Chapter 18

Luna woke up panting, sweat poured down her back, sticking against her clothes and hair. Heat radiated off of her as she ran her fingers through her damp hair. Bile filled her stomach, she heaved a little then ran to the bathroom heaving out her guts but the pain was subsiding. She leaned back against the tub the cool porcelain felt wonderful against her boiling skin. She was panting harder, she couldn't catch her breath; yesterday was a nightmare, as she had expected, all the preparations for Noctis and the ceremony. The stress nearly ended her, all the questions, and the constant reminder of how important this was and of course the safety of the baby.

She wasn't sure how long she sat in the bathroom but the soft thud of footsteps brought her back into reality. She tried to get up but the bile rose in her throat and she heaved into the toilet again. A soft hand rubbed her back and moved up to her hair, holding what it could out of her face, she was grateful because it felt so good.

Luna sat back; still panting and sweat rolling down her face. Strong arms wrapped around her torso and pulled her close; even though he was warm she still loved his touch. He kissed the top of her head and rocking her slowly, back and forth. She rested her head on his chest and her panting eased but her stomach felt like a tight wad of knots.

Nyx kissed the top of her head, he hated to see her in so much pain, and yesterday didn't help her mood or emotional statues. Several times-no more than several times he wanted to kill someone for pushing her to hard, forcing her to keep working and she did it but would cry when they left. He didn't know what his young majesty was like but he better be worth all this trouble.

"Luna…" he asked, he rubbed the small of her back with his thumb, causing her to stir, "Luna, do you want to go back to bed? Or should I get you a pillow and blanket?" he brushed sticky strands of hair out of her face, wiping the sweat off her forehead and kissing her cheek.

Luna curled into Nyx, wrapping her arms around his torso, she didn't want to move but she also didn't want to sleep on the floor but it did feel better in the bathroom than in her bedroom. "Will you stay with me?" it's the only thing she had to ask, even if she knew the answer.

The sound of his chuckled vibrated his chest, "forever and always," he leaned down and kissed her, before getting up and leaving the bathroom, "Lets get you comfy first though." He disappeared into the bedroom.

She sat there in the dark listening to him rummage through the room, then he came back with an arm full of blankets and pillows. He threw them on the ground then organized them, he then sat in the middle of the pillow mess and held his arms out to her. She crawled over to him and curled up against his side, he made a good pillow. He threw a blanket over them and wrapped her in a hug.

Luna felt calm, safe and most of all tired. She felt darkness and sleep take over her, along with Nyx's soft snoring.

The morning sun gently wrapped around them, waking them up from their slumber, Luna cursed and pressed her face into Nyx's neck as she wrapped her body around his. He chuckled as he propped himself up on his elbow, he ran his hand down her back and then through her hair. He leaned down and kissed her before getting off the floor, he stretched his muscles out.

A knock came to the door, causing Luna to sit up, her hair stuck out at ever angle, Nyx had to admit she was adorable but the knocking didn't stop. He grabbed a shirt from the floor and went to answer the door. He opened it to see a guard on the other side.

"Can I help you?" Nyx asked, he had the door slight open as he blocked the view to see inside the room, the last thing he wanted was for people to see Luna like she was.

The guard bowed, "I have a report for Lady Luna, it is urgent she reads it." he handed Nyx the envelope, "please make sure to send a response when she is done. Thank you." he saluted and walked down the hall.

Nyx flipped the envelope to its other side then to the front, Luna's name was written on it in fine lettering. He walked back to the bathroom where Luna was fixing her hair in the mirror, she looked at him as he leaned against the doorway and he flashed the envelope at her.

"Said it needed your immediate response." he handed her the letter, she took it cautiously then tore open the seal.

Luna took our the letter inside, her eyes scanned the page, her heart started to pick up speed when she saw the words at the bottom. 'The ceremony begins today…no exceptions' Luna knew that today was going to be a big day, Noctis had arrived in the city and contacted the First Secretary. Now it was time for her to play her part as Oracle, Princess and Savior. She wasn't sure if she was ready for this or not but there was no turning back now.

She looked up at Nyx who was watching her movements very closely, "the ceremony is going to be held today and I need to prepare…please give word to the secretary. Also tell her that I give you clearance to be with me when I walk onto the platform, that you are the only one and no one else. I need to get ready now." she said, walking out of the room, she tried to hold herself together, head held high, shoulders back and ready to take on Leviathan.

What seemed like hours were minutes, Luna waited in a dark room for the ceremony to start, she was surrounded by Empire guards all armed and ready to strike if need be. She wore a long white pleated dress, it was sleeveless with a high collar, her short hair was pined up with a the diamond hair-pin Crowe was suppose to deliver to her.

She stood up, making all the guards shift as she walked out of the room, pushing aside one of the guns as she opened the door. Walking down the hall felt like eternity, the hall seemed to stretch on forever but she rounded the corner that lead to the podium where she was to give her speech. She stopped at the door, her palms sweaty, her heart racing and her mind whirling with what she was going to say. She took a deep breath and walked out the doors, the guards turned to acknowledge her presence. She was halfway to the stand when someone grabbed her arm.

She spun around ready to attack whoever it was but only to find Nyx, "I almost hit you…you can't sneak up on me like that." she laughed, but the look on his face told her he wasn't about to tell her a joke and even worse he was serious.

He loosened his grip on her arm, then wrapped his arms around her waist, whispering in her ear "please be careful, I don't know what I would do if something happened to you…I love you Luna and I will be behind you the whole time." he buried his face into her neck. His whole body shook, he could feel something bad about to happen and knowing she was going to be on the front lines of it all, it made him sad.

Nyx let her go but held onto her shoulders for a second longer before the guard behind them yelled for her to get up to the podium. She growled at him, turning back to Nyx she laced her fingers with his and laid her head on his chest, hearing the beating of his heart. He pulled her into a hug with his other arm, laying his head on hers, giving her a small kiss on the top of her head but then let go and lead her to the podium.

He let go of her hand as she hit the first step, he stared up at her, she was so beautiful, powerful and he couldn't be prouder of her. Though his heart ached to see her have to do this, go through with this destiny thing-putting her life and the baby's at risk-for what…the young king—

Right as he thought it, there he was, Prince Noctis of Lucis standing there listening to Luna's speech and Luna seemed to notice him as she made some sort of contact with him. Nyx watched the young prince, he didn't look much like his father, other than his hair color and possibly his stature but his face was rounded like a child's and he had an interesting fashion sense. He was dressed a bit like a punk but with class, he seemed to care about Luna from the way he looked at her but Nyx couldn't exactly pin point what it was about Noctis—but it didn't feel right.

From the reports he had gotten from the first secretaries guard, the prince was traveling with three other companions, where they were was unknown to him, it might have been something Luna talked about in one of her meetings but he didn't ask her about it. He also read the reports on the princes progress, the word made Nyx cold all over when he first saw it, of finding the astrals and obtaining power to take out the empire also finding the ancient relics of the past kings.

There was so much information on the prince, people really wanted to know where he was at all times and what he was up to. Though Nyx was a little disappointed when he couldn't find anything personal on Noctis, he wanted to get to know the prince before he really just casted judgment on the kid. Though if he did come after Luna, Nyx clenched a fist, he would be in for a fight and now that she was pregnant there was no way she was leaving his side.

"—I thank you all and may the gods smile upon us" Luna said, then the crowd cheered but Noctis was the only one she saw for a moment, he wasn't happy but he wasn't sad either. She knew he didn't know what her role was and he himself didn't know what his own role was. She stepped off the podium and Nyx was there to offer is arm, she took it and leaned into him, she had gotten dizzy while standing up there.

They walked into he estate and got her stuff before heading out to the ceremony grounds. "Nyx—I love you," she gripped his arm as they walked towards the doors, "I hope this works and we can just go home after this…I want to—I want to go away, far away and have this baby. Just me and you." she was digging her nails into the fabric of his shirt, "don't—don't—" she couldn't stop the tears, her whole body shook, she started to cry. She couldn't tell what was going to happen on that stage, there was no future she could see but she didn't have the power anymore to see the future. Her body burned from the starsourage and with the baby more pains ripped through her.

Nyx stopped them right before the door and gathered her in his arms for a hug. He balanced the trident on the door frame, "Luna, we are going to walk out of here, walk out of this together and I am not going to let anything happen to you. I soon rather die than let anything happen to you. I love you so much and I am so proud of you, for walking on that stage, taking on Leviathan. I just wish I could take your pain away, I wish I was the one who bore it not you but I promise after this I will take you wherever you want to go and we will stay there, just us." he kissed to top of her head and hugged her tighter, her lavender perfume smelled good as he buried his head into the small of her neck.

Luna was pretty sure she was ugly crying after what Nyx said but she didn't loosen her grip, her arms wrapped around his waist and her small frame perfecting shaped to match his frame. For a brief moment Luna thought about running away, it would take her long, Nyx would follow her and probably knew six different ways out of the city. Though as fast as the thought came on it left, she knew what she had to do and it wasn't going to be easy.

She let go of Nyx, he held onto her elbows gently, she looked up at him wiping the tears out of her eyes, light bounced off the trident and caught her eye as if to tell her it was time. "I guess its time to do the adult thing and finish what I started…promise me you'll—"

He leaned down and interrupted her with a kiss, his lips were so warm against hers but much softer, he heard her catch her breath before leaning into the kiss, wrapping his arms around her waist again he pulled her up slightly then laid his forehead on hers, "I'll be there, I wont leave you and I wont let that thing hurt you. If you need me or think you need me just shout ok." he held her for a few more minutes, she had nodded in response.

Luna laced her fingers around the trident as Nyx put her down, the metal was smooth and cold. The power that flowed in its hollow walls was screaming to get out, even this mighty weapon knew its true owner was near, the chosen king, Noctis. Luna picked it up and brushed the wrinkles out of her dress, walking to the doors with a deep exhaled breath she pushed them open and was ready to face her destiny.

It felt like days, the dust, smoke and fire swirled in the air around her, the dust caked on her like a second layer of skin, the smoke rose from the fiery disaster that was Altissia, the beautiful city on water was burning like a bonfire. White flames licked the skies, black clouds blocked out the sun and the empire sat there watching as lives were lost to the Astrals rage.

Water sprayed Luna in the face, the water stained her white dress to her knees, Leviathan was a cruel beast, she hated humans even Luna and she was not about to share her power with some so-called chosen king. The rage poured out of her like the very typhoon she was creating, it thrashed and teared at the world around it, desperate to destroy it.

Luna was trying to stand but the weight of her power was crushing her legs and to make matters worse being pregnant didn't help. She managed to stand straight but as she did Leviathan roared, charging the young oracle but before she could clamp her jaws on her Luna emitted a burst of magic that stunned Leviathan back with a howl.

Leaning on her trident, sweat rolled over her body, her hair sticking to her face and neck, her clothes becoming stained with sweat. Her white dress turned muddy as the dust mixed with the dampness. She was almost out of energy when something caught Leviathans eye, a shout—no more like a—

"Noctis!" Luna shouted as the young prince teleported right at Leviathan, she wheeled backwards and howled at him. She shook her head and flung him towards the ruins.

Luna watched as the titan clashed with Noctis, she fell on her knees from exhaustion, the trident had fallen to her side and she was panting. She sucked in a deep breath and sat back on her knees, holding her stomach.

"My, my—haven't I seen this picture somewhere before?" Aryden's voice appeared behind her, his words were woven together like silk, sweet, kind and caring but held a sharp more dangerous objective behind them.

"Aryden… " Luna breathed out, she was so tired, she could barely see straight but she knew he was there, taunting her and trying to possibly kill her.

Nyx was more than tense, he was angry, hurt, lost but most of all scared. He watched Luna preform the whole ritual, he watched as she held her own against Leviathan, he watched as she shoved it back like it was a toy and watched as she fell to the ground from exhaustion. He didn't realize he was standing on the first step of the stage or what was left of it, but then he saw him, he came out of thin air, Aryden—Nyx grabbed the blade off his side, readied himself but watched to see what he was going to do.

Aryden lifted Luna's face and was saying something to her but something caught Nyx's eye, "a knife—" he was moving before he finished his sentence, he pushed ever muscle, ever fiber, ever nerve, he wasn't going to let Aryden hurt her and as Aryden pulled back his hand Nyx felt something burn under his skin, something glow, then as the blade came into focus—

"Nyx!" steel clashes with steel, Luna blinked, Nyx was there like if he appeared with magic. She wasn't sure how, he didn't have any of the kings magic left—how did he make it in time. She looked at Aryden's face, he was shocked to find Nyx on the other side of his blade.

Nyx didn't know how he did it but he was there, in front of Luna, bladed clashing, the burning sensation was gone just like how it was with his magic. It burned for a second then faded. He pushed forward with his knife, causing Aryden to lose his balance and fall over. Nyx crawled over to Luna and picked her up in his arms, cradling her becoming her shield.

Before Aryden could figure out what had happened a loud crack sounded to draw all their attention away. Leviathan fell slightly to the side but a cloud of dust told Luna what happened. Nyx looked over where Aryden was standing to see he disappeared, doing a final surroundings check he looked at Luna.

"Noctis!" she was crawling out of his arms to move to the young prince, he wasn't moving, he looked dead but Luna wasn't going to let him die. He had a goal, a job and a destiny.

She performed a healing spell and as she finished Leviathan roared, she tightened her grip on Noctis, prepared for what was going to happen when she felt stronger hand wrap around both of them.

"I told you, I'm in this with you till the end." he kissed her cheek.

Luna wanted to hug him but before she could Titan appeared and a battle of the gods began, they were just caught up in the middle of the fight. The Astrals clashed causing a huge explosion and knocking all three of them in the water.

Nyx felt his lungs burn as he gasped for air, the salt burned his eyes and lungs. He looked back at the shore, the damage done by the Astrals left the dock unrecognizable, he saw someone in black jump into the water after a few minutes he came up with someone in his arms.

Nyx panicked and looked around, he didn't see Luna, he sucked in a breath and dove under the water.

He was gasping for air as he broke through the waters surface, he found Luna underneath and was pulling her up on the broken shore. He checked for a pulse, checked for breathing but didn't find anything. He started to preform CPR on her, placing his hands on her chest and started to press down over and over. He counted the seconds, then minutes, he was three reps in and was starting to panic. Sweat rolled down his face, he kept pressing down on her chest then up then down, he stopped and listened for her to breath. He started again, one, two, three, four, five—

Luna started to cough and rolled over puking up water. She felt cold, scared and was shaking all over. The world had been dark for so long she thought she was dead and maybe she was. Then a sudden jolt woke her out of the darkness and her heart was beating again. A warm hand crept up her back, she turned nervously at the person then warm tears filled her eyes.

"Nyx—Y-You…"she couldn't get the words out, she was hiccuping and crying, he wrapped her in his arms and squeezed her tight. She locked her arms around his neck and sobbed into his shoulder.

They sat like that for a few moments then pulled away, Nyx laid his forehead on hers, holding her hands then Luna panicked, "Nyx, I need to find a doctor. Now, I need one right now." she got up and started running towards the running city. Nyx was a few steps behind her as they raced through the destruction.

They found a doctor, his face had worry and stress lines so indented in his face that they looked like scares. He pressed against Luna's belly with his stethoscope, moving it up and down then left and right. Listening for a heartbeat, he smiled a few minutes later and took out the ear pieces, "I heard a heartbeat, the baby is alive but I would suggest going to a hospital to get an ultrasound just in case." he smiled and walked to his next patient.

Luna and Nyx both let out the breaths they were holding, he loosened his grip on her hand and laced his fingers with hers. "Our baby is gonna be alright," he chuckled, "looks like its gonna come out fighting. Definitely has his mothers genes." he laughed as she punched him in the arm. She was just so happy to have her baby safe.

"I still want to visit the hospital…just in case, also you can see the baby to, since we are getting an ultrasound and then can we leave?" she was so eager to get away from all the destruction and death. The city around them was blacken with smoke and smog. Death's smell lingered in the streets, fires were still burning brightly like the sun and people shouting.

Nyx leaned down and kissed her cheek, "Of course, we will leave as soon as the baby is checked out. Here let me help—" he caught Luna as she bounced off the table "you, little miss give-your-boyfriend-a-heart attack, please be careful." he teased as he walked down the broken deserted street.

"I think that is the first time you called yourself my boyfriend, its cute," she leaned into him as they walked hand in hand, "what about Libertus? We can't leave him here…not in this mess." she looked up at him.

Nyx tried not to think about where his friend was, he didn't want to imagine the worst, he wanted to go out and look for Libertus but at the same time he wanted to make sure Luna was ok first…his heart torn in two, "when we get to the hospital I'll check to see if he is there and then I will go look for him once I know you and the baby are safe. I have an obligation now." he gave her a cheeky grin.

She couldn't help but laugh, she knew he wanted to make sure his best friend was alive and well but she also knew he wanted her to be as safe as she could be, especially after all the chaos.

The room smelled the same as when Luna first visited but there was more burning and smoky smells this time. People had bullet hole wounds, blood splattered faces, some looked so bad she couldn't tell what had happened to them and then a wave of nausea hit her, her stomach tightened, bile rose in her throat.

She stopped moving as they approached the desk, she leaned against it, closing her eyes, trying to make the horrible feeling go away and trying to not think about the scene around her.

"Of course, please wait right here while I find a doctor." the nurse said as she hurried off into another room.

"You ok?" Nyx asked, he massaged Luna's back and pulled her into.

She nodded and laid her head on his chest, he wrapped his arms around her shoulder. A few minutes when by and then the nurse appeared with someone standing next to her. It was the same doctor that Luna had before.

"I see we meet again and I take it your the father?" he asked Nyx, who nodded, "well, I can say you probably weren't able to stay stress free, especially after all this madness, so lets take a look at that baby." The doctor lead them up to the room.

The gel felt so warm on Luna's stomach, her nausea finally went away and she was relaxing. The doctor moved the camera around a few times and Luna instantly saw the baby, she squeaked a little when his little face came across the screen, or she hoped it was his face.

The doctor kept moving the camera and nodding his head, he listened for a heartbeat, then checked out Luna to make sure she didn't sustain any serious injuries.

The doctor gave them the clear and said the baby was fine but that it did under go some stress so he begged them to keep the stress levels down so that the baby would be happy.

"So what did you think? Did you see him?" Luna asked before they could get to the elevator.

Nyx laughed, "well I think I saw him, not to sure what I was looking at but you seemed happy so I'm happy." he kissed her as they pressed the button for the lobby and the doors closed.

Once they were downstairs they headed for the exit, the outside air was layered with heat, it felt sticky and suffocating. They made their way down to the docks, which were left somewhat intact, just enough for boats to get passengers on and to get them off this land. Luna said she wanted to go to Eos and live there and Nyx didn't have any objections to it, as they bought their tickets for the next boat someone shouted behind them.

"YOU—YOU'RE ALIVE! HOW—HOW DID?" Libertus came rushing over and crashed into Nyx, giving him the biggest bear hug ever. "Your highness, you made it out too." he hugged Luna in the same fashion and Nyx jumped in to release the Libertus. "What gives mate? I was just giving her a hug! I can't touch your girl—"

"Libertus…wait, there is something we have to tell you…we wanted to tell you sooner but everything happened so quickly. Luna's pregnant and I'm the father." he held his arms up in the surrender position and then relaxed.

Luna was surprised at how smooth everything came out, she was a babbling idiot when she tried to tell Nyx and he said it like it was rehearsed.

Libertus stared at him with his mouth open, clearly dumbfounded, he ran his fingers through his hair and paced a bit. Shock was written on his face and then some anger showed through, "so you—why didn't you tell me? How long has she been pregnant for? Why did you hide it from me? How long have you known?" he was asking Nyx but Luna answered.

"Libertus, Nyx found out literally two days ago but I have been pregnant for 6 weeks maybe 7 now. Please don't blame Nyx, I am the one who wanted to keep it secret and wait for everything to be over before I told the news. I'm sorry." Luna bowed her head and hoped he wouldn't be mad at Nyx.

Libertus racked through his hair in frustration, "Gah! So now what…everyone thinks your dead," he pointed to Luna, "and everyone thinks you abandoned ship," he pointed at Nyx, "so what did you two have in mind? Some run away plan?"

"We are going to Eos and I am going to make sure Luna is happy, safe and stress free or a doctor is going to end my life. You are more than welcome to come with us Lib, we could use a babysitter." Nyx chuckled at the last part.

Libertus smiled, "well, seeing as there isn't much work here and with all the chaos in Eos not much a solider can do…do you really want me to come along?" he asked

"Who else would start up another bar and restaurant with me? I mean not everyone can take my charming personality." Nyx asked as he was laughing and gesturing at himself.

Libertus let out a roaring laugh, "that is true! HAH! Well if its alright with her that I tag along for another adventure then I am game." he said, arms crossed over his chest and watching Luna.

Luna smiled at both of them, "I just hope you don't mind seeing me nauseous but of course I want you to come on an adventure with us." she looped her arms though each of theirs and walked towards the boat for their new life and adventure.

Life was wonderful once they got settled down, Luna delivered a happy, bouncy baby boy and of course Nyx couldn't have been happier, mostly because he was so happy to teach him how to fight with a sword. He and Libertus had a successful bar and restaurant in Lestallum. Luna hadn't suffered from the star scourge since she stopped healing people, though she knew what that would mean but it was going to happen anyway so she was happy to get to enjoy the rest of her life with her now husband Nyx and their sweet baby boy.

Ravus got to visit the baby before he had to leave for the empire but he was so happy to be an uncle and play with the baby. Ravus even liked Nyx slightly more because he saved Luna and was being a great father figure.

Nyx and Luna argued over baby names for about two week and then argue over paint colors just like any other couple. Libertus was desperate to teach their son how to say his name before saying 'da-da'.

Life was amazing, even though darkness was coming, Luna knew she had everything she ever wanted right next to her and Nyx couldn't believe how things ended up from just that car ride out of Insomnia to having his whole world right next ot him.

Life in Eos was perfect for them now.

The End.