This story is a continuation of my earlier stories "After The Train" and "Sheldon and Bernadette - 10 years later". This story begins 16 years from the start of "After The Train". Everything belongs to Lorre and Prady.


February 26th 2032. As they had done every year on February 26th since 2017, Howard Wolowitz and his wife Amy Fowler-Wolowitz went to put flowers on the grave of Howard's ex-wife Bernardette, in memory of the terrible day 16 years earlier. On Sheldon's birthday he was killed in a train crash with Leonard, Raj, Penny and Bernardette. Amy and Howard survived, they were drawn together in their grief and in 2017 they got married. In 2018 Amy gave birth to their highly intelligent twin children Sheldon and Bernardette.

Amy and Howard stood in silence holding hands next to the grave. When they had finished and had wiped the tears from their eyes their children said in unison, "don't worry, you still have us to help you remember your friends." Then Sheldon Leonard Rajesh Wolowitz hugged his mother and Bernardette Penelope Wolowitz hugged her father.

Later that evening the whole family made their way to the main auditorium at Caltech. Their friend Barry Kripke started the proceedings.

Hewwo everyone, welcome to Caltech for this year's Sheldon Coopah memowial lecture. My name is Professor Bawwy Kripke, I am head of the Caltech Physics department. Professor Sheldon Cooper was a Caltech Physics Professor who died 16 years ago on his 36th birthday. He was thought to be a future Nobel pwise winnah. Last year's Physics Nobel was won by Professor James Mahmoud of Harvard and Professor Sally Bonnetti of Cambridge, they continued with some of Sheldon's earlier Stwing Theory work. In 2020, on what would have been Sheldon's 40th birthday, Caltech decided to have an annual lecture in his memory. I used to work with Sheldon, he was quite a charactah, he always wanted things his way! He was a gwate Physicist and I am pwoud to say he was my fweind.

This year's lecture is given by Professor Wolfgang Kossel of the University of Hamburg, pwease welcome our distingwished speaker.

Guten Abend and hello everyone, thanks to Professor Kripke for the introduction and to Caltech for the chance to give this very prestigious lecture. I too have a connection to Professor Cooper, as a young graduate student in Heidelberg in the 1990s I remember meeting this fantastic American Wunderkind visiting Professor called Sheldon Cooper, a sad loss to Science.

The title of my lecture is "Dark Matter, have we found it and what is it made of?"...

After the lecture the Fowler-Wolowitz family had a chat with their friend Professor Kripke.

Kripke said "Hewwo twins, I hear you are both coming to Caltech in the fall."

In unison the twins said "That's right Uncle Barry."

Sheldon said "I will be majoring in Physics" and Bernardette said "Biology will be my major."

Kripke "Amy and Howard, you must be vewwy pwoud."

Amy said "Yes we are Barry" and Howard said "The gifted children school has been worth it."

Kripke "I bet you will be giving this lecture in a few years Sheldon"


February 26th 2042.

Hewwo everyone, welcome to Caltech for this year's Sheldon Coopah memowial lecture. My name is Professor Bawwy Kripke, I retired last year as head of Caltech Physics department but there awnt many of us left now who wememah Sheldon, so it is my gwate pweasure to introduce one my youngest Caltech colleagues to give this year's lecture.

Professor Sheldon Wowowitz will talk on "Challenges in Dark Matter Spectroscopy"...