Hi everyone, so I have realized as I was trying to re-write ch 2 that I don't love this story anymore. It isn't interesting to me. I have decided to stop working on this and maybe work on something else. I still love RWBY and I still like silent knight (or whatever the pairing is called). So this will be my finale update. I love everyone who followed it and all the support. To give some context I am putting the rewritten version of ch 2.

It was the day after Jaune's meeting with Roman and he was getting nervous. Tomorrow was going to be his first day at Beacon and he had no ideas on what to do. Sure they believed his transcripts but he still had no clue in fighting grimm and just recently has he done some dabble in semblance.

After what felt like a sleepless night of trying to figure out how to unlock his semblance Jaune gave up. Now he was starving and sleep deprived which wasn't a good combo. Getting up he opened the front door of his hotel room and walked down the hallway. As he entered the main lobby he was greeted by the front desk.

"Hello sir, how may I help you?" the women working in front was a bunny faunus, she looked around 30.

"Uh yeah, I'm kinda new to the area and I was wondering if there are any good restaurants nearby?"

The faunus smiled and reached out for a pamphlet, "This has the top 100 restaurant within a good 10 mile radius. Please have a nice day." Jaune smiled back and took the pamphlet walking out and heading towards the closest place he could get some grub.

And now he was eating at an ice cream parlor. A loud sigh came out, who says ice cream can't be a meal. The parlor had a old fashion theme to it with there being even a fake bar. The so called liquor was really just different flavors of ice cream. Jaune laughed inside his head as he looked at the "bartender's" mustache which was that old curly version.

"Hey welcome to Maxson's Ice Cream Parlor, how may I help you?" Jaune took a seat at the bar and looked at the menu.

"Yeah got anything heavier than ice cream?" the bartender laughed pulling out a small menu and giving it to Jaune.

"Only thing we got here pal."

Jaune looked at the menu seeing a very short list of sandwiches, cakes, and pies. "Uh can I get a PB and J sandwich with a chocolate milkshake?" The bartender nodded at the order and walked to the other side of the bar to get the ingredients for the simple meal. During this time the front door opened and entered another customer.

"Welcome to Maxson's Ice Cream Parlor, how may I he- Well if it isn't one of my regulars." Jaune turned his head to see a very familiar hair color, pink and brown. Realizing who it was he looked down to see Neo.

Neo went to the other side of the bar and sat down not even giving a glance towards Jaune. Maybe she somehow didn't recognize him? His thoughts were interrupted when his scroll vibrated, taking out the scroll it popped open with a text from an unknown.

Listen up, do not look at me or talk to me. We don't know each other. Jaune realized who the message was coming from and did a quick glance over to see Neo with her scroll out.

Ok I get it, but I have a few questions. 1 how did you get my number and 2 why can't we talk? Jaune hit the send button to hear Neo's scroll vibrate.

Listen up asswhole, 1 Roman gave me your number and, 2 if we do there is a chance someone who is an enemy of mine might notice and take you. So take your meal and go. Jaune looked at the text, he was pulled out of his mind when the bartender put down a plate of PB & J with a chocolate milkshake. "Here you go, anything you want?" Jaune shook his head and went to eating his meal.

Honestly the sandwich wasn't that bad and the milkshake was nice and creamy telling Jaune that it was real ice cream that was being used. Finishing his meal he did a quick pay and took one last glance towards Neo. A low sigh escaped from his mouth as he left the parlor.

Walking down a road Jaune didn't really know what to exactly do, maybe he could just relax for his last day before school. Looking at a store his scroll vibrated in his pocket, taking it out he saw it was another text from Neo.

Hey blondie, I need you to meet me here. Roman says we got to do some warm up to help with initiations. Jaune sighed, so much for relaxation.

Jaune did a quick search of the location to see a 4 mile walk, with a loud sigh he followed the directions.

"You have arrived at your destination" with that Jaune looked up to see a fenced up warehouse. Looking up from his scroll Jaune looked at the warehouse, noticing a pretty big sign reading Do Not Enter, Trespassers Will Be Arrested. Looking around Jaune jumped grabbing the top of the fence, hopping over it he crept towards the front door.

There was a busted lock on the ground with the door slightly open. Walking into the room Jaune saw Neo sitting on a chair with one of the thugs standing next to her. His scroll buzzed, pulling it out he saw Neo's message, Jaune you are going to learn how to fight someone.

Neo nodded at the thug who then put his eyes on Jaune, "Hi, I am here to teach you how to win a fight, now you ain't gonna fight clean so throw away any moral sense. Oh and you can call me Noah.". Noah walked over to a training dummy and gestured for Jaune to follow.

"I'm gonna point out some key places to hit. First the throat, you hit a guy here and he will go down. Another great place is the kidney. If you want to knock a guy down kick his knee. And finally go for the groin whenever you get a chance." Noah backed off a little from the dummy, "Practice a few shots".

Jaune punched the dummy for a good 10 minutes till his arms started to get sore. Tired he stopped and looked over towards Noah who looked unimpressed.

"Jaune I am going to tell you this straight, when you punch someone it is gonna hurt. Remember that if you do get into a fight don't hold back, even if your body hurts keep punching. The first to hesitate loses." Noah got into a fighting stance, his fist raised, "Now fight me, don't hold back and use any dirty move you can think of."

Jaune looked over towards Neo who was staring off at her scroll, with a sigh he imitated Noah's stance and waited for something to happen. Counting the seconds in his head Jaune swore they stood looking at eachother for a good minute, then in a blink Noah dashed towards Jaune.

Reacting towards it, Jaune jumped back dodging Noah's left blow. Getting his footing back Jaune looked up to see a fist flying towards him. Unable to dodge Noah's fist, it collided with his nose causing him to fall on the ground.

With a loud thump Jaune could feel blood starting to run down his face. Groaning he got up and looked around him dazed. His eyes first set on Noah but then focused onto Neo who yawned in boredom. "Alright, that was a decent try. Why don't we try it again." Jaune's eyes stopped looking at Neo and went back to Noah. With a nod their fight started again.

"You sure you want to go another round Jaune? You kinda look like shit." Noah didn't show much emotion in his face but you could tell he was showing some sympathy to the now bruised and blooded face Jaune.

"I'm fine, I ain't stopping till I get one punch in." getting into a pretty pathetic stance, before he could charge however he felt a hard blow to the back. Hitting the ground a loud moan of pain came out of Jaune.

Something hard fell onto Jaune's back causing him to wince in pain, looking up he saw Neo's boot on his back. "What the fuck was that for?" Neo typed into her scroll then showed the screen to Jaune's face. Listen up you idiot, you're basically fucked and you want to get even more fucked? Noah is gonna drop you off at your hotel, get some rest, and be prepared. Now relax. Neo lifted her foot off of Jaune and disappeared in an instant.

Noah walked up to Jaune and helped pulled him up, throwing his arm around his neck. They slowly walked towards the street looking around for a taxi. The street was busy and people were staring at Noah and Jaune. They finally got a taxi to stop with the driver looking reluctant but drove the two anyway. Dropping off at Jaune's hotel he let Jaune walk the rest of the way.

Jaune slowly walked towards the desk to be greeted by the front desk once again. This time however the faunus was more worried, her face showing a mixture of sympathy and shock. The faunus signaled for a bellboy to come and help Jaune.

The hotel management tried to help Jaune and suggested to to call for an ambulance but he didn't want any. Jaune and the bellboy slowly shuffled down the corridor heading towards Jaune's room.

Once they got to the room Jaune gave the bellboy a tip and opened the door. He slowly walked towards the bed, turning his head he saw his beaten up face in the mirror. It was bruised with his left eye a bit swollen, he looked kinda like a monster. A sigh came out as he fell on the bed.

Getting up was definitely harder than falling down, his face was sore but luckily not majorly bruised anymore. Jaune guessed that his aura healed himself.

Hi everyone, sorry that all you get is a half written version for ch 2. I will be writing more work so stay in tune.