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Warnings/Notes/Rating: No matter his crimes, Adachi was still human, and Dojima recognized that. I tried to express that complicated sense with this small drabble. There's nothing graphic here, and there aren't really any…elements of shounen ai found here. The ficlet does take place 5 years after the events of the game, and Adachi is imprisoned for his crimes…so I guess the ficlet is kind of considered AU-ish. You might call it a little bit angsty, too. It's rated K+. Future drabbles are unlikely to be this tame…so I will change the rating to the appropriate one when it becomes necessary to do so. Other than that? Enjoy if this is your kind of thing.

9/25/16 Drabble wars prompt from Saku: Adachi/Dojima- Adachi had ruined so much of his life. Yet, he still found himself answering every letter and phone call. [Set to this song, "Gomenasai" by t.A.T.u]

The Persona Chocolate Box Drabble Series
Drabble 1: Dojima and Adachi 1
By Yo, Written 9.25.16, About 240 words, Posted to ffdotnet 9.26.16

"I needed to know I wasn't alone today. That's why I called, Dojima," Adachi whispered.

Dojima just sighed into the phone in response, closing his eyes. His free hand clenched into a tight fist at his waist. If this…this criminal expected forgiveness from him, Dojima would never give it to him. Adachi nearly killed his family, his Nanako, his nephew. And he murdered innocents and orchestrated the kidnappings of so many others. He would never forgive Adachi, not as long as there was still breath in his body.

It had been five years since Adachi's crimes in Inaba, but it still felt like those atrocities happened yesterday to Dojima. All this criminal had done to him, done to his family, to those innocents…and the man felt alone? Why did Dojima even care? Why did he still answer the criminal's letters, his phone calls? Why?

Dojima had no words to answer such questions with, but maybe he was lonely too…maybe that's why Dojima continued to respond to Adachi when the man reached out to him…

Dojima bit at his lip, drawing blood, before finally saying, hoarsely, to Adachi, "You're not. I'm here as much as I can be."

"Thank you," Adachi said, and Dojima heard the sad smile form on the man's lips.

Criminals are still as human as the ones who put them away, Dojima thought to himself, sliding down the wall in his kitchen…down into the depths of his own sadness…


Overall notes on this drabble series: I have several other drabble series for other fandoms because of the drabble wars sessions I have with Saku. Now, here is yet another drabble series started for the Persona 3 and Persona 4 games. As with my many other drabble series, the drabbles produced for this series will be stand-alone pieces, unless indicated otherwise. In the style and spirit of those other drabble series, anything can and will appear in this series as well. For example, this can mean any pairing; the rating for each drabble will vary, too. This will be the only time you see this note. If you have any questions or comments, don't be afraid to PM me or drop them to me in a review.