Alternative Ending


!This story contains spoilers from the Final Fantasy 15 KingsGlaive movie. So please read this first before continuing to scroll down.!


This story takes place after KingsGlaive. Luna and Nyx managed to escape the burning city and are now heading somewhere to hide out and keep Luna safe. This is a Lunyx story if you don't like don't read, thank you. This is a character study as well.

Chapter 1

The drive out of the city had been quiet, Nyx kept his eyes on the road ahead of him and would occasionally look at Luna in the rearview mirror. She looked sad, heartbroken and most of all tired. Nyx felt sore, beat up and tired as well. His muscles were screaming at him and his leg was throbbing from the fall he had off the room top. They were both dirty, sweaty and Nyx had traces of blood staining his uniform.

Nyx cleared his throat and looked at the mirror at Luna, "Um..Your highness…Where would you like me to take you? Did you have a place in mind?" He asked, trying to keep his voice light.

Luna shifted in her seat, she forgot she was staring out the window, she looked up towards the front and saw Nyx looking at her from the mirror. She glanced away and looked back towards the window, "I wish to go…" she paused, she knew she was suppose to go to Altissia to meet up with Noctis and the others. However she didn't quite feel like showing her face to everyone. In her mind she kept playing the image of King Regis as he fell at the hands of General Glauca, she bit her bottom lip, she looked back up at Nyx, he was patiently waiting for he to answer. "Somewhere quiet…please." she answered.

Nyx smiled to himself, she was avoiding something, it was written all over her face but he didn't question her decision. "I understand, if you need anything while we are driving just let me know your highness." He said.

Luna had a small smile on her face, she leaned her head against the leather seat wrapping her arms around herself, a shiver went down her back, "Nyx…"she started to ask

"Yes your majesty?"

"Could you turn up the heat just a little?"

Nyx turned the heat on, "Is that better?" he asked

"Yes, thank you." Luna sank into the leather and felt her eyes grow heavy and slipped into a deep slumber.

Nyx turned on the radio and kept the volume down hoping to avoid waking her, he drove down the dirt roads towards the nearest form civilization. The drive was very therapeutic for Nyx, he had time to think about what happened and what his next choice of action was going to be. They had only made it out of the city because Libertus heard the commander on the radio and figured out that he was General Glauca, he found Nyx and Luna before they walked into the trap that was laid for them. He gave them the car he found and told them to take it and drive away. When Nyx protested in leaving Libertus in the city alone but Libertus told him that he would be fine and that he would find another way out but that Nyx needed to get Luna out of the city. So here they were, driving down the road, the beautiful landscape of Eos surrounding them. Nyx checked all his mirror numerous times time to make sure no one was following them.

While at the Hammerhead gas station Nyx took the opportunity to look at some maps and get some food. Libertus had given them some money before they left. He had gas pumping, he walked out and put the pump back and screwing the cap back on. He got in the car and started the engine, the low purr made Luna wake up from her slumber.

"Where-where are we?" Luna asked with a sleepy tone, her loose hair was sticking to her face.

"We are in an area called Duscae, here I have some maps of the whole arena of Eos. If you would like, you can tell me where you would like to go." He said passing the maps he bought to the backseat to her.

She took the maps from Nyx, opening them up she studied them and looked at all the areas. There was one in the far north close to where Tenebrae's boarders are. It was probably risky of them to be that close to the enemy but they would be waiting for her in Altissia so it might not be the worse idea. "Here, I would like to go here." Luna leaned forward to show Nyx.

Nyx leaned over to see where she was pointing at, "here?" he pointed where her finger was at. "Thats a bit close to the enemy…you sure?"

"Yes, I want to go here." she said with determination

"Your the boss your majesty. I have some snacks in those bag if you would like some." he said while pointing to the bags in the passenger seat.

Luna leaned back into her seat, "Thank you." she sank back into the leather and watched as the scenery passed by her.

The drive up North was a quiet one, Luna and Nyx would have light conversation but she would leave him alone to concentrate on the road and where he was going. She laughed to herself when Nyx would curse at the map and trying to figure out where he was suppose to turn. Luna silently cursed at herself, she was mad at herself, she knew she was suppose to be heading to Altissia for her duty but she was torn, she hated herself for being scared and running away. She didn't realize she was crying until she felt a tear hit her hand. She closed her eyes and turned her head into the leather seat.

Nyx was looking at the map and cursing at it under his breath, he had never been so agitated in his life, not even Libertus got him this mad. He finally turned off the road and started to head into the mountains, he took note of everything he passed, small tunnels, backroads, towns, anything and everything. He kept driving up the road when they reached a small town, it was little and built into the mountain itself. The houses were small, packed together, people had shops outside some of them. The roads were small and narrow only one car could really pass through at a time. Nyx looked at the stores and shops hoping to find something that could give him information, they needed a place to stay and lay low. Nyx noticed a tavern that seemed to have some life in it, he pulled into the parking lot and cut the engine.

"Hangout in the car Princess, I will go in and try to find out some information-" Nyx paused before getting out, "Please stay in the car and don't do anything…rash…I will be back soon." He smiled at her and closed the door, locking it behind him.

Luna watched as Nyx walked up the stairs to the old tavern, it had such rustic look, molded out of the rock of the mountain and held together by giant beams of wood. Luna sighed as she sank back into her seat, she hated being treated like a little girl, a lost child that had to be kept inside because they were bad, she was tired of being caged up and now Nyx was doing it to her…"stay in the car" thats what he said to her. She wrapped her arms around her and rested her head against the window.

When Nyx got back to the car he had a strained look on his face, Luna sat up in her seat, he opened the door and slammed it shut when he sat down.

"Is everything ok..?" Luna inquired, she leaned forward from her seat.

"No…So it turns out this town is perfect to hide you in…bad part we don't have the money it takes to live here…I can't keep you in a hotel, thats too suspicious. Mmmm" Nyx pinched the bridge of his nose.

Luna looked at him, she looked down at her lap, she fiddled with the jewelry on her arms, then the thought hit her, "What if I sold my jewelry? I don't have much, just the bangles on my arms but I am sure they are worth something." she said

Nyx looked back towards her, "I can't have you do that…"

"Nyx Ulric! I don't want to be a burden to you and as the Princess of Tenebrae I order you to sell these so you can give me a proper place to stay." She interrupted him. Luna could feel her face getting warm from the slight angry that built up in her and that made her blood boil.

"Ok…ok, as you wish your majesty." He said, he started the car up and made his way to a pawn shop.

At the pawn shop, Nyx leaned against the glass display case, the owner looked at the jewelry Luna gave him. "So what's it worth?" Nyx finally said after some silences.

"Well…I am curious as to how you got a hold of this precious silver…this is a pure form of it. So who did you steal it from?" The old man said, he held Luna's jewelry in his fingers.

"They were my mom's, she passed away and I need a little extra money." Nyx lied, he was becoming impatient with this man.

"Hmmmm…Ill give you….12,000gil for the whole set you have." the old man said

Nyx sighed, he knew they were worth so much more than that but he had been here for an hour now haggling with him and was losing his patience with this man. "Yes that is fine. I'll take the gil, thank you," Nyx said.

"Good, give me one second to write the bill." He took the jewelry and went into the back.

Luna was munching on snacks in the back while she wanted for Nyx to come back to the car. She saw him coming back with a slightly angrier look on his face, she cupped her hand over her mouth to hold in a laugh, he looked so serious and it made her laugh. He opened the door and slammed it, grunting as he bucked in and started the car. "So how did it go?" she asked

"12,000gil in our pockets…and an hour of pain…next stop a house or something." Nyx grunted, this was turning into a lot more work than it had to be but he needed to protect Luna, he made an oath to his king that he would.

Somehow Nyx got a house for them, he isn't sure how he swindled the place they got but he did. It was a nice little cabin that was nested higher up in the mountains that was surrounded by lots of trees and foliage. It was a quiet place and off the beaten path.

Luna opened her door and practically ran out of the car, her legs were begging to be moved and set free. She touched ground and stretched, she ran up to the door and admired the beautiful wood work and craftsmanship. Nyx came around her and his chest brushed her shoulder, making her jump slightly, he inserted the key into the lock and opened the door for her.

Inside the place was a bit of a fixer upper but it would serve its purpose for what they needed. Nyx watched Luna look around the cabin, this must have been the first time she stayed in a place so small and not luxurious. "Your highness, if I may, you can take the main room, I will sleep on the couch. I will also try to find some way to work so we can get gil to-live and keep hiding here." Nyx stated as he leaned against the kitchen counter.

Luna turned to look at him, "Nyx, please stop calling me that. If we are going to work together then I want you to call me Luna-"

"Lunafreya, I'm sorry-"

"NO! Luna, just Luna…Also I want you to stop locking me up and treating me like a child! I wish to not be caged." she stomped her foot, crossing her arms over her chest.

Nyx sighed, he walked over to her, he placed his hands on her shoulders, "I'm sorry Luna, I never meant to keep you caged…I know the car thing was…a bit like that but I am just trying to keep you safe. I can't have someone seeing you and spreading rumors around and having the empire snooping around and we have to leave again I know you are tired of running." he said in a gentle voice.

Luna relaxed her shoulders, "I just want to be free…my own person…will you let me out of this house at least?" she asked

"I will…but let me make sure its safe and everything is ok for you. I will go look for a job and I will buy you anything you need, food, clothes, anything. Once I get an idea of how this town works, I will let you out. I promise, please just let me keep you safe, if not as a glaive then as a friend." he said

Luna sighed she wasn't going to win this fight, she knew all he wanted to do was help and to be honest it was probably the best course of action, she didn't want anymore attention than she already had. "I understand…just don't take forever you promise? Also why give me the room?"

"I will try to make it as fast as I can and because what kind of gentlemen would I be if I let the lady sleep on the couch? I suggest though, we both get some well deserved rest and in the morning I will hit the town hard for work and get a good read out on it. Deal?" Nyx asked.

Luna smiled at him, "Yes" she walked towards the room and opened the door, "If I see you trying to sneak into my room to get a peak at me changing I will hurt you Nyx Ulric." She smirked

"Its just Nyx, Luna. I would not dream of it. Not that kind of guy." he smiled, she nodded her head and closed the door behind her. He sighed and let his body relax, he walked over and collapsed on the couch, he was so tired and every part of his body hurt, his muscles were burning and hated him. He took his jacket off and kicked his shoes off and fell asleep on the couch.

It didn't take Nyx long to fall asleep, he was out like a light, Luna was the same. Both of them slept like babies that night.