Terrible fate

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The market bustled in the evening air, people getting shopping done before going home to their families. There were rich aromas in the air from many food stalls, bright colors from clothing stalls. One girl standing near the edge of the market ignored all this. Yang didn't even want to be there, but her father insisted that sitting around all day did nothing to help. He had hoped that some new scenery would do some good for the girl. He had good motives, but forgot that those who do not want to be helped usually will ignore that around them in order to continue to wallow in their misery.

Yang sighed and looked around. There was nothing particularly interesting to her. All of the noise and close contact was something she didn't want to have to deal with. It was after that thought that she noticed what looked to be an empty stall. She strode over seeing an opportunity to be alone. The area around the stall was strangely vacant, as if people didn't even know that it was there. Upon closer inspection, it was a stall filled with masks. Shrugging, Yang figured that she might as well take a look; it wasn't as if there was anyone there to try to get her to buy something. Yang glanced from mask to mask before one captured her attention. A large heart shape mask was tucked in the top corner of the back of the stall. She leaned closer, trying to get a better look.

"You've met with a terrible fate, haven't you?" The sudden appearance of a man in the stall caused Yang to stumble back a few steps. She quickly assumed a defensive position. "Who the heck are you?!"

The man just gave her a smile that sent shivers down her back. "I am just a wandering salesman selling masks in order to spread happiness. By the looks of things you could do with some happiness yourself," He gestured to the back wall, "Is there anything that has captured your attention?"

Yang pointed to the heart shape mask that she had seen earlier. When he saw the mask, the man's smile became rather tight. "I do apologize, but that mask is not for sale."

Yang put her one hand on her hip, "And why is that?"

The salesman pulled down the mask from its perch. "This is a mask that has caused much trouble for me in the past. It was once possessed by an evil spirit that gave its user great power at a great cost. The last wearer was a small imp whom had lost everything dear to it. He had felt as though his friends had abandoned him. The mask seemed like the only way to get back at them and those whom had scorned him." The salesman pulled a few more masks down after placing the heart shaped one on the counter. "He then used its power to seal his friends into masks that were worn by ferocious guardians. Then he used the mask's power to cause a great disaster." The four masks were now on the counter and Yang could almost feel the malice radiating off of them. "However, there was one who was able to oppose him." The salesman brought down five more masks, the last being the one that captured Yang's attention. It had the face of a man with war paint. Although it had no eyes, it felt as though it was staring straight into her soul. "A young boy who was searching for his friend. The imp cursed him, but with the help of others he eventually freed the souls in the masks and confronted the imp." He picked up the heart shape mask again, "Though the imp was beaten without a fight, the puppeteer pulling the strings was not. Majora's Mask cast aside it's pawn without a second thought. It turned out that the mask had more control over the imp than it had thought." The salesman began to put the masks back on the wall, but left the warrior mask and Majora's Mask still on the counter. "In the end, Majora was defeated and the mask's power drained." He placed the masks back where they belonged. By this time it had grown rather dark and the crowd was starting to thin.

Yang gave him a strange look, "So if the mask has no more power, then why don't you just sell it?"

He sighed, "Some items still have a bit of the magic that they originally had. I do not wish the fate of the imp on anyone else." He looked at her, "The better question is what will you do?"

Yang gave a confused look, "what do you mean?"

The salesman lifted folded his hands and placed them on the counter. "There were two characters in the story, both had met with a terrible fate. One relied on dark power to change his fate and the other chose to rely on others. Which one will you be?"

That was a question that Yang could not answer. Many times she had thought of what she would give in order to get her arm back. Not one to let silence reign, the salesman took a mask off the stall and handed it to her, "Take it, I hope that it brings you happiness." Yang looked to the mask in her hand, it was shaped like her own only instead of the depressed look that she had adorned the last few days, it was smiling as if the entire world was ahead of it. She looked up only to see that the stall had disappeared. In the distance, she could barely make out a figure wearing a large backpack walking away. She glanced again at the mask before going to find her father. He had quite the story waiting for him.


The Happy Mask Salesman took one more look back at the village before continuing on his way. Once he reached a clearing, he looked around to the Grimm surrounding him. "You know, I had just told a young lady that some power never truly leaves." His smile turned wicked, "Majora my dear, why don't you show them that."

A young girl slowly appeared out of nowhere, her skin purple and strange markings on her face. "It would be my pleasure."

I decided to write this after seeing a forum about what will happen with Yang. Some people think that she will get a robot arm, others think that she will get a Grimm arm that will slowly corrupt her. The HMS has always been an interesting character to me so I decided that he would give Yang a warning or sorts. Either way, I was inspired to write this after reading Unknown Legends by KTWizard, you should give it a look. To my readers of my other stories, I will be updating them soon and I apologize for the wait. School and a busy summer can really clog up your schedule.