them.

"Did I hurt you?" she asked, releasing him and looking worried.

"No. Fuck, no. Gods, baby, do it again," he groaned, not even caring that she'd rendered him to begging in a matter of minutes. Not because she had any finesse or any real idea of what to do, but because the bond between them lit up like a fucking Christmas tree and his whole body roared to life at the feel of her pleasuring him so enthusiastically.

She grinned, doing it again and Thorfinn hissed, dropping his head back to the bed, a litany of curses and promises dropping from his lips as she took to her newest lesson with vigour, intent on proving that she was the best at everything. She swirled her tongue around and around the head of his cock, slowly working more and more of him into her mouth, pulling back slowly with suction he was sure might kill him before bobbing her head down onto him once more.

"Sweet fucking Circe, Princess," Thorfinn muttered.

He could feel the way her lips twitched as she tried to smile, even with her mouth full and Thorfinn felt an answering grin curl across his face. She tried to bob her head lower when it drew more curses from him.

"Blimey, love, not too far, you'll…"

She gagged.

Thorfinn hissed as her throat clamped around his cock, choking her before she tried to pull away, scraping him with her teeth in the process, before pulling back and coughing in surprise, trying to get her breath back. Tears leaked from the corners of her eyes and Thorfinn winced at her sympathetically.

"You alright?" he asked huskily, his hand curling around hers and continuing to work up and down his cock, keeping up the friction.

She nodded, coughing again and Thorfinn reached with his free hand to brush a tear from her cheek comfortingly, torn between needing to make sure she was alright, and wanting to come. She took a few deep breaths without saying anything, seeming intent on bringing him off and all the more determined. Thorfinn could tell she was worried she'd messed it up and when she had her coughing under control, she wrapped her mouth around him once more.

Merlin, he was close.

He should warn her. She might gag again, or actually vomit if he surprised her with it when he lost control.

His hips twitched with the urge to take control and fuck her hot little mouth, but he fought the need. He couldn't do it to her. Not his witch. Not on her first try at giving head.

"I'm so close, Princess," he murmured to her, tunnelling his hands back into her hair, scraping his nails against her skin lovingly.

Sweet fucking Salazar, Thorfinn knew he was in danger of being in love with her when she sucked his dick like that, her hands and her mouth working in tandem. Glancing down the length of his body, Thorfinn watched her mouth working up and down his cock, inches of it disappearing into that hot cavern. As though she could feel his gaze, she slanted her eyes up at him, their cinnamon sparkling with lust and determination and Thorfinn's body twitched.

He was so fucking screwed with this witch.

"Gods, you're beautiful," he whispered to her, shuddering with the power of impending release when the heat began to fizz up from his toes.

Thorfinn groaned when she drew back on him, sucking hard, pushing him over the edge.

"Fuck!" he whispered, his eyes widening before they dropped closed as his hips jerked, heat fizzing from the end of his dick and spreading across her tongue.

She made a noise of alarm, and Thorfinn couldn't help but laugh when she went to pull away before realising that come would go everywhere if she did, and so she squeaked, obviously unsure what to do about the come filling her mouth.

"You can spit if you want, Princess," he said, laughing breathlessly.

She looked like she couldn't bare the walk to the bathroom with his come swooshing around in her mouth and Thorfinn laughed all the more when she swallowed instead, making a face of disgust and crawling across the bed to reach for the drink bottle of the nightstand to rinse her mouth. Thorfinn watched her, drinking in the sight she made as she knelt on all fours, naked, rinsing her mouth.

Unable to resist, he rolled, reaching for her and she squealed in surprise, choking on her mouthful of water when he dragged his tongue up the length of her pussy.

"Finn!" she gasped, obviously surprised and embarrassed. "You're not supposed to… today is supposed to be about you," she protested weakly.

"It's not my birthday, baby-girl," he chuckled.

"No," she agreed, her voice husky when he lapped at her again, reaching for her with one arm and tugging backward, trying to pull her down until she was sitting on his face. "But it's the biggest day of you career…. Gods, Finn, let go."

"What's wrong?" he asked, frowning but releasing her. She immediately crawled off him, her cheeks crimson and Thorfinn realised she was self-conscious and too new to the art of cunnilingus to willingly sit on his face and let him feast on her when his nose was so close to her bum.

"I wanted to make today special for you," she said, frowning at him and stretching out beside him once more.

"You think it wouldn't be special if I get to eat you out?" he asked, raising an eyebrow at her.

"Not like that," she said wrinkling her nose.

"Don't like the position?" Thorfinn asked, rolling toward her and smoothing his hand over her stomach. "Or don't like it when I lick you?"

She blushed at the bluntness of his question, fidgeting with the quilt.

"The position," she admitted.

"So, you don't object to me having you for breakfast?" he confirmed, already rolling toward her, intent on tasting her again.

"Well… no. Not if you really want to," she said. "I just wanted to… make you happy… today."

"Believe me, baby-girl. Watching you writhe and listening to those sweet sounds you make will make me very happy," he assured her, trailing a line of kisses over her stomach and down to her pussy.

She parted her legs willingly, and Thorfinn dove between them eagerly, latching onto her clit immediately and humming in amusement when she whined and mewled a soft sound of delighted torture. Gods, he could eat her pussy all fucking day. Dipping his tongue inside her, Thorfinn smirked at the salty sweet flavour of her first thing in the morning, lapping at her hungrily, intent on bringing her undone.

She threaded her fingers into his hair and Thorfinn hummed contentedly when she dug her nails against his scalp, arching into the caress of his lips and his tongue on her sensitive flesh.

"Merlin, that feels good," she whispered and Thorfinn was glad he'd gone first, else he'd be in danger of blowing his load all over the sheets as he watched her wind tighter and tighter, the coil of her pleasure poised to snap free.

Determined to bring her off with just his mouth, Thorfinn dipped his tongue inside her again before swirling it over her skin and flicking the tip repeatedly across her clit.

"Oh, Finn," Hermione breathed, arching again, her hands tightening in his hair. "I'm… I'm gonna…"

Her breath came faster and Thorfinn smirked against her skin, renewing his vigour and increasing his pace despite the growing ache in his jaw.

"Ungh," she mewled, a low moan escaping her as she tried to snap her thighs closed around his ears, her body quivering beneath his as the wave of pleasure crested and broke over her.

Thorfinn smirked, meeting her gaze over the rim of her pubic bone when she slanted a contented, pink-cheeked smile of happiness at him. Fuck, she was beautiful. Gods, he was so screwed, feeling the way his heart pounded just looking at her when she looked so sated.

So fucking screwed.

"Thank you," she whispered politely as he gave her one last lick before crawling up the length of her body.

"Thank you, Princess," Thorfinn drawled.

She smiled at him and Thorfinn smiled back, tempted to kiss her, but knowing she wouldn't be thrilled at the taste of herself, any more than he wanted to taste his own come on her tongue.

"Want to share the shower?" she offered.

"We should get to breakfast," he said, though he very much wished he had time to shower with her. "Big day today. I think the captain might kill me if I'm too tired to play tonight after shagging you all day."

She laughed.

"I suppose he would be," she said, before sighing. "Git."

Thorfinn laughed at her pouting expression. Merlin, he'd give almost anything to tell the team to fuck off for the night just to spend the day revelling in teaching her all the carnal delights he could think of.

"Well, come on," she said. "Let's get you dressed and ready for the day. You've got a big night ahead of you. You'll need your strength."

Thorfinn shook his head when she tried to roll out from under him as he reached for the drink bottle of the side table to rinse his mouth out. She squeaked when he didn't let her go and Thorfinn grinned before he leaned down and captured her lips for a dizzying kiss.

He was thinking it was going to be a very good day when he felt the zing of magic through their betrothal bond when she kissed him back enthusiastically, her hands tangling in his hair as she snogged him until he was giddy.


Hermione watched Thorfinn as the day wore on, having been dragged along to the Quidditch pitch when the big Viking of a wizard had refused to let go of her all day, insisting that she was his good luck charm, and that he wasn't about to lose her now. He was getting nervous, Hermione could tell.

He'd began pacing the dressing sheds, even though the game was still hours from beginning. O'Malley had insisted that they couldn't get into the air for a warm up until two hours before the match, lest they use up all their energy running last minute drills and end up tanking the match as a result. They were all nervous, not that Hermione blamed them. Beyond the stadium, the fields were overflowing with tents and the muted roar of so many people gathered together could be heard in the bowels of the stadium where the dressing sheds were located.

"Finn?" Hermione asked softly as she watched him pace, knowing he needed something to take his mind off things.

"Yeah?" He asked, looking over and raising one eyebrow even as he viciously pinched the nerves in his batting hand.

"Take...take me flying?" She asked quietly, still terrified of flying but willing to endure the fright if it might take his mind off his nerves.

"You hate flying," he pointed out.

"Take me anyway," Hermione said. "I trust you not to let me fall."

"Really?" He asked, a grin spreading across his face even as he crossed the dressing shed and scooped up his broom.

Screwing her courage to the sticking place, Hermione reached for his hand, letting him lead her down the corridor that led to the pitch.

O'Malley didn't comment that they shouldn't be flying yet, and Hermione glanced over her shoulder when the rest of the team followed them, intent on getting a little stress-free flying in before the match.

"You sure about this?" Thorfinn asked when they reached the pitch, all of them looking up to see that the Bulgarian team were already running drills.

"I'm sure," Hermione said, though she wasn't.

Thorfinn grinned at her, tugging her by the hand until she was pressed in close to his chest. He moulded his much larger frame around hers before swinging the broom between both of their legs.

"Hold on tight, Princess," he whispered in her ear before he kicked off from the ground, rocketing into the air.

Hermione screamed. She couldn't help it, and she felt some of the tension melt out of Thorfinn as he began to laugh, delighting in her terror even though she'd agreed to fly with him. She clung tight to the broom, grateful that he was going slower than he had the last time she'd flown with him.

"So much for trusting me, eh?" He said, his lips by her ear.

Hermione pressed herself back against him more securely, still clinging tight to the broom, but forcing herself to relax as much as she could manage.

"I don't know how you do this every day," she replied.

"Well, I'm not a chicken," he teased, and if she weren't hanging on for dear life, Hermione would've swatted him. "Do you want me to let you down?"

Hermione shook her head. She would very much like to be back on solid ground, but she knew he was still tense, worried about the upcoming game and if she could help him relax, she would.

He flew at a tame pace, flying up high above the stadium and cruising along. Hermione kept her eyes open, no matter how badly she wanted to close them in terror, and when she caught sight of the field of tents and excited wizards all waiting for the game to begin her breath caught in her throat.

"Wow!" She said. "Finn, look at them all."

She would swear she heard him gulp.

"Just a million people to watch me fail...no big deal..." he muttered, and Hermione smiled.

"You're not going to fail, Finn," she said. "I've see you play. You're amazing. The only thing all those people are going to see tonight is you kicking butt and knocking Bulgarians from their brooms with a viciousness that might very well outlaw Quidditch for good. The Bulgarians will go home licking their wounds and knowing better than to take on the Irish ever again."

"What if I drop my bat?" He fretted, and if he weren't sounding so sincerely worried, Hermione might've laughed.

"You won't," she said. "But you could use a mild sticking charm to keep it in your hand, if need be. They're not illegal, except for the Seekers."

"You've memorized international Quidditch league laws, Princess?" He asked, sounding amused even as he nuzzled her cheek.

Hermione turned to peer at him over her shoulder, meeting his brilliant blue eyes and drinking in the sight of him, so young and so handsome and so carefree.

"Of course, I have," she said softly. "It's important to you."

He grinned at her and Hermione would swear his cheeks grew the faintest bit pink.

"You're important to me, Hermione," he said quietly.

Hermione smiled widely, her cheeks turning pink, too. She couldn't quite hold in her sigh of contentment when Thorfinn leaned in and captured her lips for a soft kiss. Kissing him back, Hermione felt butterflies stirring in her tummy and without thinking, she took one hand off the broomstick to reach for him, twisting as far as she dared and tangling a hand into his loose mane of thick blond hair.

Warm delight suffused her at the feel of his tongue smoothing along the length of hers as he pulled her more snugly into his fierce embrace and Hermione melted into him willingly.

Neither of them noticed the sharp eyed Bulgarian Seeker when he drifted by a few meters above them, looking on with wickedly keen interest.