A/N: Written for the Diversity Writing Challenge, f1 – poetry collection, and for the 100 Lists Challenge, 25s list 3 (prompt for this poem is #018 – breath)

The Fraction on a Diary's Page
XXIV. change

He never thought his life would change
so drastically

Except it did.

A typhoon blew in
and took it all apart.

It didn't matter if his knight
in black armour had come,
or not; his life would have changed
either way.

If it wasn't the demons, then the guards…
His time in that precautious shelter had come
to an end.

At least here, where he could breathe freely
in his home: a place he could call his own
that no-one could take away…

He did miss them, but he didn't belong.
It was a good end
for all.