Shirai Kuroko fearlessly faced the robber in front of her with a smile. If she's going down, then she's going down fighting. She knew that her opponents ability are too slow and she already came up with a plan to take him down.

She was asked to extract the money from the ATM machines. She declined of course.

"Too bad.. in that case," The man threw multiple metal spheres towards her. "Die right here!"

Time slowed down for her. She didn't knew that man can do it with multiple spheres. Her eyes widened and was unable to move. She also didn't notice a certain boy jumped through the hole and inside the building.

Shirai Kuroko watched as the newcomer ran and held out his right arm to catch the spheres.

Was that boy stupid? If he tried to catch it, then the spheres will just go through him! She wanted to push the boy out of the way, but it was too late for her to react.

Instead of hearing a cry of pain, she heard a whistle like sound. A sound that she had never heard before.

The room had gone silent. The boy with a black spiky hair looked at his hand and scratched the back of his head. Three pair of eyes widened in shock. Including someone outside, a girl who has a short brown hair.

The girl was about to help but she got pushed out of the way by this mysterious boy.

"H-How.." Kuroko stuttered.

The black haired boy turned around and looked at her with concern. "Are you alright?"

Kuroko felt her heart jumped for a second and her cheeks reddened a little. She was so shock that all she can do was nod. How was that possible? The sphere should have gone through his hand!

The man behind him grind his teeth and glared at the boy. "I don't know what you did but you'll die here with her!"

The boy quickly turned around as the man threw another set of spheres but he easily caught it again, creating a whistle like sound in the process. The boy took this chance to charge towards the shocked man and punched him in the face using all his might, knocking his opponent out. Realizing the forced he used, he started rolling on the floor comically while holding his right hand.

"Ittai! Ittai! Ittai! Ittai!"

The girl wondered who was this boy in front of her and how strong he is. Basing on his appearance, He's probably at the same age as Konori-senpai. She was about to thank him but the boy looked at his phone and his skin turned pale. Without even a second, The spiky haired boy jumped through the hole, screaming "Such Misfortune." and ran as fast as he could.

Shirai Kuroko smiled while her cheeks turned pink a bit. She would find that boy and thank him personally.

Unknown to that boy, This was the end of his peaceful life in the Academy city.

Chapter 1: A Certain Different Universe

A certain tawny haired girl was humming happily as she left the gates of the Sakugawa Middle school along with her friends, Uiharu Kazari and Saten Ruiko (1).

Uiharu began to wonder why her friend was so happy today so she decided to ask Kuroko about it. "You seem to be happy today Shirai-san. What's the occasion?"

"Hmm~ It's just the anniversary of the day me and Onii-sama met~" She sang happily as she hugged herself. "I'll see you guys tomorrow! I really can't make him wait any longer!"

"Tell Kamijou-san I said hi" Uiharu said to Kuroko before she used her ability. She smiled as she remembered Kamijou Touma. The only boy who answered to her cries of help that day. It has been two years now since that event and Kuroko has been visiting Kamijou's dorm everyday.

Every. Single. Day.

"I really wanted to meet that Kamijou guy." Sighed Saten. She never really met the boy because Kuroko said that if you go near him 'You might catch a disease.' And that kind of worried Saten.

"Don't worry Saten-san. You'll meet him eventually. Maybe.." Uiharu smiled at her friend and started walking back to their dorm.

Saten frowned at that. "Well.. can you at least describe him for me?" She then internally smiled when she noticed the tip of Uiharu's ears and her cheeks started to turn red slightly.

"E-Eto.. Kamijou-san is a really nice person. He tends to help people everytime without even asking for a reward.." Uiharu started to smile. Remembering the time she saw him dealing with his daily life. It was not stalking. It was a 'Creative Research'.

"Even if bad things happen to him everyday, He always have that smile on his face and it never let him down."

"Eeeh? Bad things?" Saten asked. She was going to tease Uiharu about her liking this Kamijou guy. She only just asked his appearance and not his personality. But the part about the 'Bad things' happening to him everyday got her curious.

"Ah, It's because Kamijou-san believes that he's always unlucky and bad luck happens to him every time." She said with a blush, not wanting to reveal the detail about her 'Creative Research'.

Saten smirked as it was time to tease her best friend. She leaned forward, completely invading her personal space. "Soo... You like this Kamijou guy?~"

Uiharu blushed madly and covered her face with her hands. "W-W-What are you saying S-Saten-san!?"

"Hehehe, Looks like somebody has a crush~"


Kuroko was watching her friends behind a tree with a small frown in her face. She was right. Uiharu likes Touma. But she didn't find her a threat to her conquest on conquering her beloved Onii-sama's heart.

That was also the reason why she doesn't want Saten to meet him personally. Liking the same person will always lead in to trouble and might be the end of their friendship. Well that's what she learned in a magazine she once read. Learning that her Onii-sama likes the Mature Onee-chan type slightly destroyed her so she was doing her best to change his fetishes by hiding some adult manga/magazines (Loli & Imouto ero mangas to be exact) under his bed so that he could finally realize her love for him. Or she could just distance him away from his type and maybe someday, when his male instinct came in and there's no one else to help him with his urges, she would be there for him.

Sighing dreamly, She used her ability to teleport at a soda machine nearby. Thinking about it, She was starting to think that her Onii-sama has two abilities. His imagine breaker and the 'Kami-Disease' which was named by his friends at school.

Putting a hundred yen in a machine, she pressed the button for the soda. Hearing nothing dropped, She glared at the machine. "You're messing with the wrong girl today.."

"Want any help?"

Kuroko looked at the source of the voice and saw a browned haired girl dressed in a tokiwadai middle school uniform. She was Misaka Mikoto. Kuroko's number one rival. This tsundere is one of the victim of her Onii-sama's Kami-disease. Well that's what she thinks. Tsundere's tends to hide their feelings by being furious at their love interest; which Mikoto shows around Touma.

"YOU!" They both shouted at the same time while pointing at each other.

Ever since Kuroko started following her Onii-sama, This girl always shows up and demanding him for a fight. Of course her Onii-sama is the absolute gentleman and just declined the girl's offer but then this Pikachu wannabe started shooting electricity at him! Barbaric if you ask her.

"What's a little girl doing here alone?" Mikoto made the first move on this day's war.

"I expect more from an Ojou-sama like yourself." Kuroko crossed her arm, her eye twitched slightly. Kuroko was only a year younger how dare she call her a 'little girl'?!

"You want me to be blunt?" Mikoto smirked while her eyes trailed down to Kuroko's chest.


"It's on."

Kamijou Touma was walking down toward his dorm. He was looking left and right, watching everyone and everything that he passed. Why was he being paranoid you ask? Well nothing happened today.

He woke up fine, and there's no problem on his way in school. And everything was normal in class. And now on his way home, Kuroko hasn't shown up yet and kill him with her hugs. It was like a dream come true. Though the thing about Kuroko not showing up bothers him a little. it was a daily routine for them and her not showing up, made him worry a bit. He shook his head, 'Maybe something came up in judgement.. Hope she's okay.' (2)

But if this is happening, then there's going to be an event today. An event where all his misfortune of the day all clustered up in a big ball and will be dropped at him.

So he walks slowly and carefully. His misfortune will trigger sooner or later and he was prepared for it.

Finally reaching at the front door of his room in the door unscratched. Kamijou finally let out a sigh of relief. "Maybe my days of misfortunes might be ove-.."

Once he unlocked his door and opened it, He saw a white haired guest, waiting for him in his coffee table. "Kamijou Touma. I need your help to stop my Brother."

Two figures wearing a cloak was looking down at the streets in the Academy city from the top of a tallest building. Observing everyone, like an eagle picking its prey.

"Ah~ I'm finally introduced.." The first figure said out of the blue, confusing the other one.


"Teehee~ It's nothing. Now, does the target really lives here?"

"*Sigh* Yes, but we must take him back alive. Doutei's order."

"Aww~ He's no fun.. Let's start searching then!~" the first figure then walked at the edge of the building and continued walking as if there's a physical path in the air.

"I wonder what will happen next chapter~"

"... Please stop talking to yourself.."

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