Hi there readers:

This is the new version of Bella's Secret but this time; Bella's a vampire now, she's happily married to Edward, and the Volturi have now stopped visiting the Cullens to check up on Nessie.

Also, Bella didn't tell the Cullens about her submissive side, the only people who know of her submissive side is Charlie and Renee', and so she had kept it a secret for so long, that when Nick shows up; she's not only confused, but also slightly uneasy around Nick and his parents.

Hope this version is better than the first one that I had posted up not that long ago!

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As we were pulling into the parking lot at the school, we all didn't want to have anything to do with the rumors that we had heard ever since we all got out of our cars; as we made our way into the lunch room;; Alice and Jasper going first, that's when we heard what the humans were telling the new kid, one said, "... That's Alice Cullen and Jasper Hale..."

Next was Rose and Emmett, the human said, "... There's Rosalie Hale and Emmett Cullen..."

However, when we had stepped in, the new kid said after a glance at Edward, "Who's are they?"

The human beside him, Jane, said after a glance at me, "Oh; that's Edward and Bella Cullen."

As we walked passed the table, I caught the new kid's stare, wished that I hadn't, because the next thing I knew, he stood up, walked over to us, after glancing at Edward, who muttered low under his breath, "He's gone mad..."

The human's eyes suddenly narrowed at me; I recoiled back into Edward, as we both moved passed him, his eyes never leaving my face, I could feel that he wanted to talk, but it didn't matter to me; I had nothing to do with this human, as we walked away, I heard him hiss low under his breath, "Mine."

Once we were seated at our table, Nessie asked, "Mommy, who's the new kid?"

Alice said, "They say that his name's Nick, that his family has been looking for someone who had disappeared not that long ago."

Jasper asked, "What else, Alice?"

She said, "And that he knows one of us... How is that possible? Why would we get involved with another human?"

Edward said, "Not only that; but his thoughts... he apparently knows one of us really well, so well, that one of us is actually his lost sub, who had disappeared years ago, without a word or anything. What's a sub anyway?"

Emmett said, "Well, let's find out what this human wants with us, and then let's just get on with our lives. I mean, it's not like we have someone's sub in our family right? That's just plain creepy..."

As they were talking about the new guy, my attention goes over to him, I could see that he has been staring at us for a few minutes, his dark chocolate eyes scanning over the rest of my family, but when his eyes reach over to me, Nessie, and Edward; his eyes gloss over Edward, as they land on me and Nessie, he looks between all three of us, and that's when I saw the shock; or rather enraged look in his eyes.

His face turns an angry red; he gets up, and with an excuse to his new friends; he shoots me one last enraged look, and he flees the lunch room.

Nessie said, "Mommy?"

I looked down at her, and I said, "What is it, sweetie?"

She said, "Why were you looking at the new kid?"

I said, "Don't worry about the new kid, alright? He's just another human..."

Alice suddenly said, "Bella, ready for Biology today? You're going to be having it with the new kid."

I asked, "Alice, is anyone else going to be there with me?"

She said, "Sorry Bella; you know that you and Edward can't be in the same classes together, besides, Mr. Banner might nott even allow any of us in there with you."

I groaned, and I said as I shook my head, "Well; do you know what will happen during Biology? I mean, as far as I can tell the new kid, he does seem creepy..."

As lunch came to an end; we all left early, we all knew how 'important' school was for all of us; as we all went our separate ways in the hall, I forced myself to walk to Biology; even though I had taken the same subject like for the past twelve years now, it still intrigued me to know what new students do every time while in the class.

As always, I was the first one to class, and class had just started not even a second ago; once inside, I made my way to my seat, which was the first row, beside the window; I liked to just look out the window, or sometimes if I was up to it; I would actually take apart in with the class; even though I did occasionally just tune out Mr. Banner's voice most of the time.

However, as the new student came in; along with others, we both locked eyes for only a millisecond, I wasn't going to be friendly with him today, I put avail of long dirty, dark chocolate brown hair in between me and my partner, and heard Mr. Banner say, "Ahh... yes, Mr. Nick Jones, the new student. Welcome to Biology."

As Nick sat down beside me, I moved my chair far away from him as the desk would allow, I forced myself to not look his way, however, I did push one of the small caps towards him, and push mine toward me, but that was all that he got from me.

It was the most brutal class ever, as I continued to look anywhere but at him, I could feel his stare on me, it made me jump up and rush out of the class just as the bell went off.

As soon as I was out, I bolted for the parking lot, I caught sight of Edward and Nessie waiting for me in my car.

Once inside the car, I slammed on the gas, and we flew out of the parking lot, and down the road back home.


When we had arrived home, we all waited for the others to get back, I paced, how was I supposed to go to school and survive the entire day without having to sit next to some human for a full period, it didn't make any sense, none of it at all.

Nessie asked, "Mommy, what's wrong?"

I continued pacing, my thoughts drifting back to the look in Nick's eyes when he caught sight of me, Nessie, and Edward; that look only caused me to act the way I did towards him in Biology; I'd never acted that way towards anyone before, however, Nick made it impossible for me to pull through with my normal behavior, it was truly horrible, if I may add.

As soon as the others had returned, Alice said, "Bella, what happened?"

I said, "I-I don't know... something's off about him..."

Rosalie said, "What's he like?"

Before I could answer, Esme said, "Charlie."

We all went into human mode from there, however, when Carlisle answered the door, Charlie said, "Is Bella here? I have to talk to her about something."

I said as I made my way up to him and Carlisle, "What is it, dad?"

He said as I stopped next to Carlisle, "Bella, we need to talk."

As I stepped out of the home, walking behind Charlie, Edward said, "Charlie, why do you need to talk to Bella for?"

Charlie said, "It's just family issues, that's all. No need to worry about anything."

As we made our way to his car, he didn't say anything, but once we were a good distance away from the house, he stops the car, turns off the engine, and we both just sit there in silence, none of us saying anything for a few moments.

Then he suddenly says, "The Council wants to see you."

I just stare at him, as if he's speaking another language, at my silence, he continues, "They've finally had enough, they want to see you; not just you, but also your owners as well... I'm sorry, I really am, if I'd known that they wouldn't take any notice..."

As I just sit there, he says as he starts up the car again, "You have to leave no later than tomorrow, they'll wait for you at the airport, and then from there, you all shall go back to Phoenix, and then back to the Academy, there the Council would like to meet you, and talk to you about..."

I choked out, "About what?"

All he said was, "You have to leave Forks, and..."

I whispered, "What?"

He looks at me, and he says, "You can't be with the Cullen family anymore..."

I said after a moment, "But what about Nessie, Jake, and you...? What about-"

He asks me, "When was the last time?"

I blinked, and asked him, "The last time what?"

He said, "When was the last time you felt her?"

I said, "What do you-"

He shouts, "Your submissive side, Bella! When was the last time you felt her? Is she even there at all? Don't tell me that you haven't felt her ever since you left Phoenix, Bella!"

I said, "Dad, my submissive side hasn't made herself known..."

He asks, "When?"

I said, "Dad, I don't-"

He said, "Come on, Bella, don't tell me that she hasn't been there ever since you'd left them. She can't be gone all this time, can she?"

I said as I looked away, "That's just it, Dad. I don't know if she's even there or not... I can't tell if she's there anymore..."

He said as he started speeding towards town, "I'm taking you to your owners..."

I said, "Dad, wait! You don't know how or what Edward-"

He cuts in, and says sharply, "Have you even told him and his family about this yet?"

When I didn't say anything; he grips the steering wheel tightly, and says with controlled anger, "You know that you can't go on like this, Bella. They have a right to know and you keeping it from them, it's not only a crime, but you're also killing yourself, not being with your mate."

When we had made it to Nick's house, Charlie dropped me off; once I was out of the car, he speeds off, leaving me alone in Nick's driveway, however, I didn't go up to the door of his home.

Instead, I went back home...

Back to my family...