Author's Note: Hey guys! Here's the Kagami/OC story that I promised you all. This is a really short story, only about 12K words, and some of the chapters are super short, so it's mainly supposed to be just entertaining fluff, nothing too deep (as usual). I hope you enjoy it anyway. Thanks for reading!


When I opened my eyes, there was a ball flying toward me.

I ducked out of the way, my knees bending and my hands stretching out on either side to balance me, and the ball flew past.

"Oh, sorry! My bad."

It was a boy's voice. Young, breathing hard. I looked up to see the owner racing toward me, his eyes large and worry knit onto his brow. Taller and bigger than me, with bright red hair and eyes shining with energy.

The part that surprised me, though — not that out-of-control ball or the boy approaching me now — was that he spoke in Japanese.

"Sorry," he said again. "Are you all right?"

I straightened myself and hummed a response, moving back away.

"Oi!" he shouted after me. "You're Japanese, right? You can understand me, right?"

I wanted to pretend that I did not, in fact, understand him. That perhaps I'd been born and raised here, in America, and never learned the language of my birth. But that wasn't the case. I understood him perfectly.

So I stood around and faced him, my skin prickling under his gaze. "Y-yes. I-I can understand you."

His eyes lit up. "Awesome! I've only met a few other people who speak Japanese here."

"I . . . am only here for the summer," I explained. My fingers curled into my palm and I wished my brother was here, standing by my side, ready to comfort me.

But I was alone.

The boy cocked his head at me, curiosity in his gaze. I swallowed and said, "Your ball went over there."

"O-oh, thanks — hey, wait!"

I winced, already having turned around and been making my escape.

"You don't happen to play basketball, do you?"

My eyes widened at his question. Because it was a strange thing to ask.

He shuffled past me, retrieved his ball, and turned back to face me, hands fidgeting around the basketball. "It's — it's just that the friend that I usually play with isn't here today," he said. "And it's more fun to play with someone else."

I stared at him.

His face reddened. "I mean — if you don't want to, that's fine. Or if you don't know how to play — I can teach you! Maybe."

Maybe it was because my brother wasn't there, or maybe it was because he seemed so earnest, but I found myself agreeing.

I didn't know how to play basketball at all, then.

A/N: Hope you liked this short prologue. I'll try and update the first chapter soon.