I shut the creaky oak door to my apartment and put my phone onto shuffle mode. I start to run out the dark alleyway onto the main street, which happens to be across from the firm of Pearson Specter Litt. My soon to be workplace.

The morning air cold upon my face… refreshing. I don't often go for runs, but today I will be meeting Louis Litt, and I'm going to need to show him that it was right for him to hire me. I will be the best associate he has ever seen.

I frown at the time reading on my phone as I run through the city. The brisk morning breeze flies past my ears, muffling the sounds of the city around me.

I ignore the things around me as I recheck the time I had to get to the interview, that is before I knock into someone. I drop my phone on the ground. My face is now in his gray hoodie. Angry, I pull away.

I look up to see someone annoyed, staring right back at me. He looks at me as though I was a complete klutz. Well… I guess I was. I try not to laugh at his fancily styled hair, how much gel did he use to get it like that.

"Watch where you're going," He says in a blunt tone. I fumble to pick up my phone of the ground, checking for cracks on its screen. I look up to him, pissed, before he walks around me and jogs of.

"Asshole" I whisper under my breath. I hate people who thought they were better than everyone because they earned more money… or for whatever reason that guy had.

I continue on my jog, looking up to the skyscrapers surrounding me, engulfing me. Suddenly at the realization, I might not be cut out for this, not in the big leagues.

"Thank you, Cora, I will give you your signing bonus when you start tomorrow" Louis Litt, my new boss, smiles. His buck teeth front and center in my line of view. Trying not to cringe I shake his hand firmly, his sweaty palms feeling uncomfortable on my hand. Was I willing to work with this creep? I ask myself all protégés start somewhere.

"Now get out," he says, changing his voice to an almost angry tone. After all, he says he manages all associates like this, I must be no exception.

"No problem" I smile. I straighten my black and white checkered dress, which was a bit larger on me than I had once thought. I open the glass door to exit his large corner office, the door chattering with the rest of the glass in his office. I nod to his secretary Gretchen on my way out.

My throat feels dry as I look around, trying to find a room that looks like a kitchen, but with no luck. I manage to work up the courage to ask the nearest person to me where it might be. I see a woman, about mid 60s with curly black hair, sitting in a cubical. Secretary, I think to myself, walking up to her, straightening my posture to seem confident.

"Hi, do you happen to know where the associ-" I get cut off before I manage to finish my question. The lady now directing her view at a man standing at an office door, who I assume must be her boss.

"Gretchen, organize a meeting with-" The handsome man stops as his eyes lock to mine. I realize that he was the person who bumped into me earlier… of course he is. He is now dressed in a dashing pinstripe suit and vest, if I do say so myself. "Who are you?" He asks rudely. maybe this guy enjoys being rude to other people.

"I'm Louis Litt's new senior associate and I was just asking-" He cuts me off for the second time. He looks back and forth between me and the lady I now know as Donna, like he didn't believe a word I said.

"Louis gets an associate?" He questions more to himself than me or his secretary, still in disbelief. I don't understand what he's so confused about. He motions for me to follow him into his office and at first I hesitate, but end up following him in anyway.

"So Louis hired you, that means your not an average Harvard graduate," He says to himself. Well… the statement wasn't directed at me.

I look at him confused as he sits thinking, "I'm not following…" I state. I look around his office in awe, his office was the same size as Louis' but it was much nicer and more decorated. Also, unlike Louis, he didn't have dozens of frames of himself on his desk.

"If Louis gets an associate I must too, Mikes a partner now so I could hire you," He continues thinking out loud. But this statement was more directed at me this time, as if he was trying to get my opinion. I sit there in silence waiting for him to ask me a proper question.

"Louis only hires the best," He pauses briefly, before smiling "Why should I hire you?" He questions, finally looking up at me, eyes wide. As confusing as this situation is, I assume I may as well give this a shot.

Stuttering, I answer slowly "I was already hired by Louis?". I could tell by the look on his face, that was not the answer he wanted.

"Trust me, you'd rather work for me." He grins. I smile back to him, holding back a laugh. I could always come in tomorrow and work for both of them, then choose soon enough…. But I couldn't keep that secret from Louis.

"Arrogant and cocky isn't what I look for in my employers" I laugh. I take a quick look at some of the sheets down on his desk, cases. A pro bono case catches my eye, not exactly what I would assume a corporate lawyer in his status to be wasting time on.

He smiles at me, trying to think of some smart comeback to that. He's most likely like any other senior partner I've worked for in my carrier, a dick. "What about handsome?"

"Did I not mention arrogant?" I smile back, picking up a few of the cases and standing up, beginning to pace the room. "Trust me I'll be the best god damn associate you have ever seen" I look up at him.

"You're pretty cocky yourself, you've got some boots to fill" He says cockily. He soon gets up from his side of the desk and walking over to my seat. "I'll test you like my other associate, fire up that laptop and give me a topic"

I walk slowly over to his side of the desk, shutting the laptop and grinning at him just like he did to me, sitting back and getting comfortable in his desk chair. "Who said I needed a laptop?"

"Alright hot shot, show me what you've got"