"That went well" Harvey smiles as we walk out of the cafe onto the crowded and loud Manhattan street. We had just secured the last client that Bratton Gould had came after, hopefully.

"According to you" I laugh, taking a sip of the takeaway coffee I ordered, burning the inside of my mouth, but feeling good on the cold winter day. The loud and obnoxious taxi drivers on the street made it hard to hear what he was saying.

He looks to me as if I'm an idiot, taking my coffee cup and throwing in a bin as we pass by. I give him a pissed look before he smiles "According to me? According to me is the only according to that matters". He opens the door into his car, Ray nodding his head to him.

I was about to get in until he shuts the door on me. Not long after he winds the car window down to talk "Catch a cab".

I laugh at that, signaling a taxi as it pulls up near by me. I open the car door and sit in the uncomfortable, rough fur seats in the back and tell the driver "Pearson Specter Litt" I laugh, he looks over to me, nods, and turns back to the wheel, driving back onto the main street.

** Two Days Later **

"Where do you think you're going?" I hear a familiar voice say as I pack up files from my desk into my bag. I look up to see Harvey smiling at me from the doorframe, noticing the blue case file under his arm. I'm not going home anytime soon.

"Home. Its where normal people go at 9 at night" I laugh, with a bit of uncertainty lacing my voice, knowing Harvey probably doesn't leave the office until much later "Oh right, you aren't normal people" I add, putting my bag down anticipating that I won't be going home soon right now, knowing by the look on his face and the case in his hand.

He gives me a fake smile "Very funny. But Travis Tanner has accused me of bribing a witness, you're staying to help me build a defense to get this thing thrown out before trial" He says now in a serious tone, like he is in serious danger. I remember the sentence for bribery, 18 months.

"Did you do it?" I ask seriously, taking the file from his hand and looking through it, he was definitely not joking around.

"The client did…" He trails off, like that part wasn't important to the case. I look up to him longer this time, analyzing him. He had been sweating, his collar was slightly wet, his hair messier than earlier. Looks like he was worried about this too, after all it would ruin is pristine reputation.

"In the file room, look through every case Tanner has ever been on and find any dirt you can. We've done it before, there's something in there" He continues, I nod in agreement. It seems like a decent assumption that a dirty lawyer would of crossed more than a few lines to win some cases, after all he is like Harvey, lying is his nature. But does Tanner have integrity?

"Got it" I smile, putting the case file under my arm and walking from behind my desk to Harvey's side and pat him on the back, not feeling too natural but somewhat comforting at the same time "Good night Harvey"

He laughs, smiling the most perfect smile. There really isn't anything better than the Specter smile, it could make any girl weak at the knees "You didn't think I was staying too?" He laughs, buttoning his jacket and now standing to face me "Now lets get this done shall we" I laugh slightly as we begin to walk to the file room, grabbing the boxes marked Tanner Cases and dropping them on the table in conference room B.

"I found it" I yell in excitement, Harvey's head perking up from the stack of papers and files surrounding him and looking at me, his eyes wide open. He looked like a deer stuck in the headlights if I was to describe his current appearance.

"What'd you find?" he asks, more serious than happy, moving some of the files away from his face so I can see him better. I wave the file in the air, relief filling my body. I knew Harvey would owe me for this, he was in major trouble, but we both wouldn't dare admit it.

"Tanner was accused of intent to commit fraud one day, and it was gone the next... with a settlement of barely anything. That's some shady shit" I slide the file to Harvey, he reads through it, his smile growing more and more each sentence he reads before sliding it back across the glass table to me, getting up and standing over me, looking down on a few papers near me.

"We got him" He grins, I start to laugh that Harvey's plan actually worked. Travis Tanner had definitely bribed that attorney and we both knew that. I felt differently for Harvey after tonight, like we kind of grew on each other the past week I've been here, but it was too early to tell if we could actually be anything (because I sure wanted us to be), but I knew he would shut me it out if I ever brought it up.

"Hell yeah we do" He murmurs, leaning over me and placing his hand on the table, accidently on top of mine. I feel awkward and begin to blush, my cheeks turning bright crimson and he quickly takes his hand away, walking back to his side of the room, also embarrassed as his hand reaches up and rubs the back of his head.

"Bring those documents to the deposition tomorrow at 10 sharp" he says quickly, trying to wrap things up. We both wanted to go home, it was 2 am and we had finally found something. I tried not to make eye contact or that would make the situation even worse.

"Will do," I say, gathering my files and placing them in a small bag, slinging it over my shoulder and down my back before I quickly rush out of the conference room, leaving Harvey there to clean up the boxes of documents.

This was the first time I've seen Harvey the slightest bit flustered… why?